Erotic Pool Time with Mom Pt. 01

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Author’s note: All characters are above 18 years of age.


I have never been a particularly impulsive person. Granted, I get horny as much as the next guy, but I’ve always been able to quell irrational thoughts borne out of lust for a woman. I have always been able to exercise self-control.

But there have been a few times in my life when not even the most rational parts of my brain have been able to resist the primal urges which from time to time thrust themselves upon me. There have been a few times when I’ve risked my most cherished relationships because I’ve allowed my dick to lead me into waters unknown (no pun intended). What you are about to read is an account of one of the few times I’ve unleashed the primal ape inside of me, and the consequences of doing so.

At the time, I was 22 and my mother was 40. It might disappoint you to learn that she did not have a small waist, nor did she have toned legs, nor did she have an athletic butt. This did not disappoint me, however. As I observed my mother tanning next to the pool through my bedroom window, my cock grew swollen staring at her fat Double D tits, her plump thighs, and her giant, succulent ass.

Now my mother wasn’t one of those women who have just given up on life, and have allowed their bodies to grow into an amorphous blob. She just wasn’t a woman who went to the gym on a routine basis. She was (and is) a woman who is a bit bigger than “curvy,” but is still incredibly sexy. She has a youthful face and nice skin, has some cellulite on her giant ass (which was just eating up her flimsy shorts), and has monstrous tits which fight to escape her bra.

On this particular day, she was wearing short shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top. My mother is not a prude, and is not afraid to show off her assets. In fact, she often wears a combination of high heels and tight skirts that I’m sure she knows make guys around her as hard as a fucking rock. However, our pool is well within sight of the homes of our neighbors, so she makes an effort not to wear a one piece or any other garments that would allow her huge titties and ass to put on a show for the neighbors. We have a small fence enclosing our home, but it does little to stop wandering eyes from landing on my mom.

Still, she is a master at making dicks stand up and precum ooze out of tips. When she’s in the pool, she gets a kick out of doing flips that make a joke of her short shorts. Her incredibly sexy feet, thighs, and ass are on full display, but it’s a tease. In a couple of seconds, she will re-submerge into the water, leaving you ever more anxious to see that fat ass float back to the surface. If you’re patient enough, she will eventually emerge from the water, and begin her tanning session. She knows just how to arch her back, how to scrunch her toes, cevizli escort and how to arrange her arms (so that they squeeze together her huge titties), to leave you wanting to smack your balls against her ass crack while you suck on her tits.

I’m sure my married neighbors have sent their wives off to run errands while my mom is in the pool, so they can beat their dicks furiously to my mom’s pool show. It is almost as if she knows she has an audience, and does her best to make all the men watching her explode. Little did my mom know that her charms were working their magic on me. I was perhaps her most loyal spectator! I had busted countless times watching her tits sway in the water. I had dreamed time and time again of her ass draining my swollen balls. I even got off on the fact that random men were probably squeezing their cocks while watching my mom lay like a goddess in the sunlight.

But one day the pool shows stopped being enough. I became desperate and wanted nothing more than to plow my own mother. At the very least I wanted to see her tits. Not masked by her bra that was a couple sizes too small but in their full glory. So I began plotting ways to bury my dick deep inside her ass. Now my mother (as I’ve said) has never been prudish, but she is not so open-minded that she would simply show her tits to a begging son. So my approach had to be sophisticated, allowing me to gradually take from her the sexual gratification I wanted. With a rough sketch of the plan in my head, I walked towards the pool in swimming trunks, feeling in my stomach nothing but fear.

“Hi honey, you coming in?”

I enter the pool. The fear gripping my body begins to subside as I stare at the prize in front of me. She is swimming aimlessly around the pool.

“Water feels nice,” I said.

I begin to splash her with water, hoping to bring out in her a playful attitude that will be critical to my plan’s success.

“Baby stop. Why don’t we have a race?”

At this point I begin to pity my mother. She truly believes that what is responsible for my presence in the pool is my desire to play innocent games with her. She is completely oblivious to the fact that I want to bring her back in the house, pin her face against the bed, and pound her fat ass until there isn’t a single drop of cum left in my balls. She is oblivious to the fact that I want to push her legs towards her face, and suck on her busty tits until my dick violently erupts.

I disregard her silly suggestion, go underwater, and begin to pull her by her foot through the pool. She begins to laugh.

“Haha stop silly! What are you doing?” She says. She tries to push me back with her other foot.

This is my cue. She is in a playful mood. I show a false sense of anger at her kicking me erenköy escort and move in on her. I grab her knee, and then move up and circle my arm around her plump thigh for a better grip. I then put my other arm around her waist and throw her over my head.

