Jane and Her Cousin Val

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I wasn’t quite sure about which category to put this in as none felt exactly right. Still not sure if I have made the right choice.

Mandy was almost two metres tall, and had she wished could have been a supermodel. As it was she was close to completing her PhD in neurobiology. She could and indeed did have her pick of men but while I could appreciate her from an aesthetic point of view and even enjoyed her company, for some reason I wasn’t attracted to her in a sexual way. She was still a good friend however.

On the other hand, her sister, Jane would never win any prizes in the beauty stakes. She wasn’t ugly by any stretch of the imagination, just that she didn’t stand out by any objective view on these things. Not that I gave a stuff about objectivity. She had a face that lit up and did things for me and my nether regions that Mandy never did.

And what about myself? I often think of myself as a bit above average in most departments. Exactly the same height as Mandy, also a PhD student fitter than the average but nothing exceptional, reasonable looking but again nothing out of the ordinary, funny (if you like bad puns) and more than a few people during my undergraduate days said I gave the best back massages ever. (My PhD when completed would be on the effects of massage and aromatherapy on anxiety and sleep.)

This meant I got to see more than a few of my women friends in more of a state of undress than I might otherwise have done. Oh and a lot of people thought I was gay which I suspect helped in some of my coed pals being willing to strip off in my presence.

I think it was my lack of interest in Mandy that first led to the rumour that I was gay. She was one of my volunteers for the sleep research and after she had talked about it to some of her friends I got a lot of questions about which parts of her anatomy I had massaged. Actually, I didn’t do any of the massages for the research. (Bloody ethics committees!)

That is not to say I never indulged with any of those who came to me for a massage. but when I did, both times it was initiated by them. And, I was enough of a gentleman to not talk about it though not enough of one to refuse their invitations!

The first time it happened, I was asked if I did happy endings by Megan. This was long before I started earning part of my living doing massage and aromatherapy and I was under the impression that it was only men who ever asked that question! For the record, when being paid to do massage I have never agreed to provide said happy endings for male or female clients. Of course, if asked to do a massage by someone I was seeing, it was often understood that one thing would lead to another.

I looked at Megan’s compact body, imagining what her breasts would be like were I to lift up the towel before taking the bull by the horns and asking,

“Do you mean using my fingers, my mouth, making love until you scream or all three?”

Megan smiled, “I definitely had all three in mind and shrugged off the towel before lifting her butt to remove her panties revealing a ginger bush that may or may not have been slightly trimmed.

Suffice it to say that the screaming started a while before I put on a condom ready to enter her.

But, lovely as Megan was and indeed still is, this story is not about her but about Jane, Mandy’s sister, a year older to the day(her father was a precision engineer after all.) but at the same stage academically due to having taken a year out to go travelling. I was a couple of centimetres shorter than Mandy but even so, the top of Jane’s head didn’t reach my chin. She was a swimmer on both the university and county teams which meant she had more muscle than many would consider attractive on a woman and small breasts that didn’t require any support. She would always joke that anything bigger would just be extra drag when she was racing.

So, apart from her face, what got my attention? Well part of it was I liked her matter of fact attitude to massage and her body. As a competitive swimmer, she was used to massage and it not being about sex. There was no flirting between us during the sessions but she really seemed to benefit from them, so much so that she asked if I could go with her to the nationals where if she did well enough would be on course for the UK Olympics team. Somehow, it felt more honest than some of the flirty requests I had had and honesty has always been important to me. I also liked the muscles that most of the women and men I know felt were unfeminine.

I took a lot of ribbing when it became known that I was going to take this up, mostly along the lines of, why would I go with plain Jane when I could have Model Mandy?

