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Foreword: Thanks for your nice feedback considering my masturbation story. I hope you like this one too.


Chills run through me when I see you walk through my door. I have an instant slight hard on. You have got sex written all over every inch of your body. As soon as we close the door we start kissing in the hall and strip off our clothes. Underneath your clothes I find marvellous white lingerie. Your thigh high stockings really turn me on. I remove your Bra and you grab into my shorts. You feel how my cock is hardening more and more in your hand as I caress your beautiful, soft breasts. I roll your nipples between my fingers. They stand erect, – just like my cock. You pull down my shorts and take a good look at it, while you begin to stroke it gently. I start too kiss your breasts letting my wet tongue slip around the nipples. As I suck at them you start to moan, madly stroking my cock at the same time. I want you right now.

I take a wooden stool, put it in the middle of the hall in front of a big mirror. Immediately you bend over it on all fours, your tummy leaning on the stool. I can see and smell your hot ass in front of me as I kneel behind you. I slowly pull your pants the last of us izle down and let my hand wander over your buttocks. Lowering my head I start to lick your pussy from behind. What a delicious taste. Your cunt is already soaking wet, and you are moaning continuously as my tongue parts your lips moving inside the red hot opening. I am so horny that I have to play with myself, while I am licking your pussy further on. My cock aches as I rub it in my fist. I am more than ready to penetrate you now. I come closer to you. Just before we start to fuck I try your tight cunt with my thumb, shoving it deep into you. Your pussy contracts all over my finger, pulling it deeper inside. My thumb deep in your cunt I start to rub with my index- and middlefinger your clit. This hits you hard and you shudder. I know you are ready too.

I direct my throbbing cock between your lips, slowly pushing forwards in your waiting pussy till my balls reach your butt. Then I slowly pull back leaving only the tip of my cock inside you. Again and again I pump my hard on in your warm and wet cunt enjoying your muscles squeezing me tight. I hold your ass in my both hands. The stool the lying life of adults izle cracks warningly but somehow holds together as we fuck a little harder and faster. Your hip is grinding on the stool. We both stare in the mirror and enjoy the sight for a while. There are your tits bouncing in the rhythm as my hard and moist cock is pumping in and out of you.

“Oh yes,” I start to moan loudly, calling your name.

I caress your thighs with one hand feeling the smooth material of your beautiful stockings. I thrust deeper and deeper inside your lovely cunt. We are both panting heavily going fast towards the point of no return. I think we need a break. I want to feel your tits in my hands now, play with them and let you fuck me.

So we change positions. I lay myself down on the carpet begging you to come on top of me. You stand up, take a quick look in the mirror seeing your labia obsessively swollen, and come over me. My sticky cock lies hard on my stomach. It is soaked with our juices.

As you kneel down on me you look deep into my eyes, saying “now it’s my turn.”

You grab my hard on and lower your pelvis still, the passage izle your cunt literally sucking my cock back inside you. As you start your ride I am already fondling your boobs, squeezing them and rubbing your nipples in between. Your eyes are blinking horny as you go up and down on me. With every thrust you grind your pussy on my hip bone, and I can feel your swollen pearl on my pubic hair.

“Faster, faster,” I am pleading as you slam your ass on me.

You feel my cock deep inside you, growing even stronger still. Up an down, up and down you go. I am holding your breasts with both hands milking them feverishly. You turn yourself a little, so getting a slight different angle feeling the throbbing tip of my cock at the spot of your pleasure. I know you are going to cum soon. You scream. You bend over, so as to let your boobs close to my mouth. I suck them now feeling you to grind your pussy on me. I am cumming too.

You fall over me whining something about cumming. I still suck your nipple like crazy as I thrust my cock deep in your cunt. I feel your pussy contract heavily on my cock when I grab your ass with both hands, forcing you to ride on as I too began to orgasm. My body tenses under you. Your twitching cunt milks my juice out of me. Now I am spurting my cum deep inside you, holding you tight and feeling your climax.

“Yes, YES!,” I am screaming as my juice flows into you.

We both shudder and remain idle for a moment. Afterwards we go together in my bathtub, but that is another matter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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