Cathy’s Pleasure Pivot

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Big Dick

The showers pelting cold water sent sharp stinging sensations through Cathy’s nipples that turned into heated electric bolts charging through her innards to her intimate bits.

“Unnnn!” She moaned.

The cold shower wasn’t working; the needles of water turned her on instead of quenching her passions. She stood there motionless, eyes closed but her mind raced through imagined images of Michael. His body is perfect, the way his muscles rippled as he moved the heavy and full wheelbarrow to compost, and forked its contents onto the pile. His dark coffee colored skin shimmered from his sweat. She tried to force herself into focusing on images of him as he looked while working, but the image of him fully nude with a large stiff erection kept forcing itself to the front of her mind.

“No, I have to stop thinking like that.” She told herself as she began washing the traces of the days gardening from her tired muscles. Finishing her shower she quickly dried, then slipped between her cool sheets. They quickly warmed from the heat her body gave off. With her eyes closed her hands moved of their own volition to her intimate parts and began rubbing her private places as her mind continued to paint images of her 18nyear old son nude and with an erection aimed right at her.

Cathy was lost in her unwelcome passion and confused by the conflicting thoughts and emotions. She felt the throbbing of her pussy growing as she moved the heel of her hand and wrist over her clit while her finger tips danced around the tightly clinched opening to her ass and her mind asked: If she had a master would he take her there? What if he was as big as Michael seemed to be? Why do you keep thinking about the bulge in Michael’s pants? Would Michael mature into some woman’s master? What would she be like?

“Unnnnn, ooh yes right there,” she moaned to herself as she pushed her finger a little deeper into the tight circle of her bottom. What would it be like she wondered, to have Michael push the hardened bulge from his pants deep into her ass?

Her conscience swelled with guilt because of the erotic fantasies involving her adopted son. She and Steven were married, tried for several years to have a child. They finally opted to adopt and the arrival of Michael into their lives was the greatest joy they had experienced as a married couple. Some members of the family had been skeptical about a white couple adopting a black baby. But, she and Steven were proven right that the baby was and could be nothing but a blessing for them. Her guilt Sefaköy Escort swirled and grew as did the nearness of the release her masturbation was about to release.

* * * * *

“Yeah,” Michael softly muttered to himself as he watched the closed circuit video of his mother masturbating. ‘Now is the time to make my move, get in there before she finishes herself,’ he thought. ‘Hell she’ll probably go along with whatever I want, thinking its just part of her fantasy.’

Cathy, didn’t hear the door open or even sense the approach of Michael, she was to caught up in her heat. His appearance on the bed next her was surreal, her mind was again playing tricks on her, but this was a trick that she had so desperately and secretly wanted to happen.

“Mother; I need your help.” He said as he reached his arm over her face and firmly but gently took hold of the back of her head just above her neck. He firmly turned her head and face toward his erect cock and told her; “you need to kiss this like you did when I was baby.”

“uennnnn, yes I do.” she murmured as she pursed her lips and he pulled her face to his swollen cock.

“Oh, yeah, that’s a good girl, now open your mouth and take the head into your mouth like the good little slut you want to be.” Michael declared as he moved his left hand to the top of her head to grab a handful of her curly blond hair and firmly pulled her face onto his cock.

It was as the crown of his cock passed her lips that Cathy finally realized it was not a fantasy, that it was in fact a real cock in her mouth. She looked up as she jerked back and saw that Michael was smiling down at her as he held her face pinned to his swollen cock. The only result of her startled response was that her hair was pulled painfully as Michael held her head and hair.

“No! not yet! we both need this and we both know it.” Michael said.

Cathy tensed as he slid his member a little deeper into her mouth, but she didn’t resist or fight it.. With her acceptance of the situation Michael moved his right hand down to manipulate and rub her intimate parts. He pushed the sheets and blankets down as his hand moved toward its goal.

‘I need the video I’m recording to show her completely naked, I want her every move and every sound, just in case I need it,’ he thought to himself.

He leaned his face down close to Cathy’s ear and quietly whispered “I like hearing your pleasure mommy, and I want to hear you tell me everything you’re feeling. Do you understand?” Sefaköy Escort Bayan

Cathy emitted a muffled “hm, uummm around the swollen cock in her throat.

