Jordan Spins Out of Control

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Please don’t reproduce this copyrighted work without permission.

All the actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!


Thank you all for your continued comments and support for Jordan’s exploits. If you haven’t already read the previous four installments of this story, I suggest you do so before reading this fifth chapter for purposes of continuity.


As we returned to the table, we sat down and began to eat cold food, but it never seemed to bother either of us. Between bites we’d stare at each other and smile. I felt wonderful and I was delighted that Erika actually had such a terrific personality to go with those incredible killer looks. I had no idea what would happen between us in the future, but I did know that nothing would ever ruin this wonderful memory for me.

“Okay Jordan, you said earlier that you needed my help to do something special for your girlfriend. Now tell me, what can I do?”

Because of our extra curricular activities and the long conversation I had with Erika during and after dinner, we didn’t leave the restaurant until about seven forty. I had the best intentions of going straight home afterwards, but on an impulse I decided to take a little detour so that I might better prepare for the activity we had planned at Debbie’s house for the weekend.

I headed over to the mall, which was about eight miles from my parent’s house, and then I parked my little car in one of the far outer rows so it wouldn’t get nicked before it had a chance to celebrate its one-month anniversary.

It looked like a really long walk to the mall from where I parked – especially after several incredible orgasms, but I knew that the exercise wouldn’t hurt me so I started what seemed like a two mile trek in the direction of the mall. Okay, two miles may be a slight exaggeration, but I can tell you that the way Erika had me feeling at that point it may as well have been ten miles and it was all in four inch heels.

I finally entered the mall totally oblivious to all those people who passed me by and a few minutes later I was standing in front of the rather ornate entryway that I seemed to find almost by instinct. I just kept staring at it for several minutes, like it was some sort of fantasy created in the deep recesses of my imagination that had just magically sprung to life before my very eyes. I can’t tell you how many times when I lived at home as a student that I would come to this mall and walk past this very store wishing that one day I would have a reason to finally walk inside. Now all these years later, I finally did.

“Welcome to Victoria’s Secret,” the attractive sales girl behind the counter said to me as I entered. For a Thursday night the store appeared to be unusually quiet, but heck – I’m sure no expert on the retail traffic in this place.

I smiled at her and nodded without saying a word as I slowly headed past the counter. I immediately felt my pulse begin to quicken. The store was full of the most beautiful and sexy lingerie – bras, panties and hosiery that I’d ever seen in my life. I just kept looking around at all of the beautiful things that were on display and I’m sure I must have looked like I just rode in to town on a turnip truck from Wyoming. By the way, do they even grow turnips in Wyoming?

The truth was that I didn’t have anything like this in my entire wardrobe and if you had asked my a few days ago I would have bet the farm on the fact that I probably never would. In fact, I had no idea where to even start looking or what to start looking for.

I think my ignorance was never more obvious and I’m sure that my confused body language finally caused the sales girl to have pity on me. I suddenly felt a hand on my arm and then I heard a raspy Kim Carnes or Stevie Nicks-like voice coming from behind me.

“I know exactly what you mean; I remember having the same reaction when I first set foot in the store.” The voice said, obviously trying to assuage my feelings of awkwardness.

I must have been startled by her touch or by her voice, because I felt myself jump slightly and she could sense that her innocent intrusion had startled me.

“Oh, please forgive me. I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.” She said, trying to act contrite. But then we both realized how funny it all was and we started to laugh over the whole thing at the same time.

“My name is Candy; can I help you find something?” She asked, as I finally turned to face her.

Okay, two immediate observations about Candy, so you can better appreciate what was now overwhelming my senses.

Growing up as an only child had its advantages and poker oyna its disadvantages. I don’t want to sound too negative so I’ll skip the disadvantages for now, but one of the many advantages was that my daddy took me with him wherever he went and I was at his side no matter what crazy project he was working on at home, even the really dirty ones. There were actually times it all made me wonder if he really wanted a son instead.

Okay, maybe there were times that being with him when he was in the middle of a dirty, sweaty project might easily be construed as a slight disadvantage. After all, I have to admit that I did not have any desire to learn anything about DeWalt cordless power equipment or plumbing. Yet there were some advantages to serving as his assistant all those years, for example – listening to his favorite music, which quickly became my favorite music.

I eventually got to know every group from the late seventies and eighties by heart, recognizing their music instantly and spending hours with him learning all the sordid stories about those various musical groups.

There were times it was a little embarrassing being stuck in a musical time warp around my friends, but through it all I did come away with three distinct impressions that years later have never left me. First, I believe that Journey – with Steve Perry, was the greatest band ever. If you don’t agree with that opinion, please keep it to yourself.

Second, although Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant get all the glory, I think AC/DC was the hottest heavy metal band I ever heard and Brian Johnson is one of the most distinct lead singers. And finally, I think I could have an orgasm listening to Stevie Nicks sing the Star Spangled Banner or anything else for that matter. Her voice absolutely gives me goose bumps.

Maybe Candy didn’t sound exactly like Stevie Nicks, but she was so close that I probably couldn’t tell the difference and I was all too aware of those silly goose bumps racing down my arms as she spoke to me.

