I Couldn’t Believe

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The anticipation was killing me. I had been with both Rick and John before, but never together and on top of that there would be Joseph, a third guy whom I’d never met. We were all meeting at his hotel and the plan was to get naked together for an hour or two.

John and I have been pretty regular for a couple years now. We’ve touched on the subject of swinging but never gone anywhere with it. He knows that I was certainly not a virgin when we met, but he had no idea just how wild I had gotten in my earlier days when I was first the mentee of an older man and then the plaything of a Dom/Domme couple.

John took good care of me and appreciated my sexual appetite, always rising to the occasion. We stumbled once again onto the idea of swinging while watching a film one evening that broached the subject and I used the opportunity to push the envelope. To my surprise he seemed quite comfortable with the idea of sharing one another with someone else. I was further surprised when I told him that I had done some swinging before meeting him and his reaction was not one of jealousy but rather intrigue. We had fabulous sex that evening, him taking me right in the middle of the living room floor. If anyone had come to our front door they would have gotten quite a show, me on my back, legs in the air and him slamming his eight inches of slender shaft in and out of my sodden womanhood.

A few days later John brought it up again, asking “Do you stay in touch with any of your former swing contacts?”

“Well, not really, but I believe one of them still works just down the street from my office. I see him out at lunch once in a while.”

“Tell me about him.” John responded.

I proceeded to explain that we had “played” together a few times along with his girlfriend Hanna and someone I was seeing at the time. I omitted the fact that the “someone” was actually a couple and that there had been many others involved. I was theirs to be used however they saw fit and usually I was tied in some obscene position, my mouth, cunt, and anus available for use by whoever so desired. At the end of the sessions I was usually coated in semen from the ministrations of dozens of men. My couple would then bundle me up, take me home, bathe and massage me, and lovingly pamper me for the remainder of the night.

“Would you like for me to touch base with him?”

“Only if you would be comfortable with it.” John replied.

“I’d have no problem with it and I think we’re at a point relationship wise that we should be able to deal with some fun that would involve others as well without it causing problems.”

John smiled then kissed me. Again that evening the sex was sensational and I vowed to find Rick the next day.

At the reception desk of the mortgage broker where I last knew he worked I was informed by a svelte and sultry blonde that he was no longer with the company. Eyeing me up and down she asked “Do you know Richard on a professional or a personal basis?”

Our eyes locked and I realized that she knew why I might be trying to find him. I’d intentionally worn a very short black wool skirt that day anticipating meeting up with Rick. I guess that it in combination with the sheer lace cami that peeked from between the lapels of my blazer, sheer black hose and four inch heels sent a certain vibe.

“Personal.” I answered.

“I thought perhaps that was the case.” She said with a wink. “You know, I recognized you immediately.”

I strained to remember her but to no avail. She was so stunning it would have been hard to forget. Sensing my confusion she said “You wouldn’t remember me. “To start with, I was a brunette back then. And, that evening you were tied up spread eagle with a blindfold on.”

“Oh!” I giggled. I know I must have turned beet red.

“I spent some time sitting on your face. You’re really good.”

There was then an awkward pause as we both tried to figure out what to say next before she scribbled a phone number on a pink phone pad sheet then tore it off and handed it to me.

“Is this for you or Rick?”

Laughing, she said “Rick. He knows how to get in touch with me. But if you do, bear in mind I want you all to myself this time.”

“Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind.”

Heading back out the door I could feel her eyes on me. There is something about being eye groped by a woman that is even sexier than by a man, especially someone as attractive as her. Outside I waved through the window and she returned the gesture, accompanied by an air kiss. I realized I had not asked her name.

That evening I contacted Rick while John was out taking a run. He seemed very pleased to hear from me and when I told him about John and the idea of maybe getting together he jumped at the opportunity.

“I have a friend who was supposed to host a couple tomorrow evening but they’ve backed out. Wanna pinch hit for them?”

That was pretty short notice. “Let me see what John says and get back to you.”

“OK, I’ll be here alone all night.”

“Well, if you don’t hear from me by the morning, casino siteleri assume it’s a no-go.”

“OK.” There was a pause. “One last thing.”

“What are you wearing.”

