Elevator Sex Story

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I had a rough three weeks at the office; nothing seemed to go right for me. First I had three people quit on me and I had fire one guy, which meant me to hire replacements who knew nothing about office work and of whom I had to train. Then one of the computers was wiped clean from a virus and I had to get a whole knew one and re-enter every single file that was in the old one. Three shipment came in late, there was a fire in the break room, someone stole $500 in office supplies, I had to work several late nights, two people got the flu (they weren’t faking, I actually went to their homes to see if they really did have the flu), and to top it off we had to move everything to another floor which didn’t make sense because it was just like the old floor except this one two extra cubicles. And if that didn’t beat all, my girlfriend, Linda, left me for my best friend (that bastard). And that happened before all the problems at work rose so you know how much that added to my stress.

I related all of this to another friend of mine (who now became my new best friend), and he said the same thing that every other guy would say, “Dude. You need to get laid badly.” And he’s probably right about that. The last time I had sex was one month before Linda left me. She said she didn’t feel good, but it turned out she didn’t want to cheat on her second boyfriend with her first, ME!!! But with all the shit I had to deal with work at work I had no time for a relationship. I tried jerking off, that worked a little but not much. I’ve considered going to strip clubs for lap dances, but again I had no time for these things. I just had to wait until things settled down at work for me to find another woman… or go to a strip club… or if need be find a hooker.

Another week went by and I had to work late again. I thought I had to be there for hours, but luck was finally on my side and I finished early around 10pm. I finished up everything, cleaned up my desk, grabbed my jacket and headed to the elevator. I was finally in good spirits.

I got on the elevator and as soon as I got two floors down this incredibly sexy hot little thing entered. She was only a few inches shorter than me with short blonde hair and these incredible blue eyes. She wore a short skirt and showed off these incredible legs, and I can tell from the way her shirt was clinging to her chest that she had a full C-cup. I was really turned on by the sight of this gorgeous vixen; I thought my head was going to explode.

When she entered the elevator we looked straight at each other and said hello and stood next to me. I asked what floor she was wanted, it was the ground floor like me, and I punched in the button even though I didn’t need to because I already pressed it when I first got on. We just stood there next to each other not saying a word. I noticed that she was breathing heavily, I didn’t know why; I just assumed she had asthma or something.

Halfway down to the ground floor something happened. The power in the building suddenly went out and the elevator stopped. The emergency lights came on almost immediately, and the girl and I looked at each other with total shocked.

“What sometimes when we touch izle happened?” She asked me.

“I think the power is out in the building,” I replied.

“What?!!” She yelled. “Why? What happened? Why now?”

“I don’t know, just stay calm.”


Just then a phone started to ring and startled the girl. It was the emergency elevator phone behind a panel by the elevators’ door. It must not have been connected to the building’s electricity. I opened the panel and answered the phone; it was one of the security guards checking to see if there was anybody in the elevators, standard procedure I guess. He explained to me the situation and I hung up.

“Well, what did he say?” the girl asked.

“He said it’s only temporary and not to worry because they are working on it.”

“But did he say how long it will take?” she asked. She had her arms folded and appeared very jittery.


“What do you mean ‘no’? What the hell were the two of you talking about?”

“He was just telling me they were working on the problem, there’s no need to worry.”

“THERE’S A LOT TO WORRY!!!” she yelled. “I’m claustrophobic!”

That sure would explain the attitude and nervousness that I was seeing from her. I tried to calm her down as best I could by engaging her in conversation. Her name turned out to be Anna; she just started working on the same floor that I used to work on. Funny, isn’t it? She was also working late to catch up on some lost work before she decided to finish the rest in the morning and head home early. Too bad she didn’t think of those five minutes sooner. But on the other hand, maybe it was a good thing because I get to be trapped in an elevator with a hot piece of ass like her. We talked for nearly two hours, at first she seemed to calm down but as time flew by she became more nervous about the situation we were in. And to top it off it was getting very hot in the elevator. I took off my jacket and tie, took off my shoes, and unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt. Anna took off her she’s as well and undid the top 4 buttons on her shirt. I don’t think she cared that she was exposing some major cleavage. I tried not to look, but I couldn’t resist. Seeing those luscious tits of hers being held up by that sexy black bra was making me horny as hell. Lucky for me she was too busy trying to control her claustrophobia to notice me staring.

“How much longer do we have to be here?” she asked for the hundredth time.

“I don’t know,” I said. I tried calling the security guard again but no one was answering. I wish I could make her relax but I didn’t know how.

“I really can’t stay here much longer, I feel like I’m losing air.”

“Relax,” I said. “Is there something I can do to help?”

“No, not really,” she said.

“Come on. There’s got to be something I can do. What did you do the last time you had to deal with your claustrophobia?”

