Depravity Ch. 02

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Big Dick

Shortly after, my son became sick and just couldn’t pull out of it. Our Physician sent him to a specialist, who sent him to another and another. In the end he went to no less than fourteen Doctors. He was referred to Barnes, Mayo, and MD Anderson. In the end the prognosis was always the same, ‘Terminal.’ They all said that with his, two sentence long named disease he had at most two years to live. I forbade his Drs. to tell him, and dealt with my devastation of his death sentence. By the time we exhausted all treatment chances I had sold the house, emptied my retirement account, and spent all of our savings. The only thing we had left, or rather Lawrence had left, was his survivor social security.

I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just telling of the events that actually led to my next step into more depravity.

Lawrence’ birthday was coming up and I wanted to make it the best one possible. We had just moved out of state to a big city, so he didn’t have any friends around. The only thing going for us was that I was making more than twice the money I made before.

The more I thought of my son dieing the more I thought of making sure he had a sex life. He didn’t have a girl friend, and I had found the signs of his jacking-off as well as heard him several times, so I decided that for his birthday, I would suck his cock as a bonus to his gifts.

I had been kind of teasing him with looks at my body for a couple of weeks. I knew he was looking at me and I deliberately let him see more and more. Accidentally, of course.

On his birthday, I started out normally attired and using the heat as an excuse, I switched to a very skimpy outfit. I changed into a mini-skirt, see-through purple panties, and a halter-top with no bra. I felt so nervous and naughty that I came close to backing out.

I let him sleep late and after lunch I kept him busy helping me do little things around the house. I made sure that I brushed against him, bumped him or touched him, repeatedly. I also made sure he caught me looking at his crotch several times.

By supper time he had a noticeable bulge that he kept trying to hide from me. As I prepared supper, I had him stay in the kitchen to help out. I knew I could touch and tease continuously. I would deliberately bend over so he could look down my top and see my bare tits. My nipples were staying hard and pushing at the material, saying, “Look at me, I’m turned on.” I bent from the waist knowing he could see my pussy through my panties.

Once, I looked through my legs and saw him rubbing his cock through his pants as he looked at me. His eyes caught mine and he turned beet red as he looked away quickly.

After supper we went to the living room for presents. I quickly removed my panties as I followed him. As I handed him his first present, I made sure he got a good close look at my tits, and then as I turned and bent to pick up the next one, I flashed my bare pussy at him. When I turned around to hand it to him his mouth was open and his hands were in his lap. He didn’t want to move his hands to take the present and when he finally did, I saw the outline of his hard cock and moaned. Lawrence’ hands were shaking so bad he almost dropped the present before ripping the paper to shreds. The last present, I turned slowly and spread my legs before bending to pick it up. I heard my son moan loudly as he saw my fully exposed glistening pussy.

Still bent, I looked back and asked, “What’s the matter, Honey?”

“Oh God, Mom, you’re flashing me!” He said lustily.

“Yes Dear, I am,” I said as I put my hand over my pussy, “I wanted to get you ready for your real gift.”

“Real gift, Mom, what real gift?” He moaned.

I quickly went to stand between his legs bent forward taking his face in my hands as I kissed him and slid my hand to rub his hard cock. He moaned and hunched against my hand as I sat on my heels. Keeping eye contact, I undid his pants and pulled them and his shorts down and off his legs.

“What are you doing? Oh God, Mom!” He grunted out. His young cock bouncing up and down slapping his stomach.

“If you want me to, I’m going to suck your cock.” I said as I ran my hands up his legs.

“Really! You’re not teasing me are you? Please tell me you’re not teasing me!” He pleaded.

“Mommy’s not teasing Honey.” I said as I wrapped my fingers around his cock.

“Oh Jesus, I can’t believe this.” He moaned, his eyes full of lust.

Keeping eye contact, I leaned forward and licked from his balls to the tip of his cock. He went stiff as a board and I thought he would cum right then, but he held back. With my tongue flat against his cock, I opened my mouth, closed my eyes and took him in my mouth. He moaned loudly, stiffened again, and hit the couch with his fists, but he didn’t cum.

As I started moving my head up and down, he moaned, “I can’t believe how good this feels.”

A half a dozen bobs later and I felt his cock pulse as his delicious cum filled my mouth. He hadn’t said a word to Esenyurt Escort Bayan warn me, he just erupted in my mouth.

