Carnival of Delights Pt. 04: Aiden

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Aiden found himself staring wide eyed at the site before him. For some fucked up reason he seemed to be the only one fighting to keep his pride. For some fucked up reason the group of half naked young men all shuffled with their heads lowered, accepting the forced submission.

Like the others in his peer group he had been scurried off to a bizarre building housed to entertain those with twisted desires. When he was first brought to a bathroom his mind raced with fucked up tales of piss play and beer enemas. Luckily it had seemed a small building with closed confinement was all the freaks were looking for because there was no hint of a bathroom. He was one of the last ushered in giving him glimpse of what he would be taking part in. Where the stalls would be was a wall and holes every one or two feet. Pressed against the holes he could see mouths and tongues eager to show their talent.

Without his cohort Aiden was left to his own thoughts, and unfortunately they were filled with panic to stay alive. He didn’t fight the men when they brought him to his designed location. All he had for them was cold glares as they explained the task at hand. Even as they attached chains to his limbs to assure he couldn’t run off all he did was to stare them down. It was when the cruel bastards took a step away and he was faced with the others sharing his predicament could his cold nature surface. It was a cold environment anyway. Paired with the heavy shackles, glory holes and enslaved men there was no sense in sharing fake pleasantries.

The humiliation of his up-and-coming assault was starting to be matched by the humiliation of sharing a room and title with such cowardly men. The reconstruction of the bathroom had meant none of the captives were in private to face their humiliation. Each one would be forced to endure a cruel task with the eyes and ears of those around. How in the hell these bastards decided Aiden was one of them was still lost upon him.

Age wise they were all similar, look wise had gifted some more generously than others. He could proudly state he was far better looking than any of them, well all but one. The young man to his right seemed to sense his cold gaze and shot him a smile. This one was different than the others, pathetic for sure but his level of acceptance hadn’t read as coerced. The sick fuck seemed to be enjoying it. Before Aiden could say anything the man to his right spoke up.

“The new ones are always easy to spot. Hint, you want to leave here walking straight do as your told.”

Aiden looked the young man over before coldly snapping, “If I need a whore’s opinion I’ll let you know.”

“The men pay good money to be here. Trust me, a whore’s opinion will help keep you alive.” The strange man’s eyes twinkled, “Although I can’t deny the curiosity in watching you get your ass handed.”

Aiden was moments from responding when another pair of heavy boots entered the building. A few of the men instantly shoved their face forward and wiggled their tongues, but not the one beside him. Following suit he silently waited. It was now had he been faced with another way to keep the boys in place. A shiver of fear ran throughout as a heavy-set man with a studded club entered. He eyed the young captives before barking at them.

“I ain’t looking to get violent but you give these fine customers a hard time this bat will become your next boyfriend. Unless you want to be fucked until you’re jelly you’ll enjoy whatever is presented to you. You boys should consider yourself lucky, only one hole of yours gets used today.”

To further the point the man pulled out his phone. Aiden’s stomach immediately dropped as the screen drew closer to the frightened group. His eyes then shut and he went to block his ears. He didn’t need to see the video to understand the threat. None of them needed to see it to understand. Whether they wanted it or not they were going to be a group of good boys. A youthful group of tongues Damien Black would no doubt enjoy.


Aiden wasn’t sure to be thankful or submit to the growing tension but for some reason he hadn’t been picked yet. In no way had that meant he was spared from hearing or seeing what was happening around. It was a piggish feast for twisted minds and unfortunate souls. Hairy ass cracks would be showed in excitement to have tearful boys lick them up and eat them out. On occasion there would be a sniffle of shame or gag of repulsion. The times he looked to those around he could see curly hairs decorating their face or tear stricken eyes of crushed souls. The only one who seem to glow in the situation was the man to his right.

It was infuriating really. The creep would press his long tongue out that dirty hole while making eye contact with Aiden then proceeded to give the sloppiest session Aiden witnessed. Wet squelches along with groans of ecstasy would bounce off the walls and into his ears. On a cruel circumstance would the man to his right be forced to end the oral with bahis siteleri some head and loudly slurp up the cum. It was when the man gave him a slime-coated kissy face did the urge to vomit come up.