“Good, now we’re going to begin your training.” He said as he thumbed her clit and danced his fingers around her moist intimate places. “First you have to learn to deep throat me without gagging, understand?”

Michael pulled her head on to his cock by her hair until her gag reflex began. But, before the gag fully kicked in he thrust his hips up and forced her head down, driving his cock deep into her throat. Her esophagus jumped into gear, blocking the gag reflex.

She could not breathe, with so much cock in her mouth. But that and the gag reaction were ignored and forgotten as a result of the massive orgasm she had as her nose and lips slammed into and past his wiry pubic hair and came to rest firmly against his body. His cock in her throat set her esophagus to working trying to move the meat lodged in it. The sensation of her esophagus working to move the cock added to the intensity of her climax.

Michael thrilled at the sensation of having his mother’s throat milking his cock. He added to the pleasure by moving his dick in out a little bit with gentle thrusts of his hips. He held his mother’s head impaled on his tool for about a minute before he lifted her head off of him by her hair. He lifted and turned her face so that he could look her directly in the eyes. Her eyes were watering and her breathing ragged as she gasped to catch her breath.

“So, you no longer need to fantasize about what a big black cock feels and tastes like do you, mommy?” Michael said to her with a smile

“No, but it, my orgasm, was better then I ever thought it could be.” Cathy said.

“Mommy, it’s only just beginning, you’ll have many, many more; even more intense ones. But right now you need to finish your lesson by servicing me. Suck your baby’s cock all the way down your throat mommy.” Michael said as he moved her head back to his throbbing tool.

Michael spent twenty minutes fucking his mother’s face. She became quite accomplished at deep-throating him by the time they finished. He continued to hold her hair but he didn’t need to force her head down. Cathy was soon pulling her own hair by pounding her head down onto his dick. She took her time when he was deep in her throat past the gag point and thrilled at the sensation of her throat massaging his meat.

Michael thrilled at the sight of his mother bobbing Escort Sefaköy her head up and down at his crotch. With her legs splayed wide she made fucking motions while simultaneously fucking his cock into her mouth. The fucking motions of her hips moved her soaking slippery pussy against Michael’s hand. Michael worked his first two fingers into her pussy. His thumb thrumbed her clit and his other two fingers danced about her puckered anal opening. Cathy enjoyed multiple mini-climaxes during the action. But, she amazed at the intensity of the sensations when Michael slid his last two fingers into her backdoor and began fucking her pussy and ass with two fingers each. She had a massive almost explosive orgasm just before he finally unloaded into her mouth.

He felt the beginnings of the convulsive contractions that would squirt his cum out of his dick. He pulled her head up to where just the head of his cock was in her mouth as he squirted several hot loads of thick sticky cum into her mouth.

Cathy was surprised at how long Michael fucked her face and fingered her pussy and ass. She had hoped he would put his beautiful tool into her dripping box. He didn’t, instead he forced his dick past her gag point multiple times, he seemed to really get off on the action of her esophagus, and Cathy decided that she supposed it would be okay if he came in her mouth if his cock was that far down her throat.

Michael was in control and he intended to capture his mom taking his whole load in her mouth. No, he intended to pull his cock almost all the way out and shot multiple spurts of his hot goop onto the roof of her mouth and tongue. He wanted her to taste and eat his seed.

Cathy rarely took cum in her mouth. Her husband’s submissive nature made it easy for her to avoid the distasteful task of getting her mouth coated with cum. She opened her lips and moved as if to take her head from his cock, at his first spurt.

Michael quickly slapped the back of her head and held it in place, as he said. “NO! No! SLUT!…Cum is for swallowing not wasting. It is a special treat and you must treat it as such.” Michael took his time emptying the final dregs of his balls into her mouth while he made her suck the head of his cock.

“Now, get down there and use your tongue and lips to clean up all the passion nectar you spilled.” Michael demanded as he firmly moved her head from his shaft to the spilled cum coating his crotch.

Cathy was to physically tired to argue. She did as she was told, and found that nuzzling his crotch and balls while licking and sucking the cum from his flesh and mingled in his pubic hair was a surprisingly satisfying task.

* * * * * *

More to come, if the readers think its worth developing

Constructive suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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