Cousin Sally

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My name is Bill. I am a 22 year old computer programmer working at a software development company. I have a great job, very well paid, because of what I can produce. I only have a two-year degree from a technical school, but I have been a computer whiz since I was a kid. I can solve problems and grind out code better than anyone in the company.

I have a three bedroom condo in a nice development. It is larger than I need, but I considered it an investment when I bought it. With the real estate crunch, maybe not so much, but I enjoy having my own place.

One day I got a phone call from my Uncle Ralph, asking for a favor. His daughter, my cousin Sally, is coming to town to attend college. She is supposed to look for a place to live, preferably sharing an apartment with one or two other college girls. Ralph asked me if she could stay with me for a while until she finds something.

I know what is going on, Ralph is a cheapskate, and he wants her to find something that will not cost much. Oh well, I thought, why not. I have known Sally since we were kids. We used to hang out together, even though I am three years older than her. We would take long bike rides, down to the river or into the deep woods. She was kind of a tomboy.

Ralph then tells me that she will arrive tomorrow. Thanks for the short notice, I thought. I told him that it is OK, and she can have the spare bedroom. I did a quick clean-up in the spare room, and changed the sheets.

The next day when I came home from work, Sally was waiting in her car in the parking lot. We exchanged a casual kiss and a hug, and I helped her carry her stuff into the condo.

The only way I can describe Sally is “Plain”. She has a slender, young girls body, and a pleasant face. But her domineering and restrictive parents never let her learn about makeup, or hair styles, or stylish clothes. She is very shy, and socially inept.

My parents kept me up to date on her after I moved away. They felt sorry for her, but they couldn’t help her in any way. When she was in High School, she was never popular. She didn’t have any close girlfriends, and the boys all thought she was unattractive.

Her parents practically kept her locked up, and made it even more difficult for her to socialize. The only dates she had were with nerds, and they were disasters. She finally stopped trying, and just stayed home every night after school. Now she was coming to her first year of college, away from home for the first time.

After she settled into her room, I ordered in a Pizza and we enjoyed it with a few beers. I don’t care that she is only nineteen, what good is Pizza without beer? I guess she did get a little buzzed.

“So, Sally,” I said, “Welcome to the big city! How do you feel?” She answered “I am looking forward to college. But I am a little scared.”

“Hey, you will do fine” I lied. But she really needs some confidence. “As soon as you meet some people, and make some friends to hang with, everything will be OK.”

We said goodnight, and went to our rooms. I laid awake for awhile, thinking about her. She really is kind of attractive, if you like small, slender women, and I do. I bet when she has some girlfriends, they will help her with clothes and makeup, and she will come out of her shell.

Several uneventful days passed, with both of us busy with our own schedules. On Wednesday morning, I wanted to go for a run, so I set my alarm early. I walked down the hall to get some coffee before I got dressed. I was still not used to having someone else in the condo, and I just had my jockey briefs on.

To my surprise, Sally came out of the bathroom door into the hallway, and I startled her. She was only wearing her bra and panties, having just got up to use the bathroom. Red-faced, she said “I didn’t know you were up so early!” I answered “Same here!”

Her slender girlish body was naked except for a soft sports bra and some sheer panties. She has small but very shapely breasts. I could see a dark area where her pubic hair was, and a small crack was showing in her crotch.

She actually looked great without any clothes on. I said “How about a good-morning hug?” I moved close to her, and put my arms around her. I held her tight, and since we were both almost naked, there was a lot of bare skin to bare skin.

I rubbed her bare back, and let my hand drift down to her tight butt. I pulled her closer to me, and I pressed my growing cock up against her pubic bone. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, and said “Good morning, Cousin!”

We backed away from each other, and she put her hand on my bare chest. She moved her hand down over my flat, hard runners belly, and brushed over the bulge in my briefs. She tried to make it seem accidental, but I knew better. She actually gave it a little squeeze before she let go.

Her face was still red, and she didn’t make eye contact with me. I went on towards the kitchen, and when I looked back I saw her going into her bedroom. Her small, Short links shapely butt was the last thing I saw.

