Brenner’s Lake Ch. 08

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And then, before we could leave the house, it started to rain again. Even harder than this morning.

Of course. Because that’s the sort of summer it was.

We decided to just mess around on our phones and iPads rather than watch another movie. And rather than change back to our regular clothing — Rachel always has extra clothing here and what Hope had been wearing this morning, barely actually wet at the time, was totally dry by now –we decided not to bother since the sun was supposed to be back soon.

It did seem odd hanging around the house in a bikini, though Hope seemed perfectly comfortable. Even though her suit, while not a thong or anything, really didn’t do a lot to keep her breasts in check and didn’t have much more substance down below.

She was staying close to Danny and if I didn’t know better I’d think she was just trying to make Rachel look bad in front of her boyfriend.

No, wait, I didn’t know better: Hope was being Hope, and this wouldn’t be the first time she tried playing the “Look how much bigger my boobs are than my step-sister’s” card.

Unpredictable as this week’s weather, that girl: Early she’d been unexpectedly compassionate, contriving an excuse for Rachel to have time alone with Danny in his room. Now, she was trying to draw his attention away from her.

I texted Rachel: “Good thing we spent the morning getting D too tired out to pay any attention to her.”

It was the first time I’d said anything to her about our unspoken (well, duh) arrangement. And I missed this. We used to tell one another everything, especially about our sex lives (such as they were). A few years ago, when I let Casey Bower slip his hand under my shirt and bra and touch my bare breast, she knew about it within the hour. A couple of months before that, when she grinding against Johnny Greene and he came in his pants, I probably knew about it before he’d reached home to change.

Rachel always “got me,” and filled in the rest of what I’d wanted to say.

RACHEL327: I miss that too.

SANDYBABY6: Okay, then….

RACHEL327: Yes?

SANDYBABY6: A bit embarrassing.

RACHEL327: Out with it, gf

SANDYBABY6: While you were out just now, I let D watch me playing with myself.

RACHEL327: Holy shit.

SANDYBABY6: It happened while I was sucking him off.

RACHEL327: I did that to him once too.

SANDYBABY6: This was my second time. Not that it’s a competition LOL

RACHEL327: Has anybody else ever seen you do that?

SANDYBABY6: Never! You?

RACHEL327: No, but…


RACHEL327: Sometime Bomonti Escort I wish.

SANDYBABY6: Spill it.

RACHEL327: Isn’t it weird that this was the one subject we were never comfortable discussing with each other?

SANDYBABY6: IKR? Until you mentioned it last week, I thought you DIDN’T KNOW HOW to diddle yourself.

RACHEL327: FUCK YOU, no you didn’t!!!

SANDYBABY6: And don’t change the subject: Don’t you wish what?

RACHEL327: My sister, when she’s home, does it almost every night. Right there in the bed next to me. Since she was 14 or 15. And honestly, I wish I had the guts to do that too. I know I’d sleep better LOL. Maybe that’s a normal thing sisters do.

SANDYBABY6: Couldn’t say. My mom has a sister, but I think if I asked her it would mortify us both.

RACHEL327: Hang on, Hope’s doing everything but smack D in the face with her boobs. I’d better get back to the couch.


Rachel slid onto the couch and rested her head on Danny’s lap. Maybe she was worried about what I might put on Danny’s lap.

My ass came to mind as a possibility.

I wonder what Rachel would think if she knew her best friend was fucking her boyfriend.


Danny was a little hard. Hopefully because I had my head on his lap, and not because my evil step-sister was waving her boobs in his face. Her boobs, barely covered by her bikini top.

I could probably drag him upstairs and get another round out of him. The boy just doesn’t get tired, it seems: he might wear us out.


I wondered whether Rachel had any idea how much of her breasts were showing as she lay on me that way.

Of course she could just take off her top if she wanted: there was nobody in the room who’d never seen her naked, after all.

(though she probably wouldn’t appreciate me suggesting it)

For some reason my mind flashed back to watching Sandy playing with herself earlier, even if it was brief, and wondered whether Sandy and Rachel had ever watched each other doing it.

Probably not, but just thinking about it was making me hard. Rachel didn’t react, but she must have felt it.


Sure, I only let Danny watch me slip a couple of fingers into my pussy because we needed him to cum quickly, but I never could have done it if my feelings toward him weren’t changing. I’d let him watch me masturbate until I came, if I thought he’d enjoy seeing it.

(You won’t see that on a Hallmark card)

I wondered sometimes why I was okay with him and Rachel having sex. Bomonti Escort Bayan Well, I guess, that was just sex, and I loved and trusted Rachel.

