In The Shower

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After having John, Tatiana felt no less satisfied. He had merely awaken that ravenous beast in her that now demanded to be satisfied – again, and again.

With a wink and a smile, he told her her opponent who she had just thrashed out on the court earlier was about to use the showers. Tatiana ran her tongue across her lips. She remembered the young Australian red head well. Her toned stomach, slender legs, freckled ivory skin and breasts that were so very firm.

Tatiana quickly put on her pink bikini – the ones that hugged her full breasts. Their nipples were now erect and her bottoms were soaked with her’s and John’s pleasure.

She made her way towards the showers, meeting no one along the way. It was late and the change rooms were silent. Tatiana heard the sound of gushing water and saw her opponent.

Stunning. She was peeling her sweaty tennis clothes off her – the tight singlet and short shorts. Tatiana shivered and gave a small cry.

“Who’s there!” called out Amy.

“Just me…” replied Tatiana. She made sure her french accent was as seductive as possible. She walked up towards Amy. “You played incredibly well today”

“Oh, thanks” smiled Amy. “All the best with the rest of it. You’ve got Alize Cornet in the next round, haven’t you?”

“Oui, I do. We go way back, me and Alize.”

Amy was now in her see through white underwear which made Tatiana bite her lip. Amy noticed Tatiana’s drenched knickers and raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“Oh…well.” Tatiana stuttered. “It’s just that after a match, I like to…you know, relax”

Amy laughed. casino siteleri “I know what you mean! God, I could use some relief now.”

Tatiana noticed that Amy’s eyes lingered on her body for a moment as she said it. “Oh…what sort are you into Amy? Just wondering, you know. Girl to girl.”

Amy laughed again, slightly nervous. “Um, well. I don’t care much for size. It’s how they use it you know? And guys can be really clumsy sometimes…It helps if he’s fit…If he’s intimate…”

“Hmm…Oui, I know what you mean.” replied Tatiana.

“Though sometimes…Well, sometimes, girls do it better for me than guys. They just…know their way around better.”

“Ah!” cries Tatiana. “I know exactly what you mean!”

Amy giggled and nodded. She was naked now and stepped slowly into the column of warm water. Her body was lucious – toned and tight. Tatiana decided to make her move. “So…Amy…you know, if you want relief…”

“Are you offering, Tati?” Amy interjected.

“Oui.” said Tatiana decidedly. “Oui, of course.”

“Then, yes” smiles Amy. Tatiana could no longer stand it and rushed under the shower to embrace Amy. She pulled her in for a long french kiss as the shower soaked her bikini. Amy reciprocated and pushed her snatch hard against Tatiana’s thigh – grinding slowly. “Oh…”

“I’m so wet, Amy…” Tatiana moaned. She quickly pulled her bra off her and wriggled out of her tight bottoms. Amy caressed herself impatiently. She could see Tatiana’s pussy was drenched with her own juices. As soon as they were both naked, they resumed their embrace.

Amy, canlı casino wasting no time, decided to push a hooked finger into Tatiana’s hole. “AHHH!” came the reply. Tatiana clenched her pussy hard as Amy inserted another.

She helped Amy out by rubbing her engorged clitoris with the flat of her palm. “Oh dearie!” Amy cried out. She kissed Tatiana hard and felt the frenchwoman’s tongue snake its way right to the back of her mouth.

“Mmpph!” exuded Tatiana. She could bear it no more. She forced Amy down on the floor buried her tongue into her pussy. She had sparse red hairs, but it felt smooth and slick.

Amy’s eyes rolled and her back arched as her hands gripped Tatiana’s hair. “OHH!! OHH MY! OH YES! TATI! YES!” she cried. Tatiana was licking Amy with long strokes of her tongue. She buried her finger up to the second knuckle into Amy’s other hole which caused the red head to buck against her. “OH! Tati! Tati! In my bag – in my bag – there’s a…there’s a…” she could barely finish the sentence as Tatiana’s tongue found the insides of her vagina.

“OH!! YES! YES! Never mind! Yes!! Like that! Oh my god! Please…I’m so close! YESS!!”

Tatiana knew Amy was about to cum and her tongue licked Amy with quick flicks and the red head, thrashing, announced: “I’m COMING! OH GOD, OH GOD, I’M COMING!”

Her pussy contracted machine gun like – in short bursts as her juices flowed. “Oh yes…Oh yes…” she moaned.

Tatiana licked hungrily as she could feel her own loins on fire. Amy knew she needed something in her, and being the fit athlete, recovered quickly. She reached for her bag kaçak casino and rummaged around before finding a strap-on dildo.

Tatiana was already spread-eagled, waiting with a look of insatiable lust in her eyes. Amy wasted no time and readied herself on top of Tatiana. With a long stoke of Tatiana’s clit with her hand, she plunged the dildo in one stroke into her new lover.

“Oh OUI!” yelled Tatiana. She, like Amy, was a screamer.

The dildo was around her hips as Amy began slowly. She pushed in, making sure to put pressure on all the right spots – spots she knew that sent bolts of electricity up a girl’s spine. “Please Amy! Harder! FASTER! PLEASE!” Her accent was thick now.

Amy, grinned and continued the slow, taunting pace. With her hands, she massaged Tatiana’s breasts and kissed her neck. Tatiana’s hands, meanwhile, was thrashing against the wet floor in frustration. A sweet, luscious frustration.

“Please Amy…” she pleaded, before losing it. “BITCH! FUCK ME! NOW!”

The sudden outburst shocked Amy, but only for a moment. “You want it that badly huh?” she asked.

She increased her pace, slowly at first but it soon became a brutal fucking. “OH! OUI! OUI! OHHH!!” cried out Tatiana.

The dildo made a wet sopping noise each time it plunged into Tatiana. Her breasts jiggled as the force of Amy caused her to moan uncontrollably in french.

Amy felt powerful, conquering the woman who beat her on the tennis court felt good. She was caught in the frenzy, fucking the french woman hard; watching each thrust sending bolts of pleasure into her.

“AHH! OH, OH! OH! AHHHH! AH!” screamed Tatiana. She came, and came hard. Amy saw her shudder violently in orgasm. She felt a shock in her own loins as Tatiana was experiencing bliss.

“It’s not over yet…bitch!” Amy called out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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