Carol’s School Tales Ch. 04

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The next week at school Della snubbed me again. I didn’t want to upset her, but as long as I went out with Sean I knew I would. Not only that but I was also a married woman, something that from time to time escaped me altogether! Luckily Sean was a little slow in asking me for another date. I’m sure he couldn’t work me out. For the next week I managed to put him off. Then I noticed Della chatting with Zack. I tried to put her off but I got told where to go. At lunchtimes I revised, and tried to cram as much study as I could in the short time. The main purpose of me being here hadn’t escaped me, despite all the problems I encountered on the way. I had to get my stepdaughter into university, and after what had happened to her it was the least I could do. The nightmare that had happened just 6 months ago, played over in my mind. But I could never forgive myself for being such a coward.

From time to time I would roam around the quiet parts of the school, just really so I could think and have a few moments to myself. While I seemed to be able to carry the deceit quite well, from time to time I had to have my own space, so I could regroup in my head. It was while I was down by the gardens I came across Zack and Della. They were kissing and groping each other. I kept back watching them from behind a tree. Della seemed quite happy until Zack’s hands started wandering up her skirt. She pushed him away but he seemed very determined. Della legs seemed to be trembling and she was starting to surrender to his advances. I could hear her little distressed cries as they kissed. Zack was becoming more aggressive. The bastard wasn’t going to take no for an answer!

“Leave her alone,” I hissed.

They both stopped and looked at me.

“Fuck off Becky!” Zack growled.

I pulled Della away from him. She pushed me back.

“What’s up Becky do you want to pinch every bloke from me?”

“Della don’t be upset, he, he’s not right for you.”

I looked at Zack who seemed to find this amusing.

“I told you Becky I’m going out with Della so stop pestering me for dates.”

“Get lost Zack I wouldn’t go out with you!” I screeched.

“You cow!” Della yelled. She began grappling with me and pushed me to the ground. I struggled but she soon sat on my chest and started pulling my hair.

“Della please stop, he only wants one thing!”

A hard slap hit my face. I could see Della wasn’t going to stop. Her face became taut with concentration as she lashed out at me.

“You bitch did you come on to my bloke!” she screamed.

“NO!…. OUCH!” I screamed, as several strands of hair left my scalp.

“She begged me to go out with her Della; she even offered me a blowjob if I dumped you.”

“Oh, you bastard!” I hissed at Zack, watching the smug grin spread over his face.

Della picked my head up by my ears and banged it on the ground. My face got slapped again and she spat at me.

“Go on Della beat the cow up!”

I looked up into the sea of faces that had gathered round. Boys and girls were now round in a circle.

“Go on fucking hit her!” someone shouted from the crowd.

I managed to roll her off of me and tried to scramble away. A great cheer went up as Della grabbed my ankle, and then she climbed on my back pinning me to the ground once more. She pushed Bahçelievler Escort my face into the dirt.

“Eat it you scrubber!” Della yelled, as my head was thrust back into the freshly dug soil.

It wasn’t just Della now. I felt someone kick me in the ribs and a girl hauled me up by my hair I screamed with pain, and she spat in my face! I began crying and what little fight I had previously put up soon faded. I felt Della push my head down one last time. This time I ended up with a mouthful of dirt. I felt a final kick to my ribs by someone, as I lay sobbing. Slowly I pushed myself up. I could see the group of 50 kids or so, walking away from me through my messed up hair. I spat into the ground trying to get the soil out of my mouth. The laughing and excited talk of the group got further away. I began nervously surveying my body. I wiped my nose and looked at the blood. My ribs hurt although I told myself they weren’t broken. My clothes had been ripped too, my blouse hung off my shoulder, and my tights had huge holes in them. Becky must have felt like this I told myself.

I looked up towards the voice that had been calling me for a short time.

“Oh Sean!” I cried, as I collapsed into his arms.

He tried to get me to tell him what had happened, I couldn’t. Anyway no doubt he would hear soon enough.

Becky came to get me, her face looked like thunder. She didn’t say anything until we got into the car.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You are a bloody woman couldn’t you defend yourself against an 18 year old?”

I shook my head. I think we both remembered that day 6 months ago at that moment.

For the next two weeks I kept myself to myself. Della eventually said she was sorry. I must admit it was out of character for her; she seemed shy but saw me as a threat to her. Maybe she thought I WAS going to steal her bloke! Sean and I dated once or twice but he could see I was holding back. He still kept on asking me out, and I had to find a way to let him down gently.

All through this Zack just watched me. He would barge past me and I would feel a hand grab my backside. I knew he would tell Della if I made a fuss, so I just put up with it. Miss Newark seemed to be losing patience with me too. I wouldn’t tell her what the fight was about but I think she got to hear. I was slow to leave my class at the end of every day, even though I had to get the school bus home. But I just couldn’t put up with all the teasing at the bus stop. My fight was becoming old news and the teasing began to die out. But I figured another week of holding back wouldn’t hurt.

The Friday before a short holiday I hung back as usual. Even Miss Newark beat me out the door. I looked up at the clock another 5 minutes and I would make my way to the bus stop, getting there just before the bus turned up.

I jumped as a hand rested on my shoulder.

“Are you waiting for me Blowjob Becky?”

I felt a shudder run through my body as Zack’s fingers undid a button under my tie.

“Please don’t do this to me Zack,” I whimpered.

He ignored me feeding his hand into my blouse, and then into the cup of my bra. I didn’t struggle I just let him maul at my breast and nipple. I could feel and see my nervous pants blowing the stray hanging hairs, which had come out Bahçelievler Escort Bayan of my hairclips during the day.

“We are going to the potting shed Wednesday lunchtime, OK?”

