Getting What You Want From the Mall

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Names and locations have been changed to protect the guilty…

The first time I laid eyes on Derek, I knew he was trouble. He wore trendy clothes, could make any girl smile by looking at her, and attended a small, private college in Eastern Tennessee. What’s wrong with all of that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing…If he doesn’t find you attractive.

He had found my profile on some frivolous dating site, which I am ashamed to admit now. I had created an account just for fun. I kind of wanted to see if I could find the prince charming type, but I wasn’t expecting much. Even if I didn’t find him, I could at least have some fun meeting new people and chatting it up with them online. I never meant for it to be more than some innocent flirting.

In his profile, he had this goofy picture. He was grinning this stupid grin and wearing a red and white soccer uniform. We would spend hours chatting on AIM, making sexual innuendoes and discussing the finer points of Jenna Jameson vs. Jenna Haze. After several months of emailing, chatting, and phone calls, we finally managed to get together at a local mall.

When the day arrived that we planned to meet, he was late, and I was early. It’s always been like that with us, but this gave me time to be nervous. I started, second guessing everything I had done. Maybe I should have worn a skirt that covered more of my legs. Maybe I should have pulled my hair up in a ponytail instead of leaving it down. Maybe I should have worn more makeup. Maybe he was some middle-aged, stalker-pervert.

Then I wondered what would happen if I ran into somebody I knew. How would I explain meeting Derek? Would they know that I met him on the internet?

I shook the thoughts out of my head, and tried to calm myself. My legs looked just fine in this short skirt. My long hair was pulled back in an elegant pony tail. My makeup was simple, but it helped accentuate my full lips and sharp green eyes. If Derek was a middle-aged, stalker-pervert, I could always bail. And besides, who comes to the mall on a Saturday before noon?

Anyway, the mall opened at 10:00 AM so we decided to meet at about 10:30 with no specific agenda for the day other than to meet. I guess I should have known better, but maybe we both needed something a little dangerous.

It was exciting though. I’d talked to this guy for months online, but that was different. You can be anybody and say anything when, you’re only connected by a phone line. It was all just fun and games before we decided to meet up in real life. Meeting in real life meant we’d both be taking a real gamble, but it would pay off.

We had talked about all sorts of kinky little things we both liked: my voice, teacher, Mrs. Greene, anal sex, Asian schoolgirls, biting, and bondage. The list of our mutual fetishes went on and on. Looking back on it now, I guess we wouldn’t have cared what we were doing as long as we were getting our brains fucked out.

Derek requested once that I wear a skirt when we got together. He had a way of asking for things he wanted and I just couldn’t turn him down. That manipulative quality would come into play later that day on more of my wardrobe. So clad in a pleated, khaki mini-skirt and cute graphic t-shirt from a shop found nearby, I parked my car in a parking lot near Borders.

After flipping down the sun visor to look at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t help but notice that the back seat of the little Ford Escort was clean. I could just imagine what might go on there if things went well with Patrick. Understandably, a wicked little smile crept across my mouth when I swept one last application of lip-gloss onto my soft lips.

Just as I was getting out of the car, my cell phone rang. Derek was calling, so I answered the phone with a sweet little hello.

“Hey doll, what’re you doin’?” His voice was always so calm and smooth in contrast to the nervous giggles that he provoked.

“I just pulled in at the mall. Where are you?” I replied while checking over my shoulder to see if he might be watching me.

There was the slightest pause, and then he said, “Well I’m going to be a couple minutes late, but I’d really love to still make this happen. I can make it there by 11 if you still want to hang out.”

“Of course I still wanna hang out!” Hell, it took me two hours to drive here. Besides, his being late would give me a chance to pick up something nice for myself at my favorite store.

“Alright. Well, I’ll see you at the north entrance at 11:00; and you better be wearing a skirt.” He didn’t give me time to reply before he hung up.

Usually I hate it when people are late, but I was willing to wait for something this good. I wandered into the mall, which was practically empty being it was still early. I had 30 minutes to kill, so special forces worlds toughest test izle I paid Victoria’s Secret a visit.

