Happy Hotife In The Gym

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It was early on a Sunday morning that I went to our neighborhood gym together with my husband. We always liked to go early Sunday mornings to avoid the crowds. When my husband and I entered the gym, there was hardly anybody. Except for the two of us, there were only two guys lifting weights. Eugene, my husband, took one of the stationary bicycles to start warming up. I went to one of the treadmills to start my routine.

Eugene and I had been married for seven years. During the last 3 years, we had been losing that fire, which we had at the beginning of our relationship. We started having less and less sex. Besides, I started getting less and less satisfied with the sex we had. I had always loved Eugene’s personality, but he is not particularly attractive. Besides, he is rather short and over the last few years he gained a lot of weight. He was certainly not going to the gym as often as me.

I had tried to hide my excitement when 4 months ago, Eugene confessed his phantasy of seeing me with another guy. I still do not understand why he would get excited to see me enjoying another guy. Anyway, I felt that Eugene was giving me a great opportunity to start building a more satisfying sex life.

I had agreed to Eugene’s proposal and over the last 4 months I had sex with 3 different guys. It was a great experience for me and I felt that a new world was opening up for me. Eugene was also enjoying watching me with my new lovers and he seemed to get really aroused when watching. I felt that cuckolding was changing my perception of my husband. Every time when I was having sex with another guy and looking at my husband, he gave me a very pathetic impression.

After 10 minutes on the treadmill, I was already sweating heavily. I work out often and as a result, I have a very tight body for my 33 years. I was wearing a pink tank top and black shorts. I had tied my long blond hair in a ponytail.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see the two weightlifters. These guys were obviously regulars in the gym. Their bare chests were very impressive and it must have taken them months of hard work to get that tight. One of them had blond hair and was rather tall (at least 6 ft.). He had blue eyes and a cute smile. The other guy was black and slightly shorter than his friend. He was bald headed and had a strong look in his dark eyes. Their huge and strong bodies were no comparison to my chubby husband.

I must have been staring too long. Because, the blond guy caught my stare and winked at me. I responded to his wink with an embarrassed smile. I was 15 minutes into my workout and my tank top started getting soaked in sweat already. I glanced back at the two weightlifters and I saw that both of them were now looking at me with a big grin on their faces. I looked over my shoulder and noticed that Eugene had already interrupted his work-out. He was already out of breath and standing at the water machine, staring at one of the TV screens.

I felt cheeky today and I was not going to miss the opportunity to flirt with two hard-bodied guys. Because there was nobody else in the gym, I decided to give these guys a nice Sunday morning surprise. Without stopping to run, I took off my top and also my sports bra. My sweaty boobs (D cup) were now bouncing about, while I was running on the treadmill.

The two weightlifters dropped their weights and looked at me with a mixture of excitement and disbelief. After a moment, they started walking towards me. I was very flattered when they came over and stood in front of me with a very encouraging look in their eyes. Eugene had still not noticed anything and was still watching the TV screen. This Gaziantep Fetiş Escort is typical for him. He usually spends more time pathetically watching TV, then exercising.

The two weightlifters were now standing in front of me, watching me working out bare-chested. I continued running and I let my eyes run over their bodies. At this moment my treadmill indicated that my work out was over and started reducing speed. When I had regained my breath, I smiled at both guys and wished them a good morning. They responded politely and introduced themselves while their eyes were checking out my body. The black guy was called Trevor and the blond guy Jack, who also turned out to be the manager of the gym.

At this point, Eugene looked our way. His face turned to shock when he saw me talking to Jack and Trevor, without my top on. He started walking our way and I thought that it might be nice to shock Eugene even more. I put my hand on Trevor’s chest and asked him if he enjoyed what he was seeing. Both Jack and Trevor eagerly confirmed that they were enjoying the view.

Eugene arrived and started asking nervously what was going on. It was almost a turn-off to see my nervous and clumsy husband next to these two muscled hunks. Trevor put an arm around my naked back. His strong arms felt hard like iron around my waist. Eugene started to protest, but I was not going to let him spoil this. I told Eugene to step back, sit down and watch. Eugene was not convinced and continued protesting half-heartedly.