No one had the ability to count time but the ache in his arms had told Aiden he was there for hours. Eventually a deep voice paired with girlish laughter caught everyone’s attention. Aiden couldn’t help but hide his confusion as all the men but him jumped in excitement to present their tongues. He cautiously did so, still unsure why the recently shy men got a bout of enthusiastic consent.

“Oh daddy look at them all!”

The excited tone carried sinister weight that kept Aiden from falling into the same enthusiasm as those surrounding. His eyes darted around before accidentally landing to the man on his right. The young man pulled back momentarily to address his long lasting confusion.

“Young, little twink ass. Closest thing to a real pussy. Far better then the hairy man who’s with him.”

Aiden immediately shot forward pressing his unnaturally long tongue out. Yes, he was straight but he knew the type the man was talking about. He had seen them before; gentle men, smooth as silk with soft features that could tempt anyone. Bend them over and close your eyes… what’s the difference? His eyes shut tightly and he continued to work his mouth.

“Daddy look at this one! My god, look how long it is.”

Aiden pressed it forward, moved it in a wave, flattened it to show how much space he could take, pointed it to show how precise he could be. He did everything he thought this little whore would need.

“Well boy you choose the one you want and we’ll see if great minds think alike.” The deep voice said.

Aiden worked tiredly, taunting that smooth hole to make its way over to him. The footsteps grew closer, they were hovering right by him. Now was the belt, it was falling to make room for the pants to slip off. The excitement pulsing through him was threating to reach his cock. He curled his tongue one more time promising a trip around the world. The person was so close now and any second he was waiting for smooth skin to be pressed on him.

“Oh fuck daddy, he feels so good.”

But it wasn’t him. Aiden jerked his head in confusion to see where that clean ass had run off too. A curse of frustration left when the man to his right was enjoying the soft snack. His rude comment didn’t go unnoticed as the man with the bat pointed back to the hole.

“Good choice,” the gruff voice called out. “You actually grabbed the tongue beside the one I wanted.”

Aiden’s stomach cramped… no, no no. Fuck no.

“Can’t wait to feel it worm its way into my ass.”

Now tears were falling. He just knew he would be the unlucky soul to taste such a perverse meal. The footsteps approached and once again a belt dropped. Unsure if it was to try and run away or bask in the horror he pulled back to look out the hole.

A gasp escaped him followed by a chuckle from the one presenting. Firm, muscular cheeks were pulled apart to reveal a thick bush of hair that would surely get stuck in his teeth. A tight asshole closed up into a wrinkled crack winked at him, causing a gag to be released. There was no way in hell he would shove his face in the furry thatch.

“I know I ain’t as beautiful as my boy, but you still got a job to do. Eat up son.”

His mind raced with the image of the studded bat. He closed his eyes, nervously stuck out his tongue and pushed forward. Taste wise there wasn’t much, the smell was over powering for sure but rancid wasn’t the proper term. There was a heavy musk accommodated with an unmatched flavor. It wasn’t terrible, well physically it wasn’t. But Aiden’s proud mind was running with the idea of his mouth being shoved into a hairy crack. With tear filled eyes he gagged and pulled away.

“Come on boy, you barely got in there!”

It was now had reality fell upon him rendering him immobile. Nothing about this was right and no one was going to help. He dissolved into a puddle of hysteria begging for mercy. The previous fear had proven cute but now that he was rendered unable to preform a wave of anger fell through the building. When the gruff customer cursed at waisted money did the man with the bat step up.

Aiden’s tears stopped the moment a hand gripped his waist band ripping his bottoms off. He was seconds from begging for help before a gag was forced inside. His trembling body was now held by the man with the bat who began to spit on the weapon. He shook his head begging beneath the gag, promising to deliver.

He thanked that the man believed him as the gag was swiftly removed and he was shoved forward. The man however didn’t have complete confidence and did not let up on the tight grip. With no choice Aiden stuck out his tongue and felt a rough shove.

“Fuck yes, that is it!”

Aiden strained under his restraints as the hairy ass continued to push back and the man holding his head pushed canlı bahis siteleri forward.

