Co-worker’s Man Ch. 35

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Balls Massage

I sailed into my apartment feeling higher than a kite from my overnight stay in The City with Frank. I could still taste the flavor of his last load of cum on my tongue. I unpacked my overnight bag, throwing my stuff into my laundry hamper and taking another look at those photos from Mr. Wolfe that Derek had seen after they had fallen out of my pocket. I smiled at the thought of how that had turned out and dropped them on my night table.

I felt exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. I took a hot shower and let the warm heat of the spray wash over me for a long time. I felt like I had been put thru the ringer over the last few days. My body felt sore and swollen from the sexual exertions I had been put thru. Not that I was complaining! I looked back on every treasured second and felt a warm rush of contentment within me. Although I had loved every second of the past number of days, I was looking forward to finally having a quiet night alone.

I dried off, donned a favorite pair of old boxers and a well-worn t-shirt and headed to the kitchen. I scanned the fridge and made myself a hearty meal and caught up on my mail from the last few days as I sat at my table and ate. Bills….shit….they keep coming, don’t they! I threw my dishes in the dishwasher and started to sort my……

“BANG! BANG! BANG!”……somebody was at my door. Who the fuck…..? Mr. Wolfe was supposed to be out of town; Frank had just dropped me off and headed home. I hurried to the door on the chance that maybe Mr. Wolfe hadn’t had to go away and had some nice hard cock for me. I raised my eye to the peephole and looked out. I saw a flash of dark red hair. My mother! What the heck was she doing here? It had been about eight or nine months since she’d last stopped by my place and that was just to drop off some mail for me that had mistakenly been sent to her house. I opened the door with a surprised look on my face.

“Mother?” I said questioningly.

“Hello, Jonathan,” she said as she breezed past me with her large purse slung over her shoulder.

Her large form towered over me as she walked past and I caught a whiff of her sensual perfume. Mmmmm. My eyes were glued to her as her presence seemed to fill the room. Fuck! I had never seen my mother dressed like she was today. Her long red hair cascaded luxuriously down to the middle of her back and I watched her large round ass sway beneath the clinging material of her tight dress. She dropped her purse beside one of my living room chairs and turned to face me, her hands on her hips.

She wore a black dress that seemed to be molded to her body. It had a deep scoop neckline that showed an enormous line of cleavage as her huge breasts thrusting towards me seemed to stretch the clinging fabric almost to the breaking point. She had a classic hourglass figure and the material followed the line of her indented waist before flaring out dramatically at her wide hips. I knew my mother worked out regularly but I was amazed at the flatness of her stomach for a woman of her age. Her skirt ended just past mid-thigh and her long legs were encased in sheer black stockings. My gaze traveled down her toned legs to her high heeled shoes. Fuck! She was wearing pointy black patent 4″ stilettos with a strap running around her ankles. Those 4″ heels had her well over 6′ tall! I stood aghast as I forced my gaze to come back up her body to her face. Her face was beautifully made up and her dark auburn hair was full and wild looking as it framed her face. She was staring at me with a pleased look on her face.

“Jonathan. You look surprised to see me,” she said as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other and her hips shifted sensually.

“I….I…..I wasn’t expecting you,” I stammered as I felt myself turning red. I thought back to a couple of nights ago with Claudia and how turned on I had gotten when she called herself “Mama” and I had thought about my own mother. Now here she was in front of me looking absolutely gorgeous. I moved across the room and dropped my hands in front of me to hide my growing erection from her.

“Well, I’ve got a date tonight and I just thought I’d stop by on my way,” she said as she sauntered around my living room. I couldn’t take my eyes off her full luscious form. I sat on the couch at the far end from the chair where she had dropped her purse. She paused to lean over my coffee table to pick up a magazine. My eyes zeroed in on her huge tits hanging before me. She seemed to hesitate for quite awhile before she picked up a magazine, looked at the cover briefly and then dropped it back onto the table. I felt my cock surge in my shorts as I looked deeply into that valley of cleavage.

“A date? Uh…..with who?” I asked.

“Oh, just a young man I’ve known for awhile,” she said as she walked slowly around my living room, looking at stuff on my shelving unit. She stretched up to look at a book on the top shelf and I watched the hem of her skirt rise high on her soft creamy thighs.

