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Big Dicks

NB: This is a further story on from “Alison” and “Ann”

I was coming off an excessively shit day. Ann was feeling sick, having been down with the flu for the last few days. I was really hoping she’d get better, not just because she was about my best friend, but because I wanted my closest fuck-buddy back in action as soon as possible. I couldn’t feel angry about her illness in terms of missing out on sex, because I had plenty of alternatives available to me, but it was just frustrating to not have access to the best love-maker in my life at the moment.

They weren’t the least of my problems, though. Having graduated from high school at the end of the previous year, I had had pretty much a whole summer of fun to look forward to. But it had fizzled, at least to a certain degree. Sure, I was able to see Ann at least three times a week and have some amazing sex, but a number of other things had gone wrong.

Only a few months after finishing the HSC (final school exams) I had had a threesome with Jess and her mum, an extremely sexy and attractive 42 year-old housewife. I had been at Jess’s house, having watched a movie together (she had given me a satisfying hand job in the almost empty theatre), and we were tonguing on her bed, my hands all over her, when her mother had opened the door suddenly. We immediately had ceased all our actions, but we both knew that she had caught us.

Saying her reaction surprised me would be an understatement. Her first comment was:

“Jess, taste good?” Jess giggled, saying:

“Yes, he’s delicious. Do you want to try him out?” I let out a gasp at that comment, amazed at Jess’s forwardness. Her mother nodded, and walked slowly and calmly towards the bed, before leaning forward and planting a kiss on my lips. The kiss grew with passion, and within moments she had parted her lips, and I plunged my tongue into her mouth, exploring and massaging her tongue with my own. What I discovered later was that this was a regular occurrence with Jess and her mother—they were a couple of nymphomaniacs who constantly seduced boys, having wild sex romps with them. My absolutely favourite person in the world, Vincent, Ann’s former and now Alison’s boyfriend, had even had one with them. Infuriatingly, it had happened while he was going out with Ann, which furthered my intense dislike of him. What I also didn’t know then was that Jess’s parents were still married—that’s the only time I have ever had sex with a married woman, and I did it unknowingly.

Unfortunately, having eaten both of them, sucked on each of their beautiful sets of breasts and fucked both of them for several hours, the father walked in. He had no idea what his disgusting and sluttish wife had been up to (I reiterate that I would not have let the situation progress as it did, had I known that she was married—when she practically mauled me, I assumed she was a single mother), and took his pain and anger out on me.

I tried to apologise, knowing exactly how it felt to be betrayed by the person you loved and trusted most, but it was no use. I knew I was coming from no sort of high ground, and my apologies fell on deaf ears. Put succinctly, he beat the crap out of me. I ended up having bruises all over, and at least 2 cracked ribs. Suffice it to say, it put me out of action for a number of weeks.

On top of that, thinking I was beyond all my troubles and ready to end the holidays before University began in style, Ann came down with her illness and the day that this story I am telling occurred, began disastrously.

I didn’t have much on, so I decided to take a drive in my new car (I needed little excuse to get into this little baby, a 306 Peugeot), and when I got going, I felt like dropping by my old school. In the months of freedom after finishing, I’d only been back once, to sign out, and with little else to do, I thought I’d stop in to say thanks to a few of my former teachers. Remember, I had nothing subversive in mind when I made this decision. It’s not my fault if it worked out that way.

Having thanked my only male teacher (the only of my senior year teachers who I hadn’t fucked) for all the help he’d given me, without which I would never have gotten above 90 in maths, I headed over to the staff room to see my old Ancient History teacher, a sexy little thing called Lola (Ms. Terrence). She is a short vixen in her mid-40s, with quite short, highlighted-blonde hair, gorgeous brown eyes, small, round and firm breasts, and a hot little rump thrown into boot. I knew, when I first had her for a lesson at the beginning of my senior year, that I would fuck her, and I was immediately proven right. At the end of that first lesson she had held me back in class, saying she needed to see me. She locked the door, turned to me, flashed me a cute grin, and suddenly began taking her top off, revealing a low cut, very lacy, red bra. Before I could utter a single question as to what she was doing and why, she had said:

