Harland Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: This entire story was made up by myself and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidence. I make no profit from this website.


The following day mom came home and Harland gave all his attention to her. She was busy being a whirlwind in the house, shouting about this and that, tossing things here and there and packing a bag for another trip. She was yelling about her client and the judge, some legal jargon that I never understood and how she needed to get back to the office before she went back out of town — this time for a week.

He trailed after her, listening and nodding, agreeing with her when he needed to and shaking his head when he needed to. I wandered away and found myself at the pool, headphones in my ear, a book in hand while I waited for mom to cool off and say goodbye again. She stopped by briefly, dropped a kiss on my head, wished me well and said she’d be back next week.

Then we were alone again.

I stretched out on the poolside chaise and sighed a bit. Mom had always been busy, so it wasn’t anything new for her to be busy. But, you think she could at least spend some time at home. I absently rubbed down my legs and found Harland standing over me.


“Hey yourself.”

“So. Party this weekend again?”

“I guess? You wanna?”

“Might as well. Make sure you invite Sonia over again.” He turned, “I’m gonna go clean up and climb into bed. Night.” He winked at me and left me at the pool.

“Night.” I paused, picking at my nails while wondering what he was doing. Feeling daring again, I darted back upstairs and found myself my favorite peeping spot. I watched Harland shower again, his body soaped and bubbly by the time I made it.

His back was against the shower wall again, exposing his naked front to me as he began to slowly stroke his shaft. I wiggled a bit, my thighs rubbing together as I noticed I was getting a little more than just excited by watching him. His hand worked over the swollen knob, thumb stroking the soft skin. I recalled just how soft it actually felt — like velvet — my mouth watering with the memory.

I was getting more and more excited. I could feel how wet I was without even touching myself. I moved my knees apart and reached down my bikini to slick a finger down my slit. I pulled my hand away and found my finger soaked and nearly dripping. I had never been this wet in my life! I shoved my hand back in my bikini and stuffed my finger inside me. My thumb stroked over my clit as I worked myself into such an excited state, I forgot to be silent and let out a moan.

I instantly remembered where I was and found Harland’s eyes glued to my peeping spot. My heart skipped a beat as I thought he had found me out. But his eyes moved, his body jerking as he came. I climbed to my feet as quietly as I could and snuck back into my bedroom.

I stripped, slipped on my favorite oversized shirt to sleep in and waited, listening intently. I heard a few doors close and finally zeytin ağacı izle the TV came on in the master bedroom. He would fall asleep in no time. Turning on my own TV, I climbed out of bed and pulled open my suitcase from college.

I had gone to one of those girls night “Slumber Parties” where they sell sex toys to a group of girls and have drinks. I’d had a bit too much and ended up buying a vibrator. I’d only used it a couple of times and found it very exciting. It was difficult to find time by myself in the dorms, though. I didn’t have a chance to really explore.

I slipped back into bed and snuggled down into my pillow while stroking myself. I turned on my vibrator and eased it along my slit. I had bought a simple vibrator. It was a clear crystal green with just a bit of texture to it. I lifted my knees, the sheets creating a tent over my lap. I closed my eyes and began to imagine Harland kneeling between my legs. “Mmm, Harland,” I crooned, my hips rising as I teased myself. “Oh, baby… Please…” I licked my lips, imagining Harland’s mouth locked to my clit.

“Oh, baby… Yes… Mmm, Harland… Eat me, baby.” My hips began to pump up and down on their own, my body tingling with my excitement. I was getting really into it, my body growing hot and heavy.

“You called?”

I gasped and sat up in bed, tugging the sheets around me. I scrambled to turn my vibe off, my face turning a deep shade of red. “What are you doing!?”

“You called my name… so. Here I am.” He stood in my doorway, shorts low on his hips, chest bare. “It seemed only fair to me. You watch me. I watch you.”

I coughed and turned a deeper color. I was sure every inch of me was blushing. “What are you talking about?”

He took a few steps in, his knees bumping the edge of my bed. I was suddenly aware that he was very happy to be there. His loose work out shorts did little to hide his hard cock. “You watch me in the shower. I think I should get a chance, too. Come on, baby girl. You were almost there. Keep going.” His hand smoothed down his chest and over his groin, his body shuddering. “I wanna watch you cum while you think of me.”

“I wasn’t…” I started to protest.

“Oh, baby, don’t lie. You were calling out my name. Lemme watch.” He leaned over, his hands tugging off the sheet.

I let him pull the sheet off my body, exposing my legs and stomach. My big t-shirt had hiked up my waist and I was bared to him.

He hissed a breath and balled up the sheet, “Kelly, baby girl… You’re so hot! Come on baby, lemme see.” He tugged gently on my ankles, pulling me back down to a lying position.

I moved for him, my mind numb. I wasn’t thinking. I was only feeling. My entire body trembled, the sensations of excitement, nervousness and arousal were all buzzing through me. Harland nudged me legs apart and I could feel my damp slit opening for him.

“Fuck. I can see how wet you are from here… It won’t take much, will it? I bet you the terminal list izle could cum using just one finger right now.” He licked his lips and squeezed a hand down his length through his shorts. “Where’s your toy, baby? I wanna watch you squirm.”

