Fantasy Fulfilled_(5)

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She was so excited. It was like a whirlwind. She had won the lottery and everything suddenly became so much easier. All her dreams of visiting places came true. She went to England where her boyfriend lived, but decided not to stay…the cold weather bothering her. So she decided to fly to Australia where her other male friend lived. She was extremely excited to meet him, and nervous because they had never seen each other before, only talking for years online. He was gorgeous, and she always had a crush on him. Mutually crushing really, they discussed their sexual fantasies with one another and a few times they almost had cybersex. Yet she was scared, because she wasn’t like the model girls he usually dated. She was 5’2 and 165 lbs, with F cup breasts, and wide hips. She was an hourglass figure, and it was often joked she was a Marilyn Monroe doppelganger due to her blonde hair and blue eyes.

As she got off the plane from first class, relaxed and a bit tipsy from the champagne she made her way quickly through customs and out to the baggage claim. As she was waiting for her bags she felt arms encircle her from behind and she let out a squeak of surprise, whipping around she saw her friend. She smiled and wrapped him in a hug, he was even more gorgeous in person. He had ginger hair, with piercing dark brown eyes and was tall and lean. His accent as he spoke got her heart fluttering, as an Australian his accent was beyond sexy.

The grabbed her things, took them back to her hotel and went out to dinner. After dinner as they stood outside the hotel he leaned in, and she didn’t resist, all thoughts of her boyfriend leaving her mind, the attraction was too intense to resist. escort bursa The kiss was hot and long, breaking it off she was flustered and wet. He looked like he wanted to come up and “further” their kiss…but she said no and quickly went upstairs to shower. She was still restless, unable to sleep due to being horny and the time difference. So she threw on an airy sundress with nothing underneath, slipped on some flip flops and headed to the beach.

He watched as she emerged from her room. She had told him before she had a fantasy about being raped. So, as any good friend would do…he was going to help her fulfill it. He slowly followed behind her, his cock already throbbing in anticipation of having her. He had been hard since they kissed goodnight, and so he knew now was the time to have her. His black ski mask and black clothing hid him from her in the shadows…

She loved the feel of the sand under her sandals, and though she was told by the hotel that it wasn’t safe beyond the wooden fence marking the edge of the hotels beachfront, she continued on, curious. After she went over the fence the beach got darker, the lights from the hotel no longer illuminating the pale sand. It was peaceful, she could barely see anything but the sound of the waves and the crisp sea air gave her a feeling of serenity. She didn’t even hear him until she was hit from behind and knocked to her knees. The attacked roughly grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back, the vrrrrp sound of a plastic ziptie fastening her wrists together sent her fear through the roof. She went to scream but a glove covered hand muffled her, and in the dark she saw a glint of a knife. In a odd gorukle escort voice, it sounded like the man was trying to talk deeper than normal, he ordered her to be quiet. “You will enjoy this. Scream, and you will be cut. Understood?” She nodded, terrified.

The man started to undo his jeans, she heard the metallic clang of his belt buckle and the rasp of his zipper. She couldn’t see well, but soon she felt the velvety hot tip of his cock near her lips. As first she jerked back, but with a low growl the man grabbed her hair and pulled her in. It was clear she either gave him a blow job or he would hurt her. So she opened her mouth, and slowly took his warm cock into her mouth. He smelled clean, and she was thankful for it. Like soap and heat, and she closed her eyes and tried to imagine it was her Australian friend. She moaned slightly and the man chuckled, obviously amused she liked blowing him so much. She started to get really into it, half because she imagined it was her crush and half because she thought if she got him off this way he wouldn’t rape her.

He stopped her suddenly and pulled his cock from her now swollen lips, her breath husky with fear and arousal. He ordered her to lay on her back and fear started to overwhelm any arousal she felt, he was going to rape her! She cooperated, as anything was better than being stabbed, and as she was on her back the man pulled her dress up to her neck…exposing everything. Her large breasts were perky for their size, and two dark pink nipples pebbled in the cool air. She had shaved recently, her vagina hairless except for a small thin strip above her lips. He spread her legs and she whimpered. She was bursa sınırsız escort bayan wet from her early encounter with her friend, and even more after imagining it was him she was blowing.

The man leaned over her, his brown eyes looking at her from his ski mask with intensity. Then, in one violent push her entered her. She let out a yelp and his hand came to cover her mouth with a harsh warning. He filled her completely, fully in her his head was hitting her cervix he was so deep. It ached, but in a way that with a lover she wanted, would feel good. He slowly pulled out and established a rhythm, his breathing was harsh and heavy, she knew he was enjoying himself…and her own hips betrayed her and started to move with him. It felt good, it shouldn’t, and she was still terrified, but it felt good. He was the perfect size, and his cock battered her cervix with each thrust and it was amazing. He started to go harder, and his head lowered to her chest, taking one dark nipple into his mouth and sucking on it.

She let out a moan, and whispered “stop…please” because she felt her orgasm starting. She wouldn’t let this rapist make her cum! Yet he didn’t stop, his expert tongue drew circles around her nipple and he flicked it with his teeth while his cock pounded her so hard you could hear the impact. Each thrust shook her body, and as he started to cum so did she. She arched her back, pressing her nipple deeper into his sucking mouth as her whole body shook with pleasure and excitement. The fear mixed with extreme pleasure gave her the best orgasm of her life. The man got off her, and she was too weak from afterglow to even notice. He zipped up, and leaned down to kiss her…and right then she remembered that kiss. It was her crush. She didn’t say anything, instead she stayed silent as he walked off…knowing it was better if it just stayed a secret, a secret fantasy fulfilled

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