“There yeah go boy. Get it nice and wet before you go probing.”

He flattened his tongue proceeding to wet the entire area. Stray hairs would catch on his tongue causing fear he have a hairball. On occasion a wrinkled ball sack would be pushed backwards to receive some love and he obliged. That’s where he found a horrid taste. It was strong, salty and reminded him of the strong men at his grandfather’s retirement home he tried to avoid. He would lap on the nut before moving to the crack and circle around the little bud.

“Get it deep in there now.”

Shaking with rage he pointed his tongue and darted it forward. He was surprised at the ease it slipped past the barrier but that brought another world of sensations he wasn’t ready for. The heavy panting from the other side had told him he was doing a wonderful job. It wasn’t hard to imagine that meaty hands would be furiously stroking a throbbing cock. Desperate to have the contents of those heavy balls spill on the floor and not down his throat he moved faster.

It was by now had Aiden abandoned the shame of eating out a man’s ass. There could be no shame when you had to save your skin. He read men carried a sweet spot deep within so his next goal was to hit that. Pressing forward with more vigor he tried to get his tongue as deep as possible. He wasn’t just doing well, he was doing phenomenally. The ass pressed against him was now shaking in delight with deep moans radiating throughout. His panic and drive to complete a task had him abandoning the erection he was sporting.

“Shit, shit you’re getting me close.”

It didn’t matter that they were spoken in a deep voice, he was almost done this task. He opened his mouth wider trying to get deeper into the tight ring. Again his own desperation had him in complete ignorance that he was starting to thrust his own hips forward.

“Fuck yes,”

Before his task could end with a triumphant roar his sweaty meal pulled away. Aiden found himself lurching forward simultaneously placing his hands on the wall to steady himself. He took deep breaths getting as much air as possible before his meal returned. Only when the man with the bat took a step forward gripping his head did panic start to set in.

“Alright,” the deep voice said. “Curious to see what else this mouth is capable of. Talent like this truly is a rare find.”

Aiden tensed within the grip of the man. His legs began to kick upon the ground as he heard pants being dropped to the floor. His distress was rewarded with a kiss on the cheek and the man to his right mimicking a blowjob motion. Now it was time to fight. Nowhere had it been stated he was going to have to suck cock. Grunts of frustration left his mouth as he tried to keep as much space from him and the glory hole as possible. When the tip of a cock began to poke through a scream of anger escaped.

“Relax kid,” the man with the bat snarled. “Unless you want me to go to town on your ass then you’ll swallow this sausage.”

Aiden clenched his mouth in defiance. One hand dug into his cheeks trying to pry his mouth open. His feet continued to kick and his body still struggled under his cruel restraints. The grip got tighter and the base of the weapon was now wedged between his legs. Defeated he opened his mouth two inches and was cruelly shoved forward.

He could have sworn the bat was being forced into his mouth. He stretched wider and wider, trying his hardest to accommodate the massive cock inching in. If the size was the only discomfort perhaps his kicking would have stopped, but a powerful taste came over him matched with the musk of one hundred percent man. It was only with a massive tool lodged in his throat did Aiden realize this was the man he and his friends dreamed to become. The entire world would bend to his will and the people in it mere decorations for the party known as his life. And currently such a man was raping his mouth.

The overpowering force thrashing into Aiden was causing a slew of gagging and slurping to be heard from the kid. The barrier preventing any eye contact was shaking madly, threatening to come crashing down on the poor kid. The man gripping his head seemed to be doing it more for support than force at this point. Aiden knew there was nothing to be done anyways. His mouth was nothing more than cumdump to be deposited within.

Damien growled thrashing forward. The mouth proved to be just as talented as the tongue. The warm throat would open just enough to let his meat slide in but would retain a tight fit. The consistent choking had given a wonderful massage around his cock driving him harder. No, it was not the best blowjob he had received but it was getting pretty damn close.

Drool was now spilling down Aiden’s neck as the oversized cock continued to batter and bruise it. The most uncomfortable position was when the man holding him would push him as close as possible canlı bahis while the man raping him would insert every last inch. There was no way to actually know how large the sausage he was choking on was but he could swear a footlong was making his way down his gullet. The only thing to do about was cry, gag and try to massage his erect member.