I laughed. “I just got home from work. Black lace camisole and striped black satin panties with little pink bows at the sides.”


“Sorry to disappoint you, but they came off before the pantyhose, skirt, and blazer.”

“No disappointment here. Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow night and you can take off everything but the heels.”

I laughed and hung up.

When John came back from his run he again surprised me. With no hesitancy at all he agreed to joining up with Rick and his friend Joseph the following evening. I was getting very turned on by the whole idea now of having my own private little gang bang. It had been over two years since I had enjoyed the pleasures of more than one cock at a time and I had to admit that I was missing it.

I was also a little worried that Rick might spill the beans about my former lifestyle. John had been very accepting of this adventure but I wasn’t entirely certain how he would feel about my having been virtually a human fuckrag previously. While John showered I called Rick up to inform him we were on for the following eve and also asked for his discretion with regard to my previous activities.

“Not a problem, I would never say a thing anyway. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

“I’ve never been to Vegas.”

“You know what I mean.”


“Whatcha wearin’ now?”

I was halfway through changing when I called. “T shirt and panties.”

“Same ones?”

“No, I changed into white cotton bikinis. See you around six tomorrow?”

“Yep, ‘bye”


In preparation I had showered and done some touch up shaving. Since I got regular waxings little was necessary but these days I sport a sliver of a landing strip that needs just a bit of maintenance trimming. Sometimes I take it all off but generally I leave a quarter inch of dark brown hairs that are carefully clipped to the same length much as I do with my eyebrows. There’s just enough there to remind anyone who gets a peek at it that I’m a big girl and it also guides one’s gaze directly to my pussy slit.

For attire I selected a very special little g-string from Bracli that was comprised of a beautiful burgundy lace band that sat low on my hips with a string of pearls that ran from the front, between my legs, and nestled between my asscheeks in the back. It rubbed deliciously against my clit and between my pussy lips as well as my sphincter whenever I took a step.

I added a pair of black patent leather platform heels after first slipping into a short little black sheath. My makeup got a touch up and my now ass length brown hair was brushed out and just enough spray added to control the frizzies given the humidity of the evening.

John had chosen khaki slacks and a black polo that not only showed off his dreamy pecs and abs but nicely complemented my dress. I grabbed a sweater in case it got cooler later and we headed out. Seated in John’s car I squirmed to keep my hemline demurely (lol) in place. I wasn’t worried about him seeing my bits – he was already quite well aquainted with them. He’d not yet seen me in the Bracli “panties” and I wanted it to be a surprise, an unveiling later on.

It was a twenty minute drive to the other side of town and as we got closer My anticipation built to the point that I was concerned about the moisture I knew was developing between my labia. Unlike even a skimpy conventional g-string, the row of pearls would do nothing to absorb much wetness.

When we reached Joseph’s house I managed to slither out of the passenger seat without flashing either John or the neighbors. After giving the hemline a little tug I strutted around the front of the car and slipped my arm through John’s. We headed for the door.

Before we had a chance to ring the bell it opened and there stood a tall handsome man with salt and pepper hair. He was dressed in a two piece suit with a blue button down shirt that was unbuttoned halfway down his chest. Blessed with piercingly blue eyes, there was a casually powerful air about him. A slightly unruly mop of longish hair completed the picture.

“Good evening, I’m Joseph. Welcome to my den of iniquity.” he greeted. “You obviously must be Candy and John.”

I was surprised to hear him use the name Candy and John shot me a puzzled look. I’d forgotten that Rick might use my play name from years back but was also pleased that either Rick or Joseph had opted to abbreviate it somewhat. “Candycunt” would have been a little much to throw at John without some context.

Joseph shifted to the side, congenially extending his arm as he did. John and I stepped over the threshold into a large vestibule with a tile floor. My heels made a clickety sound that echoed slightly and I felt my heart beat harder as I thought about seeing Joseph naked. He certainly held promise.

