In or Out?

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The metal door was a faded mustard yellow, and the dents at the bottom of the door looked like the result of somebody kicking it. There was probably a story behind every dent but my mind was elsewhere. The man I was with was putting the key in the door, and as it opened the number 6 on the door swayed with the movement.

Inside the room was dark except for the light that leaked through the curtains and onto the rug, but when the man I was with clicked the light on upon entering, I wished it was still dark because the motel room was even more creepy looking in the light. Like the rest of the place it looked like 1980, run-down and dreary, with worn-out pastel furniture.

I wasn’t even thought of in 1980. My folks were probably in high school then, and maybe the man I was with was too because I figured him for being around 50. He was wearing a wedding ring and was totally bald, although I couldn’t tell whether that was by choice or chance. What was his name? He had told me in the car but I had forgotten. Barry?

“In or out?”

“Huh?” I mumbled, so lost in the ozone that I wasn’t paying attention to what Barry was saying.

He was waiting inside with the open door at his side, and although he was trying to be pleasant I sensed that might change if he thought I was screwing around me him.

“I asked you whether you were coming inside or not?” Barry asked, and after standing at the threshold for a few more seconds I finally stepped inside.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Barry said with a wave of his hand, and as he walked toward what had to be the bathroom he told me he would be right out.

Comfortable? What did that mean? I was terrified. What had seemed like an interesting idea back in the car was now something different all together, and I was wishing that instead of letting this Barry put his hand on my thigh I had simply said “No thanks”.

I hadn’t though, and I hadn’t resisted when he reached over and put my hand on his lap either. In the VW bug we were in, these were intimate surroundings to begin with, and it doesn’t get much more intimate than two guys squeezing each other through their clothing.

That was when Barry had asked me whether I wanted to go to a motel with him. Maybe he gave a lot of kids rides and popped that question. I had no idea. He did ask me how old I was though, and even quizzed me on my date of birth. Maybe that was because he had a bit of a problem locating what he was looking for in my pants, but I was 18 alright even though I didn’t look it.

On the other side of the bathroom door the toilet flushed, and it was so loud that you would have thought the door was open instead of closed. The sink ran for a moment and then was shut off, and after a bit of shuffling sounds from the bathroom the door open and Barry emerged.

“You okay?” Barry asked, probably because I hadn’t made myself comfortable like he had suggested but was still standing right where I had been, rooted to the dingy green rug by the door.

Barry, on the other hand, had experienced no trouble in getting comfortable. He wasn’t naked because he had his socks on, but all of the rest of his clothes were off. He had a lot more confidence in himself that I did, but then again I could see the reason for him not being shy like me.

“Sorry,” I mumbled, while trying my best to not to look at what he had me grope in the car, trying and failing. “Kinda scared.”

“I can tell,” Barry said as he slowly walked toward me, almost as if he was afraid that if he made any sudden moves I might turn around and run right out – or through – the door. “I’m not going to hurt you. I thought you wanted to have fun?”

“I did – I mean I do,” I mumbled while watching Barry’s penis sway slowly as his weight shifted from side to side, the vein-riddled uncut organ reminding me in both size and appearance that I wasn’t in my friend Tom’s garage now but was out of my league.

“Then just relax,” Barry was saying as he came up in front of me. “We’ll have fun. Don’t you like what you see?”

“Uh – sure,” I replied, and while the man was in good shape – hell for a guy who would have been my dad’s age if he was still alive Barry was in way better shape than most – his looks weren’t the problem.

“I know I sure like you, Jimmy,” Barry was telling me as his hands went up to me shoulders and gave him a squeeze before sliding down. “You’re a sweet looking guy.”

Sweet? I was a scrawny guy whose dirty blonde hair needed a cut and whose 5’9″ frame could use about 15 pounds, preferably at least some of it muscle. That left me about 40 pounds and almost half a foot shorter than my new friend, leaving me way less of a man than Barry in every way imaginable. Sweet?

He had my t-shirt pulled out from under my shorts and now he was lifting it up and expecting me to raise my arms to allow him to get it off. I did manage that, and after Barry tossed it over onto the tacky orange chair his hands went onto my chest.

