Brother’s Wake-Up Call

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The phone clattering next to my head woke me. I glanced at the glowing blue numerals of my clock radio, and groaned. It was 4:15 a.m. Mom picked up the phone in her room, next to mine. I couldn’t hear the words, but I could guess what it was. Mom is a nurse in the IC unit of the largest hospital in town. A call at this hour meant someone had called in sick or some other crisis had occurred, and Mom was on her way to the hospital. I heard Mom’s shower come on, and knew she’d be coming to wake me after she was showered and dressed.

I eased out of bed, and went downstairs and started a pot of coffee. I was awake anyway, and I’m one of those people who can’t fall back asleep once I’m fully wakened. So, it would be easier to see Mom off and then get my brother up and ready for school while I got dressed to go to my job in an accountant’s office a few miles across town. Mom came down, saw me, and smiled. I poured coffee for us both, and she bustled about making a lunch for herself, and explaining that there had been a bad accident on the interstate highway, and the emergency room was flooded, and several of the injured would have to be placed in her unit. Because of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, the hospital was on skeleton crew, and Mom didn’t know when she’d be back. She asked if I could look out for my younger brother, Chuck, and myself.

I assured her we wouldn’t starve, and I wouldn’t let Chuck burn the house down. She laughed, gave me a kiss on the forehead, thanked me for the coffee, and headed out. I heard her car pull out of the driveway as I headed back upstairs to my room.

I stopped by the door to Chuck’s room, and pushed it open quietly.

My brother is a year and a half younger than I. We share a family resemblance in our facial features, but there all similarity ends. Chuck is just over 6 feet tall, not quite 200 pounds, and none of it fat. He’s just barely eighteen. His sandy blonde hair is an untidy mop that somehow looks good on him all the same. He’s got a strong jaw, a rather aquiline nose, and a full mouth that’s usually grinning in mischief or merriment. It’s a look that makes the girls melt. Add to that the fact that he’s a star basketball guard, soccer forward, and swims the butterfly stroke on the school swim team. His body is strong and well muscled, but not chunky like a body builder’s. Instead, he’s lean and sinewy, with a fine wide chest, a narrow waist, good strong buttocks, and thick arms and legs. In short, my little brother is the hunk of the high school. He’s not vain about it. But he carries himself with a confident gait and demeanor that could be mistaken for arrogance, were it not for his quick laugh and easy going nature.

I’m about six inches shorter than he, and about 90 pounds lighter. I’ve got the same dusky blond hair, but my face is more oval. My nose is straight, and my eyes are a deeper blue, almost violet. My bust (36C) and ass and legs are my best features. I’ve got long legs, and curiously small hands and feet. I tend to be a bit rounder than most girls are, but then I don’t care to starve myself like some for that painfully thin skinny look. And I notice the boys don’t seem to mind that I’m a full armful during a slow dance.

Looking into his room, I gasped. From the light in the hall, I could see Chuck sprawled naked across his bed, one leg dangling over the edge. He was on his back, with one arm over his eyes as he slept. His chest, arms and legs are hairless. But it was his cock that drew my eyes hypnotically. The base rose from a bush of pubes just slightly darker than his hair and the supple shaft draped indolently over one large thigh. Even flaccid, my brother had the biggest penis I’d ever seen. He’s not cut. The fat head barely peeped out of the sheath of foreskin stretched tautly over that rounded knob.

Even though he was my brother, my nipples tingled maddeningly at the sight of him asleep. I wondered how large he was when fully aroused. My pussy twitched, and I suddenly felt a damp warmth between my thighs. I pulled the door closed quietly, and padded barefoot back to my own room. I pulled of the tee I had slept in, and toyed with my aching nipples, closing my eyes. Visions of Chuck’s dick swam behind my eyelids, Zeytinburnu Escort and I felt dizzy with a sudden forbidden desire. One hand absently pulled my panties aside from my labia, and I didn’t notice how damp I really was as my fingers toyed with my pussy lips, teasing them and spreading them. I found my clit, stiff and fully emerged from it’s tiny sheath, the bud firm and hard. I flicked a finger across it, sighing at the tingles it sent racing through my shivering body.

I lay back, whimpering softly. I thought of the girls my brother was dating, and suddenly wondered if he was fucking any of them. I slid my forefinger deep into my wet depths and then another, my thumb rubbing and caressing my clit. I could see that lovely cock spreading soft pussy lips wide, the foreskin sliding back as he entered some girl’s willing warm depths. My breathing became more rapid and labored, and my pussy clenched and squeezed at my probing fingers. I visualized his strong ass pumping, thrusting that turgid tool in and out, in and out, with increasing intensity. My other hand was twisting and pulling my breasts. I could feel his back tense as he neared his climax, the girl matching his thrusts with her own hungry motions. My back arched, and I gave a soft cry as my orgasm burst through me. I lay panting, fingers soaked with my dew, and breathing hard. It was sweet, but it wasn’t enough.

