College Confidential

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Not long after I turned 18, my sister Carla called me from her dorm room at the university. Carla was a couple of years older than me and wanted me to come up early and get registered for my freshman year. I remember after the boring part of the conversation when she asked me.

“Shelly you want to go to a big frat party with me?” She asked, “There’s going to be a lot of girls from the sororities if you want to talk to them about joining.”

“Not really interested,” I told her, “But the party sounds pretty cool!”

Hey I was 18 finally, and the idea of a party with college boys sounded pretty exciting. I kept wondering if it was really as crazy as I’d heard. So, I drove up on Friday and met Carla at her dorm. We spent most of the day getting me pre-enrolled and she took me on a tour of the campus.

It was really cool and I was getting excited about the party coming up that night at a big frat house she had pointed out to me.

Carla and I spent a long time getting ready.

“Is that what you’re wearing?” She asked me frowning.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with these?” I asked.

“Well…it’s okay if you want to stay anonymous but if you want the guys to notice you I’d wear something a little more suggestive.”

I figured my jeans and T-Shirt were a little tame and asked if she had anything I could borrow because I didn’t think to bring stuff like that. Carla looked a lot like me, blonde hair, brown eyes, and we both were pretty trim from playing soccer all the time.

The main difference between us was that she was an inch taller and her boobs a tad bigger than my own. Not that mine were small, but just not as round a full as hers. Something that had always made me mad but I was still growing and had hope I would be a 36 like her someday.

“Try these!” Carla said with an evil grin.

She handed me some small black shorts, and a white low cut stretchy blouse with straps.

“Don’t wear a bra with that,” She told me, “Let the guys see those nice boobs you have!”

I blushed a little because my older sister thought I had nice boobs. The shorts were glossy black and pretty tight…so tight and cut high that my panties hung out from the back.

I had to wear them raw and almost decided not to wear them at all when I looked in the mirror. My pussy lips were so easy to see that I almost looked naked!

“Oh God….you look sooooo HOT!” Carla said barging into the bathroom dressed almost the same as I was.

I did blush that time; I wasn’t used to my sister talking to me like that.

“I bet we can get lucky tonight!” Carla said and squeezed her boobs while looking in the mirror, “You are on birth control I hope?”


“Don’t worry about it; you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

I didn’t know what to say as we walked over to the frat house about nine that evening.

The second we walked in the door I was blown away by the loud music and house full of people. There must have been over fifty guys and gals all talking, dancing, and drinking.

There was several beer kegs set up and I was handed a huge plastic cup of beer, and a plastic shot glass full of something that burned when I downed it. Carla took me around introducing me to all the cute guys and gals.

I’d never seen so many good looking men before and they sure took notice of us! We had lots of offers but I just giggled and flirted like my sis was doing.

By midnight I was pretty hammered and so was Carla. She pulled me aside and whispered, “You want to go have some fun?”

“What kind?” I asked, “I’ll show you come on.”

I followed her up the big stairs to the third floor where we walked down an old hallway to a small door that was closed. Carla tried the door and it was locked, she told me we would have to wait a few minutes but wouldn’t tell me what was in there.

I noticed guys coming and going from the next door down the hall. They seemed to be laughing and had big grins on their faces. Especially when they saw us waiting in the hall.

One cute guy stopped and pulled a blunt out of his pants, “You want to get high while you’re waiting?”

“Sure!” Carla said before I could reply.

He lit the joint and we smoked it while he kept checking us out. Just when we finished and my head was swimming the door opened and two girls came out laughing, “Have fun!” one of them said and they took off down the hallway.

“I’ll have to come back in a while,” The guy named Scott said with a grin.

Carla grabbed my hand and pulled me into the almost dark room. She shut the door behind us and locked it.

My eyes adjusted and there was nothing in the walk-in sized closet of a room except a big padded bench near one wall. There was a black light bulb glowing and the whole room was cast in a purple glow.

“This is going to be great sis!” Carla said, and pulled her top over her head.

I just stood there with my mouth open as my sister stripped off her shorts and sandals. When she was completely naked she rubbed Gaziantep Grup Escort both her boobs and then her shaved crotch as she walked over to where the bench was.