He went soft immediately and I noticed he was breathing heavily, so I looked up at him and saw that he had passed out. Making sure I got all of his cum, I moved up next to him and took him in my arms. I just rocked him in my arms until he came around almost five minutes later.

When he opened his dazed eyes, he asked what happened. I squeezed him and told him he passed out.

“Did, you! Did, I!” He stammered.

“Yes Dear.” I said as I squeezed him.

When his hands moved, I started playing with his balls and asked him if he would like me to do it again. “Really! You’d do it again? Would I ever! Oh, My God, I’m sorry if I came in your mouth Mom!” He exclaimed.

“I wanted you to cum in my mouth,” I said softly, “I’ll always want you to cum in my mouth.” I said softly. Then I kissed him and slid down to suck his cock again.

“Oh Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.” He moaned repeatedly.

I was able to sense him now and stopped to tease while he settled down. I loved the way my sons cock felt in my mouth. The skin on its head was so smooth and tight. The flange was a good quarter inch and studded with little bumps that tickled my tongue and lips. I could feel the ridges and veins down the shaft to its base as my tight lips moved over them. The skin, so soft and stretchy as my lips pulled it up and down. I was locking it all in my memory as my mouth and tongue worked over his cock. After fifteen minutes, I finally let him cum. There was so much that it was dribbling down his cock even though I tried to keep it in my mouth. After he softened, I licked up what I missed.

As I sat up Lawrence said, “I Love You, Mom. I Love You. I Love You. I Love You.”

I caressed his cheek and kissed him, knowing that things between us were at a whole new level.

“Mom?” He said softly.

“Yes Honey.” I said as I looked at him.

“What made you do this?”

My heart jumped in my throat. I couldn’t tell him it was because he was dying and I wanted him to know sensual pleasure. “I’ve noticed how you’ve grown and I just couldn’t get you out of my mind. You were constantly in my mind to the point of driving me crazy. So, I threw caution to the wind and decided to give you this kind of birthday present.” I said as I caressed his face.

“Is this the end of it or can I, uh, we, do more?” He whispered.

I kissed him and said, “Oh Honey, I was hoping we could,” and I fondled his balls again. “Is there something on your mind?” He was staring at my tits and I smiled great big as I placed his hand on one.

He moaned along with me as he gently squeezed it. I reached up, untied the halter strap and let it fall across his hand. He gulped, moaned and smiled as he pulled his hand free to gently caress both tits. His touch was so light that it tickled, raising goose bumps on my flesh, especially my aureole, which he barely touched as he ran the tip of his finger around it. My stomach jerked and he pulled his hand away, but I grabbed it and put it back, not wanting him to stop.

“Do what you want, with them.” I moaned, and he was driving me crazy with his continued light touch.

When his hand moved from that tit, he kissed the nipple, while teasing the other one. I was panting now, and wanting relief for my flowing pussy. I touched my pussy with one hand and pulled his head into my tit with the other. He started sucking the nipple pressed in his mouth, while squeezing and pulling the other. My pussy was flowing and I had to have his mouth. I stood pulling him with me, then I turned my back to him and put both of his hands on my tits and slowly walked to his room. I could feel his hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass. Once there, we removed the rest of our clothes. We stood there making out like teenagers, hands going everywhere. I couldn’t take it anymore; I wanted his mouth on my pussy. No, I wanted his cock! I maneuvered us to the bed until we fell together, making it shake violently. His hand found my pussy and I moaned deeply in our kiss, rotating my hips to his touch. I started shaking in orgasm and my son pulled back looking at me amused.

When I opened my eyes, I moaned, “Your mouth, please use your mouth.” He had a questioning look and I begged, “Oh God, Lawrence, Eat Me, Please, Eat Me!” He immediately smiled and slipped his fingers in my pussy as his palm rubbed my clit. I started into another orgasm and fucked his fingers as once more I begged, “Please use your mouth. Please! I want your mouth on my pussy. Please, Oh Please.”

He quickly sucked my nipple and nibbled and kissed his way to my pussy. When I felt my sons hot breath on my clit, I had another orgasm, rubbing his back and head to urge him on to my goal. I was consumed with lust for my son’ mouth to eat my pussy and please me.