Back in my room, I got into my running gear, and as I walked down the hall I rapped on her door and said “I am going for a run, Sally. See you later.” I heard a muffled “OK” from her.

I headed down my usual route, but I soon decided I didn’t really feel much like running that morning. Within ten minutes I turned and headed home.

I let myself in, but I didn’t see Sally anywhere. I walked down the hallway, and her door was slightly ajar. I peeked in, and there she was, completely naked on the bed. She was touching and rubbing her pussy, obviously masturbating. I watched with fascination, having never observed a woman doing that before.

She was concentrating, with her eyes closed, and still didn’t see me. I finally broke the silence, and said “Let me help you with that.” She opened her eyes, and shrieked. She pulled the sheet over her, and said “How long have you been watching me?”

“Look,” I said, “it is perfectly normal. You do not have to be embarrassed. Everyone does it. And I am serious about helping you.”

I went into the room, and sat on the edge of the bed. She was watching me nervously, but she didn’t say anything. I reached up under the sheet, and stroked her bare leg. She didn’t object, so I moved up to her wet pussy. She closed her eyes again as I rubbed her clit.

I stood up and stripped off my running clothes, and climbed into bed next to her. I pulled her to me, and we held each other, naked body to naked body.

I moved down and crawled between her legs, and kissed her right on her muff. She said “I don’t know – I don’t think …” I didn’t let her finish, I just kissed and licked her pussy. She relaxed and began to enjoy it.

I suddenly realized something – this was a nineteen year old virgin! I was eating this sweet, fresh pussy that no one had even touched before! I concentrated on her clit, flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

I reached a little lower and touched her asshole with the tip of my tongue. It didn’t take long, she exploded with an orgasm. Her arms and legs flailed around, and she grunted and squealed like a monkey.

I moved up and kissed her with my wet, slippery lips, and said “There, I told you I could help you!” She snuggled close to me, and was quiet except for her heavy breathing. She finally said “I guess you know now that I am a slut!”

“Sally. You are completely normal! I enjoyed that as much as you did.”

I moved her hand down close to my cock, which was still very hard. I said “I know you wanted to touch me here in the hall this morning. Please do it now. Explore, and satisfy your curiousity.”

She cautiously took my cock in her hand, and squeezed it tightly. She felt it from the head to my balls, and back to the head again.

“I have never even seen a man naked before. I didn’t know what to expect. This is bigger than I thought it would be.”

I said “I am not porno star size, but I guess it is bigger than average. Slide your hand back and forth on it, that feels good.”

She did as I instructed, and we both enjoyed the moment. I asked her “Would you be willing to do for me what I did for you?” She had a puzzled look on her face, but then she seemed to get it.

“I don’t know how! I am so stupid, I don’t know anything!”

“Relax, Sal. I will show you.” I guided her down so her face was right next to my throbbing cock. She tentatively, carefully touched the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue. Her reluctance disappeared, and she kissed the head, and I gently pushed it into her mouth.

I held her head with both hands, and fucked her in the mouth until I came. When the first spurt hit the back of her mouth, she gagged a little and pulled away. The rest of it went on her face and in her hair.

There were some awkward moments when neither of us knew what to do next. She swallowed the mouthful she had, with a noisy gulp. She stared at the creamy gob on the tip of my cock, and said “There was a lot of that stuff!”

I said “Let’s not waste any” and moved back to her mouth. She was not sure she wanted to do it, but I didn’t give her the chance to say no. I touched her lips with my cock, and the cum made it slippery enough to slide right in.

I said “Suck it gently and swallow. Get it completely clean.” She did it, and then licked it all over to make sure.

She went into the bathroom to clean up and wash her face. I noticed that she didn’t rinse her mouth out, which I took to be a good sign. She came back into the bedroom, and climbed into bed.

She had a far off look in her eyes, and she cuddled up next to me again. We laid side by side for a while, and then I had to get up and leave for work. I was going to be a little late, but I am pretty much on flex time so it is no problem. Sally didn’t have a class until late morning, so no harm was done.

That evening when Short link we both got home, we were a little uncomfortable with what we had done, and we didn’t talk about it. When it got late, and we headed down the hall to our rooms, she stopped me and said “Can I sleep with you? I don’t want to be alone.”