Rick appeared first extending a hand, introducing himself canlı casino to John, then embracing me, planting a kiss on my neck as he did and also causing my dress to rise enough that I’m certain Joseph and John both got a good flash of bare asscheeks. I could tell he was semi hard as he pressed against me and I suddenly longed for his beautiful cock. It had been a while but I remembered clearly his gorgeous mushroom headed knob, absolutely marvelous feeling both in my mouth as well as buried inside me, slamming against my cervix and scraping against the walls of my uterus. John was bigger but Rick’s was like a piece of classical sculpture. Just the sight of it was enough to bring a girl to orgasm.

Joseph showed us in to a large living room and offered us cocktails. Rick indicated that he was already working on a Manhattan, John said he’d have the same and I asked if he had the fixings for a Cosmo.

“Certainly” he replied, “If a lady is visiting it’s always a good idea to have fixings for a Cosmopolitan, a Long Island Ice Tea, and a selection of white wines.”

I was impressed at his dedication as a host as well as his cologne, something musky/citrusy/earthy. When he returned with our drinks as well as a selection of finger food tidbits I asked what it was.

“Actually, not a cologne, it’s an eau de toilette” he replied in a somewhat embarassed tone. “It’s actually a women’s fragrance I guess, but I just love it.”

“Well, it has a new fan now. I love it!” I said as he handed me my martini glass with the grace that only a trained waiter could.

I guess I didn’t hide my reaction very well. “Four years as a waiter at The Beach Club while I put myself through college a ways back.” I pressed myself against his side so that I could then nuzzle my nose against his neck for a more potent whiff.


Joseph responded with a similiar sound before I stepped away, allowing him to set down the tray of munchables.

Twenty minutes later we found ourselves polishing off the first round of drinks as well as several mini crabcakes, crab rangoons, and scallop wraps each. The conversation had only briefly touched on anything of a sexual nature. Joseph headed for the kitchen to concoct another round and I decided it was time to get the show on the road. The alcohol had only served to make me randier than before and I was in the mood show off a bit.

With Rick and John looking on, I slipped the sheath off, letting it fall to my feet before stepping out of it. Their conversation immediately halted and they stood there like idiot schoolboys, practically drooling down themselves. The string of pearls led from the band of lace perched at my hips down and disappeared between my pussy lips, re-emerging somewhere up my backside to rejoin the lace band back there. I wore nothing else save for the black patent fuck me shoes.

Joseph emerged from the kitchen, drinks in hand and proceeded to distribute them around after a whispered “Oh my!”

I love standing naked in front of others and I love shocking people like that. I knew without looking for a bulge that all three of them were rock hard. I grinned like the cheshire cat and with one hand raised my glass for a toast while using the other to play with a nipple just to heighten the effect.

“To friends new and old.”

We closed ranks, clinked glasses and all took deep long sips. I felt an immediate rush as the alcohol I had just ingested merged with that already in my system from the first Cosmo. I could tell that Joseph had altered the proportions more than just a tad.

Glancing at Rick I realized he was shedding his clothes, first shoes, then slacks, socks and shirt, leaving him in only the bikini briefs that he was well known for. Someone once told me that he would go swimming at the YMCA wearing them. They were simple and black, more like women’s panties than men’s briefs but they accentuated his lithe form and the bulge caused by a swollen penis.

John and Joseph also stripped down, John to his pale grey boxer briefs and Joseph to a pair of paisley silk boxers that quite frankly looked rather ridiculous on him, tenting in the front as his hard-on struggled to break free of their confines.

I approached him and in a single movement knelt, grasped the waistband, and pulled them to his ankles. His cock almost smacked me in the face as it bobbed free. It was a lovely example of manhood, perhaps not as large as John or as perfectly formed as Rick’s, but there it was right in my face and I just had to have it in my mouth.

Swallowing it as far as I could I noticed he was shaved totally smooth, not just scrotum, but everything – thighs, stomach, chest, and raising my hands to his ass, I discovered it too was smooth as a baby’s. I grasped him by the cheeks and drew him closer, swirling my tongue over his stiff pole and then working him up and down.

Keeping one hand on his sleek ass I moved the other to the front where I was then able to fondle his hairless ballsac as well as grasp his shaft occasionally, pumping it as I tongued kaçak casino the tip. In no time at all I could tell he was close to blowing his wad and I released him and stood. He looked a tad frustrated but I kissed him gently on the lips.