Jane also took some stick for this and while hearing people say I could have had my choice of half a dozen better looking girls was a boost for my ego which for various reasons wasn’t great then I wasn’t happy about them disparaging Jane. When Jane she told me about it I was very clear,

“Jane, you shouldn’t compare yourself to others in that way. You are a fun person, czech streets porno honest, hard working, God knows you have to be to be top of all your classes at the same time as doing all your training. And while I know that you don’t have the classical beauty your sister has, I would choose you over her or any of the others in that group any day.”

I pulled her to me and kissed the top of her head, enjoying the feeling of closeness.

“Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me.”

In reality, I knew exactly how much it meant to be valued by someone. I had gone through some pretty rough emotional times myself as a teenager as well as always being compared to an older brother whom my parents though had the sun shining out of his backside, unlike myself who despite being miles better at school never got any praise for anything. I wondered whether I had been an accidental [pregnancy. Years later I was to learn that guess was closer to the mark than I knew and that I was the product of my mother being raped and it all made sense but at that time, I put it down to my parents making my brother, the first born their favourite.

We set off with wishes of good luck and a few more ribald comments that to my mind belonged more in the teenage school playground than a university car park but I took no offence.

The drive up the M6 and then the A74 to Glasgow was far from the worst I have known and we arrived at the hotel about an hour before the earliest check in time.

We both opted for a light meal and soft drinks. We had last eaten in Northumbria at one of the few motorway service stations to offer decent food so didn’t need a lot.

We then retrieved our things from the boot of the car and and went to check in to our rooms. It was at this point that we found there had been a mix up. We had been booked into the same room, albeit one with two queen sized beds rather than two separate rooms. The fact that the hotel was a five minute walk from the swimming pool meant that there were not any spares available. For Jane at least, there wasn’t any problem.

As we took the lift to the third floor, she said,

“You have seen me naked often enough that I know I can trust you.”

“It’s whether I can trust myself is the issue.” I replied.

“Bullshit! My sister told me of the time when she asked which of us had the prettiest fanny (vagina rather than butt for those of you who are more used to American English) and even that didn’t lead you to misbehave. Besides, if I win tomorrow it might be me that initiates any misbehaving!”

“Jane!” I was shocked. This was a side of Jane that I had never seen before. While Mandy was often a terrible flirt, a good friend and someone that had she been more my type, no doubt would have enticed me to her bed, Jane on the other hand, had always seemed so innocent that I for once had trouble responding. Just for the record, I had responded to that particular broadside with,

“I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.”

We turned in early and while the drive had been straightforward, we were both tired and wanted to be sure we were at our best the next day. Neither of us were particularly careful about modesty. After all I had seen every square inch of Jane and it seemed she had no objection to evening the score but we did sleep in different beds.

In the morning I awoke to my usual morning wood and as I wandered naked to the bathroom, Jane commented,

“I can see why Mandy wanted to get your interest!”

“Mandy hasn’t seen it either like this or when at rest.” I replied.

“And what about Megan?”

“What about Megan?” I asked innocently. I didn’t have a clue where this had come from.

“You forget we shared a room in our first year. I knew she had gone for a massage once and when she came back she had that, “I just got laid” look on her face. She didn’t say anything so don’t worry about her having spread it all over Uni but I know what I saw and I know she fancied you and I had seen you eyeing her up a couple of times. Everyone assumed that just because I wasn’t going out every night shagging I didn’t have a clue what was going on.”

I put my hands up, knowing when it was time to surrender.

We went down for breakfast and talked about the different events Jane was competing in. Her best chance was in the 800metre freestyle where she hoped to get below eight and a half minutes, only a few seconds outside Olympic times. An hour later we walked across to the pool where Jane’s coach Mike had the massage table set up in one of the rooms. Mike was a great guy and was coach to three of the competitors. He was however as gay as they come which seemed to make many of the women feel free to flirt outrageously with him.

I didn’t mind as it reduced the amount of attention on me, enabling me to fulfil my role with less distraction. For Pre-event massage I used stimulating essential oils with a vigorous action to get the blood flowing. After this, Jane would shower and czech taxi porno then do her short in-pool warm up.

