Final Office Hijinx (Sheri Ch. 6)

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The next week was long and slow. It was filled with calls to subcontractors, vendors, salesmen, and customers. We were wrapping up a major project and everything had to go just right. Otherwise, I would cause the company to lose a bunch of money. Enough money, that even my own mother and father might consider firing me.

Sheri and I saw each other when we could. We never did have, nor could take the time, to really give each other a good, ball busting, cunt squirting, show. She would give me plenty of panty or pussy flashes through the day, but my return was always short and interrupted. Monday and Tuesday I tried several times to call her back for a full show, but we were always interrupted. One time she had to walk out of my office and literally run into a coworker to stall for enough time for me to pull my shorts back into place.

Wednesday I finally called her back around lunch time and I’d already started without her. I turned in my chair where I had been working myself and showed her my exposed cock. She had just enough time to kneel before the load shot onto her face and mouth. Even that had to be quickly cleaned up as a customer came to the front door. That time I ran interference while she cleaned up.

By the time Thursday rolled around I was haggard and worn out. I lived nearly an hour away and I knew the two way commute was taking a serious toll on the time I had in the week, which came out of my sleep time. Which in turn affected my work detrimentally. Sheri and I got to the door at the same time that morning. I unlocked it wearily for her and she commented on the way I looked.

“I feel wore out,” I told her. “I live nearly an hour away and it’s just killing me this week. I’ve gotta start looking for some place closer.” Sheri gave me a thoughtful look, but didn’t respond.

Throughout the day she asked more questions. Like how much I was paying in rent, how much I wanted to pay, and where exactly I wanted to live. I told her everything she wanted to know, but she never really told me why she was asking.

The next day, Friday, I was slumped against my desk with exhaustion when I heard the quiet knock on my door. I called for her to come in and turned slowly in my chair. What I saw perked me up instantly, and not just mentally.

Sheri came through my door wearing only a thin dress shirt, the tails of which barely hung below the lips of her pussy and bottom of her ass. The way it hung against her chest told me she wasn’t wearing a bra either. My cock was hard and tenting when she walked to me. I reached into my crotch to begin stroking for her when she shook her head. She walked to the side of my chair, turned her back to me, and sat over the arm of the chair. With a little cooperative maneuvering we had her soon sitting sideways with her bare hip pressed against the length of my manhood. She turned her upper body into me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She nestled her head against my neck and shoulder.

I was half asleep and quite content to hold her there. It was nice having her pressed up against me, the warmth of her body seeping through her thin shirt into my own fatigued body. I sighed and pulled her tight against me. In an uncharacteristic moment for me, I was happy to have the companionship of another human. The fact that it was a half naked, totally attractive woman sitting in my lap helped a little, too. I was drifting more fully towards sleep when the quiet knock sounded at my door again. I looked to Sheri with a queston on my lips, but she interrupted with a simple nod.

Jani walked in at my beckons, dressed much the same as Sheri. The same style shirt, only black and see through. Her nipples were blacker spots against black of the shirt material. She smiled at Sheri and I where we sat. Approaching she kissed each of us lightly, running a hand against our skins where our thighs touched. I watched her ass sway as she walked across the room and set up the tripod and camera.

Without a word Sheri stood up and pulled me up to my feet. “Take your shorts and shirt off.” I complied and they fell to the floor in a heap. “Briefs, too.” Once again I complied and they fell to the floor on top of my shorts. My manhood stood erect at attention as the two gorgeous creatures moved around in my office. “Lay down,” Sheri once again commanded. I picked a comfy looking spot on the floor and laid down on my back. Sheri stood over my face and I had a nice view up her shirt at her naked crotch. Her pussy jutted down at me, making my mouth water.

I told her what a wonderful view she was giving me. She looked down at me and grinned. Then began squatting. She stopped when her vagina was only inches above my face. I sighed and using a voice breathy enough to blow across her sensitive genitals, “You have such a perfect pussy. My desire to stare at it all day is only surpassed by my desire to taste it.”