“Sure. Come on in my room.” We went in, and both started to undress. She stopped with her underwear still on, and looked at me for a hint. I stripped all the way down, so she did too. We got into bed, and hugged each other.

She took my cock in her delicate, tiny hand and fondled it, and it quickly grew hard. Her little hand made it look bigger that it is. She felt my balls with a light, fluttering touch. I thought about the fact that at 19 this was the first time she had played with a mans cock and balls.

I started to guide her down to my cock, but she stopped me. She said “I want to really do it.” She reacted to the look on my face, and said “I want you to fuck me!”

“Sally, do you know what the most dangerous thing we could do is?”

“Get caught?” she answered.

“Well sure, but if we were to have a child, the child might have severe genetic issues. And we would also get caught!”

“Does that mean we can’t do it?” she almost sobbed.

“Well, there are ways, if you trust me.”

I reached down and gently touched her tiny asshole. She understood what I meant, and she looked apprehensive. I pushed my middle finger into her tight asshole. She squirmed and looked alarmed. I said “Trust me, remember?”

She was still holding my cock, which was now as stiff as a steel rod. She whispered “I don’t think you can get this in me that way. It is so long it will never all fit in me.”

I went into the bathroom, and returned with a tube of lubricant. I gave it to her, and said “Put just a little right on the tip of my cock. Just on the head.”

She gingerly used one finger, and smeared the lube all over the head of my cock. I handed her a towel, and she wiped off her hands. I got her to understand that I wanted her to lie face down, and I climbed on top with my legs outside of hers.

I completely covered up all 110 pounds of her, and I was careful not to put any weight on her. She looked back at me over her shoulder, with an expression of nervous anticipation. Her cute, girlish butt was mine for the taking.

Her pink pussy lips were visible between her legs, but her ass-crack covered up and hid her asshole. She was trembling, waiting to be fucked for the first time.

She didn’t know how to do anything to help me get it in, so with one hand I took one butt cheek and spread it to the side. With my other hand I guided the tip of my cock up against her asshole, and with that hand now free, I spread the other cheek.

I hope this doesn’t sound weird, but she has a pretty asshole. No hair or dark skin around it, just a tiny pink hole. I pushed, but the tight ring of muscle at the entrance resisted. I pushed harder, and she whispered “Ow!”

I pushed even harder, and the lube finally did the trick, it slid in. She flinched, and made a noise like a mouse squeaking. I just said “Trust me.” I eased it into her, deeper and deeper, until it was about half-way in.

She was making little grunting noises, and seemed to be uncomfortable. I stopped pushing to give her a chance to get used to it. I let go of her ass-cheeks, and the view now was of my cock just disappearing into the crack of her butt.

I keep bringing this up, but you need to understand that while I have been saying she is slender, most people would just say she is skinny. I am 6′ 2″ and athletic, she is nineteen and totally legal, but she looks like a much younger girl.

I have had anal sex with a few other women, including one first-timer, but it was never like this. She wasn’t just tight at the entrance, she was tight all the way in. I decided that enough was enough, and just started to fuck her with half of my cock.

I slowly and steadily slid in and out of her, just an inch or so. She was completely submissive, and accepted it. It wasn’t long before I felt myself starting to cum. I whispered in her ear, “I am going to cum like I did in your mouth.” I think that aroused her even more, and she looked back at me with misty, dreamy eyes.

I pushed in just a little deeper, and shot a huge load into her. She made murmuring sounds and closed her eyes. I huffed and puffed for a minute, and slowly pulled it out. Because it was only half-way in, some of my cum oozed out of her asshole and trickled over her pussy lips. It dribbled onto the bed into a puddle.

Sally said “I’m sorry. We wasted that, and I know you don’t like to have that happen.” “Don’t worry,” I answered “there will always be more later.”

We laid side-by-side for a few minutes, and then she went to the bathroom, and came back with a warm, wet washcloth. She wiped and cleaned my cock with it, although there really wasn’t anything to clean off.

We talked for a while, and she told me that she was surprised by how far I went into her. I told her “That was only about half-way.” I could see the wheels of thought turning in her head, as she imagined receiving the rest of it.

