My Last Summer at Home Pt. 01

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During high school I lived in a small town in the mid-west where nothing ever happens. We had a drive-in movie that had just reopened, a bowling alley, a pizza joint, a supermarket, and two gas stations. The summer before I left for Iowa State University, I worked in our town’s supermarket so I had some spending money in the fall. When I wasn’t working, I just read books or surfed the web. On the cool summer nights, I cruised the quiet streets our little town with my best friend Jill. She was always there for me through good times or bad, and we sure had fun that summer before going off to the big world.

Jill and I operated the checkouts at the supermarket and we would always tease our boss Rickey, just to make the days more interesting. Rickey was a year younger than us, but he was the owners son, so he was our manager. He was cute and easy to embarrass, so we cut him a break and followed his rules most of the time. Rickey was shorter than us and probably 120 lbs. soaking wet, so he wasn’t hard to intimidate. We liked to think we were so worldly, particularly in our little short blue uniforms. Rickey’s dad had let us pick them out from a uniform catalog, and we chose the shortest ones they sold just to tease Rickey.

On our breaks, we would take a cup of coffee to the loading bay, smoke a cigarette and flirt with the truck drivers. We often managed to give Rickey a sly look on our way out, but most of the time we purposely ignored him just to drive him crazy. We would giggle when he stared at us during the work day, and make comments in a voice too low to hear, just to make him blush. He was really surprised when Jill and I sauntered up to him while on break one Saturday afternoon, and asked him if he would like to join us at the drive-in movie that night. We figured the kid would get a kick out of going to the movies with us, and we enjoyed toying with him.

“I don’t have a car yet” he stammered, blushing in embarrassment.

“He’s probably too young to drive” laughed Jill, as she lit up a Marlboro and then snapped her Zippo closed.

“I’ve got a pick-up” I said, blowing a bubble with my gum until it popped. “We’ll go in that, see you at eight.”

I wore cutoff jeans and a T-shirt with no bra, and flip flops to show off my brightly painted toenails. Jill wore her favorite little white dress shirt tied at the waist, and a plaid skirt with pair of pink Converse. We picked Rickey up outside the store, and when Jill slid out of the pick-up to let him in, his eyes almost popped out of his head. He gawked at her legs extending from the short skirt, and she started teasing him right away.

“Stop staring, boy” she laughed, “and get in.”

He was wedged in between us, and when our perfume began sweeping over him I thought he was going to pass out. His cheeks were flushed and he looked like he was in heaven as we pushed taksim escort against his body. He glanced from side to side as my bra-less boobs bounced, and Jill’s little boobies jiggled. Rickey smiled all the way down that dusty county road. To my surprise, Jill placed her hand on his thigh, and her long middle finger began to slowly trace a small circle on his jeans. By the time we parked in the drive-in it was almost dark, but there was a noticeable bulge in his jeans. His face was red hot with embarrassment, and he knew we could see he had boner by the light from the dashboard.

“Let’s get comfortable” I said, putting my right arm behind him. Jill did the same with her left arm and had a very devilish grin on her face. Our bodies had pinned his arms to the seat back, and we rested our free hands on his thighs. We continued to draw little circles on his thighs, moving a little closer to his crotch as his hard little cock throbbed in his jeans.

“Look Jill” I said with a smirk. “Rickey’s pants sure look tight.”

Jill leaned over to look at his crotch and he blushed even more. “You’re right, girl. That looks kind of uncomfortable to me. Is that uncomfortable, Rickey?” Jill asked in a husky voice. His face burned even brighter red when she moved her middle finger up to her mouth and gently sucked it. Jill then reached down slowly and undid the top of his jeans. “You need to loosen these” she said, smothering a laugh.

I hadn’t intended for things to go beyond teasing, but this was getting really interesting now. Rickey tried to move his arms but they were jammed tight between us and the seat. Then Jill slowly lowered his zipper down over the lump in his pants.

“Lift up, Rickey” Jill ordered.

“What… what are you doing?” he stuttered.

“Lift up” she snapped. Jill then gripped his balls through his jeans and he quickly lifted up so she could slide his jeans down. In front of us, the movie screen flickered and the cars around us were full of people watching the movie. Rickey could feel the cold night air across his crotch and he looked down in embarrassment, as we looked at his very hard little cock waving in the breeze. His arms were trapped, and his jeans and shorts were now down around his ankles, leaving us in control.

“Hmm, what do you think?” Jill asked, looking at his cock and then glancing at me. “I think it’s kind of average,” she said as she lightly traced his cock with her fingers. Then she surrounded it with her palm, making him jerk at the sudden soft contact of her warm hand.

“Now, Rickey,” she laughed. “Just relax. We’re just going to play with this little guy for a while.”

Her hand started to move up and down his cock and he trembled as I stared on in disbelief. I had only seen one other penis, and Rickey’s was nice looking. Not big, but really beşiktaş escort hard with a perfect little helmet. After a few strokes Jill turned to me with an evil look and said, “And NO cumming until we say so, RICKEY. If you cum, we are LEAVING and you are not going with us”.

