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Christmas Day 1985, when I was 18, we were visiting my uncles house. Just before lunch I was asked to go get my 24 year old cousin, who was probably up in his bedroom playing on his computer.

Without thinking I just walked in to find him lying on his bed masturbating. I told him he had to stop what he was doing and come down for dinner right away. He said OK but afterwards I had to help him finish what I had interrupted. Well, I’d never seen a real cock before, so I said OK.

As it was Christmas, I was allowed some wine with my meal. After lunch when our parents were talking and getting pissed we both went back to his bedroom. I was feeling a little tipsy because of the wine.

It started off as a case I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. He got his cock out first, which looked quite big although it wasn’t hard. I took my jeans and knickers off and sat opposite him – he got very hard very quick when he saw my hairless cunt. I told him I didn’t realise cocks could get that large, he told me that they could get even bigger but at over 8″ most men would be proud.

It was big to look at, but when I grasped it in my hand and my fingers couldn’t meet round the shaft, it seemed even bigger. I squat between his legs and he showed me how to hold and stroke his cock as he laid back, first with one hand then using both. While I was tossing him off he asked me to move so he could see my pussy. I got up on the bed next to him and lay with my head close to his prick and my fanny close to his head.

By then I was beginning to get damp. He asked me if I’d ever played with myself and had an orgasm. I told him I’d rubbed myself a few times but never cum. So then he started slowly touching me, pulling my lips apart and running his finger up and down my slit. He was spreading my pussy juices up and down and then slowly teasing my clit.

When he’d got me really wet, he slid his finger into me and started moving in and out, then he used two fingers and by then I was forgetting to play with his cock, just holding it tight in my hand. He told me to kiss and lick it and he would do the same for me.

I started to kiss and lick his cock like he asked while he kept slowly thrusting his fingers into me. Then he stopped and grasped my ass and pulled me round to put his head between my legs and start licking me.

It felt so good, I was licking and kissing and stroking Kağıthane Escort his cock, when he stopped and asked me to suck him all the way in. His cock was big and I didn’t think I could manage. The head was already glistening from the pre-cum, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and sank it over his hard shaft.

He was already close to cumming and it only took a few nods of my head and he shot his load into my mouth. It tasted hot and salty but somehow good. His hands clenched tight round my buttocks and he pulled my cunt tight onto his mouth and pushed his tongue into my cunt as he tried to push his cock to the back of my throat. By this time I was so close to cumming for the first time myself I held my breath and let him push.

As I got closer and closer to cumming I needed to take a breath so moved my head back and gasped for breath as my first orgasm hit me. My legs tightened round my cousins head really tight, but he kept on licking and the orgasm just kept on going as I moaned, his large cock pressed tight against my cheek.

As I relaxed my legs, he pulled my head up to his and kissed my hard, his tongue pushing into my mouth – my first real kiss. The thought passed through my mind that I had sucked cock and swallowed cum, before I had ever kissed a man. As we kissed, one of his hands reached under my t-shirt and started to caress my tits and play with my nipples. The other hand moved down between my legs, I spread my legs and arched my ass up to push against his fingers.

He stopped kissing me and lifted my t-shirt and moved his head down to suck on my small tits. My hand reached down and I started to stroke his still hard cock. He groaned and asked if I had enjoyed my first orgasm and if it gave me an appetite for more.

I started rubbing his cock faster and grinding my hips against his fingers that had stopped moving, and said “yes, yes please, another orgasm”. He said do I want a proper one this time, with his cock not his fingers and tongue – he said its much better that way.

The thought of his large cock going into my small tight cunt was a bit scary, but I said yes, if it was better than my first orgasm then that’s what I wanted. He told me that it might hurt to start with but the pleasure would be well worth the pain. By then I was at the point of begging, I would do anything to cum again.

