Her Sanity Day

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Big Tits

Two decades of marriage, and I had been totally faithful to Hank. I never even felt tempted, really. Not until that day.

When my son asked if Colin could stay over for a few nights, I didn’t think anything of it. My son, Steve, explained that this Colin was having some kind of trouble with his parents, and I pictured Steve’s friend as some scrawny kid. When the doorbell rang and I pulled open the door, however, I was surprised by the boy’s athletic body, his angelic face, and his bee-stung lips. He may have been my son’s age, but he sure didn’t look like my son. This kid was a babe.

“Hi. I’m Colin. Steve said I could come.”

“Sure,” I said. “Come on in.”

Colin wasn’t all that graceful; he did a poor job of hiding his glace at my tits as he walked in. But he had a certain cool charm. He reminded me of the boys I had crushed on when I was in high school. If I were still a teenager, I would have jumped to date him.

I pushed those thoughts aside as I strolled to the kitchen and left Colin with Steve. I wasn’t still a teenager. I was a married mom. And Colin was my son’s friend. Cheating would be wrong, and sleeping with my son’s friend would add another layer of awkwardness. Besides, Steve was only 17, and since Colin was Steve’s classmate, they were probably the same age, putting Colin off-limits for me even if I were still single.

The boys played video games in the living room while I cooked dinner. I admit I glanced at Colin once, his face beaming with excitement as he played, but I knew I would never act on any attraction I might feel. I had never slept with anyone but Hank, and after all these years, why would that change?

Being faithful should have been easier than ever these days. As I closed in on my 40th birthday, the hoard of men available was thinning. There had been a time when I was sick of men always hitting on me, always looking at my body, sometimes crossing the line into harassment. At work I would sometimes skip lunch because I knew when I hit the nearby deli alone there would be men pestering to join me. Now that daily annoyance was gone, but a part of me, I supposed, missed it.

The moment I had opened the door to Colin was the first time in months I had noticed someone glancing at my chest. Maybe that was the magic Colin held: he reminded me what it was like to be a teenager again, to still have all those romantic possibilities wide open.

“Yes!” gushed Colin as he made some video game move.

Hearing those joyful moans caused me to glance again at him. There was something about Colin’s voice, low but passionate, that warmed my flesh.

There was no harm, I supposed, in thinking about Colin while I cooked. It wasn’t like this could really go anywhere. So what was wrong with a few private thoughts? With imagining what I might do if I were still a girl Colin’s age? As long as no one knew.

When Hank got home, I explained that Colin would be sleeping on our couch for a few days.

“I guess that’s okay, Linda,” he said. “I just wish you had checked with me first, is all.”

Colin said, “Thanks again, Linda, for putting me up. I really appreciate it.”

I liked that he called me “Linda.” Another of Steve’s friends once called me “Ms. Marcoida,” like I was some old lady. Colin calling me “Linda” made me feel like I could still be one of his peers. The name was like a caress slipping right off his tongue.

“No problem,” I told Colin. “What else could I do? I mean, at 17, I’m sure hotels won’t let you rent a room, right?”

“Actually, I’m 18, but a lot of hotels still discriminate.”

He’s legal, I thought.

Then I caught myself. Why did I care that Colin was 18? He was still my son’s friend. And I was still a married woman. Legal or not, he was off-limits.

Colin, Hank, and Steve all sat at the dining table when I brought out the food. “Since today’s Earth Day, I thought I’d make something vegan: marinated mushrooms and rice.”

“Awesome,” said Colin.

“What does vegan have to do with Earth Day?” my husband asked.

“Like I explained last year, Hank, livestock farming is a major cause of global warming. Going vegan, even if it’s just for one day, does good things for the environment.”

“I’m glad you thought of that, Linda,” Colin said. “I should have told you, I happen to be a vegan, so I’m glad it’s something I can eat.”

“I didn’t know that,” Steve said.

“Yeah. I’ve been vegan 2 years now.”

“That’s amazing,” I marveled. “How do you go without meat and cheese and ice cream and all that?”

“It’s easier than you think,” Colin said. “I have almost no will power, so if I can do it, anyone can.”

“What made you decide to go vegan?” I asked.

“Mainly it’s because I play football, so I have to stay in shape.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“But I also care about the environment and about animals, so it made sense.”