“Is that nice?” Jill asked him, switching her voice to a soft tone. I watched her move slowly up and down his hot little cock, and when he didn’t answer Jill stopped. His cock twitched in her hand and I thought he was going to cum right then, but he held back as his little butt squirmed on the vinyl seat.

I looked at him with a sly grin and whispered “Answer her Rickey. Jill asked you a question.”

“Yes” he gasped. “It’s nice.”

“Guess you don’t want to watch the movie then” Jill laughed and her hand began to slide slowly up and down his cock until he was balancing on the edge. He was seconds from spurting all over her hand when she suddenly stopped. “I wouldn’t mind watching the movie a little, what about you Rickey?” Jill whispered as we both smirked again at his contorted face. His breathing was ragged and his now bright red cock twitched as she firmly squeezed the base.

“Poor boy,” laughed Jill. “Were you close?” We ignored him for a moment while we commented on the movie. When I had the urge to join the fun, I turned a little more towards Rickey so my left hand could also reach his cock.

“Now” I said, “You’ll have to tell us who’s the best at this”. I lightly blew in his ear as my hand started to move up and down. He was gasping on the edge, and his hips started to rise after just a few strokes. I stopped and squeezed the base firmly like Jill did, to keep that little guy under control.

“Please don’t” he whimpered.

“Don’t what?” Jill asked innocently as she pushed her lower lip out mocking his whimpering plea.

“Don’t stop, please” he begged, his arms still pinned behind him as his entire body trembled. This was really fun now, making this poor boy tremble and beg for relief.

“I guess when you jerk off, you do it really fast, huh?” Jill smiled. “Well, do you?” she pressed when he didn’t answer.

“Yes” he said, his face burning in shame.

“Who do you think about when you jerk off?” I asked.

“Do you think about us when you jerk off?” Jill asked slyly.

“Yes” he said, almost crying and breathing heavily. We both laughed at how pathetic he sounded.

“How sweet” Jill whispered as she kissed the air by his other ear.

“Do you think about our legs?” Jill asked as she was lifting her skirt up, “or our pretty little panties?”. His eyes were glued to her long tanned legs and then her black lacy panties. He nodded slightly, his eyes pleading for more as he sucked air in through his nose.

“A leg man” I said as my fingers were sliding over his cock. etiler escort He shuddered again, now trying to hold his breath. I gripped the shaft firmly and started to slowly pull, spreading his leaking fluids around the tip with my thumb. He was really close now, and he whimpered and squirmed again. I moved down and squeezed firmly at the base again.

“Don’t you fucking come until we tell you, Rickey” Jill warned in her stern voice again.

“Have you had a hand job before, Rickey?” Jill whispered, now using a sweet tone. He slowly nodded and whimpered “just once”.

“Who did it?” I whispered in his ear.

“Jo Beth, the night time stock girl” he muttered, gritting his teeth as I released my firm grip at the base of his engorged little cock. “That slut, that’s why she gets all the overtime” I smirked, pulling my hand away as he continued to quiver on the edge again.

“You know” Jill announced, “I feel like a coke.”

“Me too” I said as I reached over and firmly flicked the head of Rickey’s hot little cock.

“Go get us one, Rickey” Jill said and we leaned forward so he could free his arms. His face was crimson and sweating, and he barely managed to tuck his throbbing cock back into his pants. It had to hurt by now, and I’m sure his little balls were ready to burst.

His body was still visibly trembling as he walked to the snack bar and somehow managed to buy two large cokes. As he started to walk back, Jill and I appeared and pulled him into the shadows next to the ladies toilets. We both pressed up against him and stroked his still hard cock through his jeans.

“Time to thank you for the cokes” Jill whispered as our hands brought him closer to relief, and she leaned in to kiss me. He watched as our heads tilted and our lips lightly touched. Then our eyes began to flutter, and we whimpered as our tongues entered each others mouth for the very first time.

“No” he groaned, “Not in my pants!”

Our hands moved faster and faster over his little denim encased hard-on, as Jill’s tongue circled around mine. He shuddered when I sucked Jill’s tongue into my mouth like a little penis, and groaned as he spurted into his pants. His hips jerked several times, his eyes rolled back and he almost fell to the ground. Jill and I smiled, took the cokes and stepped away to admire our handiwork. He was gasping for breath as we looked down to see a wet stain spreading across his jeans. We had coaxed a big load out of that poor boy.

“Thanks for the cokes Rickey” giggled Jill. “Too bad we have to leave now, because you didn’t wait for permission to cum.” Then I sarcastically added “Poor Rickey, now your pants are all wet” as I pushed my lower lip out. We looked at each other and we both busted out laughing as we walked arm in arm to my pick-up.

Just before we were out of sight, Jill turned and called over her shoulder in a sing song voice, “See you at work, Rickey”. He was still stunned, and glanced around to see if anyone had been watching. Then he ducked into the men’s toilets to clean himself up. It was the beginning of a great summer, and the start of my realization of how much I was into girls.

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