I felt his lips kiss my neck.

“Once more Becky, one more blowjob then I’ll leave you alone,” he spat, squeezing my nipple hard.

I winced but just sat there letting him have his fun.

“Do you promise to leave me alone, and, and never touch me again?” I mumbled into my chest.

“Yeah, if you make it good for me,” he said after awhile, as he squeezed my whole breast one last time.

I nodded defeated, and his hand that seemed to wait for my response left my breast.

So there they were in the garden messing around with plants they had just bought. Couldn’t they see how upset I had been over the weekend? No they only had eyes for each other now. The way they cuddled on the couch, and her mocking eyes just waiting for me to say something. No I wouldn’t give her the pleasure. I had 4 months to go, she would be gone, and then I would win my husband back, I would be his wife and he would want for nothing!

We went out to a restaurant, god that was bloody humiliating. The waiter asked if I was 18 before he would serve me wine! Becky the bitch, I mean Carol, no I fucking don’t I mean that stupid cow BECKY! Well she just burst into giggles as Jim cleared his throat and said yes she is 18. So there I was sat in the backseat of MY car! She drove us home well Jim had drunk quite a few, and she insisted as SHE was his WIFE!

There they were at it again. Jim was now so into fucking his daughter, that I honestly thought he didn’t think about me in the next room anymore! All I had to look forward to was going back to school next week as Blowjob Becky! But before that in 3 days time it was Jim’s birthday. I was going to get him into bed then no matter what! I cooked us a lovely steak dinner. OK it was for three but Becky surprised me by telling me she would go out for a few hours. I suppose under all that bitching she had to have a heart somewhere.

She came back from the front door. All my plans had gone up in smoke. I walked round the block with Della. She wanted advice about going with Zack for the first time. At first I tried to talk her out of it. She gave me that accusing look. I finally convinced her that I didn’t want Zack, and just ended up telling her to take precautions. It was two hours before I got home, I tried to put Zack out of my mind, god he was a shit!

“He’s waiting for you,” Becky said, as she went past me to the car.

“Jim, can I come in?” I asked, at the bedroom door.

“Yeah, of course honey,” he called back.

I walked in naked into the soft glow of the candles. He looked up from the bed his cock stood stiff as he smiled at me. I began to kiss him gently and he responded in the same manor.

I kissed slowly down his body and went to take his cock in my mouth.


“I’m Carol,” I hissed, “I’m your wife, I’m not Becky.”

I licked the head of his cock and slipped it into my mouth for awhile. I looked up at him hoping this was pleasing him. He smiled and then rested his head down on the pillow, closing his eyes. He tasted a little sweaty but soon my mouth had washed him clean.

I manoeuvred Escort Bahçelievler myself over his cock.

“Carol you don’t have to do it,” he moaned.

“I want to, you are my husband, I want to feel you in me,” I whispered.

I began to lower myself on him. I tried my best not to tense up. Slowly I took inch after inch. My legs shook and my breathing turned into a rapid fearful breaths. I told myself I could do this over and over. I looked at Jim his eyes were closed. I quickly looked between my legs, nearly halfway! Shit I thought it was further than that! I took a deep breath and forced myself down a little further. My whole body trembled, and the pain between my legs began to override every other registering thought. I eased myself up a little then down again. Maybe if I could just fuck him part of the way in me he wouldn’t mind. A groan escaped his lips; it pleased me because he was pleased. I began to get a little more confident. My slow nervous motion became a little more confident. It still hurt but it was a start. If I hadn’t have been such a wimp when we married, I could probably take all of him by now.

“Ouch!” I whimpered.

“Carol you don’t have to do it if it hurts,” he mumbled.

“No I can take it, just a little, and then more the next time,” I panted.

I carried on biting my lip through the pain. Why did it hurt so much now? I could take it before at this length. Was my pussy refusing me? The voice in my head was telling me to be careful. Why wouldn’t it shut up! I pulled off of him and sat cuddling myself on the bed, in tears.

“You tried darling,” he said, putting his arm around me.

He pushed me back on the bed. I felt him kiss me between my legs.

“You don’t have too,” I mumbled, feeling I had failed him yet again.

He stuck his tongue in me causing me to gasp.

“Jim you can stop,” I said, feeling even more worthless.

“I don’t want to,” he said, as he kissed my clit.

I shuddered and came a few minutes later. But it was an empty orgasm. I couldn’t please my husband but he could please me! We cuddled afterwards, and after a few minutes I went to get up.

“Where are you going?” Jim asked softly.

“Back to my room,” I responded tentatively.

He pulled my arm back and I cuddled into him again. I was soon listening to his breathing as he slept. My tears fell on his chest; I was so frustrated with myself, or rather with my body for refusing my husband’s cock. But now I knew he loved me, and that meant a lot to me, but was it enough?

Jim left me a cup of tea in the morning; he was still travelling back to our old town to work. It was 22 miles away and he had to be in earlier that normal. I heard him kissing Becky goodbye but that didn’t worry me anymore. I was still his wife and I would have him back in a few months.

“So how did you get on last night?”

I looked at Becky. I didn’t really want to tell her but I felt easier about myself after trying harder.

“OK, it was OK,” I said quietly.

“But not all the way though?”

I looked down; she didn’t need a verbal answer.

“Well I told dad if we did it straight before it would help.”

She went out into the kitchen leaving me feeling very deflated and angry. So it was her I could taste last night!

Soon I’ll tell you what happened to Becky. Maybe you think Jim and Becky deserve each other? Maybe you think I didn’t deserve this, and I have already suffered enough? The only thing I can ask you at the moment is to wait, wait just a little more. Make your judgement later, when you have ready Becky’s Nightmare, and the rest of my story.

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