She giggled lustily and dropped her sex the last few inches. I shoved my tongue up to yalova escort meet her and she moaned with pleasure. I easily split her moistening lips and sucked deep at her nectars nested there. She moaned again and pushed herself onto my face harder. I responded by shoving my mouth full against her slickening pussy. I probed my tongue deeper into her sucking sex and soon she was moaning loudly. I rubbed my nose against her G spot and sucked deeply, trying to pull her juices from her. With a shuddering gasp her juices exploded onto my tongue and mouth. I swallowed deeply, but I couldn’t keep up with her pulsing pussy. The juices overflowed and ran down my cheeks in warm sticky rivulets. I tongued and sucked fast and furiously until with a final moan and shudder she collapsed forward onto me. The movement pulled her pussy away from me, but left the curves of her ass in clear view. She rubbed her head against my stomach softly and I could feel her silken hair pulling across my throbbing cock.

I finally looked past Sheri’s groin and found Jani standing above me, videotaping down at us. I looked into the camera and slowly extended my tongue to light upon Sheri’s pussy lips. Sheri whimpered quietly at the touch. I exaggerated the movements for the camera. Looking up into Jani’s eyes I husked, “Come here, baby. There’s more where that came from.”

Jani was already fingering herself as she squatted towards my face. Sheri moved to give us more room and took up the camera. I shoved my tongue into Jani’s opened sex and found her juices tasted different than Sheri. I don’t know how, but the juices I sucked from her love hole definitely had a different flavor than Sheri’s. It didn’t take long and soon Jani was squirting her juices into my face, just as Sheri had before.

When Jani finally quit shuddering she sat back on her butt. She straightened her legs and held my head on the floor between her thighs. I smiled up at her blissfully. “I’ll do that as many times as you girls want,” I confessed. They smiled at each other. Sheri turned and set the camera on the tripod.

“You want to have yours?” Sheri teased.

I shrugged. “If you want to see it.” I fondled my balls for good measure.

“I don’t know about seeing it.” She looked thoughtful. “But I definitely would like to feel it.”

The two girls stood straddling me and facing each other. From my vantage point I could see up into the blissful V’s of their shaved and freshly tongued groins. Gingerly Sheri reached up and unhooked the first button of Jani’s shirt. Jani closed her eyes and Sheri’s fingers slid down the front of the shirt, popping buttons as they went. When the shirt finally hung open Sheri pushed it off from Jani’s chest, pausing to massage the engorged nipples. Jani swiftly stripped Sheri and dipped her mouth to Sheri’s breast. She pulled it into her mouth with a deep sucking motion and swirled it against her tongue. Sheri tilted her head back and moaned. Pulling back they looked each other in the eye and kissed deeply. Together they squatted down over my prone body.

Sheri sat on my stomach with her back to my head, while Jani faced Sheri and straddled my legs. I couldn’t see anything more than Sheri’s back and part of Jani’s legs, so I was taken by surprise when I felt fingers grip my cock. I wasn’t quite sure, but I thought I could feel one hand from each girl. Sheri scooted down my body until her weight was redistributed across my hip bones, and then I felt her hot, wet pussy pressed against my cock. She laid my length against her own sex, leaving the tip of my head at least a half inch above her clit. I moaned in pleasure as Jani scooted up against the bottom side of my cock and pressed her own cunt there. I moaned loudly again to let them know I was enjoying their attentions.

We stayed there for several minutes, just enjoying the sensations. The girls’ pussy lips wrapped around my cock to fully encompass it and smashed against each other. The feelings were intense for me. I could feel the warmth and wetness of their combined sexes sucking at my manhood. It was almost as good as being inside of one of them, but not quite as good simply because I could have both of their sweet pussies at the same time. I’m not sure what they were feeling, but it must have been just as intense as what I was feeling. The length of my rod separating their lips, their lips smashing against each other, and the base of my cock head stroking their clits.

I pushed with my hips and the girls moaned together. They then leaned into each other and began kissing each other deeply where they straddled my manhood. I sat up and my cock dropped enough that the tip pressed against their clits. The girls moaned around each other’s mouths and I sought hand holds to keep myself upright without straining. What I found was Sheri’s breasts. I wrapped my hands around her torso and began fondling as my mouth found the back of her neck and began working edirne escort at the sensitive flesh there. Soon my hands were pinched in place as Jani added her rock hard nipples and breasts to the mix. I slid my hands free and worked both pairs of tits simultaneously. I fondled and kissed for several minutes until Jani pushed me back flat on my back.