“And did it make you better at football?” I asked.

“I’m still not good enough to get a scholarship out of it. But Gaziantep Genç Escort I’m healthier than I used to be, and I’m stronger. I think going vegan helped.”

“Interesting,” I said. I loved that this kid with his coverboy looks also cared about the world and knew how to be more responsible while keeping his body in good shape. He had looks and he had depth.

“Mmmm,” Colin said as a forkful of food entered his mouth.

“You like it?”

Colin swallowed and said, “This is good! I think I want to eat here more often.”

As I watched another forkful enter his mouth, I thought he really knew how to appreciate things. Thoughts of him “eating” something more personal flickered in my mind, but I pushed the images out and got control of myself.

I glanced at Hank. If he had any idea what fantasies I was enjoying, he would have killed me. He was showing nothing. I was safe for the moment, but I had to be keep myself in check.

Somehow I made it through the evening without betraying my thoughts. But that night I couldn’t sleep. While Hank snored beside me, all I could think about was Colin.

A girlfriend once told me vegan men had tastier cum. I was envious that she had sampled enough men to compare. I had tasted Hank’s cum time after time, but could only wonder if other men tasted better. I wondered what it might be like to suck Colin’s 18-year-old cock, to taste his vegan cum shoot down my throat. But of course that wouldn’t happen.

Even if I made a pass at Colin, where would it get me? I was old enough to be his mother. He couldn’t find me that attractive.

Of course, he had looked at my breasts. He must have felt some level of attraction. And men are supposed to be always horny, aren’t they? I could probably have this kid if I wanted.

But that would be wrong.

Or would it? Did I want to die without at least knowing what I was missing? Once I satisfied my curiosity, I could be a more faithful wife than ever. If my husband didn’t know … and if my son didn’t know … then who would be hurt?

Just the thought of what I could do with the 18-year-old was making me wet as I lay there in the dark silence. Without even meaning to, I slipped a hand down between my legs, gently gliding through my fur, and touched my most sensitive spot.

“Hank,” I breathed.

He didn’t respond.

I gently lifted my blanket so I could slide out of bed without waking my husband. I looked down at him and assured myself he was still fast asleep.

I was terrified of what Hank might do if he found out, but that didn’t dull my excitement — it enflamed it. Whatever happened, this would be a moment in my life I would remember.

I slipped on my bathrobe. Quietly, I tip-toed out of our bedroom and past our son’s room. Every creak of the floorboard amplified in my mind as I headed down the stairs.

Should I really do this?

Could I? Sure, he had glanced at my tits, but that didn’t mean he would really want to sleep with me, did it? I was probably reading way too much into a brief moment. In Colin’s mind it might well have been a meaningless glance. In mine, it was a moment of magic. I wanted to believe he could be as drawn to me as I now was to him.

A few months ago, I’d gotten my first gray hair. Was I really going to wake up a teenaged stud and ask him to fuck me? He would reject me. He would tell Steve I had made a pass. Even Hank might find out. I was crazy to take this risk. Wasn’t I?

As I crept down the dark staircase, I found the living room bathed in blue light. Colin must have fallen asleep with the television on. Or was he still awake at this hour?

No, it wasn’t the TV after all. It was the computer screen. But Colin was not at the desk, he was sitting on the couch watching moving images on the screen. I thought it was odd he had turned the sound off to watch a movie until I realized he was watching a porn film! I couldn’t believe it. A 1-minute clip repeating itself just showed a man and a woman fucking.

I meant to turn away, and I should have, but first I glanced at Colin and got another shock. He was still dressed, but his fly was open and his hands were wrapped around a cock that could have competed with the one in the movie stretching the actress’s pussy.

Wow! I didn’t know what to think. I felt so bad about invading his privacy like this, and I felt so excited seeing in person the vegan cock I had been dreaming about, and I felt so dirty being here.

Should I stand here and watch this admittedly captivating sight? Should I turn back before he caught me? Should I just walk up to him and say, Hey, Big Boy, why wear out your hands when you could use what I’ve got?

This could be my best chance, since he was already aroused. But if I announced my presence, he might also be shocked and embarrassed to the point that I would never get another chance at him. And maybe he would make so much noise it would wake up the household.

My head was telling me to turn around now, even as something else urged me forward.

