Birthday Play

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For my wife’s 50th birthday, I surprised her with a trip to The Reefs in Bermuda. Additionally, I bought her a very revealing green bikini that I gave to her to wear. She put it on and I was instantly hard. She is fairly modest despite being very fit with 36D tits, a flat stomach and a great ass. Mary’s best features are her skin, her blues eyes and her smile which belies her real age. She thought it was too small with the Brazilian bottom and a top that barely covered her tits, but she loved the green colour and was excited about the trip.

The first day was great. We arrived without incident and proceeded to the hotel where they had given us an upgraded room thanks to me mentioning it was a special birthday for my wife. We went down to the beach with my wife in her new suit. We took a walk along the beach and I was noticing all the men and how they were craning their necks as we walked by. I kept complimenting her about how hot she looked which made her nipples stand out through the tiny top. She just smiled.

Later in the day, we were getting ready for dinner and my wife got a little daring with her new-found confidence. She wore a beautiful sundress without a bra because she said the straps would show. She looked amazing.

After dinner we were at the bar area enjoying a cocktail, when an attractive couple in their late 30’s came up to us. The woman asked my wife if she was the one wearing the light green bikini on the beach today. When my wife shyly said yes, she replied, “You looked amazing in it, my husband, Dave, couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, where did you get it?” Dave blushed, commenting, “And my wife, Kelly, wished she could fill it out like you do!” Kelly elbowed him in the ribs.

“Peter got it for me for ankara moldovyalı escortlar my 50th birthday and surprised me with the suit and the trip.” Mary said, “There is no way you are 50!” Kelly replied incredulously.

We then found out that Dave and Kelly were down here on their 10th anniversary and were excited to be without their kids. They were both very fit. Dave was tall with big shoulders and Kelly was a little spinner probably only 5’2″ with a gymnast’s build

We ended up having a few more drinks and then suggested that they come up to the room where we could enjoy the champagne that the hotel put on ice for us for Mary’s birthday. They came up to the suite and we all felt relaxed. We opened the champagne and toasted each other’s celebrations.

Kelly then suggested that we play ‘I Never’. It started off innocent enough with “Have you ever been to a nude beach?” Mary, Kelly and I all drank. The next question was “I have never been in a threesome” and only I drank.

“Wow.” Kelly replied shocked.

Dave then said, “I have never been with someone of the same sex” and no one drank. Mary, feeling a little tipsy said “I have never been fucked in the ass” while staring right at me with a big smile on her face. Both Kelly and I drank. Kelly then said “I thought you had never been with someone from the same sex?” and Mary blurted out “He hasn’t, he likes to get fucked by me with a strap on!” Dave said “No way we always wanted to try that but were too nervous.”

I then suggested we switch to truth or dare and dared Kelly to show us what kind of panties she was wearing. She jumped up and lifted her dress to show a tiny white G-string and spun around to show us her amazing ass. Kelly then dared me ankara ukraynalı escortlar to strip to my boxers which were starting to tent with all the excitement in the air.

Dave then dared Mary to show us her tits which I thought would end the game, but Mary stood right up and with her new-found confidence and probably a little too much champagne she pulled her sun dress over her head. Both of her gorgeous breasts were now on display.

Mary upped the ante and said, “Let’s see what Dave is packing” and ordered him to strip naked. When he pulled his pants off, his 7-inch-thick cock bounced in the air. I then dared Kelly to kiss Mary’s tits for 30 seconds which got a moan from both Mary and Dave. Dave then dared everyone else to get naked like him.

Kelly had small firm tits and was completely shaved. Mary left and went into the bedroom and came out completely naked but was now wearing our 8″ strap on. Kelly then dared Dave to give Mary a blowjob and he immediately got to his knees and started sucking on Mary’s dick. Both girls started hooting and hollering “Suck it”.

Dave then said to Kelly “I dare you to go suck Peter’s cock” Kelly crawled on her knees over to me and swallowed my entire cock in one motion. She was bobbing up and down and turned to Dave and said “Why don’t you help me with a real one.” Dave let go of the strap on, came over next to Kelly and then took me in his mouth.

Kelly got behind Dave and wet her finger and slowly put it in his ass which caused him to moan as he was going down on me. Mary went to the bedroom and got some lube for Kelly and she added another finger and really started opening him up as Jackie, with a big smile on her face lubed up the strap on. Kelly then took ankara minyon tipli escortlar control and said it is now time for Dave to lose his cherry. Mary got behind him and slowly pushed it into him. Once it got past his ring he gasped, then groaned. Mary held it there for a moment before she started slowly fucking him and picking up the pace.

Meanwhile Kelly came over and climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my hard dick and started bouncing up and down. Dave started yelling out “Fuck me, fuck me harder. Oh my god, I can’t believe how good this feels” while Mary was drilling him. She looked amazing with her tits swinging back and forth as she was slamming her cock into his backdoor.

I couldn’t take the scene anymore and put Kelly on her back lifting her legs up onto my shoulders and fucked her as hard as I could and blew my load in her for what seemed like ten spurts.

Mary yelled out “Be a good boy and clean her out” which she knows I love to do so I got down and licked my cum right out of her box which gave her another screaming orgasm.

Mary then pulled out of Dave, took off the strap on and flipped him over. She climbed on top of him and rode his cock roughly while grabbing her own tits until she came. After she finished she jumped off of him and lay on her back, telling him to cum on her tits while Kelly and I watched. He stroked his cock and blew a huge load and Kelly said, “Lets clean her up”. We licked all the cum off of Mary’s tits. I moved up and kissed her with Dave’s cum in my mouth and then Kelly went down on Mary licking and fingering her until she came again.

Everyone was sweaty and exhausted, and Dave just said “Wow, we need to buy one of those asap.” As they gathered their clothes, Dave kissed Mary and I got a deep kiss from Kelly before they said “See you tomorrow” with a big smile and left to return to their room.

Mary then turned toward me and said “I can’t believe we did that, what a great start to the weekend!”

I then replied “Start?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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