“I had sex,” she said without hesitation.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes! It really distracted me, and made special forces worlds toughest test izle me relax afterwards. But I can’t now, because I have no boyfriend and then there’s just you–”

At that point she looked at me with a lustful stare. Before I knew it she jumped right on top of me and started kissing me. I was a little shocked at first because these types of things has never happened to me, but then I got really into it and just let it happen. It was amazing; our lips were in total synch with each other. I never had a girl doing the things with her tongue that Anna was doing. She started unbuttoning my shirt and that’s when I did something completely stupid. I pulled her away and asked her…

“Are you sure you want to do this?” That was stupid, I risked a big no.

“Yes, of course.”

“But we just met.”


“You got a point,” and we resumed kissing.

We started taking each others shirts off; I finally got to see all of her massive tits in that black bra. She then got down on her knees and started taking off my pants and boxers. My dick shot up right into her face and hit her nose. My erection was huge, more so than it usually is, probably from the lack of sex I’ve had or the situation I was in. She grabbed that monster cock with one hand and begins stroking it and at the same time she was sucking my balls. I just met this woman and already she was sucking my balls, it took me three months to convince my ex-girlfriend to do that. Anna was really good at it too; it was like her entire mouth was giving my balls a massage. When she was done she moved up to the shaft and started sucking me off. She must’ve sucked a lot of cock in her life, because she knew exactly increase the sensation on my cock with every thrust into her mouth which was perfectly suctioned around the shaft.

After a few minutes she pulled my dick out of her mouth and layed down on floor as pulled me down with her. I started kissing her again then slowly started to move down her neck and then her chest. I pulled down the bra cups and started playing with her tits. I squeezed one with one hand and sucked the nipple on the other. Her nipples big and hard and as I sucked on them Anna moaned. I kept switching tits to suck on before I just stuck my face between them and smashed them around my face. You would think I never played with tits before with the way I was playing with them.

I finished playing with her tits because I was really anxious to fuck her pussy. I reached under her skirt and removed her panties which were very warm and wet. I spread her legs apart as I positioned myself right on top of her. Without hesitation I thrusted myself into her. The first few seconds were great; I missed that feeling of a woman’s hot pussy around my cock. I kept shoving myself in her with hard rapid thrusts, she moaned heavily as she scratched my back. My one hand was squeezing her left tit while the other was grabbing he thigh.

“Faster you prick!!!” She yelled. “Dogs fuck better than you.”

“You would probably know!” I yelled back.

I hoffman family gold izle took her challenge and used every ounce of strength I had to fuck her faster and harder. I can tell it was working from the way she was screaming into my ear and pulling the hair from the back of my head. I was pushing my cock to its limit and it never felt so good, this was exactly what I needed to relieve my stress. She forced me to turn over on my back so she could be on top. She began grinding herself on my cock. Her hands were on my chest grabbing my chest hair and pulling them as she was fucking me. She had this wild look on her face with a little drool coming out of the side of her mouth. I enjoyed watching her big titties bouncing around like water balloons; I reached up and grabbed them both. I started squeezing them at first then I started twisting her nipples, she really seemed to like that.

All of a sudden she stopped and got off of me. She stood up and faced the side of the elevator; she bent down a little from the waist and put her hands on the wall. I got on my knees and got behind her. I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her butt cheeks and I was face to face with her warm pussy. Without hesitation I started to tongue fuck her as I rubbed her clit. Her pussy was now dripping more of her juices which were dripping down my face to my chest.

She reached back with one hand to grab my hair and pull my face closer to her pussy. That’s when I knew she liked to be the one in control in sex, but I wasn’t going to let that happen. I pushed her hand away from my hair and stood up. She was about to stand back up but I forced her to stay in that position. I forced my cock back into her and started pounding her pussy with every ounce of strength I had. I was grabbing her one butt cheek with one hand and with the other I reached up and grabbed some of her hair and started pulling at it as I was fucking her. She seemed to like being hurt from the way she was screaming so I started smacking her ass as hard as I can until her right butt cheek was dark red. I knew I was about to cum really soon so I let go of her hair and grabbed her ass really hard. I held on for a few more minutes and tried to hold on a little more, but I couldn’t and with one last thrust I just blew all of my cum straight into her pussy.

My dick lost its erection and I pulled right out of her. We both sat down on the floor next to each other to catch our breathes.

“My claustrophobia is gone,” she said. “I feel more relaxed now.”

“That’s good,” I said. “So do I.”

“Also, I’m not on the pill.”

I looked at her completely shocked and yelled “WHAT??!!”

“Just kidding,” she said. We both laughed at that.

Suddenly the elevators emergency lights went off and the normal lights came back on as the elevator started to move downwards. We got off each other and rushed to put our clothes back on. She helped me straighten out my tie just before we got to the ground floor. When the elevator doors opened the security guard was there apologizing for the long delay, we told him it was no big deal and walked past him. We got to the parking lot and talked.

“Listen, I do have a boyfriend,” she said. I was taken completely by surprised. “So if you don’t mind–“

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” I said.

“I’m really sorry, it just my claustrophobia sometimes makes me do crazy things–“

“Not a problem, it was great.”

“Thank you,” she said as she walked away.

I walked to my car, got in, and drove off with a big smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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