“Nice,” Barry sighed Gaziantep Anal Escort as he massaged my chest, which was as smooth as his was hairy, and as he rolled my little nipples between his fingers I looked enviously at the cloud of salt and pepper hair that covered my new friend’s chest. “No tattoos? Good for you. You’re perfect as you are.”

Perfect? My knees were knocking and when I felt my belt getting undone it wasn’t my friend Tom doing the honors, it was a man about three times my age.

Barry had gone to his knees on the godawful rug in an effort to free my balky belt, and his bald head was shiny when I looked down. The damn belt didn’t stay closed like I had almost hoped, and my jeans didn’t stay up either but slid down to my ankles.

I reached down to grab Barry’s muscular shoulders to steady myself as he took off my sneakers, and then he worked my jeans down off me like I was his kid or something that he was getting ready for bed.

Barry’s hands slid up my calves, the blond almost invisible hairs fluttering through his fingers as he went upwards to what he was eye-level with. Did I have clean underwear on? They were when the day started.

“Mmmm…” Barry moaned and I jumped when I felt his hand on my underwear, rubbing the bulge in my tight white briefs that I had been straining to make more prominent since my jeans had come down.

Barry rubbed and rubbed and rubbed, while I stared at the picture of a covered bridge that was over the bed and tried to do what Barry kept telling me to do. Relax.

“You don’t seem nearly as excited as I am, Jimmy.”

Barry had gotten up from the floor and was now looking at me, probably trying to figure out why he had pissed away money on a hotel room so some dumb kid could melt down in front of him.

The thing was, Barry was excited. That was evident in the way his penis was bouncing in front of him, the long vein-riddled organ even more impressive than before, with the tip of his glans peeking out from under the shroud.

“I’m sorry. I’m just scared.”

“I know son,” Barry said. “You’re me forty or so years ago, so I understand completely. Would you rather not – you know?”

“No,” I said, and then I asked him for something stupid, and he said sure.

Barry’s arms came around me and I eased into his chest, the warm fur soothing like a teddy bear. I hugged him and tried not to cry as I thought of all the hugs I hadn’t got over the years, and even though he was a stranger he held me like he cared.

“Thank you sir,” I said after a couple of minutes, leaning my head back to look up at him.

“It was my pleasure,” he said. “But seeing as we’re naked, the least you can do is not call me sir. Larry is fine.”

“Larry,” I repeated, glad beyond words that I hadn’t called him Barry in any place but my mind.

“Nearly naked that is,” Larry said as he eased my briefs down a bit, and then he was taking my hand and putting it on his erection. “There – not so scary, is it?”

“No,” I said as I wrapped my fingers around his cock, which was warm and throbbing as I slowly slid my hand along the length of it, but maybe that was because I wasn’t looking at it.

“There,” Larry was saying after his fingers raked through the tuft of hair above my dick and grabbed my cock which was on the way to getting hard as it disappeared in Larry’s hand, and then I was being brought to the bed.

Larry was firm and gentle at the same time, His hands were everywhere at once it seemed, and he was nibbling my neck and earlobes – even pausing to kiss his way through the wisp of hair under my arm before he was down at the other end of the bed with his head between my thighs.

“Ooohhh!” I groaned when I felt my balls being licked, first the left and then the right popping into Larry’s mouth and getting sucked hard.

I looked down at my boner standing up straight, the modest pale flesh monument and the bald skull on the other side responsible for doing wonderful things to my balls, and then Larry’s tongue went upwards, sliding up and down the underside of my dick while playing it like a flute.

My legs were churning and I was clutching the sheets while my older friend kept licking away, running his tongue from the tip of my dick down along the cleft of the glans and then down the shaft to my balls.

“Can’t…” I whimpered in an effort to warn Larry that I was going to cum, but every time my orgasm neared he somehow managed to stop just in time, although I was able to see the pre-cum drooling out of my dick.

Finally, I felt myself about to cum and this time there was no stopping it. I was watching when my cock lurched and a wad of semen erupted straight up in the air like a geyser, and then Larry’s mouth swooped down and gobbled my cock while it kept spitting and spitting and my head spun.

My dick kept jerking in his mouth and I kept cumming and cumming as my orgasm wouldn’t seem to stop until I finally went limp in his mouth. My body kept shuddering as the aftershocks kept rippling through me while Larry’s mouth kept stretching my spent little spout as far as he could until he let go and slid up to bed to join me.