This cute, petite blonde was behind the counter. She wore the uniform pink measuring tape around her neck with a black business suit that really accentuated the curves in her body. She gave me the usual, “Looking for anything special today?” This led to a really long lie about a special anniversary surprise. She showed me so many cute things, but nothing that I really thought Derek would like until I told her that I wanted to really get his attention.

“Oh, so it’s the first time for you two?” she asked with mild curiosity. “Go with something in black that’s sheer. It’ll be revealing enough to spark his interest, but it’ll conceal any imperfections…although I don’t see any.”

Following her advice, I limited my purchases to a sheer black teddy and a simple g-string. That same wicked little smile appeared again as I meandered to a coffee shop near the north entrance because I knew what he’d think when he saw me carrying the sacred pink bag. I kind of liked making Derek visualize me in what might be in there. It made me feel a bit naughty, but I liked being able to control his thoughts.

Before I knew it, my cell phone rang again. It was Derek. This call was to tell me that he had parked his car and was getting ready to come in. My heart was racing, and my eyes went straight to the doors. A tall, young man came in with a cell phone to his ear. He was wearing a black blazer, denim jeans, and a stripped button down shirt.

“I seeeee you,” I taunted with a little giggle. His eyes flicked all around, and when he finally spotted me, all I could do was grin and flip my cell phone shut. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me. He smelled so good, and he felt so strong.

“You’re more beautiful in real life than you were in all of your pictures, you know that?” he whispered in my ear. There was something in the way he said it to me that made it sensual. I’d never been talked to in this way in real life, and the way he said anything to me made me want him.

My hand slipped into his and he pointed to the pink bag. “I didn’t know they carried things in my size. Wha’d you get me, sugar?”

I blushed and quickly grabbed the bag in my other hand. He smiled when he saw how embarrassed I was. “There’s nothing in there to interest you.” Oh yes there is. I look damn good in this, and I know it. I can’t wait to show you.

“Oh really? I don’t believe you. Come with me to my parent’s old place, and we’ll see.” With that, he led me out through the glass doors and to his car. On the way to the car, I joked that I didn’t know if he was going to take me back to a basement and kidnap me. He asked if that would be so bad, and I could only respond with incessant giggles.

I knew he was different when he opened the car door for me. It was a nice gesture, but he refused to let me drive us in my car. He cited the fact that I didn’t know where we were going, but guys that don’t let me drive rub me the wrong way.

When he slid into the driver’s seat with astounding grace, he made eye contact with me. Again, all I could do was smile. His eyes were almost scary to look at because they were such a pale blue, against his black, messy hair.

“So sexy,” he cooed, “I want you to know that my intentions with you are strictly dishonorable.” Apparently he saw a quick flash of fear come across my face. “Aww, sugar, I’m just teasing. Promise we won’t do anything you don’t want to.” With that, he patted me on the knee. It wasn’t in a sleazy old man way, but it was just a little reassuring pat.

I don’t usually talk when I’m in a car, so I was prepared to lean my head against the door and listen to Derek talk about anything. He, however, wasn’t prepared to let me take the easy way out. He kept asking me these really boring, predictable questions like what position I played on the basketball team and who was I planning to take to prom in the Spring.

Finally, he asked, “So what’re you going to do to me?” It was the first time he had even hinted at what we talked about online regularly.

About that time we hit some construction. I tried to change the subject by making a cynical observation about the state road workers not really working, but he pinned the question on me again. “What do you plan to do with me?” he repeated with a grin. He knew he caught me.

Since we were in a long line of traffic, I reached across the console and timidly put my hand on the inside of his thigh. “I think I’ll have some very ah–stimulating conversation with a side of intense interrogation.” I punctuated the end of my sentence by inching my hand further squid game izle and further up his thigh. “Oh look, we’re moving again!” I said, happy to put my hands back in my own lap.

