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“I’m fucked,” I said, as the cell door clanked behind me. “Not yet, but you will be,” came a voice from the lower bunk.

I had just been booked in the County lockup after being arrested for embezzlement. I had stolen $25, 000 from the firm I worked for.

I had a wife with rich tastes and a mistress with even richer tastes. What is a guy supposed to do.

I’m Richard Egan an unfaithful husband and father of three. Two girls and a boy. I made the mistake of marrying the first girl that ever deep throated my cock.

Sherry and I met in college and I fucked her on our first date. She had dated my roommate, and he extolled me with stories of what a great fuck she was, which proved true, she was an even better cocksucker.

I was in lust, which I mistook for love. We fucked like rabbits and were married soon after graduation. I had scored a job with the prestigious firm of Seymour, Block, and Finch an investment counselling service.

Since I was an entry level employee, my salary was not great, but had good potential. Sherry started spending as if my salary had reached that potential. And the children arrived in rapid succession.

Soon my debts began building. My problems were exacerbated when I took on a mistress name Gisele. All the guys in the office had mistresses, even the head man, Mr. Finch. It was like a badge of honor and a sign you had made it in the investment world.

Trouble was, Gisele had even richer tastes that Sherry.

Sherry had taken on a lover, so my extramarital affair with Gisele was made easier. After meeting Gisele, I realized my feelings for Sherry were in the form of pure lust. Those feelings were offset by my desire for Gisele.

But I digress, I just realized what my cellmate had just said, as his words sunk in.

I peered at the man sitting on the lower bunk and saw a big tough looking guy capable of chewing me up and spitting me out. I trembled, as a cold chill ran through me. His word kept running through my mind as a smirk crossed his face.

“After lights out, I’m going to fuck you, but you will suck my cock first,” he said.

“Look I’m not queer or homo,” I responded.

“Neither am I,” he laughingly replied.

I began to shake contemplating his words.

Not another word was spoken mecidiyekoy escort by either of us until our evening meal arrived. I asked the guard delivering the food if there was any word on my bail. He said bail would be set by the Judge at my arraignment the following day. That meant I had to spend the night in jail for sure. I was shaken by the news.

My cellmate only grinned.

I could not eat and only picked at by food, but my cellmate heartily wolfed down his portion of beef stew and green beans.

“Hey if you’re not going to eat that grub pass it to me,” my cellmate said.

I readily passed my plate to him and he said, “Thanks, by the way, I’m Rolf. What is your name?”

I stammered out, “My name is Richard Egan.

“Well, Dick, I think you and I will get along famously if you are a good boy and willingly submit to my wishes and desires, after lights out,” he said.

“Look I told you I’m not queer or homo,” I said.

“And I told you, I’m not either. But no matter, you will suck my cock, and I will fuck you. Otherwise, you will receive a number of broken bones,” he sternly said.

I was shaken to my core. “Look, can I offer you something else?” I asked.

“Like what, a hand job perhaps? Hell, I have been jacking off every day for two weeks, ever since I was put in this rat hole. I need a wet mouth to suck my cock and a tight hole to fuck, and you are going to provide them,” he said.

I cringed when I held a guard yell lights out, and except for a dim bulb at the end of the hall, all lights in the cell block were extinguished.

Rolf was immediately standing in front of me and said, “On your knees cock sucker.”

I hesitated, but Rolf’s hands grabbed my head and pulled me off the bunk dropping me to my knees in front of him. Then Rolf’s hard cock poked me in the eye causing him to laugh.

“Open your mouth and take my cock, and don’t you dare bite,” he said.

I started to speak, but Rolf’s cock entered my mouth. I realized this was not a normal 5-6-inch cock. This monster was much larger. My mouth was filled and I had not taken but a little over half of Rolf’s cock. the cock hit the entrance to my throat causing me to gag a little and create excess saliva.

“Now suck it,” Rolf said.