Events were managed to avoid competitors having to go straight from one race to another but also to minimise the amount of hanging around and waiting though as Jane said, it often didn’t feel like that. It was also important to keep track of announcements and while it was rare for swimmers to miss their event, there had been a lot of close calls over the years and it did happen occasionally.

It was a good day and Jane won all her heats bar one and that was a fast heat so the third place behind her still made it through to the final. I congratulated her again as we ate that evening, still on a no alcohol regime, Jane because she never drank at a meet till after her events were all over and me in solidarity. We were eating at a table with some of her friends from the swimming world and her coach. It was an easy atmosphere with just a bit of banter around. All had qualified for at least one final and would have at least one race against one or more friends over the next two days.

Jane invited Mary one of the other girls Mike coached back to the room to watch tv for a bit. She was good company even if there was some teasing about Jane and I sharing a room. I learned that it was not that unusual for some of those competing to hook up together and that a few of those we had shared a table with would not be sleeping in their own beds that night.

By the time Jane was preparing for her last event, the 800metres, she had one gold and two silvers to her name. I had done my bit and with the hints Jane had dropped about her behaviour, had an added reason for wanting her to win!

The starter was good and got them all away cleanly without any false starts. (Jane and others since have told me that they dread some starters though I never really understood what the difference was between the good and bad ones or what the latter did wrong that led to more false starts.)

Half way through Jane was just a head behind Julie, the leader and the time was fast. They were heading for Eight Twenty-five. Unlike some of the others watching I am not a shouter or a screamer but Val, Jane’s cousin whom I did not know was there till just before the race was doing her best to permanently damage my hearing. They were absolutely level on the split time going into the final length of the pool and by the time they were half way down Jane was just over a head in the lead. This was not good news for my hearing or my arm which she had a death grip around! I briefly looked away and saw Mike looking pleased as punch. All his swimmers had come away with gongs and as I turned back to the action it was looking more and more certain that Jane was going to get another Gold.

She did and a time of 8minutes twenty eight a p[ersonal best which if repeated the following year there was no doubt she would end up representing her country at the Olympics.

When I could hear again and the cheering had died down I looked at the clock, then at Jane and smiled. Val looked at me,

“Does this mean you are getting lucky tonight?”

I practised my innocent look some more. It didn’t work.

“Just you make her feel special and if you ever hurt Jane, I will kill you. Oh and don’t leave buying the ring too long or I will kill you for that as well!”

“You wouldn’t do that, Jane would kill you.” Where the fuck had that come from? Had the screaming minx on my left manoeuvred me into admitting how much we cared for each other?

“Are all the women in your family that sneaky?”

Now it was time for Val to practice her own innocent look. It was about as effective under my Paddington hard stare and after about thirty seconds she crumbled.

“All right, Mandy wanted my opinion on you before things got any more serious between you two. But from what she said, the only problem is that you can be too much of a gentleman at times. I am pretty sure, Jane will change that given enough time though.”

Once all the press and other formalities, like blood tests were completed, Val, Jane and myself walked back to the hotel, where I had my own massage table set up ready for the post event massage. In seconds, Jane was naked as impervious to her cousin’s presence as she had always been to mine. I knew from the sounds Jane was making that I was doing the right things and indeed had I not been there would have been something wrong after the time we had been working together.

Val looked on with interest and I had learned that she was a massage practitioner at a Spa but was also trained in the therapeutic side of it as well as the relaxation/pampering bit.

With Jane asleep after the massage we talked about our experiences — we both started out just giving friends shoulder massages or back rubs and progressed from there. I had done a fifteen month course while taking a year out between finishing my BA and starting my PhD just to be able to do it better and it had really made a difference. Sounding deadly serious, Val told digitalplayground porno me that she was going to do her PhD in underwear having learned so much about the variety available since she started practising.

