Bar Talk

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Nikki walked into the dark club with Lucy and Anthony. She knew it was a mistake coming out with them but they had insisted.

Having recently broken up with her boyfriend Matt, the young couple had taken it upon themselves to cheer her up and take her out with them to the various places they frequented. Nikki appreciated their kindness but knew that she would feel the way she always did when they went out in a threesome; left out or feeling like a third wheel. She decided tonight would be different. She was going to have fun and dance and get laid if she could. ‘That ought to make me feel better,’ Nikki thought to herself with a smile.

“Okay if we sit here?” Anthony asked the two women.

“Fine by me, but I don’t plan on sitting down all night. I’ve decided tonight is going to be the start of the new me. I’m going to enjoy myself and start living again. Right, I’ll get the drinks in. What would you both like?” Nikki asked them.

“I’ll have a vodka and cranberry juice,” answered Lucy.

“And I’ll have a bottle of beer please,” said Anthony. Nikki opened her bag and took her purse out and walked over to the bar.

When Nikki reached the bar she saw that there was a bit of a queue and while she waited to be served she couldn’t help noticing one of the barmaids who was busy flitting between the many customers. For a few seconds she couldn’t take her eyes off her and she realized that the feelings she had been having recently were getting stronger. The barmaid was very pretty with long, straight, reddish hair which was loosely pulled back into a ponytail. She had on a tight black dress which was straining across her large breasts. Nikki took a few steps closer to the bar and realized that the dress was also very short and that the barmaid had long shapely legs which were further accentuated by the high heels adorning her feet.

“What can I get you?” The barmaid suddenly asked.

Nikki’s mind went blank for a second or two but quickly recovering her composure she replied, “…um…oh…sorry. Can I have a large vodka and cranberry juice, a bottle of Bud and a large vodka and lemonade please?”

“Sure, coming right up.” The young woman answered with a friendly smile.

While the barmaid was busy putting her order together, Nikki tried to be discreet about looking her over. She felt really hot and had a sudden urge to touch herself whilst fantasizing about this girl. She knew that even though she had been upset about the split with Matt, if she was being totally honest with herself, she had been having lesbian fantasies for some time. She used to insist on Matt going down on her before she would let him fuck her for the simple reason that while he was licking her hot, wet pussy she güvenilir bahis would orgasm effortlessly and so when he made love to her she wouldn’t feel so bad about having to fake her orgasms. She remembered how guilty she used to feel afterwards but knew that while he was giving her oral sex she could pretend a woman was pleasuring her so intimately.

“That’ll be $12.75 please, love.” The barmaid’s voice suddenly cut into her thoughts and she handed over a twenty.

“Keep the change,” Nikki said smiling at her. She was about to leave when a thought came to her. “Um….I’m with some friends tonight but I feel a bit of a gooseberry. Would you mind if I came over later and talked to you?”

“Not at all, it’d be nice to speak to someone rather than just serve them all night. I’m Terri by the way,” she told Nikki, extending her hand for her to shake.

Nikki took the offered hand and shook it saying, “I’m Nikki. I’ll just take these drinks over and I’ll be back soon.”

“Okay, I’m looking forward to it.” The young redhead watched as Nikki walked away. She was turned on beyond belief by the beautiful young brunette.

Nikki walked over to Lucy and Ant and gave them their drinks. She sat down and the three friends chatted for a while before Lucy dragged Anthony up to dance and Nikki swallowed the last of her drink before she walked back over to the bar. She spotted Terri and smiled. ‘She is so sexy,’ she thought. ‘God, I want her to be my first lesbian lover. How I’d love to play with those big boobs.’ She couldn’t believe what she was thinking and her smile almost reached her ears.

“That’s a naughty little smile you’ve got there,” Terri said as Nikki approached the bar. “What are you thinking?”

Nikki blushed a deep shade of red and she knew if she didn’t say what she was thinking she might never pluck up the courage again. “If you want the truth, I was just thinking how incredibly sexy you look and that I’d love to run my hands all over your body.” Nikki’s blush seemed to grow and she could feel how hot her skin was and she lowered her eyes. She slowly raised her eyes to meet Terri’s and was surprised to see she was smiling and didn’t seem shocked.

“Well that’s a relief. I was wondering how I was going to get to take you home tonight.”

Nikki looked to make sure she had heard her correctly. “You mean……um……that you’re a….um…..lesbian too?” Terri smiled at her new friend’s surprise. “Well actually I’m bisexual. Most of my lovers have been women but sometimes I still get an urge for a real hard cock as opposed to a dildo. It just has to be the right guy at the end of that cock. Right now I’m single but I think that might be about to change, don’t you?”

Nikki türkçe bahis was too stunned to say anything and so just nodded.