That’s when I noticed this rectangular slot in the wall across from it. It was about 3 or 4 inches wide, 8 inches long with rounded corners in the top and bottom.

I got closer to see what was going on noticed a big pillow on the floor below it. Carla got down on her knees on the pillow and sat back and kept massaging her boobs.

“I hope we don’t have to wait too long,” She said, grinning at me, “I’m so fucking horny right now!”

She stuck her mouth to the slot and said, “Anybody over there have something for a couple of hot girls?”

My jaw dropped open again when in just a few seconds a big semi-hard penis came though the slot! Underneath it was a very big set of balls hanging there kind of sagging down.

“Oh good!” Carla said, and took a hold of the cock and started stroking it and kissing the knob at the end.

I sat on the edge of the heavy bench and watched the cock getting hard from her attentions to it.

I couldn’t believe my sister was sucking a strange cock in front of me……but there she was! She was really going after it too. She was licking the strange balls, sucking the knob, and stroking it.

She stopped and said, “You got your phone….take some pix!” and went back to sucking the big knob.

I pulled my iPhone out of my back pocket and snapped some photos of her sucking the strange cock that was now fully hard.

The knob looked purple in the black light and the shaft was swollen with big veins standing out around it.

“Come for me baby!” My sister said, stroking the big long shaft with both hands on it. The knob resting on her tongue that was sticking out under it.

I heard a tapping on the wall and saw cum shoot out of the end of it into my sister’s mouth. She quickly sucked the whole knob into her mouth and sucked so hard her cheeks had dents as she stroked the dick fast.

I could hear moaning coming through the wall. My sister was swallowing his cum and I could see her throat moving up and down as she did.

When she stopped she milked it until some more cum oozed from the end and then licked that up too!

“You get the next one,” Carla told me, as she wiped her mouth off, “You better get those clothes off so they don’t get covered in cum!”

At first I couldn’t believe what she was asking, “Do what?”

“Come on, it’s fun!” Carla told me.

I was thinking what a slut my sister was……and wondering why it turned me on so much!”

Maybe it was the booze or the weed…..or just something inside me but I wanted to try it so I yanked my top off and lost the tight black shorts and my shoes.

Carla got up and told me to get on the pillow and wait. No sooner than I had my knees on the pillow another cock and balls poked through the slot and stood there waiting just in front of my face!

“Go on…..” Carla told me, “Grab it and suck the hell out of it…..know one’s ever going to know about it!”

I grabbed the warm soft penis sort of like I was afraid of it. It started getting harder as soon as I did so I stroked it gently. I’d only sucked a cock once in my life and was no pro like my older sister.

Suddenly Carla was down next to me, “Don’t be so gentle…..stroke it firmly and suck on the end!”

I was still a bit apprehensive as I put my lips to the knob and licked it a few times.

“Go on suck it!” Carla demanded, and slid her left hand down my tummy and through my tiny patch of pubes until her middle finger curved down in between my folds and started to rub my slit!

I was on overload with my sister fingering my pussy, I closed my eyes and pushed my mouth down over the slick skin of the knob and sucked it like I knew what I was doing.

“That’s it baby sis, suck that nice hard fucking dick!” Carla told me and rubbed my now wet pussy a bit faster.

In just a few minutes I was so hot that I was sucking the hell out of that cock and feeling that I was going to cum from my sister playing with my pussy.

Suddenly she stopped but I didn’t…I kept sucking and stroking that dick because I was really starting to like it.

I felt movement under me and looked down as Carla’s head appeared on the pillow under my pussy. She rose up and I felt her lapping at my pussy! I sucked the nice hard cock even harder because I was getting so turned on!

I’d stop once in a while and look down. Carla’s nose between my pussy lips and her tongue fucking my opening, and sucking on my vagina!

The cock was starting to throb in my hand and it surprised me at the force of hot cum shooting all the way to the back of my throat in quick hard spurts.

I did like Carla and swallowed the strange semen but didn’t stop sucking the knob….even when I came from my sister sucking on my clit.

Oh my God! I came so hard with my mouth full of spurting cock and sis sucking my clit like a crazy vacuum cleaner!