Trevor asked me if I needed some help with Eugene and I gladly accepted. Trevor took Eugene in a stranglehold and dragged him backwards. Eugene could not do anything against the brute force of Trevor. Eugene could hardly breathe and he almost blacked out. Eugene begged Trevor to release him.

I told Eugene that he would only be released if he would sit down, shut up and watch. Eugene agreed reluctantly and sat down next to the treadmill, trying to regain his breath. But, his ordeal was not yet over. Trevor had grabbed one of the gym’s skipping ropes and was now using this to tie Eugene’s hands to the treadmill. Eugene was now sitting with his hands behind his back, tied to the treadmill.

In the meanwhile Jack had taken his keys to close the doors of the gym, in order to avoid any unwanted visitors walking in on us. When he came back, I could hardly wait to get my hands around his neck. I grabbed the back of his head and started kissing him. Jack did not waste any time and took me in his strong arms. Our tongues were swirling and I was biting his lips, when Trevor approached me from behind. He reached around my chest and started messaging my boobs. I felt extremely excited and I could feel my sweaty pussy getting warm and wet.

My nipples were getting rock hard under Trevor’s hands. I felt that a dream was coming true, standing between these two prime males. I looked at Eugene and told him to watch how a real man satisfies a woman. Eugene said nothing. Trevor was now taking off my tights, revealing a black G-string. I turned around and kissed Trevor, who continued massaging my boobs. His strong hand felt divine on my body. Jack now started to caress my back and my bum cheeks.

Slowly, Jack started taking of my sweaty panties. I stepped out of my panties and Jack picked them up. He placed the soaking panties on top of Eugene’s head. Eugene, who still had his hands tied, could not take the panties of his head. I could tell by the look in his eyes that the smell of my sweat and pussy juices was driving him mad.

I was now standing completely naked in front of the two strong hunks. I looked Jack in his blue eyes while I started stroking his muscled chest with my left hand. With my right hand I reached for his shorts. I started rubbing his cock. I could feel his cock becoming hard in my hand. Jack moaned softly while I was massaging his cock and he moved in to kiss my lips.

In the meanwhile, Trevor had moved behind me again and he kissed my neck. His hands were moving all over my body. He let his left hand slide around my waste towards my belly. Then his fingers started to move down slowly. Trevor was now pushing his body to my back and I could feel his erection touching my back.

His fingers passed over my belly moving downwards. Two seconds later they entered between my legs. I gave a loud sigh when his fingers where touching the warm and wet area between my legs. Trevor’s fingers were now massaging my pussy lips and every now and then he would touch my clit. I was heavily enjoying his fingers and my left arm reached back to grab his head.

Still standing in front of me, Jack pulled down his shorts. I could now admire the full glory of his manhood. He was a good 8 inches, a lot bigger than my husband. I told Trevor to take of his shorts and he was happy to obey. I was glad to see that he was about the same size as Jack. I could not believe my luck today.

Both men now stood in front of me. I kneeled down and grabbed Trevor’s hard cock in my left hand and Jack’s huge shaft in my right hand. I started to jerk both cocks slowly and rhythmically. I leaned towards Trevor and put the tip of his cock between my lips. I looked him in his eyes, while my tongue started to move around the head of his big penis. He closed his eyes and bit his lip while my tongue was enjoying the taste of this strong man’s cock.

Then, all of a sudden, I took his entire shaft in my mouth and started sucking him. His cock was so big that I could not fit the whole thing in my mouth. As I was having Trevor in my mouth, my right hand was still jerking at Jack’s manhood. After about 1 minute, I switched. Now I started sucking Jack, while I was jerking Trevor. Both man were enjoying my treatment and they were both getting rock hard. All Eugene could do, was sit down and watch pathetically, how his wife was pleasuring these two hunks.

I was still sitting on my knees, when Trevor moved behind me and told me to bend over forward. I was now sitting on all fours. Trevor sank to his knees behind me, while Jack did the same in front of me. Trevor placed his hand between my legs and his fingers were massaging my wet pussy lips. I took Jack’s penis in my mouth again and started sucking him again. I loved the feel and the taste of this hard and warm cock in my mouth. I started to move my head up and down and Jack’s cock.