“A young man? Um… old Beylikdüzü Escort is he?”

“Oh well, he’s actually probably about your age, come to think of it. Do you think a young man your age would find me attractive?” she said as she stood opposite me and kind of posed with her hands on her hips. Jesus Christ, I thought to myself, she looked so fucking hot! I felt myself starting to sweat.

“Gee Mom, you look great. Any guy would find you attractive,” I blurted out. I noticed my comment brought a wry smile to her face.

“You don’t think my ass is too big, do you?” she said as she turned around and looked at me over her shoulder.

“N..n…n…no, not at all. It looks really good,” I said as my eyes locked on her full lush round ass.

“Oh good. Thank you, Jon. I’ve gained a bit of weight up top lately. Do you think it looks bad?” she said as she turned back around and turned slowly from side to side so I could see her huge tits in profile as well as head on. Oh my God, they were incredible! I could even see the shadows cast by huge nipples thru the straining material of the clinging black fabric. I never realized my mom had such big tits before!

“Uh… Mom, they look great. You look really really good,” I said as I felt myself blushing.

“Well, thank you, Jonathan. Every woman loves to be flattered, even by her own son.” She walked back to her chair and I watched as she settled her tall form into the chair like a cat. She casually crossed one leg over the other and I caught a glimpse of her inner thigh as she did. I gulped and had to pull my eyes away from her hemline up to her face. She had a knowing smile on her face as she looked directly at me.

“So Jonathan, how about bringing your mother a glass of wine?” she said as she nodded towards the kitchen.

“Sure,” I said as I jumped up and realized that I had uncovered my crotch. I noticed her gaze dropped to my shorts and I could feel my cock pushing against the front of my boxers. I quickly turned so my back was towards her as I hurried into the kitchen. I poured my mother a glass of wine and got myself a big glass of water. I put them on a small tray and carried it in front of me in order to hide my erection.

“Here you go, Mother,” I said as she took her glass of wine and raised it to her lips. I moved back to my end of the couch and set the tray down on the coffee table.

“Mmmm, this is really good.” I watched mesmerized as she lowered her wine glass and ran her tongue teasingly around her full red lips. She wore a bright red lipstick that I pictured looking great leaving streaks along my cock. I felt it lurch in my shorts as she circled her mouth with her glistening tongue. I could feel nervous sweat running down my back.

“So Jonathan, anything new with you these days,” she said as she uncrossed her legs slowly and re-crossed them the other way. Holy shit! I had good view well up her dress and could see the creamy expanse of ivory flesh above her stocking tops. I tore my eyes away from her legs again and found her smiling lasciviously at me.

“Do my legs look okay Jonathan? You seem quite interested in them. They’re not too fat, are they?” she said with a slight pout on her full lips. She slowly re-crossed them again and as she did, her hemline slid a little higher on her thighs. I gulped as I looked at her gorgeous strong thighs encased in the sheer black stockings.

“NO MOM!” I noticed myself speaking too loudly in my excitement. “Ummm…no. They’re not fat at all. They look wonderful.”

“Well, a nice pair of stockings always make a woman’s legs look better,” she said as she extended her top leg straight out. Her hemline rose even higher up her thighs and I could see her dark stocking-tops. She pointed her toe seductively as she looked towards me. “And shoes like this help too, don’t you think?” she asked as she rotated her foot at the ankle.

OH FUCK! My cock was rock hard and leaking precum in my shorts as my eyes ran up and down the length of her extended leg. I could feel myself sweating profusely.

“Y…y…yes, Mom. Those shoes are incredible. They are very sexy actually.”

“Well, thanks Jonathan. A friend helped me pick them out. She said the same thing,” she said as she lowered one leg and extended the other one in similar fashion. It was like I was hypnotized as I watched her take one hand and trace her crimson fingernails from her knee up to the tops of her stockings. I gulped as she slid one bright red fingertip down her inner thigh before withdrawing her hand and dropping her leg back down over the other one.

“So Jonathan, you never did answer me. Anything new with you?” She set down her glass, uncrossed her legs and leaned forwards towards me. As she leaned forward with her forearms on her thighs, her upper arms seemed to push on the outsides of her breasts. Her cleavage line lengthened as her huge orbs were pushed together. They were almost spilling over the top of her scooped neckline. I couldn’t help Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan but stare and realized I had better say something.