Derek turned his head and just stared at me with his mouth opened like a landed fish. It would have been a great moment to nibble and suck on his lip between deep kisses, but an impatient driver behind us kept honking his horn.

The rest of our drive was pretty unremarkable. Not much else was said because we were both thinking about what I’d done and what that meant I’d do when he wasn’t driving. I had known from day one that I wanted him. Now he was in on my little secret unless he was a whole lot dumber than I thought.

“My lady, we have arrived. Stay right there,” Derek announced to clear the air that was thick with our thoughts. He walked around the front of the car, hands in his pockets, and opened my door for me. As we approached the front door of a quaint house on top of a grassy hill, he reached out for my hand with his right hand, and jingled his keys in the left hand.

Just as he slid the house key into the lock, he turned around and looked at me—I mean really looked at me. It was like he could see straight through me to how nervous and excited I really was. I smiled and reached behind him to turn the key and push the door open.

As soon as we stepped through the door, we just lost control of ourselves. Derek pushed me up against door and kissed me deeper and with more emotion than I’d ever been kissed before. His hands rested on my hips as we raced to get his belt undone.

He took a few steps backward, and then turned me to go down a hall. He pressed me up against a wall again and pressed his body against mine while fumbling to get the doorknob. I was so scared at first because I thought he would feel how fast my heart was beating through the thin shirt I was wearing.

After the stupid door finally opened, he pulled me on top of him when he fell back on the bed. I unbuttoned his shirt while trying to never break contact with his mouth.

His hands naturally gravitated to my ass. He slid them right under my skirt, and then let one of his fingers slip inside my panties.

“Feel how wet you’ve made me?” I mumbled while pulling my shirt over my head. “Uh huh…there’s something I want you to feel too,” he said as he slipped his jeans and boxers down, off of his hips.

At this point in my story, you must understand that the only time I’d seen a cock was in Jenna Jameson clips online. I would modestly say his was “above average.”

There’s something that really drives me up the wall knowing that I’ve made a guy hard though, so I really enjoyed looking him over. With a sly grin I said, “Fuck…Look what I did!”

“What’re you gonna do to fix it?” Derek asked while stroking his cock and staring at me.

I got down beside the bed on my knees, and I motioned for him to scoot closer to the edge. The whole time he had this crazy grin on his face like he couldn’t believe I was going to do anything. That grin disappeared when I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and slid my lips down the shaft.

A tiny whimper escaped his lips when I let my teeth gently scratch as I pulled my head back up and slowly down again. Most of the time, I would go half of the way down, but I wanted to show him how my gag spasm, or lack thereof, could be fun. I’d never tried it on a cock before, but I was sure I could take all of him.

“Has a girl ever deep throated you before?” I asked when my mouth came off his cock. I let my fingers stroke him a few times, going from head to balls a few times over. “Ummm, no, not yet, babe.”

With that, I put my lips back around his cock, and pushed my head down a few times. When I would put as much of him inside me as I could, his cock almost always twitched. That’s probably one of the best feelings when giving head.

I put his hand on the back of my head because I thought he might like to control my pace for a while. It didn’t really come as much surprise when he grabbed my hair and raised his hips up to push himself further into my mouth. Before I knew it, he was standing up in front of me, fucking my mouth. His grunts got faster, and faster as he got closer to cumming.

I eased my hand to the base of his shaft to slow him down a bit. Even though he didn’t really want me to, I slipped him out of my mouth long enough to flick my tongue around the head of his cock. My lips wrapped back around his cock once more.

Then final straw for him was when I slid my hand between my legs to rub my clit and moan onto his cock. His cum came in long spurts. I pulled him out of my mouth just a bit, and I showed it to him on my tongue before I would swallow it all. I star trek picard izle held my hand at the base of his cock while I licked him clean.

“Such a good girl…Now let’s take care of your wet little pussy. Go put on what you bought me today.”

For a second, I almost forgot about my purchases at Victoria’s Secret. I reached into his jeans in the floor and got his keys out. Before I went out the door, I scooped up his shirt and buttoned a few vital buttons. I smoothed out my skirt and then skipped down the steps to unlock the driver’s side door.

