Christmas with his Fiance

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Here is my entry in the Winter Holidays Story Contest 2012. Please vote! Thanks.


Tom and Steph got in the cab as the driver loaded their bags into the trunk. It was snowing hard, so far an inch was on the ground. The weather service was predicting total accumulation of ten to twelve inches. Theirs had been one of the last flights to land before the runways were shut down.

“I’m so glad that we got to land,” Steph said as she shook the snow from her long, dark hair. “If we had taken the later flight we never would have gotten here.”

Tom pulled off his gloves. “I’m just worried about my dad and Karen. They’re not due back until tomorrow morning and their flight will probably be cancelled.”

Tom’s father Bill had married Karen just over a year ago. Tom hadn’t really spent much time with Karen yet, and he was hoping that he could get to know her better over this Christmas visit. He was also very anxious to introduce his new fiance, Steph, to his family.

Tom also hoped to get to know his new step-sister. He had met Debbie at his dad’s wedding last year and only seen her once since. She was his age, twenty-six, and they got along well when they were together.

Tom had met Steph at a work function two years ago. He had noticed her right away. She was about 5’8″, with generous breasts, a slim body, and a very pretty face. They had been friends until he invited her on dinner date. That night had turned into a sweaty night of intense sex, and they had been inseparable since. She loved her tall, dark, and handsome man. He had asked her to marry him three weeks ago.

Tom’s phone rang. “Hello, Debbie, did you make it home?”

“Yes, I made it. It should have been a three hour drive but it took six. I must have seen twenty cars in the ditch, but I went slow and got here. Did you and Steph get here?”

“Yep, ours was the second-to-last flight that was allowed to land, then they closed the runways. We’re in a cab now. It doesn’t look good for dad and Karen though.”

“I hope they can get here by Christmas. We three will just have to make do. The house is stocked with food and booze, and there is plenty of wood for the fire place. It will give us all a chance to get to know each other.”

“I’m dying for you to meet Steph, I know you’ll like her. We should be there soon.”

“OK, see you soon, brother.” Tom smiled as he hung up. He liked the way Debbie’s nickname for him sounded.


Tom and Steph carried their bags into the foyer and pushed the door closed against the icy chill. Coats and boots came off, then Tom led her to his bedroom, which they’d be sharing. He heard the shower running. He knocked on the bathroom door.

“Debbie? We’re home.”

“Go have a drink, I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Tom couldn’t help but picture his new step-sister in the shower. Her long blond hair would be plastered to her large breasts, her tight tummy and butt would be dripping water. He wondered if she shaved her pussy. She was definitely hot.

Steph touched his arm, bringing him back from his dream.

“Come on, I’ll give you a tour of the house.” Tom took her hand and led her down the stairs. He showed her around, then they settled in the living room with some munchies and a bottle of wine. They were kissing on the couch when Debbie came in.

“Ah, how sweet, the couple-to be can’t keep away from each other.”

The kiss broke and the couple looked at Debbie. She was wrapped in a knee-length robe of blue silk. It was tied loosely, and Tom could see the sheer night gown underneath. But what he noticed most was the surprised look on Debbie’s face.

“Debbie, I’d like to present my fiance, Stephanie Rice. Steph, my step-sister Debbie Hayes.” As Tom looked at Steph he saw that her shocked expression matched Debbie’s. “Oh my God, do you two know each other?”

Debbie spoke first. “We went to college together. Except I knew her as Stephanie Larson. And she knew me as Debbie Grey. I went back to my mom’s maiden name when she and my dad divorced.” She held her arms out and approached Stephanie, who stood. The girls hugged. “How have you been, Steph?”

A flustered Steph responded. “Wow….Debbie. I took my mom’s new husband’s name when they married. When she changed her name to his, I did, too. That was five years ago just after I graduated.”

“I can’t believe that we’re going to be sisters-in-law!” Debbie smiled as she looked hard into Steph’s eyes, then turned to Tom. “Let me get a glass and join you.”

Debbie sat on a chair near the couch and poured her wine, then topped off the other two glasses on the table. “So, Tom, tell me everything. I want to know how you met, how your dating went, and how you proposed to this pretty girl.”

Tom began the tale of their meeting, how he had asked her out, some of the things they’d done together, and how he had proposed at their favorite restaurant. Steph was quiet as she looked at Debbie.

“Ah, how romantic. Has Steph told you anything about Bycasino her college days?”

“Not much, just that she studied hard and never really had a boyfriend.” Tom looked at Steph and saw the worried look that she was giving to Debbie.