“Ummm….uh…no. Nothing new Mom.”

“Oh, I see. Have you made any new friends lately,” she said as she leaned back in her chair. She left her legs uncrossed this time and from my end of the couch I had a good view between her slightly parted thighs. I could see some of her creamy white thighs and a small black triangle which I assumed were her panties. I tore my eyes away and looked up at her. She was looking directly into my eyes and I realized she had caught me looking up her skirt.

“Uh…….no new friends Mom,” I answered nervously. I let my eyes flick back down to her lap and watched as she slowly let her legs drift slightly apart. My eyes were glued to her sensual display and as my mother’s thighs parted even further, I could see a damp spot in the front of her black panties. The intoxicating warmth of her perfume flowed over me as I breathed deeply. I could have sworn I sensed her womanly smell accompanying her scented fragrance.

“Oh, that’s interesting,” she said as she dropped one hand to her upper thigh and traced a red fingernail along the top of her stockings. “My friend Claudia says she met you and a new friend of yours the other day.”

“WHAT?” I exclaimed. I started to shake with nervousness as I looked back up at her face. Her eyes locked on mine as she looked intently at me.

“Yes, Claudia and I have been good friends for a long time. She says you and your friend….uh….Frank, I think it is, visited her in her store last Saturday. And then you had a little personal visit at her house the other night.” My mother had not a hint of anger in her voice as spoke. She let her legs fall even further apart as her hemline raised even higher. “Yes, Claudia told me all about you and Frank and then she told me that she expected a call from you. I asked her to pretend she was your mother at some point and see how you liked that. She said you got rock hard whenever she mentioned it. Oh, she said you were wonderful with your mouth too, Jonathan.” She raised the hand from her lap and beckoned to me with her finger. “Come here son,” she said as she slid forward in her chair until she was perched near the front edge, her thighs spread lewdly. As if in a trance, I slid to my knees and crawled towards my mother.

“That’s a good boy, come to Mama,” she said as she smiled down at me, her spread legs drawing me in like a magnet. As I closed the gap between us, I could see more clearly the damp stain at the front of her panties. The wetness covered the full width of the material and appeared to go above and below the full length of her leaking slot. As I started to move past her spread knees I could definitely smell her now. A warm luxurious womanly scent invaded my nostrils as I inhaled deeply. She reached out and put her hand on my head, stopping my progress.

“Uh…uh. My, you are an eager one, aren’t you son. Just hold on a second, you’ll get your reward soon enough,” she said as I watched her hike up her dress on either side and undo tiny bows of her panties at each side of her hips. She lifted her rear end slightly and drew them out from beneath her. She leaned forward and brought the inside of her panties towards my face.

“Here you go son, a little sample for you,” she said as she held them inches from my face. The inside of the material was just soaked with her shining juices. The intoxicating aroma traveled thru my nostrils and inflamed my senses even more. I purred like a kitten as I extended my tongue and dragged it across the damp material.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I moaned as the tart taste of my own mother’s vaginal secretions settled on my tongue. After the initial taste I eagerly pushed my whole face into the glistening mass as she held her sodden panties against my face. I closed my eyes and rolled my cheeks from side to side against the warm moist coating.

“That’s a good boy. Enjoy it son,” she said as she put one hand on the back of my head and pressed my face against the soaked material. I sucked the silky material into my mouth and softly chewed and licked to pull as much of her flavor as I could into my mouth. Her juices had thoroughly soaked the fabric and her taste was delicious; strong, womanly and just knowing it was my mother made it all the more exciting. She sat back and left her panties hanging out of my mouth. From my position on my knees before her, I looked up at her beautiful face smiling down at me wickedly.

“Those are for you to keep son. I’m sure you’ll find some use for them,” she said with a knowing smile. “Now, come and get the real thing.” She parted her legs even further and I had a close up view of her spread pussy framed by sheer stockings and black garters that disappeared beneath her hemline. For some reason I was surprised to see that she was totally clean shaven, but I loved it! Her slick opening was spread slightly open like the petals Escort Beylikdüzü of a beautiful fragrant flower. Her inner lips were large and looked swollen with lust; the kind you could spend all night long chewing on. I could see a large enflamed protrusion at the top of her slit; her engorged clitoris was already standing proudly, begging for attention. Her whole steaming twat was glistening with her secretions, and I was drawn in like a bee to honey.