When it was over I got back up as Carla got in front of the slot, “My turn again!” She said wiping her wet face, “Eat my pussy this time.” She told me.

I was past being shocked, and got down under her crotch on the pillow. Carla put her warm wet pussy to my lips and I did something I’d never done before…..I started licking it and sucking on it like she had done for me.

I heard Carla say, “Jack-Pot!” so I looked up from her crotch and saw this huge black penis appear from the hole in the wall!

I’d never seen a black penis before and this one looked fat…and long! Carla didn’t waste any time grabbing it with both hands and sucking the huge knob into her mouth.

All of a sudden my mouth was filled with juice as Carla spit out the big black dick and yelled! Her pussy started contracting and each time it did I got another mouth full of her juices!

“I just have to see what this feels like!” Carla said and got up leaving the huge penis standing out from the hole.

I got up as she got bent over with her pussy facing it, her body leaning over on the bench in front of her, “Guide it into me!” Carla asked.

I grabbed the thick cock and aimed it as my sister moved backwards until it was at the opening to her vagina. She pushed back and the knob disappeared into her pussy as she let out a groan and kept pushing backwards until her butt was flat against the wall….the big black cock all the way up inside of her.

“Oh My God!” Carla groaned, “Sis come here!”

I went around to the front of the bench getting down with my face to hers, “Yeah?”

“Oh kiss me……play with my boobs……Unhhhh God it feels so fucking good!”

I kissed her lips and reached under her arms to hold her boobs with both hands. She started moaning into my mouth and slamming her butt against the wall as the big black cock fucked her.

In just a few more minutes she couldn’t kiss me anymore because she was yelling and moaning so much.

“Oh SHIT!” Carla gasped.

“What? What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Fuck it feels like a gallon of cum!” She groaned and had a huge moaning groaning orgasm as the big cock emptied its load in her.

Panting Carla spun around and sucked the big cock as it started to shrink. Sucking the last drops of cum from it as I took a picture of her pussy dripping long thick strands of cum down on the floor and the inside of her thighs.

“Your turn!” Carla grinned as the black dick was pulled from our sight.

I waited on my knees for the next one and I wasn’t disappointed as a nice big cock appeared. It was already hard and had to be seven or eight inches long….thick and ready for me!

I started sucking in and it was the biggest cock I’d ever seen at that point. I was so fucking horny that I wanted to have it in me. I turned around and Carla held it for me as I backed up to the big dull end.

“OH FUCK!” I yelled as it popped inside of my pussy….I kept pushing back taking it deeper until my butt touched the wall.

I just kept my butt against the wall and let him do the work. And he did it very well…..pumping that long hard cock in and out of my pussy….and making me crazy hot!

Carla was in my face kissing me and tweaking my nipples as I let the strange cock fuck me! God it felt good and I came twice before I felt it start throbbing and squirting way up in my twat.

It just kept jerking and squirting…the inside of my vagina felt warm and slippery from all the cum.

I was panting hard and about to move after the cock pulled out of me. I didn’t have time because another hard cock took its place and I just groaned out loud as it was shoved all the way up my dripping hole!

I bet it only took twenty strokes before I felt it jerking and spurting another load in me!

I just stayed there and let another cock slide up into my pussy. My pussy was already dripping cum on the pillow under me.

Carla was down there taking pictures of my pussy being fucked and rubbing my clit. I just remember yelling and getting the fuck of my life….one cock after another like a dirty filty little slut.

Things get hazy after that, I really don’t remember walking back to the dorm at all. I just remember waking up in bed with my older sister down between my legs eating my pussy as the sun was shining in the window in the morning.

After she made me cum we took a long hot bath together and she talked me into shaving my pussy. In fact she did it for me until it was as bare as my butt. It felt kind of strange but it sort of made me horny feeling my panties on my bare pussy.

“I’ll take you home later; do you want to go to another party tonight?” She asked me.

“Sure, where is this one?”

“I invited a couple of guys last night,” She replied as we drove back to our house, “They are going to get a motel room and we can have some real fun!”

I was all in…..and my pussy was twitching just thinking about some more hot sex!

At 10PM the next night my sister drove us to the motel. I was already horny, drunk, and high. My pussy was wet just thinking about the two guys my sis wouldn’t tell me anything about except how much I was going to like it.