Strangely sisli escort I did not find having Rolf’s cock in my mouth unpleasant and I began sucking it. I could feel it throb and that gave me a perverse thrill. I could feel my own cock hardening. As I continued sucking Rolf’s cock, I fumbled to release my cock from my pants, and when finally free, I began stroking it.

“Well, what do you know, I hit the jackpot, a natural born cocksucker,” Rolf said.

I don’t know where my instincts came from, but I was instinctively sucking Rolf’s cock and liking it. I must have sucked Rolf for at least ten minutes and was so involved in do it, I was not prepared when he stiffened and unleashed a huge load of cum in my mouth. I began to gag and choke and started swallowing as fast as I could. I could hear Rolf moaning.

“Damn, no man or woman ever sucked me better,” Rolf said.

Once I had swallowed all of Rolf’s cum, I realized I loved the salty, bittersweet taste, including the slimy texture.

“After a short respite to recharge my batteries, you can suck me hard again so I can fuck you,” Rolf said.

“Please, I will suck you off again, but do not fuck me,” I said.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck you, I take my oath on that. Now get naked,” Rolf said

I meekly complied, and when offered Rolf’s semi-hard cock, I engulfed it, hoping if I sucked him again, he would forget about fucking me. But that was not to be. Once hard he withdrew his cock and bent me over. His hard cock began probing between mt ass cheeks and finally found the entrance to asshole. I felt pain as he started entry, and even more as my sphincter muscle gave way and his cock entered my ass

Soon my bowels were being stretched to the limits by Rolf’s big cock that I had just been sucking. As Rolf put his cock in motion, I could feel my prostate being massaged and the pain eased and was replaced by a warm wonderful feeling.

Just as when I sucked Rolf off, I could tell my cock was rock hard.

Rolf gained momentum as he fucked me to the point of slamming his cock deep in my bowels. I was furiously jacking my own cock with an intense orgasm building from deep within me.

People in nearby cells heard the grunting and moaning and were quite aware of what was escort taksim happening, and were jacking along with us. There were a chorus of moans up and down the cell block. Even the cell block guard was jacking.

Rolf roared, as he thrust and held, unleashing a huge load of cum that coated the walls of my bowels. Sending me over the edge, as my own cum was being spilledon the cell floor. I slept like a baby that night had had to be wakened to get ready for my arraignment in court the next morning.

The Judge set my bail at $100,000 which was an impossible amount due to my indebtedness. I could not even borrow money against my house as I had three mortgages.

Since I could not raise bail, the Judge said I would remain in jail. At first, I was crest fallen. But when I sucked off Rolf and he fucked me again that night, I felt much better. It was a month before my trial, I sucked Rolf and he fucked me every night for two weeks before he was transferred to State Prison.

The Judge assigned me a court appointed attorney, who was next to worthless and it took the jury 30 minutes to bring in a verdict of guilty. I was a broken man in body and spirit. The Judge sentenced me to 3 to 5 years in the State Prison, and laughingly, ordered me to pay restitution. Hell, I could not even afford an attorney, so how the hell was I going to be able to pay restitution. Sometimes Judges can be comedians.

Upon arrival at State Prison, I was shocked and amazed to find I would be assigned to the cell next to Rolf. When Rolf saw me, his eyes lit up, but he was disappointed to find we would not be assigned to the same cell. Rolf told me he would go to work or getting that fixed. I found out that in prison there were ways to get things done. Through coercion, bribes, etc. Rolf got me switched with his cell mate.

The first night I spent with Rolf, I got a man pussy pounding to end all pussy pounding. Damn, did he ever fuck me. I was one well fucked man. I beamed when Rolf told me, I was the best fuck man or woman he ever had.

I ended up serving 2 and a half years before being paroled from prison. During that period, I sucked Rolf and he fucked me more times than I can count. I cannot even imagine how much cum I consumed during that period. Even with the prison diet, I was never short on protein.

Can you believe Rolf cried when I was released, and even told me he loved me. I’m on the outside now waiting for the day Rolf will be released from prison. It’s going to be a long wait, as Rolf was convicted of Murder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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