‘Oh God, Stephanie, what are you doing? This is your son!’ I thought. The momentary concern passed quickly as all Avcılar Escort Bayan I wanted was a mouth, his mouth, pleasing my pussy. My hands and moans were urging him on but he was taking his time which was driving me mad. I brought a hand to my tit so I could play with the aureole and nipple as I wiggled my ass to get at his mouth. He moved away from me and I reached out for him before feeling him between my legs. As I spread my legs I felt his hands on my thighs and his lips kiss my mound. I shuddered in ecstasy as he kissed my clit. He kissed the bend of my leg, my thigh, the bend again, my clit, the other bend, the other thigh and back again, and again, causing me to moan and roll my hips. When he kissed my clit after many passes, I grabbed his head and held him there while shaking in another orgasm. His hands massaged the bend of my legs as his tongue, his wonderful tongue, licked my pussy, causing me to moan loudly. He started licking and sucking my pussy, as I thought, ‘Oh God, my son’s a natural!’ He sent wave after wave of orgasm through me, causing me to shake violently, delirious with pleasure.

Suddenly he was gone; my hands went to my pussy, and my shaking subsided, as I thought, ‘Where is he?’ Coming to my senses, I opened my eyes to see my son, kneeling between my legs stroking his cock. I knew what he wanted, I wanted it too, but couldn’t, not yet. No not yet! Not yet able to fuck my son, I bound up at him, knocking him on his back and almost off the bed. Before he could recover, his cock was in my mouth as I sucked like a mad woman. I loved my son’ cock and started using my lips and tongue on its so smooth head as I gently stroked its length. The head was so smooth and felt so good as I rubbed it all over my face while looking in his eyes. I sucked it, licked it, and rubbed it on my face for several minutes while looking him in the eyes. I loved watching his expression and hearing him moan.

I sucked his balls and slowly licked up the length of his shaft, before asking lustily, “Ready to cum in Mommies mouth?”

I squeezed the base of his cock and licked the underside as he moaned, “Oh God, Mom, Yessss!”

I slowly took his entire length in my mouth and fondled his balls causing him to twitch and moan. As I slid my mouth up his cock he grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth. I encouraged him by going, “Umm,” on each thrust. I wanted my son’ cum and tightened my lips around his cock while pushing my tongue against the underside. Suddenly he became still as his cock throbbed, his body barely jerking as his cock filled my mouth with his sweet cum. I sucked greedily until his cock stopped pulsing through his ejaculation, then I started milking his cock with my mouth. His hands fell from head and his breathing almost stopped as he passed out again.

Taking his now soft cock in my hands and kissing it, I looked up at my passed out son. Moving up along side of him, I rolled him into my arms and held him close. I fell asleep like that.

When I opened my eyes it was twilight, we had slept like that all night. Easing out of bed so as not to awaken him, I hoped I hadn’t made a mistake. I pulled the covers over him, caressed his face and lightly kissed his forehead before going to take a shower. After my shower, I went and prepared a hardy breakfast.

I had everything ready and was about to call Lawrence, when he walked in wearing a robe. Yawning and stretching he said, “That delicious smell woke me up.”

“Let’s eat.” I said cheerfully.

All through breakfast Lawrence kept giving me funny looks until I asked him what was on his mind. He looked at me with a deep thoughtful look and asked, “Did what happened last night really happen? Or was it all a fantastic dream?”

I took his hand, and said, “It happened honey. It happened, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. You don’t mind what we did, do you.”

“I loved it. I don’t want it to ever stop. We are going to do it some more aren’t we?” He said emphatically.

I smiled and we talked about it for an hour. I made it clear to my son that I wanted to suck his cock anytime he wanted me to. I also made it clear that I could not let myself fuck him. It had to be everything but fucking. I also knew that I was going to fuck my Son.

We settled into, mutual oral sex, three or four times a day, and I was enjoying the hell out of it.

One day we wanted to go to a movie but each of us wanted to see a different one. We ended up deciding to watch both movies and eating out downtown. We sat through both movies, leaning on each other and stealing occasional touches. As our meal started, I slipped my high heel off and rubbed Lawrence’ cock with my foot, causing him to choke on a bite. A few minutes later I felt Lawrence’ foot on my pussy, causing me to choke on my drink.