I thought of the lovely cock laying not fifty feet away. I brought my fingers from my oozing slit to my face. I could smell that tangy spicy smell of my cum on them. I licked my fingers, slowly, one at a time, shuddering at the thought of tasting my nectar on that hard column of flesh after it had filled me and fulfilled me.

Almost in a daze, I rose and walked back to his door. I didn’t even realize I was fully nude. It wouldn’t have mattered. All that mattered was asleep just behind the door in front of me.

Quietly, I pushed the door open. Chuck hadn’t moved. His face was a pretty pout as he slept, his lips slightly pursed as his chest rose and fell rhythmically in his sleep. I stepped closer to the bed, looking down at him as he slept. He was incredibly handsome and radiated sensuality, even in repose.

Silently, I knelt beside his bed. I reached and touched the soft flesh of my unnatural desire. It was warm and pleasantly thick. I leaned closer and inhaled his scent, an arousing mixture of sleep sweat, Dial soap, and Chuck’s own masculinity. Carefully, I closed my fingers around the shaft, and slid the foreskin back from the mushroom head. It emerged fat and pink, the slit spreading a bit. I could feel the thick vein pumping beneath the pliable flesh. I leaned closer and rubbed his cockhead over my cheeks and lips.

Chuck made a sort of snuffling sound, his back moving on the sheets, but he did not awake. I paused until he’d relaxed again before gently stroking the loose folds of his foreskin back and forth, watching rapturously as the head emerged, withdrew, and emerged again. I leaned closer still, and when the head appeared, I gave it a quick lick. It was salty sweet, clean tasting, and not at all unpleasant. I smiled inwardly, and when it emerged from the tight folds again, I took his cockhead in my mouth.

My tongue laved over it, and I closed my eyes in pleasure at his taste and the feel of it in my mouth. My lips parted to admit more of him, and I played with the foreskin using my lips and tongue and teeth, loving the feel of it sliding back and forth, of the head beneath the thin membrane of skin. I let one of my hands wander back to my twitching pussy, a finger sinking deeply into my folds, as I let still more of my brother’s dick slide effortlessly over my tongue.

Chuck had started to stiffen now under my oral stimulation. The spongy feel was giving way to a less resilient feeling. My hand circled the base of his dick, the palms resting lightly on the smooth pebbles of his ballsac. My head bobbled slowly, deliberately, savoring the taste and feel of him in my mouth.

I felt a hand move to and rest on the back of my head. Then Chuck stiffened, and his cock was pulled from my lips with an audible “plop.” I looked up, and saw his green eyes, still Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan dazed with sleep, but wide with amazement.

“Wha—what the fuck are you doing, Terri?” Chuck demanded groggily.

I stroked his hard member softly, smiling up into his face. “I was sucking your dick, little brother. Shall I stop?”

He looked down at me uncomprehending. Then he saw I was nude, and still had two fingers up my pussy. I smiled and pulled them out of my wet folds, and brought them to his still stiff cock. I wet the head with my own moisture, and gave another loving lick around the swollen mushroom of a head, sighing, as I tasted myself on my brother’s proud pole.

He said nothing, so I took his hardness back in my mouth. Chuck was awake now, and could stop me anytime. But I didn’t want to stop, and he told me later he’d dreamed of his for months but thought I’d never given him a second look.

He was almost fully erect now. I had to make a conscious effort to control my gag reflex as I took his entire length into my mouth and throat. Chuck groaned loudly as his cockhead began to rub back and forth deep in my throat. My head began to bob slowly up and down. By now, my saliva had wet his thick shaft so he could slide easily in and out of my pursed lips. My tongue pressed on the thick, now throbbing vein on the underside of his imposing member.

Chuck gave another groan, and both hands clasped my head firmly, yet gently. He didn’t move at all, letting me run the show.

Now I had the rhythm. My hands cupped the hard globes of his strong young ass, and my head began to bob up and down, up and down more rapidly. Chuck stiffened for a moment, giving a small grunt, and I felt a spurt of precum hit my tongue. It was warm and musky. I sucked him slowly, passionately, loving his dick in my mouth, relishing my own feelings of desire as the flowed through me. My breasts and clit ached to be touched, fingered, felt, but I could wait. For now, this beautiful cock was my universe.

“Augh, God!” Chuck groaned again. His hands clasped my head more firmly. “Terri, please. Stop. I’ll nut in a second if you don’t stop. Oh god, sis, please.”

I let his enormous shaft slide from my lips with a little regret. I looked up at him.

“It’s okay, Chuck,” I said, my voice husky with desire and lust. “You can cum in my mouth. I want you to cum, baby.”

His hands on my cheeks, he gently helped me to my feet. His green eyes, fully awake now, took in my nude body.

“Oh, I want to cum,” he said, his voice almost as hoarse sounding as mine had. “But I think it’s my turn to do a little mouth magic,” he said with a wry grin.

