Life’s Changes Ch. 09

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I woke up at noon, knowing that we would have to leave before two. Leaving Ginger to sleep I took my morning shower and applied my make up in the bathroom so as not to disturb Ginny. I put on an almost too short white skirt and a crop top short sleeve sweater, A pair of half sox’s and tennis shoes. This outfit was too provocative to wear during the day, but I was feeling very sexy. And I knew that we were going home with a short stop at Sam’s. I also knew I was going to take off my bra there so I didn’t wear one, I said to hell with the panties too.

I walked in to the main room to find Pam already up with my bowl of fruit all ready. When she saw me she poured my coffee and push down the toaster. I walked up to her and claimed her mouth with my own then grabbed her left breast and popped her nipple ring with my thumb. Pam melted into me as she moaned into my mouth. When I released her she stood there panting. I took my coffee from her and my fruit and sat down at the table.

Glenda came out of her bedroom and asked if Ginger was up yet. I told her no. She came over to me and kissed me. I could smell Sharon’s pussy on her face so I knew she hadn’t showered yet or washed her face. I gave her cock and balls a squeeze. After we broke our kiss she said

“Well someone is feeling a little randy this morning”

“Yes I am so either enjoy it or deal with it.” I told her

“And obviously a little domineering too.” I sat back and looked at her then said.

“Yes, there’s that too so be warned.” Then I laughed Ginny came out of the bedroom and came over to me and said

“I’m so sorry about last night.” I put my hand over her mouth to stop her and said

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Sweetie. Last night was wonderful I enjoyed myself immensely.” I took my hand away and kissed her on the mouth. Pam came over to refill my coffee cup then said

“If it’s okay I’m going to take a shower now?”

“That will be just fine sweetheart.”

Pam went in to shower, after about five minutes I went in the bedroom. I put a skirt and crop top tee shirt sox and tennies on the bed then went to the bathroom and said to Pam

“Honey I put some cloths for you to wear on the bed. Put you hair in a pony tail for today.”

“Thank you Mistress.” She said. When I went back into the living room Glenda asked

“Are you wearing anything under that sweater and skirt.”

“No do you want to see.” I asked I flipped up my sweater and then my skirt. Flashing both Ginger and Glenda at the same time. I sat back on my chair took my fork and put in my mouth and gave him my sexy sluty schoolgirl look. Thank god I still young enough and pretty enough to pull off with out looking foolish.

“Oh god were in trouble now.” Glenda said to Ginger

“Why do you say that?” Ginny asked

“I’ve seen her like this before, She’s passed horny she’s insatiable now.” Glenda told her. I remember the last time this happen. The only thing that stops me was getting my period. I will not have sex when I’m on the rag. I figured I’d rub it in

“What’s the matter don’t think you can keep up? Or should I say keep it up. Well after I drain you I’m sure I can find some one to fuck me.” I got up and went over to where Glenda was sitting. I drop to my knees and pulled down her panties. Her cock was half hard and showing sign’s of growing. I sucked up her cock in on gulp. Seeing she was only half hard it wasn’t that big a deal. Glenda harden up rapidly. But I was able to keep up with her taking her into my throat while she was only three-quarters hard. Once she had swelled up to her nine-inches of solid cock meat I slowly ever so slowly sucked all the way up her cock till I pulled off it with a loud pop. Turning to Ginny I said

“No sense sitting and watching, while I have another end to fill.” I saw Ginger swallow, I almost laughed to myself I guess I was showing the wantonness I was feeling.

Ginny came over to me and knelt down behind me as I when back to work on Glenda. I suck her cock back into my mouth. As I slowly took her cock into my throat I felt Ginny’s cock slid into my pussy. I pushed back on to Ginny’s cock till I had all of her in me. When she pulled out of my pussy I pulled off of Glenda’s cock till just the head was in my mouth and the head of Ginny’s cock was in my pussy. When Ginny pushed in to me my mouth slid down Glenda’s cock.

Ginny could see she was controlling the action. She started to change her tempo; first it was a rapid thrusting, quickly in and out, my mouth kept pace with her. Then she’d change to a slow thrust and I matched she speed. Then she trusted all the way in and held it there. I took Glenda all the way into my mouth and down my throat and held it there, swallowing as I held it. I found if I breathe though my nose I could stay there as long as I didn’t swallow and breath in at the same time. I heard Glenda say

“Fuck her Gin, fuck her I can take much more of this.”

Ginny pick up the pace slamming my pussy with her hard cock. My lips tarted to become numb from the Escort Bayan constant in and out motion of Glenda’s rock hard dick. My throat was starting to get sore from stretching around the huge head of Glenda’s cock.

I felt Glenda’s cock expanded as she howled out her impending orgasm. I felt Ginny slam her full length in to me as her cock started to shoot stream after stream of hot cum deep into my pussy. I slam my mouth down on to Glenda’s cock taking her deep in my throat as she started to cum sending her cum straight to my tummy.

The realization I was getting filled from both ends sent me over the top. I wanted to scream my orgasm to the world but with my mouth and throat filled will Glenda’s fat cock nothing came out. I started seeing bright flashing lights before my closed eyes just before I felt Glenda pull me off her cock.

She rested my head on to her thigh and stroked my head as I caught my breath. Ginny stayed in me, till she softened to the point where she slid out followed by her generous load of cum. That ran down my thigh to puddle between my knees on the floor.

