Encountering Rita

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Big Tits

I remember fondly the first time that I ever made love to a real woman. I was eighteen, and while not a virgin, certainly the hurried groping in the rear seat of my car, with a girl as inexperienced as I, was not a very gratifying experience.

It was then that Rita came into my life. She was a close friend of my aunt back east who was moving to our city and needed a place to live for three months until she could move into the apartment she had leased. She was in her 30’s, had recently separated and was relocating to get a fresh start in a new environment.

My jaw had dropped when I answered the doorbell and saw her standing there. I had not met her previously and could not believe how stunning woman she was. She was tall, probably 5’10” or so and even though she was dressed conservatively, I could tell she had a terrific figure. Her auburn hair fell just past her shoulders and she had perhaps the most beautiful brown eyes that I had ever seen.

“You must be Eddie,” she said leaning close and giving me a hug and a soft kiss on the cheek, “I’m Rita.”

“N, N, Nice to meet you,” I stammered as I caught the subtle scent of her perfume, “Mom and Dad told me you were coming; they’ve gone out for a bit.”

After recovering from the initial impact of her presence, I helped her bring her things in from her car and showed her room, which was across the hall from mine. We chatted as I carried in her suitcases and several boxes and I immediately noticed that she was one of those people who just had to touch the person they were talking to. Several times she leaned close and I felt the swell of her breast press against me. To say the least; the closeness of this beautiful woman was arousing.

Once all her belongings were moved into her room, I left her alone to start unpacking and headed into the kitchen to make myself an afternoon snack. As I munched a piece of leftover chicken, I looked up and again was speechless as I saw her standing in the doorway.

She had changed into a tight fitting pair of jeans and black t-shirt pulled taut over her big beautiful breasts. She wore no bra, and her nipples were prominent under the thin cotton shirt. Having this hot woman around the house was certainly going to be interesting in the coming weeks. Obviously I was staring as she smiled and said, “You’re blushing Eddie, is there something wrong?”

Before I could respond, my parents came in the door and saved me from this awkward moment.

For the next few weeks, Rita was busy establishing herself at her new job and I was busy preparing for my mid terms, so we hardly saw each other, except in passing. I must admit, that she was always on my mind, and having such a gorgeous creature in the room across the hall made me horny and I lay in bed and masturbated on several occasions, thinking about her and her sexy body.

Rita had been living at our place for three weeks when my parents got a call about the death of a long time friend. They hurriedly made arrangements to attend the funeral and I drove them to the airport for a late night flight. It was well past midnight when I got home and just fell into bed, tired from a long day of classes and the 50-mile drive to the airport.

I was still half asleep the next morning as I stumbled from my room and headed toward the bathroom. Just as I was reaching for the doorknob, the door opened and Rita was there. She wore only a towel wrapped around her body and her hair was still damp from her shower. She smiled at me as I stared at her, my eyes wide because the towel left so much flesh revealed.

“You should really do something about that,” she said, her eyes dipping down to where my boxers were pushed out as if there was a tent pole underneath. She laughed as she brushed by me and headed poker oyna to her room, leaving me standing there glowing a bright red with embarrassment.

All I could think of as the hot water of the shower splashed on my body was Rita. Thoughts of pulling away that towel and revealing her gorgeous body filled my brain. My hand went to my cock, which was rock hard and I began to stroke myself, imagining being with her, and making love to her. Faster and faster my fingers slid up and down my swollen flesh. My body shook as I came, spurts of my jizz hitting the glass of the shower enclosure. I leaned back against the wall as the hot water washed away the gooey residue of my ejaculation.

Rita had already left for work when I exited the bathroom. I dressed and headed to class. All day I found it difficult to concentrate on the lectures, my thoughts constantly drifting to Rita.

When I arrived home, Rita was already there. Usually she worked late, but today she was home, sitting on the sofa, sipping a glass of wine. She smiled as I entered, raising her glass and saying, “Come celebrate with me Eddy, my divorce was finalized today!”

She poured me a glass of wine and I sat down in the chair beside the sofa. We clinked our glasses and I took a sip of wine as I let my eyes roam her body. God, she is a sexy woman, I thought.