“Oh man,” I said as we embraced. “That was amazing.”

“For me too,” Larry said as I ran my hands along his furry back, and I could feel his erection against my thigh.

The moment of truth had arrived, because while it didn’t take any skill to have your dick sucked, doing it to someone else was something else. It wasn’t like I hadn’t done it before, but I had only done it to one other person, and while I had done it to Tommy countless times over the years this was different.

For one thing, Tommy was circumcised like I was whereas the brief glimpses of Larry’s organ indicated that he definitely was not. I had seen uncut guys in the showers but never had touched one.

More importantly, much like myself Tommy was shall we say modestly endowed. Maybe that was why we had gotten along so well. In any event, Larry was not cheated to put it mildly. It had looked long and scary when I first saw it pointing downward, and when it was sticking straight out it was even more intimidating.

I was hoping that maybe because before I was really petrified that it had looked bigger than it really was, but as I rolled over onto my side and tried to mimic what Larry had done to me, all I needed was a glance at the meaty hunk of manhood that was arched back onto Larry’s furry midsection to realize that wasn’t the case.

I began by rubbing Larry’s chest with my right hand while leaning down and sucking his nipple, which was plump but tough to find in the hair. Larry let out a contented sigh and I could felt his body uncoil while he cupped his hand behind his neck in order to watch me in action. An audience – just what I needed.

I kept sucking on his furry nipple in between glancing up at my mentor for approval. I felt like an idiot for trying to duplicate what the man had done to me but I had nothing else to go on because all we ever did at home was jerk each other off and suck on our dicks. Lovemaking – if that’s what we were doing now – was not what Tommy and I did. I wasn’t unwilling mind you, just ignorant.

Just before I started to nibble down Larry’s body I recalled something else he had done that I had liked. I peeked up at Larry’s exposed armpit which was inches from my face and started to nibble my way over. Unlike my sparsely endowed underarms, Larry’s were overgrown with thick tufts of dark brown hair, but as my face reached the jungle I was happy that it didn’t smell bad. Manly was more like it. Woodsy. Strangely erotic.

The bush was slightly moist and had a springy feel to it when I lowered my face into it and kissed the bouquet. To my delight I heard a contented sound from Larry so I kept doing while making a mental note to introduce Tommy to this.

After a moment I resumed my journey down Larry’s body on the way to Larry’s cock, which was pointing back at me like a bronze tunnel, with the head of his dick somewhere back in that long foreskin. I was soon there, and I let my hand slide around his cock and down between his legs where it found his balls.

The hairy wrinkled sac felt weighty in my palm as I gingerly squeezed it, all the time giving his stomach little kisses while I kept visually sizing up his cock. I noticed that the edge of his foreskin was a bit uneven, and as my hand moved up from his balls to the area between the underside of his cock and his nuts I saw the tip of his cock peek out again.

Was I supposed to move that backwards? I didn’t know, but it might look less intimidating that way. Now my hand was on the shaft of his cock around the base, or most of the way around it. Damn. Larry’s cock was thick, more so at the base than up at the tip but of considerable girth either way.

I noticed that my hand gently holding the shaft made the head slide out from hiding so I began to do it a little harder. Neat. As the head – not much smaller than a plum – popped mostly out I kissed it.

Nice. Larry’s hand was on my neck softly kneading it, probably wondering when I was going to get moving but I was too fascinated by his cock to rush, although I did finally grip his cock firmly by the base and raise it upright.

Can a cock have muscles? Larry’s sure looked like it. The veins riddled the base of his manhood like roots of a tree, and my clenched fist didn’t even have half of it in my grasp. How long was this thing? Two and a half hands, I guessed. Good grief. When I had my fist around my dick you could only see the tip of it.

I kissed the moist opening of the bronze pole, noting that the head had a bit of a crimson hue to it, and let my tongue slide around the edge of his foreskin, which was peeled back about halfway judging by the outline of the ridge of his cock head a bit further down.

Like a snake swallowing a mouse. I concluded that was what the head of his dick in the tube of his sex resembled as I leaned up and over his crotch and opened wide, praying I didn’t gore him with my teeth.