It was now had Damien felt water being spurted up and around him. He couldn’t withhold the smile as pounding could be heard from the other side. There was no doubt the poor kid choking on his cock was praying for an end while beating his fists on the door. He was sure the kid was scared of suffocating. There was nothing to fear, the end was soon in sight. His eyes rolled into his head and he slipped one hand into the hole to feel the swollen lips around his cock.

Being touched was just another bit of humiliation Aiden had no control over. A strong hand was gently trailing his lips taking a feel at how wide they were stretching. A finger would occasionally scoop up a bubble of drool and wipe it across him. Again, there was no escape in sight and only the hand of torment to look forward to.

“You’re doing well. Don’t worry, almost finished.”

Aiden was now screaming over the cock in his mouth. Any moment now a warm tsunami of man juice was going to move through his system cementing his role as a bitch. The chains rattled as he pulled fiendishly on them. The man with the bat held him still and the group watched as his mouth was repeatedly rammed into. Having the man on his right wink at him was all it took to get the waterworks going. He cried causing his cheeks to puff around the engorged member as he huffed warm air on it. There was no doubt this proved delightful since the man raping him let out a low rumbling growl.

“Just like that kid. Just… like…”

And then it happened. The throbbing increased and the warm member seemed to expand in his mouth. With one more thrust a torrent of creamy filling was injected into the twenty two year old’s gullet. It didn’t stop. Aiden gagged and hacked trying to rid the foul substance and heavy meat from his mouth. With each thrust the tool would push it’s juice further in his mouth threatening him to choke on it. His cheeks were soon filling out like a chipmunks as the spunk continued to unload in him. And there was more on its fucking way…. He had no choice. Reluctantly Aiden began swallowing.

Damien’s knees shook as the remainder of his spunk was greedily slurped from his cock. Alright it was official, that was the best blow job he ever received. Once he softened he slipped out of the mouth and heard a slump he assumed was the young man falling to the floor. He gave a wink to Reid as hacking and gagging immediately followed.

“I thought you were going to drown him daddy!” The young man giggled pulling up his pants.

“Wouldn’t be surprised if it was coming out of his nose,” Damien joked placing an arm around his partner. “Hope your stall treated you well.”

“Oh he did daddy. We’ll need to come back here before the weekend is over.”

“Sure kid, anything you want.”

Damien may have been in a carnival populated by twisted minds and captured souls but that didn’t erase his capacity for love. Seeing Reid’s eyes sparkle up at him had him pulling the young man for an intimate embrace and long kiss. He ran his hands over the young man’s back before resting them on the area he so brutally tore into earlier. Before a bout of excitement could tempt him for another round the door opened.

“Damien, sir! There was a moment of concern when we couldn’t find you but glad to know you’re right here.”

The man that spoke held a glittery cane dressed in well put together, albeit campy attire. The sudden intrusion had sparked agitation in the former marine who gave a cold look hinting on the need for knocking. The carny seemed to be too excited to address his mistake but still held the respect to wait for Damien to speak.

“Is every alright?” The ex marine asked running a hand over his partner’s back.

“More than alright, just here to inform you we’ve had our first raffle. You sir, have just won grand prize.”

Damien’s smile seemed to spark electricity in the room causing the carny to move about his feet making grand gestures while Reid jumped up and down clapping his hands.

“Yes sir! And this young man waiting for you, he’s,” the carny kissed his fingers. “He and a group of college kids had been found on the outskirts of Keeseville, each more beautiful than the last. Each one promising a world of pleasure to eager men. But this one! Oh this one… A handsome man, strong like an ox, eyes as blue as the ocean and hair as dark as the night. And more importantly a virgin at that.”

Aiden lay on his side trying to steady his breathing. The overwhelming taste of cock, balls and semen was still on his tongue while his body trembled in desperation to try and remedy the shock of what he heard. His hard cock had finally been given some release when the bastard beside him gently fiddled and played with it. Despite the glow and horror of what just happened he couldn’t refrain from thinking to his leader. What were they going to do with Ezra?

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