I know I just passed the girl a minute ago, but I think I was too consumed by the fact that I was finally standing upon hallowed ground at the time and I didn’t pay much attention to her. Now that I was actually facing her, it was as if I was really seeing her for the first time.

The girl now standing before me could not have been more appropriately named. In her four inch heels she was about the same height as I was, but in some ways to me this girl reminded me of a younger version of Debbie Masters. I would have guessed her age to be about nineteen or possibly even twenty.

She had the same deep brown eyes that made you just want to loose yourself in them and she was wearing white eye shadow with glitter and then I remembered where I had seen that color before. It was exactly the same kind that I saw on Lisa’s eyes only yesterday.

Candy’s hair was a lot longer, like I remember Debbie’s being when I was a senior in her class, but it was more dark red than brown. She also had very light freckles scattered across the bridge of her nose and high on her cheeks below her eyes that gave her a very youthful and innocent appearance, yet her body language left you with little doubt that innocent was not the word you’d ever use to describe this sexy woman.

I swallowed hard as I took the girl in from head to toe and I realized how incredibly attractive she was. To me there are many ways women can be attractive and I would say that she was not as breathtaking as Erika or Debbie, yet you could see the woman who was just beginning to emerge, leaving the innocent girl behind. As I stared into those brown eyes you could already see that she was only two or three years away from reaching her full heart-throb potential.

“Hi Candy, Jordan; as you can probably tell I’ve never been in your store before and I want to get something for a very special night.” I said, noticing that my mouth had suddenly gotten very dry.

She smiled at me and I noticed that she had those invisible braces on her teeth that only added to that innocent child-like appearance that she would soon abandon. I smiled back at her. Some sale girls are superficial and you can usually pick them out right away, but I didn’t get that vibe from Candy at all.

“Do you have any thoughts about the kind of outfit you’d like to get? Perhaps we should first talk about what he likes.”

My eyes had drifted from her face and I was now doing a furtive scan of her body. She was wearing a maroon dress that fit her snugly like a glove. It had a scoop front that revealed a lot more cleavage than I would ever have, with a hem that landed on her about mid-thigh. I was about to continue to her legs when I heard the male reference she made and I immediately made eye contact with her.

After years of virtual inactivity in Austin I could not believe all that has happened to turn my life around in just a few short days. And maybe it’s a good thing that it all happened to me when it did, because I think canlı poker oyna now I’m mature enough to handle it. Maybe even more importantly, I really don’t have any fear of disclosing personal information about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t about to jump to the head of the line in a Lesbian-Gay Alliance Day parade. And no offense to those who do, but I did not want my sexual orientation to define me. Yet, I had a sense that I really needed to tell Candy who I was shopping for, just in case it might have some genuine relevance to the selection.

I smiled at her as those words fell from her full lips that were coated in a clear gloss. “There is no ‘He.'”

She was not only beautiful, she was smart and she didn’t need a nanosecond to process that information. Her right eyebrow rose ever so slightly upon hearing my response, but she maintained her smile the entire time. In fact, she almost seemed to relax even more.

“Oh.” Was her immediate response to my not-so-subtle disclosure. Then we just stood there for a moment staring at each other. It was a cerebral game of chicken, of sorts.

I felt pretty good about this woman until now. But I have to admit that I didn’t have a read on her at this very moment. I suspected that it was either ‘Holy cow, I finally got to see one in person,’ or she was probably thinking ‘oh god, please get me the hell out of here.’

I decided I’d wait until she reacted and then I’d deal with the fallout. It didn’t take too long before her smile widened.

“Tell me a little bit about what she might like. Does she enjoy taking time to unwrap the package or does she like to see the goodies on display?”

Her question to me was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea how she’d respond to what I had just told her and then I had to admit I honestly didn’t really know the answer to her question. After I thought about it I finally confessed that we were actually a new couple and I wasn’t sure how to answer her question.

“Follow me.” She said as she headed towards the back of the store, where I soon found myself in an alcove area with dark plush carpeting and wall-to-wall mirrors on six angled walls almost enclosing the small area from prying eyes.

Candy took my purse and put it on one of the chairs and then she started to look at me from my head to my toes. Then she started to walk behind me and I instinctively started to rotate to follow her glaze. Once I did she chuckled and then placed her hands on my hips to stop my movement.

“No, you stand still. Let me do all the moving around.” Then she removed her hands and continued waking around me.

In a funny way I never felt more self conscious about myself. I knew she was assessing me for a valid purpose, yet I felt strange being under such close scrutiny. I’m sure in some way my body transmitted my uneasiness, but she remained focused and came back around to face me again a moment or two later.

“Can I be frank with you and share my observations?” She asked me, still smiling.

“Do I need I need to sit down first?” I asked her, only partially kidding.

She laughed, which I took to be a good sign. “You can if you like, but it shouldn’t be for any other reason than fatigue. Jordan, I think you’re body is absolutely beautiful. You have great muscle tone and firmness and just the right amount of curve around the hips. I’m willing to bet that you’ve always been told that your incredible hair and beautiful green eyes are your best features, but frankly I think most women would kill to have your legs. They are truly gorgeous. In heels they can easily be your best asset.”