Chuck bent his head suddenly, and took one of my breasts into his lips. His tongue danced over my already stiff nipple, and drew wet warm circles on the dark wrinkled skin of my areola. I squealed with delight as he suckled and chewed one breast, then the other, meanwhile sliding a hand between my thighs to cup my mound. His fingers toyed with my slit as his mouth ravished my tits. I felt one finger slide in, then another, followed by a third. I wiggled to spread myself for him, knowing his fat cock would be thick still.

He let my breast fall from his lips, and smiled at me. “You seem ready enough, big sister,” he whispered, pushing me gently but firmly down to the mattress.

“Oh yes,” I gasped back. “Oh yes, I’m ready, baby.”

I thought he was going to take me then and there, but as always, Chuck had his own ideas. He nestled between my thighs, and ducked his head. His warm wet tongue snaked upward into me, and I cried out as the rough wet surface dragged over my straining clit. Chuck was an expert muff diver. Soon he had me writhing in pleasure as his tongue explored me, probed me, filled me, going to flick lightly across my clit, then diving back deep into my wet hole. My hands grasped his head, fingers entwining in his hair, pressing him to my flowing cunt. My ass moved up and down, urging him on.

Suddenly, my orgasm exploded. I felt the rush of wetness and the sweet blessed release. I cried his name out again and again. He tongued me to the crest, over the precipice, and into the flood of release.

Chuck Escort Zeytinburnu paused, lifted his face, his cheeks and lips and chin shiny with my cum nectar. He grinned.

“Now, you’re ready,” he said, positioning himself between my spread legs.

I looked up at him, my vision still blurred by my receding orgasm. His cock was a huge column rising almost perpendicular to his flat belly, reaching from his balls almost a third of the way up to his nipples. The head had fully extended from the foreskin, and was a dark purple color. It throbbed, springing upward. Chuck grabbed his cock, and rubbed it over my wet slit.

I moaned with anticipation. The touch was electric. I felt my orgasm fading rapidly under a new wave of desire and need. I reached to guide him in, but Chuck pushed my hand away.

“I’m running the show now, Terri,” he said smiling.

Chuck put the head at my opening, and pushed gently. My wet lips parted, and I felt the head enter me.

“Ohhhh,” I moaned, arching my back. I wanted him to fill me. I wanted all of him inside me.

“You like that, baby?” he asked, pulling himself out of me, just letting his cockhead rest against my clutching hole.

He pushed the head in again, moving his hips in a circular fashion.

“Yes,” I moaned in unbearable agonized pleasure. “Oh yes, Chuck, I love it. I love you, Chuck.”

“Oh, Terri,” he cried. He grabbed my hips and thrust. I almost screamed with joy as he slid into me all the way to the hilt! My pussy stretched and clutched, filled as I’d never been filled before with throbbing hot manhood. Chuck fell atop me, pressing my breast flat under his weight as his lips sought mine in a hungry kiss. His arms encircled me and held me tightly too him. I wrapped my legs around his waist, locking my ankles in the small of his back.

Our tongues met, entwined, parted, and met again, moving from my mouth to his, as he began to thrust. Slowly at first, with long slow strokes, pulling his length from my squeezing clutching hole, before beginning the inward slide back into my hot wet hole. My head rolled back, my lips parted in a silent scream of joy. My breath came in rapid pants and I heard myself making soft sounds of pure animalistic pleasure.

Chuck raised himself on his arms over me. His face was set, eyes closed, as he began to increase the speed and intensity of his thrusts. I grabbed his bare shoulders, and matched his fucking pistonings with my own motions, so each thrust went deep, deep, and deeper still into my yielding hole. He began to grunt softly, each stroke bringing him nearer and nearer to his own climax. I felt another orgasm gathering, like a storm, fearsome in its intensity. I wanted to cry out, to scream with pleasure, but my whole being was centered on the fucking my brother was giving me.

A hard thrust, and another, and another . . .

My eyes flew open. Chuck had paused. He gritted his teeth and plunged home.

My orgasm ripped through me like a firestorm. My hands balled into fists and my bare feet drummed against his strong back.

Another hard thrust, then another . . .

“Oh god,” he gasped, sweat pouring from his face, the hot droplets falling searingly on my bare heaving breasts. “Terri! Terrieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

He thrust violently home, and I felt his climax erupt within me. Again and again, he spewed his virile hot seed into my foaming, frothing depths He thrust, withdrew, and thrust again, each thrust ending in another eruption of his hot cum into my hot pussy.

Spent and sweating, he collapsed atop me, whispering, almost whimpering, my name over and over and over. His seed mixed with my cum trickled over his balls, wetting my thighs, and trickling down my ass crack. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chuck’s alarm went off about an hour and a half later. He was almost late to school, because we showered together, and made love under the running hot water. We’re regular lovers now, still learning how to please and delight the other. When Mom works a strange shift, she never has to worry about us being home when she calls. We always are, even if Mom doesn’t suspect what we’re doing while she’s away.

Next fall, we’ll both be going to college, the same college of course. But no one there will know we’re brother and sister. We’re already thinking of how wonderful it will be to make love, and then not have to go to our separate rooms afterwards, but sleep the night in each other’s arms, and be together when we wake.

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