Debbie grinned. “I can vouch for that. In the two years that I knew Steph I never saw her with a boy. Let me ask you, Tom, how’s your sex life?”

Tom couldn’t believe that she’d ask that. “You know, Deb, that’s pretty personal and none of your business! She’s my fiance, I’m not gonna kiss and tell.

“I thought so. You never told him, did you Steph?”

“Tell me what?” Tom asked.

“Stephanie Slut, I want you over here on your knees. Do not speak.” Tom looked at Steph in surprise as she stood, went to Debbie’s side, and dropped to her knees.

“Steph, what’s going on? What are you doing?”

Debbie patted Steph on the head. “Tom, you’re my brother. You plan to marry this girl. But there are some things that you don’t know about her. I think that you need to hear what I have to say. Please, just sit and listen.”

“I met Steph at the beginning of our junior years. She lived in the apartment below mine. We met in the laundry room, and I asked her up to my place while we both waited for our clothes to dry. We got to know each other over a bottle of wine. I invited her for dinner as we collected our clothing from the basement and she accepted. That night was the first time that she licked my pussy.”

Tom’s mouth fell open. He looked at Steph but her eyes were on the floor.

“Look at Tom, Stephanie.” Steph raised her eyes and looked at his stunned face as she turned a deep red.

“I had to lick her pussy first when I seduced her, but she was very eager when she returned the favor. That’s the only time I ever licked her. She, however, licked me nearly every day for the next two years. I’ve probably cum in her mouth 500 times. I called her Stephanie Slut.”

“She was my own submissive pussy licker. She swore to be my slut for life, and to lick me any time that I wanted it. But I lost track of her since graduation, probably because of her name change.”

“Steph, is that true?” Tom asked.

Debbie took Steph’s chin in her hand and looked deep into her eyes. “You may answer truthfully, Stephanie Slut.” Debbie turned Steph’s face toward Tom’s.

Steph responded with tears in her eyes. “First off, Tom, I love you. I want with all of my heart to be your wife.” She shuddered and cried softly as she spoke.

“It’s true, Tom. I was Debbie’s personal pussy licker for two years. When I graduated and went home I tried to put it behind me. Then I moved to Portland and met you. I’d only been with two other boys before we met, just like I’ve told you. And I’ve never been with another girl since Debbie. I know I should have told you but I was too embarrassed. I was hoping it could be my secret.”

Tom didn’t know what to say as he stared at his wife-to-be.

“Let me prove it to you, brother.” Debbie slid down in her chair and opened her robe. “Stephanie Slut, I’ve been waiting for you. I haven’t had a hard orgasm in weeks. Lick my pussy and make me cum.”

Tom stared speechlessly as Steph crawled between Debbie’s legs. Debbie pulled up her nightgown, exposing her shaved, swollen pussy to their eyes. She grabbed the back of Steph’s head and slowly pulled her face forward until her lips touched the wet cunt. Steph began licking hungrily.

“I told you, brother, she’ll lick me anytime, anywhere. Come in close and watch her tongue at work.”

Tom slowly rose, then knelt next to Steph and watched her tongue push up deep inside of his step-sister.

“Tell me, Stephanie Slut, how many times have you sucked my brother’s cock.” Steph looked into Debbie’s eyes and answered while she licked.

“I don’t know, maybe 50 times.”

“Well we can’t have you licking your sister-in-law 500 times and only licking your husband 50 times. You have some catching up to do, don’t you? Turn around and suck my brother’s cock.

Steph spun around to face Tom. She pushed him back onto the couch, knelt, and started opening his pants. Tom’s mouth moved but no words came out as he looked at his sister sitting with her cunt exposed.

Steph freed his hard cock and immediately began sucking and licking it. Tom’s eyes flashed between the girls faces, then to Debbie’s hand as it slid down and started gently rubbing her clit.

After a few minutes of listening to the wet blow job Debbie spoke again. “My turn again, Stephanie Slut. But take off your clothes first.”

Steph pulled off of Tom’s cock with a loud slurping kiss. She stood staring at Tom as she pulled off her sweater and bra. Her socks and jeans went next, then she pulled her panties down and kicked them aside. Using both hands she pulled open her pussy lips and showed herself to Tom, then sank to her knees and crawled back to Debbie.

Debbie stared at Tom and moaned as she felt the wet mouth sucking on her clit. Tom slowly Bycasino giriş stroked his cock as Debbie watched and smiled.

“So where do you want to cum, brother? Do you want to shoot your load down her throat? Or would you rather shove that hard cock into her tight pussy? Personally, I’d like to watch you fuck her. That way she can eat me and scream into my pussy when she cums.”