Now I really did need to sit down. No, maybe I needed to look in the mirror. There has to be something everyone is seeing in me that I’ve never seen in myself, but for the life of me I had no clue what it was.

Candy watched as I remained silent staring in the mirror with a curious expression on my face. Then she added. “Now can I share with you the other part of my analysis?”

I swallowed hard. I guess I should have seen it coming. I redirected my attention from the mirror back to her sexy brown eyes. I think she sensed the absolute fear on my face and she laughed to lighten the mood.

“Relax Jordan. I think your body is absolutely gorgeous, but you’re a little light on top. There’s nothing wrong with your bust size, personally I really like women who are not too busty like yourself, but we’re trying to determine what outfit to try on, remember. My job is to help accentuate your assets. If you came in here with a 36D I would probably recommend a totally different outfit for you. Listen, you wait here and let me get something I think you’ll really like.”

I don’t know if I nodded or not, but Candy disappeared to another area of the store and I looked back into the looking glass wondering who had the real Jordan Peters. I knew that I had matured a lot since high school, but did I really look that different? I stared really hard at myself and tried to envision the internet casino woman that is, instead of the woman that was.

I heard a bell ring and then I saw two women walk into the store and Candy went over to greet them. Then I pulled an Elaine and started to process the information she had shared with me. It was the second or third time in as many days that someone told me my body was absolutely gorgeous and I had to admit that it felt wonderful to hear people telling me that. Then I began to process something else Candy had said.

I thought I heard her tell me she really liked women like me that were not too busty. I knew I was still in the beginning stages of this lesbian thing so I probably had no idea when a woman was coming onto me, but it seemed like that was what just happened and I may have been too dense to even recognize it. I went to the chair and got my purse and pulled out my cell phone and then hit the redial button and heard it ring twice before she picked up.

“I was just thinking about you, Jordan.”

God, I really loved that Icelandic accent.

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot too Erika, especially each time I try and sit down.” I said, my heart beginning to race as I listened to her sexy voice on the other end of the line.

“I wanted to ask you a question. I guess this sounds silly, but . . .”

I told Erika where I was and what I was up to and then I recounted the discussion I just had with Candy and I asked for her read on her comment about busty women. There was silence on her end for a moment as she considered what I had told her and then she asked me to repeat exactly what Candy said one more time. Then she thought about it again for another moment or two.

“What store are you in?” She asked, and I told her again and explained that it was an upscale sexy lingerie store, realizing she would probably not immediately recognize it by the name.

I could hear the smile in her voice over the telephone and it made me smile.

“Well, I have to say that I would certainly think that she is at least sending a message that she would be receptive to your advances. She probably would never initiate the first move with a customer out of fear of being wrong and losing her position, but my guess is that she has given you a sign telling you that if you made a move on her she would be very receptive to it. Does that seem to make sense?”

I knew I asked the right person. “It makes perfect sense.”

There was silence on her end for a moment and then she added. “My god Jordan, if I had known you were still horny, I would have invited you back to my house when we left the restaurant.”

Without even thinking, I replied. “And if you would have invited me I would have come.”

There was a silence between us that I could not interpret. I wasn’t sure why I had said what I did and I didn’t know exactly what it said about me. I felt like I was still in the developmental stages of this sexual orientation thing and I had no idea who I was going to eventually become.

“I’ll be home all alone tomorrow night and I would not mind some company. If you would like to come over, we can probably find some way to occupy our time.”

Hearing her invite me to her house had me nearly giddy. “It would be just the two of us then?”

“Aha,” She replied.

“I’d love to.” I said, trying desperately not to sound too terribly anxious.

“I’ll tell you how to get here tomorrow after class. Oh and by the way, I think this is something we should probably keep between us.”

As I was listening to her breath I was interrupted by Candy holding a few items. She was standing there waiting patiently and I felt rude for keeping her waiting.

“Erika I gotta run, but I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”

I disconnected the call and dropped my phone in my purse and then looked at Candy.

“What did you come up with?” I asked, unable to really determine what she was holding in her hand.

Candy smiled at me. “I think you’re going to like this selection a whole lot. I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I tried to imagine what I would love to see you in and to me it was simply no contest.”

She held up a long white gown in her hands and then described it for me. “This is a mesh and lace gown that’s intended to be worn with heels, so it will be long enough to reach the floor. As you can see, the straps are adjustable and there are slits in the sides that are very naughty. It covers your breasts in a teasing sort of way, but it reveals your beautiful body and gorgeous legs under the transparent material. It comes with a g-string that is available with or without a crotch. Of course, I strongly recommend crotchless. I believe that anyone wearing an outfit like this needs to check their modesty at the door. Then I’d recommend complementing the gown with a pair of white back seam lace top thigh high stockings and of course your highest color-coordinated heels. What do you think?”

I never thought about the kind of affect sexy lingerie would have on me, but I realized that my heart was racing and I was becoming very aroused just listening to her describe the outfit. I kept staring at it as she held it up, but I just couldn’t quite imagine me in it.

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