As we left the restaurant, all I could think about was sucking his cock. It got the best of me and I turned down an empty street. As I stopped the car, I told him to get his cock out. He hesitated and I told him to hurry up. Lawrence wasted no time in getting his pants down and I attacked his cock. When I had emptied his balls, I raised up to see two black boys watching through the window. I gasped and looked at Lawrence, his eyes were closed and his head was lying back on the seat. I quickly sat back, jerked the car into drive and peeled out of there. Lawrence jumped up, wanting to know what happened. I told him about the two black boys and he laughed. This made me angry and the next day I didn’t do anything with him; that is until supper. I finished before he did and slipped under the table to suck his cock. I already knew what I was going to do and when he came in my mouth I didn’t swallow it, I kept as much as I could in my mouth. I crawled out from under the table and pulled him up to kiss him, grabbing the back of his head as I did so. As his lips parted, I passed his fresh cum into his mouth. He tried to pull back, but was trapped between my hand and my mouth. Then he tried to give it back to me, but my tongue blocked him. He had to swallow it, and after he did, I stepped back and said, “That’s for laughing at me.”

Over the next few days, Lawrence tried to position himself and fuck me several times, but I stuck to the ‘No Fucking’ rule. He tried, one last time, and it both annoyed and broke my defenses. I told him that the only way he was going to fuck me was to do something I wanted and to do it exactly as I wanted. A few minutes passed and he asked me to tell him what I wanted. I told him that I wanted him to get me some black boys to suck off. He said that it wasn’t a problem there were some down the street. I told him that wouldn’t do; it had to be some boys I would never see again.

He said, “Two or three?”

I said, “Six! I want six!”

He said he would do anything I wanted, but I told him he had better think about it for a while and sleep in his own bed that night. I knew it was torturing him, but it was also torturing me, as all I could think of was fucking my son and sucking those unknown young black cocks. I spent the night with my artificial penis in my pussy.

I was just about to tell my son to forget the whole thing over breakfast, but he spoke first, saying, “Tell me exactly what you want Mom, so that I do it right.”

I was shocked. I honestly expected him to try and get me to let him do something else. “Ok,” I said, “You get clean cut boys. No gang member types. I want it recorded, so the boys will have to agree to being taped. You make sure our camcorder is working properly; I’ll buy another and a package of tapes. You will be doing the taping, so I expect you to do a good job. You cannot tell them I am related to you. This is going to be very dangerous for me, with boys. When you have it all set up with the boys, we will get adjoining rooms at a motel across town. When you and the boys are settled in and comfortable in one room, I’ll open the door for you to enter the other room. I will explain the ground rules, they are there only to get their cocks sucked, if there are any complaints or mouthing off, it ends there and you will all leave. You will find your own way home.”

Lawrence remained silent, for several minutes, with his eyes lowered. Just as I turned to leave, he said, “I’ll do exactly as you said. And you better keep your word.”

I spun around, glaring at him, and sternly said, “Forget it. That threat just lost you your chance, and for that matter, anything else for a while.” I could tell my statement crushed him because he sighed loudly and slumped down. As I walked away, I heard him crying. It hurt me to, but threats in a relationship are not acceptable. I’ve seen too many relationships destroyed by threats and verbal abuse. I wiped my eyes and settled down to watch TV.

I was half way into the second program when I heard Lawrence enter the room. He just stood silently behind me. I glanced at the mirror and saw his head down and shoulders slumped. Not saying a word, I let him stand there. During each commercial, he edged closer, still neither of us spoke.

When the show ended, Lawrence spoke, “Mom, can we talk?”

“Not now,” I said sharply, “I want to be alone. You should go to your room.”

“Mom Please!” He begged softly.

“Not Now!” I said very sharply.

He let out a painful moan and shuffled to his room.

That night was as painful for me as Lawrence and I didn’t sleep or relieve myself. All I thought about was our relationship. My son had to remain, my son. He couldn’t be my equal and he certainly could not be my master.

I heard him stirring, early in the morning. I lay there listening and waiting until I smelled breakfast cooking. Smiling, I said to myself, “My darling Son is trying to make up.” I got up and put on my full length robe when I heard dishes rattling and walked to the kitchen.

As I entered, Lawrence said, “This is the new me Mom, I hope it pleases you.”

“Very nice. Much better than last night.” I said and touched his arm.

I sat and he served me then himself and we ate in silence. When we finished, Lawrence washed the dishes as I sipped a cup of coffee. When he finished, he asked me if there was anything he could do for me.

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