Christy’s Surprise

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She sat on her bed wondering what was in the box sitting by her. Picking up the note. “To my darling niece, Sorry it’s so late getting to you. hope you love it, thought of you when I seen it.” the note read. Opening the box, she pull out a sheer black piece of fabric. It wasn’t till she had it all the way out that she saw it was a night grown. The one she had seen in a magazine when she visited him last month. As she lifted it up to her a paper fell out, picking it up she read. “I’m coming for the week your parents will be gone.” She couldn’t wait, she love her Uncle James.

“Chrisy, where are you at girl.” he called out when he lock the front door. Taking a peep she saw he was alone. “I’ll be right down Uncle James.” she called down. He stood there waiting for her, and when she came down the air he didn’t know he had been holding left his body, but his cock stiffen. He watch as his favorite niece walk down those stairs. Her tit’s bounce with each step she took, he love her large DD titties, and he saw her long. slender legs. At the bottom of the stairs she stop and sat down then lay back, the robe parted and he saw her naked body waiting for him to touch. And touch he did. Lowering his body to hers, he cupped her tit’s, squeezing them as he lower his mouth to lick and suck the nipples one at a time.

She slide her hands down his chest till she found his pants, unbuckling the belt, and unzipping him she had her hands Şirinevler Escort inside holding his hard cock. “MMMMMM, miss you, and miss your hot enormous friend too.’ she said. “It’s been a month baby, he hasn’t been out, been waiting for this week to get here, so don’t be surprise if we don’t let you get dress all week long.” he told her. He move over her and slide his cock into her wet pussy. Fucking her was his greatest joy, and his downfall, her dad found out about it somehow, and now he wanted in to. And he couldn’t tell her at all. Slamming his cock into her he knew he was going to exploded any second, so he fuck her harder, and faster. “Oh Yes Fill me with Your hot cum Uncle James.” she scream as he thrust one last time and exploded deep inside her pussy.

Taking her into the livingroom the next morning, he lay her down on the floor. laying down next to her. “RIDE ME BABY, RIDE YOUR UNCLE’S HORSE COCK.” he grunted. She climb up and slide down his fuck pole, riding him hard, she didn’t hear anyone come into the room. He grab her ass cheeks pulling them apart, he knew her dad was going to fuck her ass, he was so glad he had fuck her ass last night. “Well,Well I see my baby girls has the hot’s for her Uncle, now I wonder if she would like to have her ass fuck by her daddy. What do you say Honey You want Daddy to fuck your ass hole for you?” he said. Not wanting for a reply he plunge his cock up her Şirinevler Escort Bayan asshole, buried it deep in her ass. James slide his finger up her pussy where she was still riding his cock. “OH GOD I’M CUMMING” they all scream together.

She sat on the couch waiting for her dad to finish talking to her mother. “Yes Dear she right here.” he said, handing me the phone. “Yes Hi, mom, yes everything’s okay.” she said to her mother. She watch her dad stroking his cock, and Uncle James was slowly stroking his while he watch her. Dad walk over to her and rub his cock on her face. “Oh yes mom I will, no dad’s wont do any of the cooking. Mom I have to go the door bell rang and dad busy in his Den.” she told her mom while her dad was slipping his hard cock in and out of her mouth. “Oh here’s dad again mom.” she said, as he took the phone and push his cock down her throat.

Looking over at James she spread her legs and motion for him to come to her. James walk over and kneel over her and slide his cock up her pussy. “Okay honey will do, yes I’ll make sure to take care of our daughter, love you bye.” he said then put the phone on it’s cradle. “Oh baby girl you suck daddy so good, better than your mother ever could. James move out I want in her pussy.” he told them. James pull out and she grab his cock pulling him up to her face, she suck on his cock. She felt her dad slam his cock into her, she Escort Şirinevler didn’t;t real want her dad’s cock , but if it was the only way to get her Uncle’s cock inside her she would take it. She pretended to enjoy having her dad, but she went all out for James, she suck him deep into her throat,pulling the cum out and down her throat.

She watch as her dad left for work the next morning. “Is he gone yet baby?” James asks. She nodded yes and turn to find him standing with a hard cock pointing at her. Walking over to him she kneel and took his cock in her mouth, licking, and kissing his cockhead till she heard him moaning. Pulling him out of her mouth. “James where would you like to have me to your self?” she ask him. “Oh god baby let’s go back up to my room, I have something for you.” he told her. Bending he pick her up and carried her up to his room. Laying her down he went to his suit case, pulling out a package he carried it over to her and gave it to her.

Sitting next to her on his bed, he watch as she took one hand and stroke him and the other hand open the gift. “Oh James, it’s beautiful, standing up, she pull on her new outfit and turning around to show him. “Oh baby MMMMMM, you look so good, good enough to eat, come her and let me have some.” he said as he lay back on the bed. Climbing on top of him, she slide her pussy down on his hard cock. Laying on his chest she kiss him. ” James I want you on top of me.” she told him.

James roll her under him and he pounded her pussy with his cock, then he would slow down and fuck her slow and gentle, then harder and faster, he had her screaming for more. And when he had her ready for he slam his cock deep inside and his cum shot out deep inside of her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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