When we got there the room was unlocked and I asked her where they were.

“Oh it’s a surprise……I want you to just play along with me for now.”


Carla pulled a mask out of her purse….the kind that people use to sleep with and said, “Put this on first and don’t take it off until we tell you.”

I did, and it was pretty exciting not knowing how I was going to get fucked, and by whom.

I sat on the bed and waited as my sister said she would go get out dates next door. I heard them come in and the door lock. Next thing I knew I was standing up and two sets of hands started striping me naked.

First my top was removed and a mouth started sucking my nipples as the other set of hands started pulling my shorts and panties off.

Someone pushed me back flat on the bed and my legs got pushed wide apart as a woman started sucking on my nipples another one started licking my pussy. I knew a woman was sucking my nipples because I could feel her big warm boobs pressing up on my chest as she did it.

I felt the warm smooth skin of a cock on my lips so I opened up and started sucking it as two other people were quickly driving me to an orgasm. In fact there were two cocks taking turns in my mouth and I had no choice but to cum from all the attention.

Someone got on the bed next to me and pulled me up on top of him. I felt his hard cock on my tummy and got up and moved forward until I could put it in me. I slid down on it…..and down on it…..and down further until the big knob felt like it was at the top of my vagina!

God it was so long and fat, but I kept going until I felt the warm balls on my ass and the big hard cock as deep in me as I’ve ever felt.

I just laid there on top of that guy… stuffed full of his dick when someone stuck something up my butt hole.

I felt it squirting cold liquid and then I knew it was lube! Someone was planning on fucking my virgin ass! Shit I was turned on and afraid at the same time. I didn’t stop them and hoped it wouldn’t hurt too much.

First it was one finger, then two, as I moved back and forth on the cock stuffing my pussy. That’s when I felt another guy get on top of me from behind and put his knob to my rear.

It hurt for a second and then it was in my butt. It kept pushing deeper and soon I was full of two big hard cocks! I felt like a a sandwich being held between two men as they started fucking both of my holes.

I could hear two other girls moaning as they double fucked me. Fuck it was incredible being stuffed and fucked like that I came several times before I got the shock of my life.

The guy under me was pumping me nice and slow, his knob all the way up inside of my pussy. Shit it felt so good, especially with the guy behind and on top of me fucking my up the ass in hard strokes!

I kept fucking them and Cumming several times when suddenly the blindfold was pulled off my head and as soon as my eyes got used to the light I recognized that it was my dad under me……. with his cock all the way up in my pussy! And it was starting to throb like he was going to cum in me!

“Oh fuck baby,” My dad said, “I’m going to cum in your tight little pussy!”

“Daddy?” I asked, but there was nothing I could do to stop him even if I had wanted to stop…but I didn’t.

I was the meat in the sandwich and then the other guy said in my ear, “Hey sis, you got a nice hot ass! I’m going to give you a huge fucking load!”

My 25 year old brother Tommy had his cock all the way up my ass and my dad’s cock was throbbing harder in my pussy! It was just insane and I was loving the shock and the way they felt in me.

I looked over to the right as they held me between them…..fucking both of my holes and saw Carla and my Mom on the floor next to the bed doing a 69!

My mind was blown as my dad yanked my head down to his lips, kissing me hard as his cock began to spurt hard jerking shots of cum in side of me.

My brother started grunting in my ear and then I felt his cock start jerking and his warm cum flooding the inside of my rear! Mom and Carla started yelling and making each other cum and I had no choice but to do the same.

Two big cocks were filling me with cum, my dad and my brother grunting and Cumming in me was so forbidden and so crazy that I just started screaming out loud. One orgasm after another racked my body until I collapsed and just laid there full of semen.

My brother pulled his limp cock out of my ass and I rolled off dad on to my back on the bed. Both of my holes were dripping as my mom and Carla came over to me and started to caress me.

Carla went down and started licking the cum dripping out of my pussy as Mom got up over my face and put her pussy on my mouth.

I had given up by then and just ate her until she came as hard as I did from Carla sucking my cunt!

When it was all over dad said, “We’ve been waiting for you to turn 18 so you could join in the fun!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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