He told me Kağıthane Escort Bayan to lay back and relax. This time he knelt between my legs, he told me to raise my knees, then leant forwards holding his big cock in his hand he guided towards my sopping wet pussy. First he slowly teased me, moving his cock up and down my slit, half pushing at the hole and then sliding up to tease around my clit. As I got even wetter and started to push my groin onto his cock, he slowly started to push into me. I felt stretched as the knob head sunk into me, it felt so good, then he pushed further and that’s when the pain started. Again, he told me to relax, this bit was going to hurt, but afterwards comes the pleasure.

I did my best to relax, but with such a large tool in such a small, tight hole it wasn’t easy, and it hurt. He lay forward on top of me and I grasped his buttocks tight and my fingernails sunk in as he pushed harder into me. Then all of a sudden there was a tearing pain and he sunk all the way in, ramming really hard. I bit into his shoulder to stifle the scream. I felt stretched apart by his cock. He whispered that was the hard bit, now just lay back and enjoy.

I didn’t think I could. As he slowly slipped in and out of me the pain was almost unbearable, then he slowly started to pick up speed. Just a little at a time and he told me to move against him, slowly rock my hips as he went in and out. That’s when the pleasure started to overcome the pain. Very soon, the pain was forgotten as I gyrated against his cock, I smiled at him and told him it felt so good and to please go a little faster. I reached up and grabbed his head and kissed him, this time my tongue deep into his mouth. I was close to cumming now, and he was right, my cunt felt stretched wide and it felt even better than before.

My legs went up and around his waist as he banged hard into me, close to cumming now I sucked his tongue into my mouth. As I came I bit hard onto his tongue, anything to stop the scream of pleasure sounding out. He kept on fucking me as the waves of pleasure continued, just as the orgasm started to end and my body was relaxing, another one started. He kept on until I had had four more orgasms and my cunt was feeling sore.

My turn now he whispered in my ear. He lifted his weight off me and went back to kneeling in front of me, his big cock still deep Escort Kağıthane in my twitching pussy. Then he lifted my legs till they were around his neck and then he started fucking me again. His hands tight round my ass, pulling me deeper onto his cock, he banged hard and fast. Then I could feel him tense up, two more strokes and he pulled out. He pushed my legs off his shoulders and raised himself and leant over me as he shot his load all over my tummy and over my t-shirt. Stroke it please one last time he begged and I grasped his twitching knob and stroked as the last gobs of cum dribbled out onto me.

He collapsed beside me and said that was good, the best he’d ever had. Then he started playing with the now cooling cum in my belly button. He got a bit on the end of his finger and raised it to my mouth. Looking him straight in the eyes I took the finger in my hand and slowly sucked the finger into my mouth. Then I did the same for him, he smiled and sucked the cum off my finger. Then I slowly took his hand and dipped his fingers into the cum and sucked two then three of his fingers, slowly bobbing my head up and down while looking deep into his eyes.

We’d better clean up he said, soon time for tea, and then he bent down and licked the rest of his cum of my tummy. I put my knickers and jeans back on as he got dressed. Then he looked at me and said that we would both have some explaining to do – I frowned and first he showed me the blood stained sheet on his bed and then pointed out the damp patching running up the front of my t-shirt where he had shot his load. I told him that I had a pullover downstairs if he could get that for me and I would change his bed for him. When he came back I pulled my t-shirt off and he had another grope and kiss of my tits before I put my pullover on and told him to hide the t-shirt.

Over the next 2 years, we regularly fucked each other, until he emigrated to Canada and got married. I saw him again last Christmas and reminded him of that Christmas Day 20 yrs ago. He admitted that he had fancied me for a long time before that day and that when I walked in on him masturbating he was fantasising about me. He said it was a dream come true when I didn’t walk out in disgust and agreed to go back with him now that I was of legal age. He also told me that he had kept that soiled t-shirt for several years and would regularly get it out and masturbate and think about my tight little cunt and he was really disappointed when he lost it. I asked him if he wanted another one to replace it, which made him smile and he said yes. It wouldn’t have been quite the same if it wasn’t spunk stained too, so I think you can guess what also happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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