“I’m about to go for a break. Why don’t you join me? We could go outside for a bit of………” she paused, smiling seductively at Nikki, “….fresh air.”

“Uh……yeah, that sounds good.”

They walked together outside, Terri leading the way. She led Nikki to a dark deserted area at the rear of the club. As soon as they were out of sight Terri pushed Nikki against a wall and kissed her hard. Nikki kissed her back letting her tongue slide inside Terri’s mouth, letting their tongues play and entwine. While they kissed Nikki could feel Terri’s hands pulling her dress up, her hands wandering over her naked body. Nikki was only wearing a tiny g-string under her dress and Terri pulled it down leaving Nikki feeling exposed but excited. The danger that they could be seen was making the whole thing more erotic.

Terri whispered to her, “It’s okay, no one ever comes back here.” Without another word Terri took her dress off and stood completely naked in front of Nikki. “What do you think?” she asked Nikki twirling in front of her.

Nikki stood rooted to the spot and couldn’t take her eyes of her beautiful body. “Oh my God, Terri. You are so fucking gorgeous.” She slowly walked towards Terri and began to kiss her passionately. She then lowered her head and began to suck Terri’s nipples which were fully erect with her arousal and she could hear Terri’s breathing become ragged and heavy. Lifting her head back up to meet her mouth Nikki started to French kiss her. It was Terri that broke away next and once again pushed Nikki back up against the wall. She pulled Nikki’s dress off which she’d pushed up earlier so that they were both completely naked except for their high heels. Nikki hesitated for a second before informing Terri that this was her first sexual encounter with a woman and Terri paused.

“Are you sure you want to do this Nikki? I’ll understand if you’ve changed your mind.”

Nikki answered Terri by pulling her towards her own body so that their breasts were pressed together and kissed her long and hard. “I think that’s your answer babe.” Nikki replied huskily.

Terri broke away from her and crouched down in front of Nikki. Very gently she pulled Nikki’s legs apart and slowly inserted one finger into her shaven pussy. Nikki began to softly moan with the pleasurable sensations she was feeling and Terri slowly inserted another finger and began to stroke her faster. After a minute or two she quickly removed her fingers and began licking her with her tongue. She took deep long strokes and using her hands held Nikki in place as she bucked and writhed against her. Terri’s hands güvenilir bahis siteleri then wandered higher and began playing with Nikki’s tits. They weren’t quite as big as her own but they were nice and firm and she loved how they felt and she could tell by how sharp Nikki’s nipples were that she was very turned on.

Terri’s hands wandered down and she rested them on her hips and let her tongue go as deep as she could. Finding Nikki’s clit she began to suck and lick and gently bite it. Nikki couldn’t take it any longer and her body began to convulse as she climaxed. Slowly, Terri got up kissing her stomach and breasts on the way up and when she reached her mouth she kissed her so gently that Nikki could hardly feel it. Terri’s own breathing was ragged by the experience and Nikki’s intense orgasm was testimony to the fact that she had enjoyed her first taste of lesbian sex. Terri hoped that this was the first of many sessions. She knew she had a lot to show her and that she was capable of giving her multiple orgasms.

Nikki broke off from kissing Terri and smiled at her. “Thank you, thank you so much for this. I knew I was having these fantasies but I just put it down to feeling low after my recent break-up and not wanting to get involved with another guy, but I was so wrong. Having you fuck me like that was the best sex I’ve ever had and I just hope this wasn’t a one-off. I would really love to keep seeing you.” Nikki looked shyly at Terri before adding, “If you want to I mean.”

Terri couldn’t contain the smile on her face at the young beauty’s words.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it……I did too. Very much. And yes, I do want to keep seeing you too.”

All of a sudden they could hear footsteps and without thinking they huddled together and held their breath. The footsteps stopped and then retreated. They quietly giggled and kissed again.

“We’d better get back inside. I’ve gone way over on my break and that was probably my boss looking for me or something,” Terri said.

Nikki released her and bent down to pick up her dress from the floor. She picked her g-string up and put it into her bag so she was naked under her dress. Terri pulled her dress over her head and smoothed it down. Nikki smiled as she again saw how tight the dress was over her tits.

“What’cha smiling at baby?” She asked her.

Nikki laughed and replied, “Well, the thing that caught my eye about you when I first saw you at the bar was the way that dress is straining over your massive tits and the only difference now is that I can see how excited you are.”

Terri looked down and saw that her nipples were obviously erect through her dress. “Oh well, they’ll just think I’m cold. No one will think I’ve just been outside fucking my girlfriend will they?”

“No,” replied Nikki. “They’ll just think you’ve been outside fucking your boyfriend.” They both started to laugh and holding hands, they walked back towards the rear entrance of the club.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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