I tried to think. If I were alone in my bed, rubbing my clit, and then discovered Colin watching me, how would I react? I wasn’t even sure. A part of me thought I would relish finding his eyes on my pussy and would jump at the chance to let him satisfy my need. Another part of me thought no, I would feel violated. And that part seemed more realistic.

I quietly crept away from the scene of this young man rubbing his generous cock. I finally turned and tip-toed back up the stairs. I snuck past my son’s room. My paranoid mind imagined him awake inside knowing what his mother had just tried to do, but I pushed that thought out of my mind. A bigger fear was in the room ahead.

The door to my bedroom, mine and Hank’s, was open, just the way I had left it. My husband, it seemed, had not touched it, but did that mean he was still asleep? What would I say if he asked me -?

I crept into our bedroom and found Hank in bed still snoozing. He had no idea. I had gotten away with it and no harm had been done, I assured myself. I closed our door, hung up my robe, and tiptoed naked to the bed. I gently lifted the blanket. Hank’s snoring was undisturbed. Even my loudly pounding heart did not wake him. I slipped into the bed beside him. And then he started to wake up!

“Hmm?” he said.

I slipped my arms around him. “I’m in the mood,” I whispered.

“Tomorrow,” he promised.

I don’t know how he managed to sleep while I jilled off for the next half-hour.

The next morning was my first sanity day. Last year at work I had used up none of my sick days, and on New Year’s I lost them all. I didn’t even get a raise out of the deal. So this year I was determined to cash in a few sick days, and today was one I took for my mental health.

After Colin and Steve went to school and Hank went to work, I had the house to myself. I took a nice, long bath, soaping up every inch of my flesh that I could imagine Colin nuzzling. I shaved my legs as well as my bikini line. The fur I left I trimmed as soon as I had toweled off.

I looked over my body in the mirror. If Colin saw me naked, he was going to see me at my best. And after I had chickened-out yesterday, there was no way I would miss another chance to show him what I had.

I threw on a blouse that showed off my cleavage. He had glanced at my tits when they were modestly hidden. Give him a better look, and he should respond even more.

I put on a skirt, but no panties. Maybe at dinner, Colin would drop something, and I could part my knees just enough to grab his attention. I was so devious! I just needed to put a few thoughts in his young head, and tonight, while the others were asleep, Colin could well be mine.

At a quarter to four, Colin walked in, but Steve wasn’t with him. “Steve will be here later tonight,” Colin explained. “He wanted to study with someone.”

“And he didn’t want to study with you?” I asked.

“I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but ah, he’s studying with a chick.”

I chuckled. “You don’t have to be afraid to tell me. I’m not that old,” I assured him. “I think it’s wonderful. Everyone needs a love life, right?”

“Sure,” he said.

“I’ll bet you go out with dozens of girls.”

He grinned. “Not that many.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

He shook his head. “I just got out of a relationship.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I said. “Let me get you a drink. You like beer?”

“Do you have vodka and orange juice?”

“Sure,” I said. I made him a screwdriver and kept everything handy to make him the next one soon.

“Don’t tell Hank. He’d be pissed about me giving alcohol to a minor.”

“Hank. Your husband? No problem.” He took a sip. Bigger than I had expected.

He confessed, “My girlfriend broke up with me because she thought I cheated on her.”

“Ouch. It’s none of my business, of course, but did you?”

“No. I could have. But I didn’t.”

“That’s a real shame,” I told him. “Getting dumped like a cheater and not even getting the fun of sleeping with other girls.”

He nodded and took another sip.

“Can I tell you a secret?” I asked him.

He nodded.

“You won’t tell Hank? Or Steve?”


“I think you’re actually lucky,” I confessed, looking into his warm brown eyes. “I kind of wish I were single again, like you. I’ve been with Hank for most of my adult life. The romance went out of our marriage years ago, and lately I can barely stand to live in the same house with him.”

Colin emptied his glass.

“Let me get you another one,” I said as I took his glass and mixed him a fresh drink. “I wish I could date someone else. I wish I could remember what it’s like to get excited by someone, get crazy with someone who’s new and full of life. You know?”

He nodded.

I glanced at the clock. Hank could be home in another hour. “What do you think I should do?” I asked as I gave him his glass again.

Colin took another sip. As he did, he glanced at my cleavage display, but tried to play it off. Or was I just imagining that? Finally he said, “Maybe you could divorce him. Find somebody new.”