I lay back and the girls rested back onto their hands. They thrust downward and our three sexual members pressed hard against each other. Or soft, hard, soft against each other. We moaned in unison. Sheri pulled upward with her pussy. As she slid down my shaft Jani pushed upward creating a sensation sharp enough for all of us to gasp loudly. We worked for several minutes, me grinding my hip up and down as best I could under the weight of two girls, and the girls sliding their pussies against each other and me in alternating strokes.

All too soon Sheri let out a loud continuous moan. I could then feel her sex begin to pulse and I felt the super heated wetness of her cum wash against my cock and Jani’s pussy. Her orgasm was enough to push me over the edge and I felt my cock pulse as it geysered my cum into the air between the two girls. The pulsing at the underside of my manhood was enough to set Jani off, who began grinding against us in time with my pulsing. She sucked powerful jet after jet of cum from my cock with her vagina, firing my hot jizm into the open air as we orgasmed together.

We pulsed, and moaned, and stroked. We trembled together until even the trembling stopped as we came down from our high. Together we sighed. Sheri tipped the tripod until Jani could take the camera from the top. Then she began videotaping something between her and Sheri. I couldn’t see what it was, but I figured that it must have been my shriveling cum spurter. It must have looked erotic from their point of view. My cockhead extended above their pressed pussies, then slowly pulling down, exposing more and more of their opened and soaked cunts. Jani being the bi, I’m sure she was just as interested in taping and photographing Sheri’s pussy as she was my cock. Sheri shifted her weight so she could lean back with only one hand and reached out to Jani. Jani soon sighed and then I heard a quiet sucking sound.

I couldn’t see a darn thing around Sheri’s back so I twisted to where I could. I could see half of Jani’s body from my new vantage point, and what I saw was glorious. My cum had launched into the air and landed everywhere. I could see that Jani’s lower stomach was a running river of the stuff, while drops of it hung like precious pearls against her miniscule tits and jutting nipples. A few more, clearer drops, shone on her face like diamonds. As I watched, Sheri wiped a drop of cum from Jani’s nipple and lifted it to Jani’s mouth, where it was sucked in and sucked at.

With a sigh the girls pulled back from each other. All three of us gasped as the separation caused a loud suction pop that shocked all three of our sensitized organs. We giggled together. Sheri turned to me. Jani shut the camera down, set it down above my head, and both girls layed against me. Each to one side. I pulled them tight against me and could feel my cooling cum sticking to our pressed skins.

Between the orgasm and wild week, I was wore out. I fought, but sleep was tenacious as it tried to drag me under. I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew I was opening my eyes to Sheri sucking at my softened dick. I sighed in open pleasure and grabbed the camera from where it lay by my head. I tilted the view panel so I could lay my head back down and still watch the action.

Sheri lifted her precious lips from my stiffening cock and they were replaced by Jani’s eager mouth. She shoved the entire length of my manhood into her mouth until her lips pressed against my balls. She then swirled her tongue against the underside as it grew within her mouth. She never once backed off as my cock reached its full seven inches. The sensation was incredible, swelling inside her warm mouth as she sucked and tongued at its increasing length and width.

Jani slipped her lips from my cock and Sheri hungrily descended in her place. Her lips slid the length of my engorged penis and pulled up and down. As Sheri orally worked my shaft her hand slipped up and worked against my balls, sending them churning at her touch.

I handed the camera to Jani and indicated towards the tripod. She placed it on the tripod and focused down on where Sheri was working at my man hood. I motioned for Jani to join me and she came to kneel over my head, facing towards Sheri. She pushed down and my probing tongue found her sex open and waiting again. She moaned with pleasure and I felt the moisture of her love hole increase. She leaned forward. Her head reasted against my hip and I knew she was watching Sheri intently.

Jani whispered something to Sheri and Sheri increased the speed erzurum escort and intensity of her sucking and fondling. Before long I was close to another orgasm and groaned to let them know. Like it was a predetermined signal the lips left my cock and Jani sat up straight. I groaned with displeasure, but switched it back to a groan of pleasure as Jani leaned forward and sucked my length in again. My legs were spread by Sheri and I felt movement between my legs. Soon Sheri’s legs were draped over mine and I could feel the wetness of her cunt pressed against my swelling balls.