In the meanwhile I could feel that Trevor had stopped massaging my pussy. He was now positioning himself behind me. My pussy felt electric with excitement and it was tinkling in the anticipation of that big black cock.

Trevor placed the tip of his cock between my pussy lips. I could feel my pussy lips spreading, as he slowly pushed his big shaft inside me. I moaned loudly, even though I still had Jack’s cock in my mouth. Trevor’s cock was now fully inside me and I felt my pussy stretching like it never had before. It was an intense sensation to feel his cock filling me completely. A combination of pain and lust was taking over my body and Trevor started to fuck me slowly.

Eugene was trying to look away, but for some reason he could not close his eyes or look away. He kept watching, with an amazed look on his face, how his wife was handling these two huge cocks.

With his strong hands, Trevor grabbed my waste from behind and started increasing his pace. I could now feel his big cock moving in and out of my pussy faster and faster. Jack had now grabbed my head and he was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. My mind was going crazy. I was being held by four strong arms, while two huge cocks were fucking my pussy and mouth.

Trevor and Jake were going faster and faster and I could feel a powerful orgasm building up inside me. Trevor’s huge cock was pounding my pussy and his balls were slapping against my clit. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the four strong arms that were keeping me in the same rhythm as the thrusting dicks. Harder and harder they fucked me and I was going into ecstasy.

A strong orgasm took possession of my body. My whole body started shaking and convulsing, as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me. Both men did not slow down and I felt Trevor’s delicious black cock thrusting my pussy as I came into a mind-blowing orgasm.

My climax lasted for more than a minute. Now that the ecstasy was decreasing, I opened my eyes again. Jake’s cock was still fucking my mouth. He had his eyes closed and I could see he was close to an orgasm too. I grabbed his shaft with my right arm and I started sucking him very intensely, throwing my head up and down his long shaft. As I did this, Trevor was not slowing down. He was still fucking me hard from behind.

Jake’s fingers grabbed my hair, as I felt his hard cock stiffen up. Jake closed his eyes as he reached his climax. He ejaculated a huge squirt of his warm sperm in my mouth, before pulling his cock out of my mouth. His second squirt of semen hit my forehead, right above my left eye. The third hit the side of my nose and number four and five landed on my cheeks. I took him back into my mouth and looked up at him as I sucked him slowly.

Behind me, Trevor was also about to come. He increased the speed of his penetration and my pussy was enjoying his huge cock pounding away at high speed. Trevor did not bother to pull out, as he blew load after load of his sperm into my welcoming pussy. I felt how his warm semen was filling up my pussy. After he blew his last load, he pulled out his cock and took a second to recover his breath.

I could feel how Trevor’s sperm was starting to leak out of my pussy, as I looked at my husband. He was still sitting tied down, watching in horror how these two masculine men had just given his wife an orgasm that he could never have given her. He saw his beautiful wife smiling at him, while Jake’s seed was dripping from her face.

I wiped the cum of my face and licked it of my fingers. I was surprised that the cum of a real man tastes so much nicer than my husband’s. When I saw the look on Eugene’s face, I decided to make his humiliation complete.

I crawled towards him on my hands and knees and pulled my panties of his head. I swung my right leg over his body and I pushed my ass towards his face. There was nothing he could do to escape the warm and sticky present that was waiting for him. I moved my pussy up and down over his face, rubbing a mixture of Trevor’s cum, my pussy juices and the sexy sweat of three different bodies all over my husband’s face.

I left Eugene with a sticky face and a mouth full of cum from a huge black cock. I did not bother to untie him yet. Instead, I took Jake and Trevor by the hand and took them towards the showers. We were going for seconds and Eugene was going to have to wait a bit more.


Author’s note:

Please note that I am planning to write more about my experiences as a hotwife. I would really appreciate your feedback (positive or negative), so please leave me a comment. Please feel free to write, if you wish me to cover any specific topic or storyline.

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