“C’mon baby, show Mama what you can do with that sweet mouth of yours,” she said as she put her hand at the top of her slit and used her fingers to pull her swollen lips wider apart. As I moved closer I could see the inner walls shining with her juices. The scent of her womanly nectar was overpowering and I eagerly plunged my tongue into her weeping box.

“Mmmmmm, that’s a good boy. Mama’s gonna like this a lot,” she said as I circled my tongue around her hot inner walls. “Oh yeah, that’s it. Get that tongue good and deep in there.” I felt her hands run thru my hair as she pulled me harder against her. I speared my tongue as far into her as I could and pressed firmly against the hot slick membranes. I circled and circled and then withdrew my tongue and plunged it in and out like a little cock. Her juices were gushing and my face was already coated with her discharge. I was moaning with pleasure and my cock was surging in my shorts as I serviced my mother. I could hear her panting like a steam engine and she was letting out a series of low guttural growls as I continued to eat her out. I drew my tongue back and took long leisurely swipes around her inner and outer lips. I savored the flavor of her leaking juices and cleaned her twat from top to bottom.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she groaned as I took one of her large inner lips into my mouth and softly chewed on it. After nursing at her swollen lip on one side, I let it slide out my mouth and took its partner between my lips. I nibbled gently with my teeth, softly scraping the hot surface of her drooling labia.

“Oh fuck, you are as good as Claudia said you were. Okay baby, let’s see what you can do with a clit,” she said as she used her hands to pull my head upwards towards her erect spire. I delved my tongue into the top of her slit and ran my tongue up the underside of her clit. My God! It was so hot on my tongue! It felt like it was on fire! I bathed it in my saliva and softly ran my tongue all around and over the sensitive nubbin. Her huge clit felt like an erect little cock in my mouth and I pleasured it the way I would have with Frank’s or Mr. Wolfe’s cock.

“Oh yeah, suck that clit, you little motherfucker!” she exclaimed as she jammed my head down. I wrapped my lips around the huge nub and bobbed my head up and down while I sucked on it at the same time. Her moans were escalating as I held my head still and then circled my tongue around and around her blood-filled clit.

“Oh…..that’s it……just like that……just keep doing that,” she instructed. I pressed the flat of my tongue on the underside of her hot clit and then let my saliva flow over it as I ran my tongue all over the surface of that sensitive organ. I felt her body start to shake and her hips were gyrating as she gripped tightly onto my hair and mashed my face into her sopping pussy.

“OH FUCK!……OH……….OH……OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH……” her climax hit her like a ton of bricks and she bucked upwards into my waiting mouth. I kept my lips wrapped tightly around her throbbing clit as she convulsed and writhed under my sucking lips. Waves of ecstasy rolled over her as her orgasm had her moaning and gasping for air. She held my head against her pulsating clit for over a minute as the exquisite sensations coursed thru her body. Finally I felt her start to come down from her shattering climax and she eased her grip on head. As soon as she did, I lowered my mouth to her leaking slot and was rewarded with the gush of juices she had released during her orgasm.

“That was so good,” she said as she fought to regain her breath. I softly slid my tongue deep into her again, searching for more of her sweet nectar. She ran her hands tenderly thru my hair as she let me take my time lapping and licking leisurely at her satisfied womanhood. My cock was still rock hard and leaking against the front of my shorts. Looking up with my lips still nursing at her, I saw her huge breasts heaving beneath the clinging fabric of her dress. Her nipples looked huge as they protruded towards me! She finally pushed my head back from her sensitive flesh and I looked up at her.

“Your face is a mess, son,” she said as she smiled down at me. “Here, let me help you.” She sat forward and took her index finger and wiped up a glistening mass of her juices from my chin.

“You like this, eh son?” she asked as she twirled her finger below my nostrils. I breathed in her scent as she teased me with her shining finger.

“Yes, Mom. I love it,” I said as I looked up at her with pleading eyes.

“That’s my boy. You’ll get plenty of this from now on,” she said as she slid her finger between my pouting lips. I closed them around her finger and sucked at it like a hard cock. I mewed and purred as I licked her tasty nectar off her finger. She slid it back and forth between my lips long after I had thoroughly cleaned it.

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