First Lover Pt. 02

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Even 20 years later, the memories of that summer make me moist. I was so young and there was an entire world of pleasures waiting to be discovered. I had never felt as good as I had in the car that night. I felt so powerful withholding all of me from a man I knew wanted to be inside me as badly as he did. I don’t know what came over me. I had played with myself lots of times before, but having someone watching me…listening to the smacking sounds as my fingers slid in and out of my tight pussy was so erotic. Knowing that he was jacking off, with my panties around his big dick could not have been hotter.

I laid in my bed and slipped my hand inside my panties for at least the 5th time since our escapade inside his car. Something awakened in me that could not be satiated. As my breath started to quicken, I heard the phone ring.

I answered quickly, because it was late and I was afraid my mom would hear it and tell me it was too late for calls. Pre cell phones, we had to be creative and much more strategic. As soon as I heard his voice, my pussy flooded. “Can I come over?” My first instinct was hell no. But, I forgot I was 18 years old and technically an adult. So I whispered, “I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

After 10 mins or so, your headlights announced your arrival. I was sitting on the couch, with the front door opened, waiting for him. I was still in my nightgown, but I didn’t think he would mind. I walked to the screen to let him inside. Even though it was summer, the night air was cool. the offer izle Between anticipating his touch and the breeze, my nipples had grown so hard it bordered pain. He smiled and opened his mouth to speak. I put my finger to his full lips to quiet him. I whispered in his ear to be quiet or he would wake my mom. He raised his hand to mine, opened his mouth and slowly slid my finger in. I tried to be cool, but my knees weakened a little. He felt me go weak and smiled a devilish grin.

“Your nightgown is sexy as hell. I’m getting hard looking at you,” he breathed into my neck.

“From the taste of your pussy on your finger, it appears I arrived just in time.” My face flushed with embarrassment. “I hope you we’re fantasizing about me,” he said. I assured him I was. It was then I decided to sneak him into the den for some nasty nocturnal behavior.

The mixture of excitement with the fear of my mother catching us was intoxicating. He followed closely behind me as I guided him through the house. We slipped into the room and closed the door. The second the door clicked closed, he firmly pushed my back to the door and kissed me deep. His tongue parting my lips and sliding in my mouth was so erotic. My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I simply gave myself to his whims. He kissed and licked down my neck. “Your collarbone is beautiful,” he said as his attention shifted to a place I had no idea could be an erogenous zone. He kissed, with soft, full lips, as his hand gently the old man izle held my neck. It was that moment that I fully understood the term manhandled. Being touched with the firmness only a strong hand can offer, mixed with the perfect amount of softness that can come only from a man who truly appreciates a woman, is something it would take years for me to find again.

He slowly slid the spaghetti straps of my thin, silk nightgown over my shoulders, resulting in it falling in a heap around my ankles. There I stood, my full, round breast exposed and my dark nipples fully erect. I was left wearing only a thong that barely contained my fat pussy and the wetness of my love, glistening on my inner thighs. He slowly slid his hands between my legs to capture my nectar on the tips of his fingers and smelled me.

“If you taste as good as you smell, I might bust a nut before I get inside you,” he breathed.

“How presumptuous of you to think you will make it inside,” I smirked.

“You got a lot of mouth, girl,” he said as he laughed and took my nipple in his mouth.

I moaned with pleasure. His tongue was exquisitely titillating my nipple as he squeezed my barely contained pussy in his hand. He slid his fingers inside me and it was his turn to be surprised. “Damn, girl! Oh…you letting me in there tonight!” I didn’t even have the will power to pretend he was not going to fuck me.

He put his hand in the small of my back and guided me to the leather couch. the passage izle He turned me around and kissed the back of my neck, as he quickly unbuckled and stepped out of his jeans. He slapped his rock hard dick on my ass. He was so thick and hot. He already had a little pre cum on his head as he glided it between the cheeks of my fat, round ass. My breath quickened, anticipating having him inside me. I had to touch him. I reached behind and grabbed his manhood in my hand. He was so hard and big. My fingers barely fit around him. “May I come inside,” he asked. I practically begged for him to pound my pussy with all that dick, not with words, but with actions, as I pushed my ass into his dick and grind on him.

He used his massive organ to plunge inside my pussy. I was so swollen with heat and lust that he let out a groan of satisfaction I was afraid would actually wake my mother, despite her being two stories above us.

“You feel even better than I dreamed,” he said as he grabbed my small waist so he could be deliberate and intentional with his long, strong stroke. He was so big, I had to grab the back of the couch to take him all in. He got a handful of my big tits and stroked deeper and faster. I squeezed my pussy around his big dick and he let out a grunt, on queue. He told me to do that again, in a lusty voice I barely recognized, but liked. I asked him if my pussy was tight and good…he responded by fucking me harder. I had to cover my mouth to muffle my own screams of pleasure. He reached around and slid his fingers on my clit…that was it. I could not hold it any longer and yelled…”I’m cumming!” He let out a guttural sound that let me now he couldn’t hold on any longer. We hadn’t taken the time for a condom, so he pulled out and shot his creamy cum all over my fat ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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