Game Playing Pt. 01

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Ashley Alban

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Amy’s flight ended with a difficult landing at an alternative airport. The flight was diverted due to strong winds. The pilot was forced to ask the passengers to brace for a rough end to the flight but thanks to the experience of those in the cockpit, the only injuries were frayed nerves.

Emergency vehicles met them at the bottom of the inflatable slides and busses soon came to transport the passengers to the terminal. Since all sense of real danger was gone, people mingled, talked and even laughed as they waited their turn to board the busses.

In the smallish airport the airline official announced that all flights were cancelled for the day but the airline would help to find accommodations for the night. Groans were heard throughout the room but most passengers were just fine with remaining on solid ground after the harrowing landing. Omaha was certainly not on anyone’s mind when they boarded in L.A. but most seemed resigned to make the best of things.

Amy squeezed onto a van heading for an airport hotel. She was tired and not looking forward to staying the night. Blonde, blue eyed, pretty and 26, she had been on her way to Detroit where she was to board a plane to Portland, Maine. Portland was her hometown and the past few years it seemed she was regularly traveling there to be a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding. Tonight was the bridal shower and although staying overnight in Omaha hardly seemed like fun, she secretly didn’t mind missing yet another bride’s party.

A few years before, Amy was the bride to be until just four days before the wedding when she walked in on her fiancé as he enjoyed a blow job from one of her attendants. Shocking and difficult but better to know what a jerk he was before the wedding. Since then Amy had dated some but struggled with trust and so she would force an ending to any relationship that started getting too serious.

An elderly couple sat next to Amy in the van and as often happens when people share a difficult situation, they struck up an easy conversation. They were traveling from L.A. to Detroit to visit family. Their grandson was flying with them mostly to get them from point A to point B, the woman whispered loudly. She obviously wanted the grandson to hear the comment and seemed a little resentful that his help was needed.

The grandson smiled tightly and remained quiet. Amy responded that it was very nice of him to help them since airports could be very unfriendly places. The grandparents frowned and looked away. Amy understood their desire for independence shanty town izle and kept quiet the rest of the way to the hotel.

As the passengers waited at the back of the van for their luggage, Amy noticed the couple being led into the hotel by their grandson. The grandpa walked unsteadily even with a cane and the grandma seemed very frail as she tried to help him. It was impressive how the younger man was so patient with them, settling them in the lobby before coming out for the luggage.

Coming to the rear of the van he approached Amy and said, “I’m sorry if they dumped on you. Any change in schedule is really hard for them. You probably guessed that that’s why I’m traveling with them. I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince them to get back on a airplane tomorrow though.” Then he stuck his hand out toward her and continued, “Sorry again. I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Eric, their overprotective grandson, in their opinion anyway. And you are?”

Reaching for his hand Amy said, “I’m Amy. I think it’s great how you take care of them. They are very lucky to have you with them, even if they don’t see that.”

She offered to help with the extra luggage and soon the whole group, Amy, Eric and the couple were on the elevator heading for their respective rooms. Amy got off on the third floor saying, “So nice to meet all of you. I hope you enjoy your evening.”

They managed quick goodbyes as the elevator door closed and took them to the fifth floor.

Amy made her necessary phone calls and then enjoyed a hot shower in her room before heading down to find some dinner. Eating alone in a restaurant wasn’t fun but it was unfortunately a regular occurrence for a single woman living in a big city. She had her laptop and phone to keep her company though and although the food wasn’t great, it was edible and hot.

As she finished her meal, Eric and his grandparents came into the restaurant. Before Eric stop her, his grandma made her way over to Amy’s table and sat down, her husband following close behind. Eric came over, looking embarrassed, and apologized for the interruption. He noticed, of course, that she was just finishing up her meal but the elderly couple acted as if she had been waiting for them to come and eat with her. Amy thought the whole scene was pretty funny and since she didn’t have a plan for the evening, she decided to just enjoy the company.

Conversation was light and fun. At just 29, Eric was the new owner of a construction company specializing in pool installations. He had bought the business from his parents who then moved to Detroit to live closer to grandchildren. shape island izle His grandma piped up and said, “Well, if you would settle down with a nice girl and give them some grandchildren, your folks might move back.”

