Caught Stealing

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Big Dicks

Kyle got out of the shower and found Hillary already dressed. She was a tall, thin blonde, with large, swollen tits that looked like 2 balloons about to pop. She was just Kyle’s type. She was last night’s hook up. They had met randomly at a bar, and come back to Kyle’s apartment.

“Leaving already?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah,” Hillary said. “I’m in a hurry. I have to get to work.”

Kyle frowned. “I thought you said you were a stripper.”

“Oh,” Hillary said. “Yeah.”

“You work in the morning?”

“Sometimes. Look I just have to go okay? God, just leave me alone.”

Kyle shrugged. “Fine.”

Suddenly, he noticed his nightstand. He had left a gold ring there the night before, but now it was missing. He was certain it had been there before he got in the shower. Is that why this girl was in such a hurry to run out?

“Hey- Before you go, why don’t you just put my ring back.”

“I didn’t take your ring.” Hillary said. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“You don’t mind if I check your pockets, then?”

“Suit yourself.” Hillary said.

Kyle reached his hand into the pocket of her tight jeans. Nothing.

“I know the ring was there. I’m going to have to do a more thorough search.” Kyle said.

“Whatever.” Hillary said. “You wont find anything.”

“Take your clothes off.” Kyle commanded.

When Hillary was in her underwear, Kyle pulled the front of her panties down but found nothing but her smooth, shaved pussy. He unhooked her bra and shook it out. Nothing hidden in there either.

We stood behind her and pulled down the back of her underwear, revealing her round, creamy ass.

“See? Nothing.” Hillary said.

“Not so fast,” Kyle said. He slid her underwear down her legs. “Desperate girls will do anything. You could have hidden that ring somewhere else. And I know you did, because I know you took it.”

He led her to the bed. “Get on the bed on your poker oyna hands and knees, bend over, and spread your ass open as wide as you can.”

“No way!” Hillary said.

“You didn’t mind spreading your ass for me last knight. Why the sudden resistance?’ He asked. “That’s where you’re hiding it, isn’t it?”

Hillary reluctantly kneeled on the bend, and stuck her tight round ass in the air. She spread her legs and squatted so her ass cheeks parted, revealing her tight pink hole.

“See?” She asked. “Nothing!”

Kyle sat on the bed behind her. “I knew you wouldn’t hide it between your ass cheeks. You’re a slut, and you like things up your hole. I’m almost certain you pushed that ring right up your ass hole, and are holding it in your rectum at this very moment. Lets find out.”

“No! Please!” Hillary begged.

Kyle pressed his index finger against her quivering asshole, and forced it inside.

Hillary groaned, in a mix of discomfort and pleasure. Her tight hole squeezed and pulsed against his finger. He began thrusting into her, causing her to moan more. He moved his finger around inside her rectal cavern.

Suddenly, he felt something hard and metallic. It was certainly the ring. “There it is. I knew you had it.”

“I’m so sorry!” Hillary sobbed. “Please don’t call the police!”

“I won’t call the police.” Kyle said. “I’m just going to get it out of you.”

He reached deep inside her, but the ring was just beyond his fingertip. “I’m going to need you to do something for me. Remember last night how I fucked you up your ass hole?”

“Yeah,” Hillary whimpered.

“And remember how I forced my cock all the way inside you, until your entire rectum was stuffed full of my cock?”


“And then with my cock deep inside you, blew a huge load, and filled your bowels with cum? And when I pulled out, I made you squat in front of me like a whore and empty out all that canlı poker oyna cum onto the ground?”


Kyle continued to thrust his finger into her ass hole. “Remember how hard you had to push to shit every drop of cum out of your … tight… pink… asshole? …Well I need you to push like that again to make the ring come out.”


Hillary drew in a deep breath, and bore down. She pushed so hard, that she forced Kyle’s finger out of her hole. Kyle watched her puckered opening, but the ring didn’t come out.

Hillary crawled off the bed and tried squatting over the floor. She spread her asshole open with her hands, and pushed as hard as she could. But she couldn’t get the ring out.

“I’m so sorry! It’s in there so deep.”

Kyle grabbed her by the arm. “Come on. Into the bathroom.”

He led her to the tub and mad her kneel inside.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

Kyle unhooked the hose from the shower. “I’m getting that ring back one way or another. I’m going to give you an enema that’ll be so painful, you’ll shoot the ring out of your ass whether you want to or not… along with about three gallons of water.”

“No please! Not so big. I’ve never even had an enema before.” Hillary begged.

“It has to be big, so there’s enough pressure inside you to give you a very forceful expulsion. That’s the only way to expel a foreign object from your bowels. And you’ll sit there and let your colon fill with water, or I’ll call the police on your for stealing.”

“On no! Please don’t! I’ll do whatever you want… Oh God… Will it hurt my stomach?” Hillary whimpered.

“Not permanently, but it will make your stomach cramp and try to expel the water.”

Kyle started the hose at a steady stream.

“Oh no!” Hillary cried when she saw the heavy flow of the water. “That’s going to fill me up to fast!”

“It will fill you very quickly, but you can internet casino take it.”

Kyle pressed the hose against her anus, then forced it inside.

“AHHHHHH!! OH GOD!!” Hillary screamed. “Oh! It hurts so much!”

Kyle fed more of the tube into her.

“Oh! Stop! Please! Take it out! I can feel it inside me! It feels awful!”

“Hold still and let it pump your belly full of water, like the anal slut you are.”

Hillary moaned and tried to push the hose out of her ass, but Kyle held it in place, and then fed it deeper.

“Relax and let your stomach inflate. Let it stretch you and it will be less painful.”

Hillary breathed deeply and let her swelling belly hang down beneath her. She could hear the flow of water, and feel it blowing her up like a balloon. Her once flat stomach was already becoming round and full.

“Oh God… It feels like I need to go to the bathroom.”

“You will. Very soon everything inside you will shoot out your tight little asshole.”

“Please take it out.” Hillary begged, trembling and sweating.

“Not until I make your ass explode.”

Hillary’s stomach was stretched taught, as thought she had a soccer ball inside her. Kyle slowly slid the hose out of her asshole but paused when an inch or two was left inside her, just to keep her plugged up. He guided Hillary’s hands up and made her spread her own asshole open.

“Now, the moment I pull the rest of the tube out, gallons of water are going to explode out of your bowels. Are you ready for that?” Kyle asked.

“Please! Anything! Let me expel! It hurts so bad keeping it inside.”

With that Kyle popped the hose out of her butt, and, as predicted, Hillary gushed a gigantic stream of clear water.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!!” She moaned as she emptied her bowels. The clear gush shot out of her like a garden hose on high. She knelt there, pushing a flow of water out of her anus and moaning for three straight minutes, until finally, her tight sphincter launched out something small and metal. It clinked against the bathtub, and Kyle picked it up.

“My ring.” Kyle said. “Don’t ever steal from me again, unless you want another excruciating enema.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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