She was dressed in a short skirt and white blouse. Her long legs were curled up underneath her making her skirt hike up and revealing the tops of her stockings. Her blouse was tight over her breasts, the top three buttons undone, and showing off her cleavage. I sat there mesmerized by this beautiful creature.

My trance was broken by the sound of her voice as she laughed and said, “You seem fascinated with my body Eddy, do you think I’m sexy?”

“Y,Yes,” I stammered as our eyes met and she flashed that brilliant smile of hers in my direction.

She stood then, moving to stand in front of me and her fingers moved to the buttons of her blouse. She kept her eyes on mine as she slowly undid them and pulled the garment off.

My eyes widened as I stared at her full breasts, encased only in the sheerest white bra, the hard dark tips visible through the thin material. I swallowed hard as I saw her fingers move to the clasp and zipper of her skirt which she quickly undid and then slid it down over the curve of her hips. As it fell to the floor she kicked it aside and stood before me wearing only her sexy underwear and stockings.

I was speechless as she moved closer, her almost naked body mere inches from me. I could feel my skin flush as my body was aroused by this vision before me.

She dropped down to her knees, her hands resting on the top of my thighs as she looked at me with those beautiful big brown eyes of hers. “Do I make you nervous, Eddie?” she asked whimsically.

“A little,” I whispered, my words catching in my throat.

“Relax,” she mouthed, “I know you have had the hots for me since the day I arrived. Her one hand lightly traced over the hard bulge in my jeans. “I’ve had thoughts about you too,” she whispered, “You are a sexy looking young stud!”

I thought that I would loose control right then and there. My mind was racing and my hands trembled as Rita leaned close and brushed her lips against mine.

Her lips were soft and wet, and the scent of her perfume filled my nostrils as we kissed. I was still motionless, not sure what to do, but knowing that I wanted this more than anything.

She stood up then, reaching back and unclasping her bra. Leaning forward, she let it slip slowly from her body, exposing those beautiful globes of flesh to my eyes. Her hands slid up under them, her fingertips moving to the long hard tips, rolling them as she asked, “You like, Eddie?”

“Oh canlı poker oyna god, yes,” I exclaimed, my eyes fixed on her, as she played with her nipples.

“They like to be kissed and sucked, Eddie,” she said playfully as she leaned forward, those magnificent tits swaying close to my face.

I reached out tentatively, cupping my hands under her breasts as my lips found one very hard nipple. I circled my tongue around it, savoring the texture as my lips surrounded it and I drew it into my mouth. My head was spinning, the blood pulsing in my temples as I suckled her.

I heard her moan softly as I enjoyed the feel of her nipple in my eager mouth. I felt her fingertips run through my hair, pulling my lips tighter to her. My hands were moving now, exploring the curves and turns of her lush body.

“Yes, Eddie,” she moaned, “Suck them hard!”

I obliged her, pulling the nipple deep into my mouth, my teeth lightly pressing the soft flesh of her breast. Her fingers gripped my hair, pulling my mouth from her breast and guiding it to the other one. This was sheer heaven I thought as I eagerly ministered to her.

I was under her spell, and she was in control, guiding me, leading me toward the ecstasy that I had lusted for since the day she arrived.

She pulled back then, standing and taking my hand, and leading me to her bedroom. As we entered, she turned to me and said, “Take off your clothes Eddie, I want to see that hard young body of yours!”

I quickly complied, pulling off my t shirt, kicking off my shoes and undoing my jeans. As I did Rita slipped her fingertips into the waistband of her panties, and sensuously wiggled them down over her hips. I gasped as her mound was revealed, a neatly trimmed tuft of hair above a shaved slit. She stood there, in only her stockings and was more beautiful than I could have believed, sexier than any Playboy model I had ever seen.

Nervously I slid off my jeans, standing there in just my boxers as Rita moved toward me. She pressed her body to mine, her leg pressing into the hardness of my erection. Her fingers deftly slid my shorts downward, her body sliding down as she did.

I groaned loudly as her fingers circled my engorged flesh. She looked up at me with those big eyes as she breathed, “You have a beautiful cock Eddie.”

My body trembled as she leaned close, pressing the length of my shaft against her cheek, rubbing it slowly over the soft smooth skin of her beautiful face. Her tongue flicked out, catching the drop of precum that oozed from the tip of my cock. My knees weakened as I felt her lips engulf the swollen spongy head. She moaned around my flesh, sending sweet vibrations through the shaft and down to my balls.