Eric’s face reddened at her remark but Amy winked at him and smiled. It was clear that she understood that type of family pressure. Deftly, Amy managed to keep the conversation light so dinner ended up being very pleasant. Again they rode the elevator to the third floor where Amy got off. Al, the grandpa, held the door and asked her, “So which room is yours?”

Without thinking Amy answered, “316,” but wondered why he asked as the doors slid closed. Shrugging her shoulders, she walked down the hallway to her room.

A couple of hours later Eric sat in the room with the television blaring, every light burning and his grandparents snoring loudly. It was only 9:30 and the prospect of staying in that room for the rest of the night was not a pleasant one. Unfortunately because of the cancelled flights, room space was at a premium and sharing with the couple was the only option.

Impulsively Eric reached for the phone and punched in the number 316. Amy answered quickly. “Uh, hi Amy, this is Eric,” he began awkwardly, “Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you would like some company. We could meet at the bar if you want.” Even to his own ears Eric sounded lame. He grimaced, expecting rejection.

After a brief hesitation, Amy responded, “You know, I would like some company but I’ve already changed into pajamas and I don’t really want to change again. I’m decent though if you want to just come here.” It was Amy’s turn to feel foolish then. Inviting him to her room just after telling him that she was dressed for bed? What was she thinking? That was the problem, she wasn’t.

Eric chuckled and said, “That sounds great. I’ll be down in a few minutes but one question. Should I wear my pajamas too?” His little joke broke the tension and they both laughed.

In the few minutes it took for Eric to get to her room, Amy wondered and worried a bit. She didn’t really know him. Was she making a mistake allowing him to come to her room? She quickly pushed any dangerous scenario ideas from her mind. She had watched him with his grandparents and trusted her instincts concerning him. Also, he was just coming to talk, not for sex.

Soon he was knocking on her door. She opened it and smiled, inviting him in. He held two bottles of soda in one hand and a full bucket of ice in the other. In a rush to get past any awkwardness, they both spoke at once. Then they laughed. she hulk attorney at law izle He poured soda for them as they sat at the table to talk. Soon they were chatting easily. Amy suggested that they play cards so they began what became a very competitive gin rummy series.

As they talked and laughed and played together, Amy studied him. About 6 feet with a medium build, green eyes, light brown hair cut very short, he had a high forehead and amazingly deep dimples when he smiled. He wore a t shirt and shorts with sandals. As she studied him, she developed an appreciation for him as a man, not just as a grandson. His warm, open face was handsome and his body was attractive to her as well. She blushed as he caught her staring at him but she didn’t really care.

For his part, Eric was checking her out too. He noticed that although her body was completely covered with her T-shirt and pajama pants, they couldn’t hide her obvious curves. Her hair was golden and silky and he thought she was pretty in a girl next door sort of way. Her laugh was music to his ears and he enjoyed watching her face light up when she talked. She was a woman who obviously liked a lot of touching as soon she reached to lightly touch his arm or hand as she talked. He responded in kind and before long they were holding hands on the table as if they had been lovers forever.

As Eric dealt yet another hand of cards, Amy reached over and stopped him. “Do you really want to keep playing the game?” She asked in a low voice.

Startled, he answered, “Did you have something else in mind? Maybe you want me to go?” He tried to mask the disappointment in that last question but he was unsuccessful.

Boldly Amy stood and moved closer to him, “No, I don’t want you to leave. I was hoping you might want to stay and play a different kind of game with me.”

It was out of character for Amy to be so forward but she reasoned to herself that this was their only time together, most likely, and she really had nothing to lose. Great sex, if it happened, would make up for the awkwardness.

Eric sat before her and hesitantly reached out to touch her waist. “What kind of game do you have in mind?” He asked softly.

Amy reached down to his shorts and lightly ran her hand over the obvious bulge. “Maybe we can start here.” She answered as she released his cock from the confines of his shorts and began to stroke it fairly quickly.

His reached up to her head, pulling her down to kiss her, but she shook his hands off and said, “Not yet. I’m the game master and I get to decide the rules.” She moved to her knees between his legs, stoking him hard and fast. Without another word she pumped his cock while watching his face contort. His moans filled the room and then his fingers dug in her hair as he groaned and spurted his cum between their bodies.

“Mmmmm… Wasn’t that a great game?” She asked him as he came down. “Guess what we’re going to play now?”

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