Steph wiggled her upraised ass at Tom. He moved behind her and pushed his wet cock until it was buried in her warm pussy. Steph moaned loudly into Debbie’s cunt. Tom began pumping long and deep.

“I think you should keep her, brother, even though she’s a slut. We could do this every Christmas.” Tom looked into Debbie’s eyes as he pumped his girl. “Stephanie Slut, you have my permission to rub your clit while my brother fucks you.” Steph’s hand shot to her clit and rubbed quickly.

“Talk to her, brother.”

Tom reached around and grabbed a swinging breast in each hand, squeezing the nipples hard. “So you were trying to hide your slutty past from me, were you Steph? You didn’t want me to know that you’ve licked pussy 500 times?” He pumped harder. “You were a pussy slut before, now you’re going to be my cock slut.” Steph began to moan constantly. “I’m going to fuck your mouth, pussy and ass whenever I want to and you’ll eagerly comply, won’t you my slut?” Steph moaned louder.

“Cum, slut, I want to see you scream it into my sister’s hot cunt.”

Steph began shaking all over as she frantically rubbed her clit. Within moments she was howling out in orgasm as Debbie used both hands to hold the girl’s face into her cunt. Tom watched Debbie’s eyes glaze over as she began bucking and squealing out her own orgasm. This was too much for him.

“Take my cum, wife-slut!” Tom shouted as his cum started shooting into the clenching pussy. He and Debbie were staring at each other as they both came while Steph shook between them.

When the shuddering ended Tom and Steph collapsed onto the floor. Steph crawled into Tom’s arms and cuddled close. Debbie laid back in her chair with her eyes closed, breathing deeply.

Tom finally reached for his clothes and pulled on his boxers. Steph reached for her panties.

“No, no, Stephanie Slut. You know the rules. You are to stay nude in my presence.” She looked at Tom. “That is, unless my brother objects.”

“I like that rule. Steph, you will always be nude when you are alone with me. Or my sister. Is that clear.”

Steph smiled at him. “Yes, sir.”

“Very good. Sister, since it seems that you have a claim on Steph, too, I suggest that we all sleep together with Steph in the middle. That way if either of us needs her service during the night, she’s available.”

“Ooh, brother, I think that’s a wonderful idea.” She rose and gave Tom a hug and a soft kiss on the lips. “Will you really share her with me?”

“She swore herself to you for life, right? We must make her realize that when you take a vow you have to fulfill it. Yes, sister, I’ll share her with you.”

Tom woke in the dark to feel the bed moving. He turned to see a naked Debbie riding Steph’s face. She smiled down at him as he slid around and pushed his hard cock into his slut’s pussy. This time Debbie came first. She rolled off and Tom kissed Steph, tasting his sister’s juices while he pumped harder. He and Steph came at the same time.


In the morning, Tom talked to his dad on his cell while Debbie talked to her mom on hers. The parents had been on a skiing vacation. Both confirmed that their flight was cancelled and they hoped to be home tomorrow for Christmas eve.

A naked Steph cooked breakfast then they ate together. When done eating, Tom led Steph into the living room and sat on the couch.

“Stephanie Slut, I want a blow job. On your knees.”

Debbie sat next to Tom. They carried on a conversation about their pasts before they had met each other. Steph slurped on his cock. Suddenly, Tom stopped talking and looked down at Steph. Her eyes smiled back as he pumped his load into her mouth. Without a word Steph shuffled sideways, lifted Debbie’s night gown and began licking her cunt. Tom and Debbie talked some more until Debbie squealed, pushed Steph’s face into her cunt and shook through her orgasm.

When she had recovered Debbie pulled Steph up onto her lap. “Stephanie Slut, my darling cunt licker, I’m so glad to have you back in my life. How do you feel about what has happened?”

Steph put her legs across her fiance’s lap. He took the hint and began to slowly rub her pussy.

“Well, Mistress……did I tell you, Tom, that she made me call her Mistress? Anyway, when I first saw that you were Tom’s step-sister I was terrified. I wanted to run. I’d tried so hard to suppress what we had together. I felt ashamed, but at the same time I missed you terribly. I was extremely conflicted.”

“It was almost a relief when you ordered me to kneel next to you. I knew that I would do it, and that Bycasino güncel giriş I wanted to do it.” She twitched when Tom touched her clit.

“To have Tom accept it meant so much to me. You have no idea, Tom, how much I love you. None whatsoever. To have you accept me as your sister’s pussy licker and your cock sucker…….nothing in the world could have made me happier!”

They were all quiet for a moment. The only sound was the sound of a wet pussy being stroked.