“Cole, I’ve been hearing some amazing stories about you. About how well you can eat a girl’s cunt. To be honest, I don’t really want you to eat my pussy, but I’d love it if you could try and do it to my breasts. Could you?” I, a private affair izle obviously, was more than willing and after a long and arousing kiss, I removed her bra and went to work. She had perfectly rounded, creamy breasts, which I knew I would be willing to eat for hours if I had the chance. Her nipples were a dark shade of pink, and extremely hard. I can still remember that first taste, the first feeling of her breasts, her nipples, in my mouth. That one lunch period, where I did what I could to eat out her tits, is still the only time I have ever cum from merely orally satisfying a woman. As I sucked and bit at her chest, while playing with her hairy (wonderful) pussy with my right hand, it occurred to me that I would have experienced less than half my sexual adventures if it weren’t for my reputation. I would not have bedded at least three quarters of my grade’s girls, in addition to a variety of other years’ and the sexiest female teachers, if word had not been constantly spread about what I was doing. Lola (she told me to call her that) and I finished up with me pounding her cunt mercilessly for at least a quarter of an hour, trying extremely hard not to grunt with my every thrust and movement, while she was only just able to keep quiet.

When I entered the staff room, I found not only Ms. Terrence present, but also Ms. Machini, the head teacher, and just as foxy as her contemporary. She was also short, slim, with lovely, small, round breasts and a huge arse that didn’t really suit her frame, but was custom made for fucking. Can you guess what happened? Oh Cole, you are just too predictable.

So, I ended up partaking in a ménage a trois with them, right then (it was class time, so we had our privacy) and there, and it was an intensely enjoyable experience. As I rammed Ms. Machini from behind, her on all fours and my hands wrapped around and caressing her breasts, she was engulfed by Ms. Terrence’s hairy cunt, which I would taste again later on, and she was licking and sucking frantically. It was this sight that really drove me to that particular orgasm.

Though this seems like a perfect addition to your average day, it didn’t turn out to be. Having changed positions (we were all now completely naked, and quite clearly, not focusing at all on the possible outcomes of our irresponsible behaviour), I was flat on my back on the carpeted floor, and being ridden by both outrageously hot women, Ms. Machini on my face, and Ms. Terrence my cock. What’s more, they were facing each other and kissing passionately.

This was when the door burst open, and the shit hit the fan—Ms. Milson was staring at us all, goggle eyed and red-faced, my former principal having caught us all. She quickly closed the door as the two teachers jumped off me, and we all, quite comically in the end, attempted to hide both our nakedness and what we had been doing. Unfortunately, achieving success here was impossible.

I knew I couldn’t get into any trouble because I was no longer a student, but I really did not want to get Ms. Terrence and Ms. Machini fired—they were truly great teachers and extremely nice people (and thankfully, with sexual appetites to match mine). What happened next was just awful. Instead of showing intense anger or displeasure at what we were doing, she began unbuttoning her blouse, saying:

“Lola, Danielle, I’m very unimpressed with both of you. But I haven’t had a cock in years, and Cole’s looks huge (I’m really not that big). If we can fuck, Cole, no-one need know about what has happened in here.” Both of my old history teachers nodded in relief and my sense of honour and decency forced me to do what I did next—I fucked my old school headmistress, and for the first time in my life, not out of choice or desire. I could not let Ms. Machini and Ms. Terrence get fired because I had been horny, so this was the only solution.

You may wonder why this was so terrible, and threatened to completely ruin my day. Well, put it this way, if I had wanted to fuck Ms. Milson, I would have done so at some point during my school career—at school, pretty much the only girls and ladies that I had not yet screwed were those I would never want to.

Ms. Milson is in her late 50s, with red frizzy hair, yellow teeth and a face that demands the call wrong. About her only decent feature is her rack—she has a truly magnificent pair of tits, in terms of their size. The only person I’d ever fucked who could rival those was Amber, who I’d tit-fucked during a free period in the back corner of the library (it was empty). We had snuck back there, she had taken her top off and lain down on her back, and I had climbed on her chest and rode the length of my prick between her glorious mounds for what seemed an eternity of pleasure, before finishing off with her extremely hairy bush.

As Ms. Milson took off her shirt, I glimpsed her great big breasts under a conservative bra, and my hopes looked a little better. But when she removed the brassiere, I saw instantly that her tits were relatively ugly and decidedly sagged. I won’t give you the hideous details of the remainder of her naked body, but to sum up, she pretty accused izle much attacked me, riding me while engorging her breasts in my mouth. The only good thing was, I was able to watch as Ms. Terrence and Machini made out and fondled each other’s naked bodies, before quickly eating each other out.