Sheri added a hand to the mix of balls, mouth, and cunt. I couldn’t stop the pressure from building. I grunted and flexed. Once again, like a signal, the mouth left my cock. It was swiftly replaced by squeezing, pumping hands however and my orgasm hit me full force. I moaned into Jani’s cunt as I began unloading another gout of cum into the air. After watching the tape later, I would know that Jani was holding her open mouth inches above my spurting cock head where my cum splashed against her and dripped back down onto Sheri’s waiting pussy.

I spent myself with several long sighs as the hands milked me. It must have been Jani’s hands on my cock I realized. I hadn’t felt Sheri’s hands yet, but I knew Jani was a milking expert. Finally emptied, Jani sucked stray jizm from my withering cock. Before I could wither too far, Sheri lifted herself a little and crab walked forward. She set her ass down onto my softening rod, which slipped neatly into the lengthy fold of her ass. She squeezed her ass cheeks together and I moaned at the pressure. Instantly, the downward shrivel of my cock was arrested and began to harden again, filling Sheri’s ass crack where she rubbed against me in pleasure. Sheri let out a loud moan and I knew Jani had begun tonguing my cum from Sheri’s hot pussy.

Not leaving Jani wanting, I thrust my tongue and mouth against her shaved cunt roughly. She moaned into Sheri’s pussy and increased her own efforts, causing a loud moan to escape from Sheri. Sheri in turn squeezed my cock again, causing me to thrust hard into Jani again. This caused another chain reaction which ended in another cock squeeze for me. We continued this cycle until a frenzied pace was reached. With an earth moving shudder Jani began cumming. She bucked her hips wildly, grinding her gushing cunt against my face suffocatingly. Soon Sheri cried out in her own orgasm. I could feel her steaming juices rolling past Jani’s mouth, down her cortch, into her ass crack, and then onto my cock.

I sucked and tongued at Jani’s pulsating cunt as she sucked and tongued and Sheri’s. Silently I came with a mini-orgasm. Not nearly as explosive as before, but enough to mingle my own cum with Sheri’s as it poured down onto my ass squeezed cock. My small orgasm was started and finished well before the girls were. They continued to fuck our faces as they swelled on the waves of orgasm. I squeezed Jani and Sheri’s asses with one hand each and they screamed as they orgasmed harder. Jani squeezed my head with her thighs and pulled it up tight against her cunt. I lapped hard at her clit and cunt hole as I ground my nose into her G spot. I was afraid I’d suffocate as her juices flooded into my nose and mouth. Sheri at the other end had squeezed my cock so hard I was afraid I’d explode, but I knew she was pulling Jani into her just as hard as Jani was me.

Their orgasms were the most painful pleasure I’d ever felt. My lungs were on fire for lack of air, while my cock verged on the edge of bruising, but I couldn’t get enough. I thought I might die of asphyxiation, but I wanted these girls to cum so hard. I wanted their pleasure more than any orgasm I’d ever thought I’d wanted for myself. If I was going to be able to choose how I was going to shuffle off this mortal coil, this was how I wanted to go. I thrust my hips up harder, ground my head into Jani’s crotch, and squeezed their asses with hands of iron.

Just as I started to feel spots in my vision from asphyxiation the girls simultaneously relaxed with a loud sigh. I shouldn’t say they relaxed, more like they collapsed. Jani’s cunt slid from my face as Sheri fell to the side and off my cock.

“He’s almost purple,” I heard Sheri whisper.

I tilted my head up and Jani’s cunt juices poured out of my nose. I could see that my chest had gained a red color. I inhaled deeply and saw a concerned look on Jani’s face. When I had filled my lungs enough to talk I whispered to them, “Don’t worry. I just saw and felt heaven.”

The girls smiled warmly and struggled back to lay by my side. I sighed, “And now I feel heaven in the arms of two angels.”

They nestled against me and threw their arms over each other. We lay there in warm afterglow for a few minutes. “Are you still looking for a place to live?” Sheri asked.

I twitched my head to look at her. I murmurred an affirmitive. She continued, “My girlfriends and I were talking last night about getting another room mate. I mentioned you and they seemed to like the idea. You could move in with us if it’s ok with you.” I just looked at her, which caused her to continue. “But, you’ll have to meet them first.”

“Who’s them?” I asked.

“Barb and Julie. And you already know Jani and I.”

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