“Someone else’s turn for a bit.” I whispered.

I felt a hand on my ass, half caressing and half steering me the way a good dance partner would. Turning, I found Rick, now totally nude, his glorious member on full display, also begging for attention. He guided me toward the massive cream leather sectional that occupied a great deal of the room and gently pushed me down on my back before then climbing into a position where he could feed me his cock.

I took it greedily. The contours felt marvelous in my mouth and I swallowed as much of him as I could. For several minutes he face fucked me, humping away, his balls slapping my chin withe every thrust. I felt hands at my waist tugging at the lace band, sliding it down over my hips, pulling the pearls from between my labia. Strong firm hands then spread my legs and I felt John positioning himself at my crotch where he began to pay some serious homage with his tongue to my lips and clit.

We carried on like that for quite a while. Rick would withdraw his shaft from my mouth occasionally to dangle his balls so that I could lick them. On the fourth or fifth time he did so I felt Joseph crawl onto the sofa next to me. His head was at my shoulder and a hand fondled my breasts as he watched up close, my tongue dancing over Rick’s taught sac.

Then it happened. Joseph raised his head and slipped the hand from my chest up to grasp Rick’s cock. I watched in amazement as he guided the rigid pole to his mouth and proceeded to suck it deeply in.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve done a great many erotic things but never before had I watched a man suck another man’s cock before and here it was happening just inches in front of my face. The same penis that had been filling my mouth just moments previously was now buried hilt deep in a male mouth.

I exploded in a mammoth orgasm, wrapping my thighs tightly around John’s head as I did. I must have nearly smothered the poor man. Rick shifted position to better enable Joseph to service him and John extricated himself from between my legs, gasping for air. In a haze I watched ad Rick repeated his facefucking exercise with Joseph. I came again soon after with no one even touching my kitty.

Glancing toward John I saw that he was now standing and stroking himself as he watched Joseph minister to Rick. There was a mesmerized grin on his face as he pumped away. I wrapped one arm around Joseph and the other around Rick, urging them along. Now I was dying to see Rick explode.

But first I felt John laying down atop me, spreading my legs again to guide his cock into my sodden cunt, burying it to the hilt. There was that lovely feeling of the head banging against my cervix as his balls ground against my perinium. It always made me feel very filled and satisfied.

John’s head ended up just inches from the focus of activity between Joseph and Rick. He gently pumped at me, but it was obvious that he was as mesmerized by what was going on as was I.

Then it happened. Rick withdrew his cock from Joseph’s mouth and offered it to John who hungrily accepted the treat.

Again, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Rick started to pump again but at this point I guess it was too much for him and right there in front of me I watched as his balls pulsed and he shot his load into John’s mouth, grasping the base of his shaft with his hand as he withdrew it enough that I could watch as he spurted the last couple blasts of creamy goo.

I erupted in another huge orgasm, holding John in a vice grip with my legs as I did, feeling his body go rigid as he exploded inside me. A surge of hot fluid filled my uterus as he emptied his balls. For a moment I was totally engulfed in an immense wave of ecstatic rapture as I peaked.

The next sensation was that of John’s lips meeting mine, prying them open and then the shock of having my mouth filled with Rick’s still hot cum. Not expecting it, I choked a bit but managed to recover and revel in the viscous eroticism of having my man share another’s sperm with me like that. My orgasm continued to linger on for quite a while and I continued to hold John trapped with my legs.

In the meantime Rick had climbed over to where he was able to get Joseph’s cock in his mouth. Shortly thereafter he finished off the job I had started earlier. As Joseph blew his wad Rick held his mouth a good six inches away so that John and I were able to clearly see the half dozen bursts of semen spurt forth. Most of it went into his mouth and he swallowed it with glee but a bit dribbled down his chin. As soon as I’d untangled myself from John I treated myself to it, licking it from the faint trace of stubble.

At that point we took a break, all returning to our cocktails. When I asked Joseph where I could find a bathroom he pointed me down a hallway and I peed as well as freshened up a bit. By the time I returned to the living room John and Rick were at it again, John standing, Rick on his knees sucking away and at the same time stroking himself. Joseph stood off to the side a little bit also stroking away.

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