Eventually, though, the ordeal ended (though not without Ms. Milson forcing her personal address on me for “future reference”—yeah, right) and I was able to escape back to my car. To be honest, the whole world looked different to me now, and not in the good way. However, I still felt physically intact so I drove off, and with plenty of time to kill, I was wondering where to head to and decided upon the park. Big mistake. When I arrived, the sight of Alison and Vincent met my eyes. This just wasn’t my day. They were sitting in the park, on a bench in a back corner, and were having an animated conversation while holding hands. It wasn’t that much of a co-incidence, considering we all lived in the same general area, quite close to our school, but it still hit me hard.

I guess it’s pretty clear that I still hadn’t gotten over Alison, and that I still had some semblance of feelings for her. Unfortunately that didn’t exactly help me in this situation, and it seemed like I was back where I had been for those many years Alison was with Brett—I was fucking every girl under the sun that I possibly could, when the one girl I wanted was beyond my reach.

I removed myself from the park and went back to my car. It took me a while, just sitting there, to collect and organise my thoughts. I knew I was still hung up on her, no matter what I told myself, or how I felt when I was with Ann and other girls. But what could I do? What got me the most was how unbelievably happy she looked when she was with him—just sitting there together, no sex, talking. It was exactly what Alison and I had done together so often during our relationship.

Feeling rejected and hurt, I pulled out of my parking space, and drove off. I had no sense of where I was going, until I found myself parking at the library. Strange, considering I wasn’t at University yet, and had no need for study. On the spur of the moment, hoping to alleviate my depression, I suppose, I climbed out of the car and went in. I got the shock of my life when I ran into another person from my past—Dariya, from primary school.

I hadn’t seen her since we were 12, and she looked completely different—my first thought was: great job growing up. It’s not that she was ugly before, or anything, it’s just that she had become someone extremely hot. And when I say extremely, I mean it—there are only a few people I class in those terms (Ann included). She stood before me in a mini t-shirt and short skirt, short brown hair that was slightly dyed-blonde, with nice, round and firm-looking breasts and sexy legs, surprisingly well tanned for an Asian girl. I couldn’t see her arse from in front of her (something I’ve often lamented), but I guessed it was as perfect as the rest of her. She had really sexy brown eyes, a flat nose and full lips to make your mouth water. My crotch twitched.

“Oh my god! Cole! Cole Calder! Is that you?” Hmmm…she remembered me.

“Hey. How’s it going? Dariya, right?”

“Yeah. God, I haven’t seen you since primary school. What was that, six years ago?”

“Yeah. Where’d you end up going to high school?”

“Oh, I went to Santa Sabina. Do you still live around here?”

“Yep, that’s right. It’s probably a little strange that we haven’t bumped into each other yet.”

“I know. What are you doing here? Not studying, I hope.”

“No way! I was just cruising around in my car. I must really have nothing on, or be really bored, to come here. Sounds pretty pathetic, I guess.”

“Well that says something, since we’re both here.” She laughed sexily, and I smiled broadly down to her (I suppose I am pretty tall).

“So, Dariya, would you like to catch up over a coffee?” I know that sounds a little out of the blue, but I’ve got to admit, I was both bored and depressed, and seeing her seemed like a good way of lifting my spirits.

“Are you asking me out?”

“Of course, honey,” I laughed.

“Well, you’re pretty hot, so okay.” This time she laughed, and I escorted her ’round the corner to a café. We sat there drinking our coffees while having quite a time reminiscing about our childhood days.

“You were such a player with the ladies, Cole,” Dariya suddenly burst out. “I remember you kissed my friend Karin behind the toilet blocks at lunchtime. Do you remember?”

“No, I don’t actually. I wish it had been you, though.” I know, I know, that sounds corny, but I wasn’t telling a lie.

“Ooooh. Nice line, Cole.”

“Yeah, whatever Dariya,” I joked. I sensed the line had some effect, though, when she started playfully rubbing my thigh. I smiled at her, and her eyes twinkled mischievously. I decided to be bold, and so put my own hand on her thigh, which unlike mine was bare. I rubbed her upper leg softly, and she moaned quietly.

“That feels really nice, Cole,” she whispered in my ear. I decided to play it out a little alef izle further, and so moved my hand up her leg, towards the hem of her skirt. I half-thought she would stop me, but she faintly nodded, and soon my hand had reached her soft, lacy, sexy underwear. I rubbed her huge pussy lips through the fabric of her panties, before reaching under them and feeling her thick bush. She was already wet, which turned me on even more.