“Do you really think I’m attractive enough to find a new man?”

“Yeah,” he said quickly, without even bothering to look me over. Either he had memorized what I looked like or he was just saying it to be polite.

“Look at me,” I told him, gesturing at my body.

And he did. He looked me over, from my generous tits displayed by my low neckline to my firm thighs displayed by my skirt. “Do you really think I am someone men would want to date?”

“Oh, yeah,” he assured me, still looking me over. Now that I had invited him to ogle my body, he was taking full advantage, and going right down the path I’d planned.

“If I were someone you didn’t know,” I said, “and I asked you to come over to my place, what would you say to me?”

He appraised my body again as he answered, “I would say yes. I bet most guys would.”

I licked my lips. “You won’t tell anyone we talked about this, will you?”


“You can keep this secret?” I asked.

“Sure.” He emptied the glass again.

“That’s good,” I told him. “There’s one more thing I’m hoping you’ll keep secret.”

“What’s that?”

I leaned closer to him. “Don’t tell them that I did this.” I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the mouth. My heart was racing, but I had finally crossed the point of no return, and it felt good to have my lips on his. This moment was worth the risk, whatever the price turned out to be.

At first, he seemed unsure what to do. I could feel his body just sitting there a moment, surprised. But he wasn’t stopping me. More important was what I felt poking my belly through his jeans. He wasn’t going to resist at all, if I knew anything about men. He was mine. At least for now. And for now, that was all that mattered.

I ran my hands over his muscular chest and then pulled his shirt up, over his head, and off his body. I grinned with delight at the tuft of hair on his chest and the firm muscles beneath. I kissed those muscles, savoring the feel of his warm flesh on my lips. Finally, Colin took the initiative of running his hands through my hair.

I kissed my way back up to his face. I looked into his eyes and saw the excitement I had hoped for.

He broke eye-contact with me only to look at my body again as he took off my blouse and deftly removed my bra.

He kissed my tits. He started at a nipple, sucking it with a tender appreciation Hank had never shown. Then he lifted the breast in his hands and kissed the flesh before moving to the other breast.

As much as I loved this breast-play, my husband could be home in another half-hour, and I still hadn’t found out what vegan cum tastes like.

I kissed his belly as I unbuckled his belt and then pulled down his jeans. His tight underwear did little to hide his hard-on. I didn’t even bother pulling off his pants or his shoes. I grabbed his underwear and yanked. His cock fell out, already set to erupt.

“Wow,” I breathed. “It’s huge!” I kissed his cock right on the head. “And gorgeous!” I gave his tender flesh another kiss. Then I licked my way down the underside of his cock, tracing the linear bulge. I slipped his warm cock in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. He groaned. I had thought the teenager would come instantly, but as I sucked and sucked, he held on, groaning, but not shooting.

I took him out of my mouth again and kissed my way down to his balls, giving his sack a lick. He snuck a little laugh into his moan as his eyes glazed over. He slid his fingers into my hair again and gently nudged me to put his cock in my mouth again. I happily complied. He was so eager to thrust, he nearly gagged me. But I got control of him and sucked with all my skill.

Finally, he shot his load down my throat. I swallowed and sucked until his hard-on started to soften. I lifted my mouth from his cock, licking the juice off his shaft along the way.

I couldn’t wait to tell my girlfriend she was right! His vegan cum was sweeter than what I was used to. “Mmm, your cum tastes good.”

I made my way back up to his face and kissed him on the mouth. “Can you taste yourself?”

He gave a shy laugh. “A little.”

He moved down to kiss my legs. He kissed his way up one of my calves. He kissed my knee. My thigh. I thought he was about to lift my skirt and lick my cunt, but he skipped it and kissed my belly, that tease.

I slid my fingers through his hair. My turn to guide his head, and I parked it right at my pussy, lifting my skirt with the other hand, giving him an eyeful of my trimmed fur and the moist slit beneath. He sniffed. He seemed to decide the scent was fine and gave a little lick. Then he dove in, slipping his tongue down one lip and up the other, flicking away at my clit and then sucking it. Oh, God, he was driving me crazy. It had been years since I had gotten head, and this kid really knew what he was doing! No matter how wet I got, he didn’t even slow down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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