CFNM Adventures in India Ch. 05

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“Yeah, let’s do it! I’d love a handjob! Don’t you wanna see how much I can cum?”

“Okay, let me go change first.”

Nanda came back in her bra and panties. Ramesh could see her cleavage. Her breasts were even bigger than he thought! He ran up and grabbed them, feeling the soft mounds.

“Hey, you can look, but don’t touch!” Nanda pushed him away.”

She kneeled down on the ground while he was standing and stroked his penis, which was already as hard as diamond.

“This is kind of rough. Let me add some lube.”

She took her hand off, spit in it, then put it back on, spreading it all over his engorged member, making it shine. Ramesh was in heaven.

“Wow, Nanda. Your eyes… they’re shining! And your face… you’re so pretty! How do you not have a boyfriend yet?”

“I do, silly! You are!” she said with an irresistible smile. She began to stroke his penis faster.

“Oh, right! But…your glorious tits…and your round ass…and those curves! Don’t get me started on your wide hips! Oh, and your hair! It’s so long! How do you go anywhere? Do guys stare at you? Back when we were living together, you were hot, but not this hot!”

“Well, I get stared at all the time. Please take me to America, Ramesh. They don’t think I’m human! When I get in a bus, they grab my ass and tits like there’s no tomorrow! I can’t do this anymore!”

“Don’t worry; I’ll protect you.”

Nanda pulled back his foreskin. “Wow, I didn’t know you could grow mushrooms on your body!” She started touching his glans all over.

“Aah! Not this again! Stop! Please!

Giggling, Nanda said, “You may be a big, strong man, but your nuts and dickhead are two major weaknesses! I thought you could protect me, but now even I can beat you!” She put his foreskin back and began stroking him as fast as she could. “Are you getting closer?” Tell me when, okay? I don’t want to get it on myself.

Ramesh could feel his semen rising, but he didn’t tell her because he had a secret plan. He was going to show her that he truly was stronger than her and that he could protect her.

Ramesh güvenilir bahis ejaculated without any warning, surprising Nanda. He spurted rope after rope of thick, gooey semen on her face. First on her right cheek, then her left one, then her nose, then her forehead, then a few over her head and in her hair.

“Hey, I won’t be able to get it out of my hair! You should have told me! Also, when are you gonna finish? What are you, an elephant?”

She covered her face, so Ramesh grabbed his penis and aimed it at her breasts. He ejaculated on her left breast, then her right, then on her cleavage, watching it dribble down and make her bra wet. He ejaculated multiple times on her bra, just to make it wet so he could see her breasts in their full glory.

She turned around and began to run away from him, but he caught her and ejaculated multiple times on her left buttcheek, then her right, then on her panties multiple times. “No, Ramesh! I could get pregnant!”

Finally, he turned her around and stuck his penis inside her mouth, letting out the rest of his semen. She struggled to leave, but he held her head in his hands. Nanda began to swallow it, but she couldn’t do it fast enough. Some came out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

“Hey, what was that for? I told you to warn me!”

“Well, if you’re so strong, why didn’t you stop me? Also, I came three times as much as usual! That was amazing!”

Nanda swallowed it all and showed him her clean tongue. “Happy now? I have to go and take a shower.”

Ramesh went to sleep.

The next day, Nanda woke Ramesh up. “Hey, you up?” She was wearing an Indian blouse and sarong.

“Why were we sleeping together?”

“Only literally, not figuratively. Hey, maybe next time you can see my tits. I’m feeling a bit naughty. I’m going to the store. Bye!” She got up and left.

Ramesh saw his mother in the kitchen. She was in a saree, while he was naked. He had never realized how attractive his mother was. He had a sudden urge to see her naked, but he knew he couldn’t; that wasn’t acceptable. She was a woman; his own mother. türkçe bahis

“Hey, Ramesh. Did you sleep well last night?”

Ramesh pulled her shawl off, revealing her cleavage. He turned her around, standing behind her. Now erect, he began grinding his penis against her butt and squeezed her breasts with his hands.

