Hot Fantasies, Steamy Reality

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Big Tits

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From my corner booth, I look out around me at the people clustered in ones and twos, enjoying a mug of java and quiet conversation. Their voices mingle and intertwine with the blare from the jukebox in the corner. I sip from my own cup and absently watch the cook behind the counter working her magic at the grill, tending a few hamburgers and a steak. I let the minutes drag and stretch. How could a simple question scatter my thoughts? Just a couple hours ago in the darkness of our room, candlelight dancing on our skin, we lay with legs intertwined basking in an afterglow of erotic ecstasy. In my mind I still see the rich deep chocolate of his eyes, feel the brush of his lips on my skin and hear his voice huskily ask, “What is your fantasy?”

The question sent a thrill through me when he asked, but my mind went blank. Now as I bring the mug to my lips I see him come through the diner entrance and slowly make his way over to me. Our eyes meet, and he gives me an easy smile as he slides in beside me in the booth.

His question echoes in my mind and possibilities bloom in rapid fire. The wetness pools between my thighs. I can feel the difference in my breathing. Can he hear my heartbeat slamming in my chest? I lay my hand on his, intertwining our fingers, feeling the warmth of his palm on my bare thigh and the edge of my skirt. He reaches out to make his coffee, a drop of creamer and just so much sugar. Again I let my gaze wander to the other patrons. The booths to either side are empty, stirring my thoughts.

Slowly I trace a finger on the back of his hand and say to him, in a voice just above a whisper, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be naughty. I want to…call you master.”

Even though his coffee is cooling, he turns to look at me. His eyes playful, a grin tugs at the corners of his mouth.

The tender skin of my inner thigh tingles as I slowly pull his hand under the hem of my skirt. Trying to be stealthy I scoot down in the booth just a little and feel the tips of his fingers graze my wet pussy lips. I see his grin as he slowly pulls his hand away. Never breaking eye contact, he brings his fingers to his lips and gives a quick lick at the wetness glistening there. I intake a sharp breath. I’ve had enough coffee and want to leave.

It’s Escort bayan never that simple. He picks up the spoon and gives his coffee a quick stir. As he reaches to put his arm around me, I whisper, “I’m ready, let’s go.”

“In a bit,” he replies. “Stay wet for me.”

A waitress wanders by and he holds out his cup. A second later she’s past us.

A part of me wants to draw his hand back, to pull his fingers into me. He watches me, my internal struggle evident. “Patience, my love,” he says to me, again resting his hand on my thigh.

After what seems like hours later, he lays a couple bills on the table and he leads me out into the parking lot, opening the door for me to climb into the front seat. He leans in and kisses me, squeezing a nipple through my shirt. With a grin he backs away, closing the door and making his way to the driver’s side. As he slides the key in the ignition, I lean over reaching my fingers to his lips. He opens his mouth and I intake a sharp breath as he sucks and caresses my fingers with his tongue. With a wicked grin I pull my fingers back, prop a leg against the door and pull my skirt up about my waist. The streetlight reveals the smooth skin and swollen lips glistening with my juices. As he backs out and pulls out of the parking lot, I begin caressing the protruding nub of my clit. I close my eyes but feel him watching me. I moan softly and increase the tempo, feeling the tendrils of desire fan a flame within me.

“Don’t cum,” he orders. I feel the SUV slow, then turn and stop as he pulls into the driveway. “Stay there,” he says, and then climbs out.

When he opens my door, I feel the night breeze against the wetness of my fingers. Then he moves my hand aside, and I gasp as his tongue massages my clit and his hot mouth engulfs my pussy. I move my hands to his hair, panting, “Oh God yeah, just like that.”

He pulls away from me with a grin, and then helps me from the seat, pulling my skirt back into place.

He unlocks the hotel door and we walk in. I turn to him as the door closes and kiss him, nibbling his bottom lip. “I want to be naughty, my Master.”

I step back and pull my shirt over my head, then step out of my short black skirt. I lie back on the bed and watch as he walks slowly over to the couch and sits down, never taking his eyes off of me.

I twist my erect nipples Bayan Escort in my fingers and run a hand slowly down my tummy to tweak my clit with a finger. “Mmm, this feels so good, I’m so wet. I love watching you watching me. Are you hard?” I lick my lips and implore, “Let me see your cock, Master, please.”