Her hands were moving on my body, caressing my thighs, massaging my heavy sac as she began to take my cock deep into her hot wet mouth.

Low growls of pleasure escaped my lips as she sucked me. The room seemed to spin, my body out of control, my breathing quickening as all my blood seemed to race to my cock. I cried out in pleasure as my cock exploded in her mouth, thick creamy cum shooting into the back of her throat. Her lips clamped tight around my flesh as I came, her hands cupping my bottom as she swallowed my seed.

She held me tightly, suckling my flesh until every drop of cum had been drained from my loins. I had never before experienced such a powerful orgasm. Then she let my still semi hard shaft slide from her lips as she looked up at me and smiled.

I felt embarrassed for cumming so quickly. “I, I’m sorry,” I stammered.

“Nothing to be sorry for,” she replied as she began to rise, “I wanted you to enjoy that, and we’ve only just begun.”

Her lips found mine then, not letting me say another word. internet casino We kissed, the salty sweet taste of my semen still lingering on her tongue. It must be a dream, I thought as we pressed together and the kiss deepened.

She moved away then, lying down on the big bed, her legs apart invitingly. “Your turn stud,” she said as she drew her finger slowly up through the glistening slit between her legs.

I needed no further invitation and moved between her legs, my hand sliding up the sides of her body. My lips found her breasts again, kissing, sucking, and gently nipping the soft sweet flesh. I had never tasted a woman’s pussy before, but I knew that it was what I wanted more than anything else that very minute.

I began kissing downward, my tongue trailing over her flat belly, swirling briefly in her navel, moving lower. As my lips encountered the silky tuft of hair, my nostrils flared as the musky scent of her sex filled them. Her hips rose slightly and her fingers again found my hair as my tongue slid into the sweet folds of flesh between her legs. I explored her, running my tongue around the outer labia, then letting it dip into the hot wetness of her. She guided me, moving me gently to the sensitive places. My tongue circled the sensitive button of flesh that unsheathed to my lips. I suckled that nub feeling Rita quiver as I did so.

I made love to her with my mouth, my initial hesitations vanishing as I began to enjoy the experience of giving pleasure this way. Rita was my teacher, gently guiding me with her hands, telling me in low whispers what she wanted me to do. I became lost in the beauty of her cunt, loving the scent, the taste and the feel of it against my lips.

I felt her body shake as her hips rose from the bed and her fingers gripped tightly in my hair. Her loud cries of pleasure filled the room as her body was enveloped by one orgasm after another.

My hands slipped under her buttocks, squeezing the smooth flesh as her sweet female ejaculate spurted into my greedy mouth. It was an experience that would remain burned in my memory for my entire lifetime. And the sheer joy of giving such pleasure would be something that would become my ultimate turn on from that day forward.

Then I felt Rita pull my head up, she looked into my eyes and exclaimed “Oh god Eddie, Fuck me!”

I moved up, my rejuvenated cock slipping into the heat of her hot centre. Her fingernails raked my shoulders as I thrust hard and deep. Her legs raised and we fucked like animals in heat, until the waves of pleasure broke over both of us again and together we cried out in ecstasy. I felt her flesh clench around mine as I came, milking my seed from me, rocking together until spent I collapsed in her arms and we held each other tight, savoring the moment. Her body felt so good as we lay together, her fingertips softly stroking my hair. The experience had far exceeded anything in my wildest imagination.

The room was still now, save for the soft sound of our breathing. I drifted off to sleep in Rita’s arms, content and happy having experienced the pleasures of this beautiful woman.

We made love over and over for the next three days, me missing classes and Rita calling in sick to work. Rita was my teacher, showing me the subtle skills of making love to a woman.

And then it was over, my parents returning home and within a few days Rita moving to her new apartment.

As I helped her load her things into her car on the last day, knowing that our trist had been a one time experience, she hugged me and whispered, “You are a wonderful lover Eddie, always remember me and what we shared.”

And then she was gone. I smiled to myself as I walked back to the house. Rita’s living with us had been a gift, a memory to be treasured and an experience to build on as I made my way through life. She had taught me that making love is a beautiful thing, and that giving pleasure was equal or better than receiving it. A lesson that I have never forgotten.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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