Debbie broke the silence. “Stephanie Slut, I’ve decided to make some changes in our relationship. In college, you licked my pussy whenever I wanted but I never gave you satisfaction. You were just my slut.”

“Now that you are going to be family, and the girl to make my brother happy, I want to offer you more. May I lick your pussy? Tom, may I lick your future wife’s pussy?”

Without waiting for an answer, Debbie slid out from under Steph and kneeled on the floor. She looked up at them expectantly.

“Oh Debbie, I’ve masturbated many, many times to the thought of this. Please, Debbie, lick me, make me cum!”

Tom watched as Debbie kissed the insides of Steph’s thighs, working her way up until she took a full, soft lick from Steph’s asshole to her clit. Steph moaned and grabbed her tits, then turned and gave Tom a passionate kiss.

“God you taste good.” Debbie attacked to wet pussy with her tongue and fingers. Soon, Steph’s hips were thrusting as she furiously kissed Tom. Suddenly she pulled back from him and grabbed her Mistress’s head and held it tightly. She stared into Tom’s eyes.

“Yes! Oh, yes! I’m gonna cum, Tom, I’m finally gonna cum into Debbie’s mouth! Oh, Debbie…Oh, Tom…Oh, oh…”

Tom grabbed her around the chest and helped Debbie hold her down as Steph soared through a powerful orgasm. She twitched and shook and screamed both of their names as she nearly vibrated off of the couch. Debbie didn’t let up sucking her clit until Steph was a limp noodle laying half way across Tom. Debbie rose and firmly kissed the slumped girl, pushing her tongue into her mouth. She then leaned over and pushed her tongue into Tom’s mouth, sharing the taste of his fiance’s pussy.


They spent the day nude, wrapping presents then watching a classic holiday movie. After the movie Steph sucked off Tom again, then sucked off Debbie. This time, Tom brought Steph to a shuddering orgasm as she lay back on top of Debbie, who was squeezing and pulling her tits.

By bed time they were all horny again. Debbie took charge. “Alright, Stephanie Slut, even though I licked your pussy, I’m still your Mistress, understand?”

She pushed Steph onto the bed and mounted her face. “Fuck her, Tom, but don’t cum. I want to try something.” With no complaints, Tom mounted Steph and began a slow fucking.

The trio rocked together slowly for twenty minutes. Tom admired the view of his step-sister’s ass as she rubbed her cunt on Steph’s face. Debbie broke the silence.

“There is one thing that I always wanted to make my pussy licker do. Unfortunately, I was only into girls at the time. I wanted to make her lick me clean after a boy came in my pussy. I wanted to see her scooping out all of that cum and swallowing it down.”

“I’m about to cum, brother. Please help me fulfill my wish. Pull your dick out of the slut.”

Tom was in a sex daze and did as he was told.

“Lick my clit, slut. Tom, slide up behind me.”

Tom knew what was coming and couldn’t resist. He slid up and straddled the slut’s chest.

“Ooo, I’m so close.” Debbie lifted from Steph’s mouth and pushed her ass high, “Slut, watch your man push his cock into my pussy. Tom, fuck me! Shoot your load deep inside of me. Then watch your slut eat our cum out of my pussy.”

Tom looked down into Steph’s eyes as he pushed his cock deep into his step-sister. She was hot and tight as he began pumping.

Debbie lowered herself back down until Steph was again sucking on her clit. It didn’t take long. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum. Cum with me brother, fill me up with a load of hot cum for Stephanie Slut.”

Jeff pumped full speed as he felt Debbie’s orgasm begin. She shook and her pussy clamped down tight around his cock. That pushed him over the edge, and he exploded deep inside of her. They both bucked and howled on Steph’s face.

Finally, the shaking stopped. Tom looked down and could see his cum oozing from Debbie’s cunt onto Steph’s lips. “Give it to her, sister.” He pulled his cock free and Debbie shifted until her cunt hole was directly over the slut’s mouth. All three of them watched as the cum dripped onto Steph’s tongue.

“Now to fulfill my fantasy, the one I’ve masturbated to for years. Stephanie Slut, lick all of the cum out of my pussy.”

She pushed her pussy hard onto Steph’s lips and felt a hot tongue push up inside of her. “Keep your tongue out.” Debbie lifted off and she and Tom saw the cum-covered tongue sticking up from a cum-filled mouth. “Swallow.” They watched Steph pull in her tongue and take a big swallow. Steph smiled and pushed her tongue back out. Debbie pushed her cunt back down around the tongue. Steph kept slurping and swallowing. After a few minutes Debbie shuddered and came in Steph’s mouth again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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