I fumbled for my vibrator in a state of silent shock. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I gazed up at him while I turned on my toy and paused. Was I actually going to do this? I mean, was I about to get off with Harland watching me?

“That’s it. Lean back and let me watch you tease that beautiful pussy.” His hand continued to rub up and down his cock, his eyes wide and eager. “Lemme watch you cum, baby girl.”

I swallowed and leaned back, eyes closing. I tentatively placed my hands between my legs and began to tease myself again. My pussy was drenched and as hot as it had ever been! My hips jerked, my mouth open as I panted. I was immediately back into my dream, my body simply throbbing with pleasure.

“Say my name, Kelly. I wanna hear you cum and say my name.” His voice sounded so far away.

“Yessss,” I mewled, my body working in overdrive as I felt this explosive heat building in my belly. I was imagining Harland eating me out and I just couldn’t take it anymore. “Haarlaannd…” I squealed as I orgasmed. My toes curled, my hands spasmed and my head pressed back into the bed while my hips jerked and shook.

I didn’t hear Harland when he climbed onto the bed. But I certainly felt his hands press down my hips and his tongue began to lap away the sticky flow that oozed down my crack. His tongue was warm, soft and wide while he began to clean me. He licked me from ass to clit. I didn’t think I would have liked it, but right then, it felt amazing. Each lap sent thrills down my spine, my body beginning to tingle and feel as though I could cum again.

I regained my voice and began to moan for him. “Harland… Mmm…” I buried my hands in his hair, my hips rising to meet his tongue with every stroke. His lips wrapped around my clit and he suckled hard. It tore a cry from my throat. My hands gripped the sheets and tugged. I was ready to cum again! He kissed the insides of my thighs and began to climb up my body. I felt an immediate sense of urgency and nervousness. Was he going to fuck me? Would I let him? What do I do?

“Baby girl… Your cunt tastes so good. But I wanna watch again. Cum for me again?” His chin was slick, his eyes full of heat.

I nodded, swallowing my nervousness.

Grinning, he climbed to the edge of the bed, this time his hands finding my stomach. “I wanna see all of you…” His hand edged up my body slowly, eyes locked with mine as he waited for my reaction. I gave him a smile and a nod and his hand dove up my shirt and wrapped around my breast. His thumb stroked my nipple and I moaned for him. He tugged the shirt up, exposing my chest, and wadded it along my collarbones. “Oh, Kelly… you’re so beautiful. Perfect tits. Flat stomach. the traitors izle Hot ass. Long legs. And your pussy… fuck, it’s amazing. Now, cum for me again.” His hand slipped down my body and he buried a finger in me.

I cried out, body squirming for him. His mouth found my ear and he whispered, “Cum for me… I wanna lick your sticky cunt clean when you’re done.” His hand placed my vibrator in my hand and eased it to my pussy. “Wanna taste it again… give it to me.”

He pulled away as I spread my legs again and began to tease me clit with my toy again. I had never tried to cum twice so soon before. I could feel the tingling sensations through my body and knew I could do it again. I felt his lips wrap around one of my nipples and I squealed in pleasure.

Harland shifted on the bed. He was now kneeling by my head, his shorts gone, his fist rubbing up and down his cock. “Open your mouth, baby girl.” He straddled my shoulders and dragged the head of his cock along my lips.

My mouth opened without question, tongue slicking over his length before he pressed it down, filling my mouth and bumping my throat. Harland gripped my headboard to stead himself. He swore loudly, his hips slowly pumping his cock in and out of my mouth while I continued to tease myself.

“That’s it baby girl. Suck my cock and cum for me. Such a hot mouth…” He reached down and stroked my breasts, teasing my nipple with pinches. I squealed around his cock, my hips rising. “That’s it… cum for me.”

My eyes screwed shut, my body feeling overwhelmed with sensation. I had never had a cock in my mouth while I was getting off before and it was incredibly hot! My hips moved on autopilot, my body thrumming in a way I’d never felt before. I felt like I was coming apart. Every inch of me felt like it was on fire.

Harland’s thrust became more urgent. His balls thudded against my chin, the head of his cock choking me with each bump in my throat. I was having trouble breathing, but I couldn’t stop. I squealed around his thick shaft, my head turning away as I gasped for air while I came hard. Every muscle in my body felt like it was burning.

His hand curled in my hair and he forced his cock back into my mouth. I breathed through my nose as best as I could. My body twisted, hips rising and falling, hands gripping the sheets in desperation. I locked eyes with him and watched as he gave my mouth the last few thrusts before he, too, came. He coated the back of my throat.

He pulled away and I gulped down air greedily. I licked my lips and coughed, finally able to breathe normally. My limbs felt heavy, weak. I couldn’t really move.

“That was a good one…” He climbed off me and kissed down my breasts and stomach, “And now…” He nudged between my legs and began to lap at my over sensitive clit. “Tasty pussy,” he purred before he pressed his mouth to my sopping hole and slurped loudly, sucking down every drop from my gushing cunt. I couldn’t believe how wet I had gotten. He sucked it all away and laved at me with his eager tongue, leaving me breathless.

Grinning up at me, he wiped his chin clean and pulled his shorts back on. “Good night, Kelly. Sweet dreams.” He blew me a kiss from the doorway as was gone. I slept like a baby.


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