Dina’s Sexy Elevator Ride

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She looked gorgeous. I was at a fund-raising party in Miami and there were the usual assortment of gorgeous women, most young, shapely, well dressed and vacuous. I saw Dina in a corner, sitting, smiling, swirling a drink, her snow-white hair short framing a very pretty, wonderfully smooth-but-wrinkled face. I’m 22 and she was, I soon found out 71. Incredible, I thought, watching her wrinkled but solidly muscled legs flash in her short skirt, freckled and sexy.

I went over to her on the couch she sat upon, smiling and introducing myself. We made casual conversation, me admiring her unreal body and noting the sexy, deep wrinkles in her neck and throat and upper chest, her arms and the slight sag in her meaty thighs and supple calves. She smiled and leaned toward me as she took note of my hard-to-hide stares.

“I’d like you to get on your knees before me, smell and lick my old feet, work your way up my muscular calves and thighs and feast upon my very hairy, very demanding cunt,” she growled, slightly buzzed from her rum drink, sitting back to watch my reaction.

She got it and took note of my cock about to burst out of my pants. She looked around and quickly uncrossed and crossed her legs, giving me a quick shot of the silver bush between those amazing thighs.

“Well?” she asked impatiently.

“Honey….there are…people around, ya know?” I stammered, totally captivated by her take-charge manner.

“Get creative,” she growled, reading my confused look. “If you can casino siteleri make me cum with your young tongue, I’ll give you a blowjob you will never forget. If not, oh well, you’ll walk around with a big stiff dick all night and nowhere to put it.”

I racked my brains and came up with something.

“We’re on the ground floor of a 100-story building,” I said. “Elevator to the top will take a couple minutes. Is that enough time to make you come?”

“I don’t know, is it?” she laughed, standing. “Only one way to find out.”

I watched her amazing calves ripple and roll under the saggy skin as we went to the elevator. To warm her up, I took her in my arms, kissing and licking her face, neck, lips, marveling at the soft, silky feel of the saggy wrinkled. She kissed back, cupping my ass.

“Worship my neck, the sags, the flesh, the folds, I love having my neck and throat suckled and adored!” she commanded.

The elevator opened. We stepped in. Instantly, she pushed me to my knees, leaning back on the rail, spreading her legs, lifting her skirt to expose her amazing rugged thighs and a huge silver haired bush, with puffy lips within.

“Lick, boy,” she growled, pointing. “Make granny cum with your tongue!”

I dove in, the scent immediate, floral and musky, lapping the lips, sucking them into my mouth, finding the engorged nub and dribbling it like a basketball. She growled in pleasure, and I palmed her big, lusty thighs as they slowly encircled güvenilir casino my neck and face, smothering me, squeezing me.

“I have amazingly strong thighs for a 71 year old woman, I work out a lot, run and when I cum, I cum hard, so you’ve been warned,” she hissed, slamming her thighs around my skull, crushing it and grinding her gushing cunt to my trapped mouth, leaning against the wall of the elevator, me the only thing holding her up. “Feel those wrinkled old thighs stud, feel that muscular, old flesh in your hands!”

I moaned in pain and pleasure as Dina’s huge, thick, fleshy, wrinkled thighs devoured my skull and she used my face for her pleasure, flooding my face with her juices, her calves locked behind me, the thighs quivering as they squeezed, slapping at my face in a meaty wave. I screamed in pain and tried to pull them apart to no avail. She came long and hard and by the time we reached the top, had released me from her leggy grip and stood, smoothing her short skirt over those impossibly beautiful, wrinkled, muscular thighs.

“Now your turn, stud,” she sighed as she pressed the button to go down.

And she did, kneeling, freeing my cock and inhaling it in one gulp, deep throating all seven inches of my thick dick, something not many can do. I looked down in amazement, her blue eyes looking up at me, all that wrinkled flesh in her lips folding around my cock, her neck a blossom of sexy, silky, fleshy folds. She bobbed up and down rapidly, fondling canlı casino my balls and then took me deep. She milked her throat muscles and I felt my load explode from the nuts she was mercilessly crushing in her bony, freckled, wrinkled hand, and she took the first shot into her slim belly, then pulled back to coat her wrinkled, moaning face in my jism, then her neck, her entire face, from cheeks to chin, to throat, neck and upper wrinkled chest, loaded with a sheen of my hot cum.

She stood. We had about 30 seconds left. She looked at me.

“I need to be cleaned, quickly, and have no tissue nor towel,” she growled, lifting her head and showing me the thick gobs of cum on her exquisite neck and throat. “Lick your cum from me, and be quick about it!” I didn’t hesitate, d iving in, slobbering and moaning, attaching my mouth to the soaking wet wrinkles and folds of her amazing neck and throat, gobbling down my cum for the first time ever, I couldn’t stop. I worked the stuff from her lovely upper chest, cleansing the wrinkled, folded, freckled flesh and up around her neck again, and her chin, cheeks and forehead, everywhere there was a speck of my cum coating her gorgeous old wrinkled face. Just as we reached the bottom, I was done, standing back to look at her beaming, shiny face and neck.

The door opened, others came in. A woman stopped to look at Dina.

“You have a glow my dear, and your face, throat and neck look lovely, did you just put on some sort of cream!”

“I did indeed, the fountain of youth I like to call it,” she laughed.

We went back to the party. I never took my eyes off her as she flirted with other men. Her ass looked good enough to eat in her tight skirt…and perhaps later she would allow me that honor…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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