She emerges from the water:

“Oh Yeah?” She says while laughing, as the brief skirmish begins to reveal some of her wet cleavage. Getting a glimpse of her thrashing titties makes me want to seal the deal. She is still oblivious to the fact that I want her to ride my cock until cum is seeping out of every orifice of her body.

She begins to splash me with water. My cock already leaking precum, I grabbed her hands and spinned her around. I pushed her against the wall of the pool, making a sandwich, with the pool wall in front, her in the middle, and me behind her. In the most daring step I had yet taken, I began to grind my semi-erect cock against her enormous ass.

Her fat ass felt wonderful on my cock, and I began to do deep thrusts, pushing my dick into the crevice in her shorts. I pushed my dick into her ass as if I wanted the head of my cock to tear through the fabric of her shorts, and still have enough power to penetrate any tight hole that might await it. She looked back at me while I was probing every inch of her ass crack with my cock and made eye contact. Her face was so close to mine that I could feel her breath hitting my face. At this point, she might not have known the extent of my plans, but she was gradually learning what my intentions were.

She eventually let out a laugh, and used her legs to push us both away from the wall. I was glad to find that she offered no serious protest to me shoving my erect cock into her ass. Her eyes told me that she wanted to see how artfully I could play such a naughty game. Why she allowed me to so brazenly take advantage of her? I think she has always been a masterful slut at heart. She has always been amused by men fawning over her delicious body, and has always been well aware of the power she holds over men who fall into a trance looking at her ass, tits, and thighs. Maybe she thought I’d be just another victim, who she’d lead on just to a few moments later crush, forcing me to relieve myself in the bathroom.

She began to doggy-paddle away from me, and said in a most teasing voice:

“Catch me if you can.”

Feeling that I had permission to continue my plan, I instantly pursued her, grabbing her hand and once again bringing her backside towards me. This time our little wrestling match was taking place in the middle of the pool, and she tried to dip underneath the water to escape my grip.

All of my previous inhibitions began to fade as my raging cock assumed full control of my body. I violently pulled her up from the water, esenyurt escort put my hands under her shirt and started groping her heavy tits.

“Oh my God honey what are you doing?!” she teasingly yelled, feeling that her games of temptation had gone too far. I heard her chuckle as the words left her mouth. She found it comical because she mistakenly thought that she would now drop the hatchet and leave me frustrated and with a severe case of blue balls. But I would have the last laugh, and I would leave inside of her the monstrous load of cum that she had worked up inside my balls.

I shoved her towards the wall of the pool and pulled her shorts down, revealing her exquisite ass.

I then pulled my own shorts down and grabbed my rock of a dick, trembling at the thought of dicking down my mother in just a few short seconds.

“OK Enough Enough Enough Enough,” My mother quickly demanded, as she began to turn towards me.

I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back towards the wall of the pool. I did so with extreme force. The amount of force I used was my way of making it clear to her that she was indeed about to get fucked.

With my dick still in my left hand, I slapped her ass under the water, and began to squeeze and grab as much of her ass cheek as I possibly could with one hand.

I then shoved my cock as hard as I could into her asscrack, just as I had a few minutes ago. This time, however, neither of us had on clothing that would protect her tight asshole from getting breached by my excited cock.

I didn’t penetrate her asshole because I blindly shoved it into her crack. While her asscheeks were nicely massaging my swollen head, I was kissing my mom’s neck and getting to know her tits with my hands.

As I was having the time of my life with my mom, she looked back at me and asked:

“What are you doing?”

She wore a serious look on her face, and didn’t seem particularly entertained, but she didn’t offer any serious protest. I regularly see her in far greater fits of rage over something as simple as me forgetting to put the toilet seat down. So why wasn’t she showing the same level of anger at me sampling her body with my dick and tongue?

At this risk of exhausting this point, there is something you must know and remember if you wish to understand my mother’s behavior: She gets a huge kick out of dragging guys around by their dicks. The fact that she had reduced me, a level-headed son who in every other case does not act on impulsive thoughts, to a rabid creature wanting nothing more than to satisfy my lust for her, was incredibly amusing to her.

Eventually, she used her feet to push us both away from the pool. As she did that, I snatched the short shorts that had been sitting at her ankles. Her body language made it clear that the games were over, at least for now. So I swam to the end of the pool, put the short shorts that had been riding up her ass and pussy to my mouth, and began beating my dick furiously.

She gave me the most devious look that read “I’m entertained, you fucking pervert. Keep going.”

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