I Laughed when I realised she was winding me up and we started to trade stories about the range we had seen and which ones got closest to making us be totally unprofessional and laughing.

“I had one nineteen year old girl who had crotchless knickers!” Val laughed and I admitted I probably could not top that but I did have one person who had something that consisted of nothing but a tiny triangle of material and string with a do not enter sign over the material covering her vagina.

“At the other extreme, one girl was wearing silk granny pants. And about one in ten of those I see don’t wear anything.”

“And what does Jane think about that?”

“I don’t mind, I trust Dave completely. OMG! You do realise that we aren’t even officially together yet?” I don’t know how long Jane had been awake for and how much of the conversation she had heard.

“What he didn’t know was that the girl with the do not enter sign over her fanny did it for a dare and that someone else bet that he would try and put his fingers underneath. I suspect she wouldn’t have objected if he had but I won the bet because he didn’t. I made fifty pounds out of that!”

Jane folded up the towels that had been covering her and then sat on my lap facing me.

“Lift up your arms.”

I did so before I could ask why and Jane promptly pulled my t-shirt up over my head.

Val whistled before asking,

“Don’t you two want to get a room for that?

Jane laughed.

“Isn’t this one good enough? If you are very good we might let you join in.”

I was really shocked at that but that didn’t stop my body responding. In fact the response was such that my woody pressing against my clothing with Jane sitting on top of it was painful. She must have realised this because she stood up and after pulling me up too pulled down my sweats that I wore while doing massage.

I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I don’t know if it was because it was Jane or because we were in front of her cousin but in seconds we were kissing.

As my tongue traced the outside of her lips, my right hand found its way down across her flat abdomen and through her pubic hair which was trimmed enough that it didn’t show through her competition suit but anything more daring and it would have showed. I traced the outside of her nether lips as I softly said,

“Tell me if there is anything I do that you don’t like and also tell me what works for you so I can do more of it. Just like when I massage you.”

I was concentrating so much on making sure I gave Jane pleasure as our hands explored every square centimetre of each others’ skin that I don’t remember actually moving across to the bed but I do remember very well going on to kiss everywhere my hands had been including both her responsive nipples and Jane’s by now very wet pleasure centre.

“When you are ready, we can start going in and out gently.”

We soon found a rhythm together that seemed to work for both of us. After several minutes we wordlessly picked up the pace and Jane struggled not to laugh at the squelching noises coming from her vagina which accompanied the slapping of our abdomens together.

I was never going to last long and I called out an incoherent warning. Jane’s thrusts became harder still as my hips lifted to meet hers and then I was filling her with my juices.

I had almost finished when Jane started. If she had been tight before, now it was almost painful as her love muscle contracted around my own. I once heard a colleague say,

“You don’t look at the chimney when you are poking the fire.” Implying that it didn’t matter what the girl you were fucking looked like. Let me tell you that not looking at your partner’s face during orgasm means you are really missing out. I have never seen anything as beautiful as Jane’s face during that orgasm as she surrendered completely to her pleasure.

When we were finally done, Val spoke,

“That was beautiful. I really wish my first time could have been like that.”

I turned my head to see Val working two fingers of one hand in and out of her twat while the other hand furiously worked her clit.

“I wish that could have been my first time. Ideally everyone’s first time should be with someone they really care about and not just because they are desperate to lose it or get their rocks off. I was talked into it by a girl at school and while we enjoyed it, it didn’t have any real meaning for me or for her. It wasn’t her first time and we did like each other so it was more than just a notch on the bedpost thing but nothing compared to what I have just experienced.” I stopped as I could see tears running down Val’s face.

Jane kissed me before speaking,

“Dave, you couldn’t possibly have known but Val’s only time so far was when she was raped eighteen months ago. I invited her to join us just to see that sex can be about making love and caring for another person in a way that she could never understand without seeing it. I am sorry that I didn’t tell you that and why I was going to have another person present for something so precious.

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