I could see through the bedroom window that I’d just left. Derek was sitting in there watching me, gently stroking his cock still, so I bent over and let my skirt ride up around my hips. He had a nice view of a big wet spot on my panties before I reached my bag. I made sure to shake my ass a little to make sure I had his attention. I thought about sliding my panties to the side to give him a better view, but I wanted to make him wait. I locked the car door back, and then I hurried back into the house.

Wasting no time, I slipped the shirt off and threw it on the back of the couch. I stepped out of my skirt right there in the living room. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and my panties were easily discarded with my skirt. I stuffed my clothes into the bag and set it aside while I put on the teddy and g-string.

When I snuck back into the bedroom, Derek was still there with his crazy grin on and nothing else, making his throbbing cock more prominent. I met his crazy grin with one of my own. I felt myself blush, and then I self-consciously stumbled toward the bed.

Derek sat up quickly and said, “No, no, no. Show it off for me. Don’t wanna waste such an opportunity”

I spun around once and brushed the hair out of my face. I couldn’t help but smile when he wouldn’t quit staring at me. I turned around once more and noticed how his eyes lingered on my hips so I made sure to swing them as I eased over to the bed.

I made a c’mere motion with my finger so he scooted to the edge of the bed. I turned my back to him and continued to grind my hips the way I would if I was riding his cock. I glanced over my shoulder long enough to see him staring at my ass through the sheer material.

Again, I must remind you how much it turns me on to turn a guy on. I loved the way his eyes seemed to devour my body. Seizing the aforementioned opportunity, I ran my fingers through my hair and faced him. Derek stood up in front of me. He hesitated, leaving his hand just above my hips. It seemed like he was still drinking in my body.

“Like what you see?” I whispered in his ear before I gently nibbled on his ear lobe. I pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. His hands slid up my thighs when I sat back. They slid up my back, and he pulled me down to him to kiss me. His cock was rubbing up against the lacey material covering my pussy.

After a few minutes of this new-found torture, he grabbed my shoulders and rolled me over, onto my back. I knew what he wanted to do so I lifted up my hips to meet his. After pushing the thin material aside, he rubbed his cock against my clit and made me moan.

My hips wiggled as I struggled to make him stop teasing me. I whimpered when I couldn’t make him do what I wanted. Taking that as his cue, he finally slid himself inside of me. I’d never had something that big inside of me so it hurt a little at first, but I guess he’d accounted for that in the way he moved.

He started off slow, but he just couldn’t contain himself. Neither of us could really. It was crazy. I’d never wanted anybody that bad. I couldn’t have enough of him in me after I got used to his size. I kept moaning, “More, Derek. More.”

He slammed into me harder and faster, and I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him further into me. I couldn’t handle all of him, but it felt so good to try.

Sweat was dripping off of our bodies. I could feel him getting rougher as we both got closer to cumming. I wanted to be on top for a while, so I pushed him onto his back. “Taking—control—are—we?” he panted as he watched my firm tits bounce up and down. It almost became a game for him to make them bounce, so he started fucking me harder.

“Cum inside me, Derek,” I grunted. “Cum in me noooooow!” I screamed as I felt myself cumming all over his cock. I can’t even begin to explain what having him cum inside me felt like, but it made this orgasm so much more powerful than any other I’d ever had.

Soon after we both freshened up a bit, we got back in the car. The drive back was pretty much the same timid flirting in the drive up. When we reached the parking lot where my car was, Derek got out and opened my door. I stood up to get out of the car, but he didn’t move, leaving his body only a few inches from mine, but he didn’t quite touch me. “So I’ll see you the next time I’m in?” he asked.

“Yeah, I don’t have anywhere to be. Just give me a call…anytime.” I looked away. “We have an audience.” Derek looked to where I was, and he saw the petite redhead that was watching us.

“That’s an old fuck buddy. This could be fun,” he said with a cocky smile.

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