I then reach for the dildo I so love, and slowly rub the glass orbs roughly along my engorged lips and my swollen clit. I can feel my juices run along the tender sensitive skin of my lips. I watch as he strokes his cock, eyes playful but serious as he watches me. With purpose, I maneuver the orbed glass wand to my aching pussy and slowly slide it in, taking a sharp breath and releasing a moan as I slide it further in and feel the ribs massaging me. As I quicken my pace and increase the pressure of each thrust, my breathing becomes sharp panting. I rub my fingers over my clit. Quivers shake through me as I rub faster and faster, keeping my thrusts hard and deep.

“Stop,” he commands. “Don’t cum.” With a moan I remove my hand and pull the rod slowly from my pussy, feeling a small release trickling down my thigh.

“Come here,” I tell him. “I want to suck your cock.”

“Stay there,” he says. He stands and crosses the room. He crawls on the mattress over me, positioning his cock to hang over my face and his smiling lips inches away from my pussy. I reach up and grab him, and rub my tongue over the head, licking along the edges and softly sucking. Then I take more of him in, nurturing each part with my lips and tongue. I love the feel on him in my mouth. I hear him moan.

I pull away just a second to inquire, “Do you like that?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” He replies, and then he gives me heaven. With eyes closed, I feel the warm excellent wetness of his tongue flick my clit making me shudder. He chuckles and takes my pussy lips in his mouth, teasing and rubbing expertly with his tongue. It’s my turn to moan, and then I remember the cock in my mouth and work it with renewed vigor.

I pull my mouth away to plead, “God, that feels so fucking good. Please don’t stop.” As if in response he quickens his pace. I arch my back, urging my pussy into him. “Oh please,” I moan. Then suddenly he’s gone. Instead of his hot mouth, I feel the kiss of cool air on my swollen lips.

“Open your mouth” he commands. I love it.

“Yes, Master.” Escort I eagerly open my mouth and feel his cock slide along my tongue. I slowly begin fucking him with my mouth as I feel two fingers enter me, and his thumb slowly rubbing my clit. I moan around his cock as he begins thrusting. Stirred by my moans, he strokes my clit with his tongue. His lips close around it, and he begins to suck as he pumps his fingers in and out of me.

I freeze as my body begins to shake. “I’m gonna cum,” I whimper.

Again he pulls away, this time, taking his cock from my wanting mouth. “Oh, no you don’t.”

He climbs off of the bed. I can’t help it, but my lips frown into a pout. He chuckles. I feel his hands grabbing my thighs, then the pressure of him. I intake a breath and stare up into his eyes.

“Oh god yes,” I whimper, as he slides into me until I feel his balls against my ass. “Fuck me, fuck me,” I beg. He slowly pulls out and grins at me. He grabs my hand and wraps it around his cock.

I pull him in. “Please,” I pant. Slowly, he slides into my aching pussy, filling me up. Ever so slowly, he pulls almost out…then he slams into me, eliciting a sharp moan from my throat. He thrusts into me, enjoying watching me squirm and moan.

I look into his eyes as he’s fucking me, and mouth breathlessly, “I wanna ride you.”

He grins and pulls away, backing toward the couch. Taking a minute, he gets comfortable, his hard cock standing ready for me, slick with my juices. I climb to my feet and cross the room to him. With a grin I straddle him, reaching down to stroke his cock and guide him into me. As he sinks into me, I run my fingers in his hair and lean in, kissing him hungrily. Our tongues dance as I rise and steadily begin to ride him. We break the kiss, and I grab his hands with my own, drawing them to my small breasts. He smiles and squeezes then twists a nipple. I gasp as he asks, “Is that what you want?”

“Oh yeah, Master, that feels awesome. Will you bite them? Just a nibble I mean.”

“Gladly.” He leans in and his teeth graze my nipple. Then he sucks hard, nipping again.

“Oh yes.” He pulls back, and I increase my tempo, breathing raggedly. “I’m gonna cum, gonna cum. I’m cumming, cumming. I..”

He grabs me in a hug and begins thrusting hard and fast into me, my mouth at his ear. My moans are uncontrollable. I dig my fingers into his back, and quakes begin to rack my body, coherent speech not possible as I arch my back, calling his name. I feel him grow still, then a deep thrust as he burrows in and finds release. We collapse on the couch together, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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