“Ah! Ramesh! Stop it! You’re being a bad boy! This is no way to treat a woman, especially your mother!”

“Listen, this is just what a man does to a woman. You should be thankful you were picked out of all the girls I know.”

Ramesh unclasped her blouse, making Dhanya scream.

“Shut up, Mom…no, Dhanya! Yeah, why can’t I call you by your name? Listen, there’s a hierarchy in this world: at the top are men, then women, then boys, then girls. Before, I had to listen to you and call you ‘Mom’ because I was young. But now, as a man, I can call you by your name!”

“Your dick is so big, Ramesh! It’ll hurt if you put it in! I haven’t gotten fucked in years!”

Ramesh pulled her sarong off.

“Is one woman not enough for you? Do you really need another one?”

“I can have as many women as I want, Dhanya. You’ll just be part of my harem.”

Ramesh unclasped her bra, suckling his mother’s breasts for the first time since he was a baby.

Ramesh pulled Dhanya’s panties off, leaving her completely naked.

“Rape! Rape! I’m being raped! Someone help me!”

“You better keep your mouth shut, bitch. I know just the right punishment for you. Get on your knees!”

Dhanya, now on her knees, said, “Please don’t make me give you head. It won’t fit. I haven’t done it in years.”

“You wish! How do you like being a urinal? Open wide!”

Dhanya reluctantly opened her mouth. Ramesh started urinating in her mouth.

“I had a dream about doing this! I never thought it would actually happen. That’s why I drank tons of water last night!”

Dhanya, now crying, spit the urine on the ground.

“Hey, swallow it! Swallow all of it!” Ramesh slapped her.

Dhanya began swallowing mouthful after mouthful. The stream had güvenilir bahis siteleri gone on for minutes and showed no signs of stopping.

Finally, Ramesh stopped. “Lick my cock clean.”

“Ramesh…what happened? Why are you like this?”

“Hey, you’re lower than me. You can’t call me by my name, you worthless slut. Call me ‘Brother,’ like women used to call their husbands.”

“Brother, are you finished?”

“There’s one more thing left.” Ramesh put the tip of his penis on Dhanya’s tongue.

“Brother, you said you wouldn’t do this!”

“I just wanted to ease you into it, Dhanya. It’s okay; just follow my directions and you’ll be fine.”

Ramesh stuck his penis as far down her throat as he could, leaving his testicles on her chin. He pulled it out until just the tip was on her tongue, then he put it back. He did this cycle as fast as he could, making Dhanya choke and gag.

Coughing, Dhanya tried to say something, but Ramesh’s long, thick member was in the way.

“What’s the matter? Cock got your tongue?”

Finally, Ramesh ejaculated, and Dhanya was forced to swallow it all because he was so far down her throat.

Now flaccid, he pulled out.

“Will you marry me, Dhanya? I’d like to fuck you. As you know, a couple must be married before vaginal sex.”

“Brother, I can’t marry you. Plus, you’re already on the track to get a wife! Isn’t one enough?”

“Now that I’ve cum, I’m back to normal. I’ll tell you what. Because I’m feeling so good now, I’ll let you in on something. Nanda and I do something called CFNM. Heard of it?”

“No, Brother.”

“It stands for ‘Clothed Female Naked Male.’ Wouldn’t that be fun? We’re already doing it. Plus, you can come live with me in America! Nanda will be there too. The whole family will stay together!”

“Yes! I’ll marry you! I love you, Brother!”

“I love you too, Dhanya!”

Dhanya stood up and hugged her fiance. Embracing each other, they began to kiss. Dhanya wrapped her arms around her son’s shoulders, feeling his bulging muscles. Ramesh could feel his fiancee’s breasts on his stomach, feeling how soft they were. His hands were on her butt, jiggling the fat cheeks.

Eventually, they pulled away from each other.

“You better get dressed and clean the floor.”

“Oh, right! I think Nanda’s coming back!”

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