We slept together in a spoon position all night. When I woke up, she had my cock in her hand again. She obviously likes it. We got up and had some breakfast together, and I got ready to leave for work. She said “I have some appointments to look at apartments, and interview potential roommates. I should be back early.” She was not enthused.

When I returned home, she was not in the kitchen or living room. I went into my bedroom, and there she was, naked and on all fours at the edge of the bed. Neither of us said a word, I just stripped down and got into position right behind her. I could see that she had applied some lube to her anus.

I asked her “Did you get the lube way up inside you?” She said “No, I guess not.” I found the tube of lubricant, and said “Reach back behind you.” I put a gob of lube on her middle finger, and said “Put that all the way up your ass.”

She seemed reluctant to do it, but finally she inserted her finger up her asshole. I said “All the way in!” and she obeyed me. She pulled her finger out, and I put my cock up to her asshole. The head completely covered it up, and it didn’t seem possible that it would go in. But it was, and my cock slid in pretty easily. Last night must have stretched her out.

She said “This time I want you to put it all the way in!” I eagerly complied, and pushed it into her little by little. When it was in more than halfway, and I kept pushing deeper into new territory, she whispered “Ooh!” with each push.

When my balls came up against her wet, virgin pussy, I held still for a minute. She was so aroused I could feel the heat rising off of her body. She softly said “Make sure it is in me that far when you finish.” She has quickly developed a craving for my cum.

There are some girls who think that cum is just a disgusting by-product of sex. Sally is not one of them. She wants it in her, up her ass or in her mouth.

I fucked her with long, smooth strokes. She reached between her legs and alternated playing with my balls and rubbing her pussy. That most unusual thing happened, a mutual orgasm.

We performed a duet of grunting and groaning, while my cock pulsed and twitched and squirted big spurts of cum into her. She shuddered and shook with abandon, even more intense than when I got her off orally.

She went through the same routine, and got a wet washcloth to thoroughly clean my cock. We held each other close, naked bodies together. She said “I could feel your stuff go into me.”

I smiled and said “Call it semen, sperm, cum, jism, jizz, anything but ‘stuff’ please.”

We both laughed, and she said “You have taught me so much. I am so happy!” Oh oh, I thought. We have to keep this just sex, not romantic love. She went on to say she was not happy about her parents wanting her to find two or three roommates to share living quarters. She obviously was upset about living with strangers.

The two of us had been childhood playmates, plus now she was enjoying sex, even if it was with a Cousin. Actually that was better for her, because we knew each other so well. Tears came to her eyes as she said “I don’t know what to do!”

But I did. I called her tightwad Father the next day, and told him that Sally could stay with me for her whole Freshman year.

“What is that going to cost me?” he cautiously asked.

“Nothing” I replied. “What are Family for if we don’t help each other out?” I could sense the relief and joy on his face. Of course he had no idea that Sally and I were having sex. I bet he would have a fatal heart attack if he found out I was fucking her in the ass.

He is so cold and sexless that it would not even occur to him. I am sure he thinks of us as just those two little kids going on bike rides together. Plus he was overjoyed at the thought that her room and board was not going to cost him anything.

When I told Sally that night, she was ecstatic. She hugged me and kissed me, and rubbed my cock through my pants. She said “Bill, I can’t thank you enough! I get to spend my nights and weekends with you! I want you to fuck me whenever you feel like it! And if you want to do it in my mouth, that’s OK too!”

“Thanks”, I said “but only in your ass or your mouth. Save your virgin pussy for the guy you marry. He will owe me big time!”

With a smile she said, “We don’t want to get any of your ‘stuff’ in me where it might get us in trouble.” She smiled again because she called it “stuff” just to mess with me.

I said “I know you want it every day, and you don’t have to be shy about it. You can let me know by how you act, or just come right out and ask me for it. And whenever you want me to lick your pussy and make you cum, just ask me.”

She wanted to go directly to the bedroom. “What do you want me to do? Do you want me to suck it, or do you want to fuck me?”

“First one, and then the other” I answered.

“First one and then the other!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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