And Rachel being his “official girlfriend” worked out well for everybody.

The rain ended. This time for sure, or so the weather people claimed, so we grabbed our stuff and hiked through the woods to the lake. “Did Hope bring breadcrumbs?” Rachel whispered to me. “Because we could totally lose her.”

“You’re the one who suggested inviting her.”

“I never said we had to bring her back.”

“What’s so funny?” Hope called over to us.

“Just discussing the Loch Brenner Monster,” I told her.

“Brenny for short,” Rachel added.

“I’m sure Danny can protect us,” Hope said. And then she added to Danny, in a lower voice, but just loud enough for Rachel and me to hear, “Is that a sword in your pocket, or…?”

I fell back and inserted myself between Danny and Hope, before she tried to unsheathe anything. Rachel continued to lead us through the woods.

“Okay, I’m impressed,” Hope said. “When you said ‘lake,’ I was expecting a small pond with delusions of grandeur. I can barely see the other side of this. How is this so close to town and I never heard of it?”

“I just know a long time ago it was part of some hotel,” I said. “Brenner Hotel, I assume. And now hardly anybody knows it exists, so I’ll tell you the same thing we told Danny: if you tell anybody, we’ll have to kill you.” Except in her case, we might be tempted.

We rolled out our blankets. Normally, Rachel, Danny and I placed ours all side-by-side; but with Hope here, Rachel and Danny had to conform more to what you’d expect of a couple: they overlapped them slightly to create one large blanket, and shared it. I set up mine on one side of them, and Hope on the other. I settled onto mine and Hope, after removing her bikini top, stretched out on hers.

“What?” she said, as if surprised that she’s attracted our attention. “This is okay, isn’t it?”

“I can’t imagine why not,” Rachel said, refusing to give her the satisfaction of reacting. She took off her own top, and tossed it onto the towel next to Danny.

Hope probably thought I wouldn’t follow suit since Danny’s my cousin — but after this challenge, I would have taken my top off even if Danny hadn’t been seeing me naked for the past week.

… okay, maybe not. I doubt before all this I really would have. But she didn’t need to know that.

After a few minutes Rachel turned so she had her head on Danny’s chest and he had an arm around the bottoms of her breasts. Even though Escort Bomonti Danny and I had been naked at the lake the day before, even though we slept in a similar position — naked — most mornings, at the moment I was just angry. With everybody, about everything.

Part of me was convinced that somehow, Hope had planned all this.

After a few minutes she stretched out in a way that really called attention to how tiny her bikini panties were. She might as well not have been wearing any: even from my blanket, I could tell she was shaved bare, and Danny — despite holding Rachel in a semi-sexual manner — was definitely peeking.

I would have cried in frustration if I weren’t sure Hope would laugh.

This day could not possibly get worse.


This morning’s fierce storm flooded half the roads in town, but other than that we were unscathed. The storm that hit us after lunch, though, knocked down some trees and sent the whole downtown area into darkness.

Here’s the irony: I own the county’s biggest hardware/appliance store, and after a lot of storms we do a booming business in generators. God bless Climate Change! But we don’t have a generator large enough to power the whole store.

So I sent everybody home, and headed home myself. I’d catch up on some chores, and maybe cook something special for the dinner for the kids. Normally it was only me and my daughter Sandy, and maybe her friend Rachel (who ate with us whenever possible since her parents were, to be blunt, terrible cooks). For a few weeks we also had my nephew Danny, my sister’s boy; and somehow Rachel’s step-sister was always around now. I have no idea what her story is, to be honest.

Laundry first. I began filling the basket with my own clothes, then to Sandy’s room. Dirty clothing in every corner of the room. Including a t-shirt I knew I didn’t recognize. The label said Men’s Large. Danny’s? Maybe she’d swiped it to use as a night-shirt: he was tall enough, and I knew a lot of girls growing up who’d appropriated their brothers’ t-shirts for that purpose. I guess stealing a cousin’s shirt made as much sense.

Or maybe she has a boyfriend she hasn’t deigned to tell me about yet.

On to the guest room, which by now I’d begun thinking of as “Danny’s Room.” If I thought my daughter was a slob, then my god, she was Martha Stewart next to my nephew.

I removed his sheet gingerly. I don’t have sons, but I know what their sheets can be like. If he stays with us next summer, which I hope he will, we might need to establish an “everybody his or her own laundry” rule.

I gathered up his discarded clothing just as gingerly.

Then I saw… a bra and panties. Sandy’s bra and panties.

Sandy’s bra and panties.

I felt sick, physically sick. There was no innocent explanation for this. None at all.

And this was far more serious than the kids could ever imagine.

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