She moved her chair a little closer to mine, for better access, and I increased my efforts, beginning to finger-fuck her hot cunt. She was incredibly tight, tighter even than Alison, and I enjoyed her glorious hole, forcing three fingers into her glistening pussy. As I continued to masturbate her she leaned across the table to kiss me. I leaned forward and our lips met, and as her lips parted and she stuck her tongue completely in my mouth, I felt an explosion of fluid as she came all over my hand, gasping audibly as she did so. By now I was rock hard, and she broke the kiss, saying:

“That was amazing, Cole. Can we get out of here?”

“Sure…but where to?”

“What about back into the library?”

“Kinky…I like it. Let’s go.” I followed her to the register to pay for the coffee, while admiring her beautiful butt for the first time. It was firm, round and not too large—the perfect bottom. As we crossed the street back to the library entrance I rubbed the bare cheeks of her arse under her skirt (evidently she was wearing a thong) and its smoothness amazed me. She looked back up at me, and we began kissing again, before going into the library and heading for the quietest corner. It was the middle of the day, so no one was around, anyway.

We paused for just a few seconds, before we began to kiss passionately again, this time barely able to stop for breath. To be honest, she kissed as well as anyone I’d ever been with before. I lifted her shirt over her head to reveal a pink lacy bra, which housed her awesome breasts. I broke our kiss and immediately attacked her breasts, bra still in place. There was quite a bit of cleavage exposed, so I focused on that, kissing and licking her soft, creamy mounds. She moaned, running her hands through my hair, holding my head in place. My busy hands were fast removing her skirt and it fell to the ground in a heap with her shirt. I can’t tell you just how sexy she looked with nothing but that matching pair of panties and bra on. She quickly took my shirt off, and bent down to unbuckle my belt and remove my trousers. She pulled my boxers down and suddenly took my whole member into her mouth, causing me to groan loudly. She slurped loudly on my cock, and it wasn’t long before she was swallowing my come—she had the mouth of a serpent.

Once I was finished, I pulled her to her feet and ripped off her bra and panties, desperately wanting her, desperately needing her. I paused for the briefest of moments to take in all of her beauty, and then I was inside her, my hands holding her hips, my lips locked with hers. I withdrew for a second, then entered again, and started fucking her with all the authority I had. My hands moved around to her round butt cheeks and while caressing them, I also used them to push her onto my cock. God that felt good.

“Oh, fuck, Cole! Fuck me now. Fill me up. I’m coming! Can you feel me?”

“Yes baby, it’s fucking awesome. I’m about to come, too, Dariya. You’re so fucking sexy. Ooooooohhhhhhhh, Daaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrriiiiiyyyyyyaaaaaaa!” I finished shuddering, pulled out of her, and kissed her once more. We both began to dress, but I hadn’t been completely satisfied yet, so I only let her put her shirt on. I pocketed her bra and panties, while we left her skirt on the floor.

I knelt down in front of her hairy cunt, and breathed in her beautiful, alluring aroma. I blew softly on her pussy and she moaned, before I moved my mouth closer, extended my tongue and began licking her outer lips. She tasted amazing. I began eating her out more quickly and frantically, while still caressing her bare arse with my hands. She held my head in place, and began thrusting her hips forward to meet my tongue. I pushed my tongue out at full strength and held it as stiffly and firmly as I could, as she fucked my mouth.

Soon she was groaning uncontrollably and I felt her juices flowing down, and I swallowed them as best I could. In her weakened state, I decided to attack her fully and so found her clit and began sucking furiously on it. Within seconds she was cumming again, but by now my cock was again rock hard.

Somehow, she seemed to sense this and she pulled my head away from her pussy, pushing me down onto the floor, on my back. She immediately climbed on and straddled me, before forcing her sopping cunt onto my hungry prick. She began to ride me, moving faster and faster as she went, and making constantly more noise. To be brutally honest, we were both yelling at the top of our voices by the end of it, a direct antithesis of what is expected in a library. When she was riding me, though, it did not matter at all, and she had soon shed her shirt for the second time. Not long after, her entire breast was engorged upon my mouth, and I was sucking and slurping away, as she finally brought herself and my cock to another stunning climax. She climbed off, and I got to my feet, before quickly grabbing and turning her, lubricating her tight arsehole with our juices, and entering her with one swift movement. She let out a grunt, and I said:

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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