I didn’t, and learned that the plum was a perfect fit for my mouth so I let my lips slide down more. Nice again, and Larry’s moan was like a standing ovation to me, as was his more excited kneading of my neck.

My lips were going up and down easily now, and as I gained confidence I let my mouth go further down each time until the tip of his manhood was grazing my throat just like Tommy’s did when I deep-throated him. The only difference was that when my lips went down they weren’t in Larry’s pubes. In fact, they didn’t even reach my hand that was halfway down the muscled shaft.

Larry’s hands were on my hips, and I was afraid that he was going to pull of off of him. I knew I wasn’t doing this very well but I needed to practice and was hoping that at least my efforts were halfway decent.

Larry wasn’t pulling me off though, but merely rearranging me so that my crotch was straddling his face. My balls were rubbing on his nose, but only briefly because I felt them get gobbled up by my lover. Both of them at once, and while I kept sucking his cock Larry’s mouth was working my nuts like a washing machine. I would have been more embarrassed if it didn’t feel so good.

I started to pull my mouth completely off Larry’s cock with every upward movement, looking into the parted opening which was oozing pre-cum that was not unpleasant, before swooping down and wishing my lips could slid right to the base of his mighty organ. Would he cum? Would he warn me? I wasn’t good at swallowing without warning.

I peeked down between our bodies to the other end where my dick was beginning to get hard again, and felt my nuts pop out of Larry’s mouth. My wet dangling balls felt the coolness of the room as Larry’s tongue ran over the ridge at the base of my nuts, and as I enjoyed that I felt his tongue going further. With that, I felt his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them while his tongue kept going.

Omigod! I almost bit his dick when Larry’s tongue kept going, and even as naive as I was I knew there was only one place left to visit down there. An area which had only had one visitor in my life. Tommy’s finger. That changed.

I let out a garbled strangling sound when I felt the wetness on my puckered ring, and as I squealed my main fear was not being clean and how embarrassing it would be to get scolded for being a slob.

There was no scolding however, and I have no idea what Larry’s tongue found but whatever it was must have been good because he only spent a few seconds on the exterior before I got spread even wider and his tongue pushed its way inside of me.

Inside. What was that, a tongue or a snake? Whatever it was, it was burrowing in deep aand had my attention in a positive way. My hamstrings were quivering as I was practically doing a split, and while I’m sure this distraction had a negative effect on my efforts to give Larry head he didn’t care judging by the noises he was making while eating my asshole out like a wolverine.

I struggled to keep propped up on my left palm while continuing to hold his cock in my right, and it was then that I happened to look up and saw my reflection in the dresser mirror across the room. I was making a comical looking face because just then whatever Larry was licking tripped my trigger, and I learned how goofy I looked when I came.

It hadn’t been expected and my dick wasn’t being touched when the sensation ripped through my body like an electric shock, the end result being me spurting a load all over Larry’s hairy chest.

“Oh man – I knew you’d like this Jimmy,” came Larry’s voice from the other end. “Such a sweet ass.”

I did like it. I could have spent the night getting what I would later learn as getting rimmed and would have, fully prepared to go back to sucking Larry’s big dick but he had something else in mind.

Larry had worked his way out from under me and it looked like he way heading to the bathroom. I enjoyed watching Larry walk with his long muscled cock swaying in front of him, but his trip to the bathroom was very brief and he emerged right away with something in his hand as he climbed onto the bed.

“Hi!” Larry said with a wave when he saw the mirror and me looking at us. “This is going to be cool, getting to watch ourselves.”

Doing what, I wondered as I heard a snapping sound and felt the bed move. Larry was rubbing something from a tube onto his cock, making it glisten as he generously lathered his cock up, and then I felt whatever it was get introduced to my anus by his finger.

“What the…”

“Relax Jimmy,” Larry said as her finger went way deeper than his tongue had. “Just relax.”

Something was going to happen and it wasn’t something I had planned on and certainly wasn’t anything I had any experience with. Larry’s finger came out briefly but quickly went back in with another digit, and as he sort of corkscrewed the two fingers into my bowels I looked up ay us.

“Please,” I said, although I didn’t say it but more like whimpered it.

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