When Ginny sat back on her heels I rolled to a sitting position then laid down on to my back. I looked up between Glenda’s legs and saw her facet dick with a large glob of cum on the tip. I wanted to sit up and suck that glob into my mouth but I was to exhaust to move. Ginny leaned in and sucked it up for me.

“Well that was the hottest scene I every watched. You three should make movies.” I heard Jenny say. I turn to the couch; Jenny and Sharon were both sitting there. Jenny then said, “That looked like fun.”

“It was you should try it.” I told her

“Well I could never suck cock as good as you and besides I really don’t like too. I’d rather eat pussy.” Jenny told me. I rubbed my hand over my gooey mound and said

“I have a hot pussy here you can lick.” Jenny scrunched up her nose and said

“Ewe. When I eat pussy I want to tasted pussy not boy cum.”

“Boy you’re sure a picky one. I’m surprised you ever get laid.” Jenny stuck her tongue out at me. I laughed and said “Yea that’s what I’m looking for.” Then she gave me the finger.

“Well since Glenda and Ginger are out of commission for right now. And you won’t eat me I guess I might as well get cleaned up.”

When I stood up I could feel more of Ginger cum drip out of me. I made a quick dash to the bathroom pulling my sweater and skirt off as I went. Pam was still in the bedroom putting on her make up and doing her hair. After a quick shower I got dressed. I put on a different tee shirt but the same skirt. It was the only short skirt I brought for me. I looked on the bed Pam’s cloths were still on the bed. I asked her

“Is every thing alright?”

“Yes Mistress everything’s fine.” Then she asked, “Is that all you want me to wear?”

“Yes honey that’s it.”

“You do know there’s no underwear and that’s a very short skirt.” She asked with a blush coming to her face

“Yes I know that. Is there a problem with that?” I said in a way that meant there wasn’t going to be a problem.

“No Mistress, there isn’t any problem.” She said looking at the floor.

“Good then I expect to see you out in the living room shortly” I said as I walked out of the room.

I thought of giving Glenda something to wear too. But I wanted her to drive home so she had to be Bill on the way. When I came back out to the living room Jenny was sitting at the table Sharon and Ginny were gone, probably taking their showers. Glenda was sitting at the table too. I sat next to Jenny after getting another cup of coffee. I said to Glenda

“You should get dressed. We need to leave soon.” Glenda finished off his coffee and when to take a shower. Pam came out and stood by the serving bar.

“Pam come and have a seat over here next to me.” I knew she didn’t want to sit. Because she would feel exposed.

“I’m fine here Mistress.”

“Pam If you don’t come and sit here by me your going to be naked on the drive home. Do you understand me?” Pam came over and sat down very carefully but her skirt still rode up till it just barely covered her pussy. She kept trying to pull it down. I turned to Jenny and said

“We’re going to stop at Sam’s to get our nipples pierced right.” Jenny said yes. ‘Well I think Pam needs a naval ring after all I have on and you have one. Don’t you think she needs one?

Jenny was very leery of me. I’m sure Glenda told her I was in a mood. “Does Pam want one?” I turned to Pam

“Do you want one Pam?”

“Whatever my Mistress wants to do to me is fine.” She said looking down at her lap

“No Pam, I want to know what you want, not what I want. I know what I want.” I could see Pam was thinking. Then she said

“Mistress you told me to always tell the truth. I have never thought of having one. But I have been intrigued with yours and Miss Jenny’s. It can’t hurt as much as the nipple rings did. So if it’s alright with you I would like to get one and if it doesn’t look as good on me Bayan Escort as it does on you then I could take it out.”

“Your right Pam I always want you to tell me the truth. And remember I’ll never do anything to you that would hurt you or be unhealthy for you. Dressing as scantly as you are isn’t going to hurt you. I just want you to open up a little. And Remember if you wore a bikini to the beach people would see more of you than I do right now.”

“Not if this skirt rides up anymore,” She said pulling down her skirt. I laughed

“So what we’ve all seen your pussy. Let it out to breath.” Pam laughed with Jenny and I. “Now would you go and get us pack to leave.”

“Of cause Mistress” She said. As she walked across to the bedroom she stop in front of one of her shoes from last night. She looked back at us and grinned then bent over at the waist to pick it up, giving Jenny and I a clear view of her ass and pussy. Jenny and I were stunned. Then she stood up and look at us again smiled then went in to the bedroom. Jenny turned to me and said

“You know she did that on purpose?”

“Oh yea I know she did. I did say I wanted her to open up and that was pretty open.”

“You could have driven a truck through that opening.”

The phone rang at the same time as some one knocked on the door. Jenny went for the phone as I went for the door. Mary and Debbie where at the door, I let them in and Debbie said

“We drove up with Beth so we need a ride back.”

“You can ride back with us or with Jenny.” I said as we went back to the dinning table.

“We’re just glad you all didn’t leave yet. We kind of over slept. The maid woke to see if we where staying another night.” When Jenny got off the phone she came over and said

“That was Sandy she wants everyone to come over to my house to see the tape of what happen last night with Julian. She said it was priceless.”

“So I gather they were successful?” I asked

“She didn’t say, but she did sound pretty proud of herself.” She told us just as Ginny came out caring their suitcases. Ginny was wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top with out a bra her nipple rings where showing through the material of her shirt. Mary asked

“Does Jim or Ginger always wear girls cloths?”

“If she’s wearing girls cloths she’s Ginger if he’s wearing male cloths he’s Jim. To answer your question unless we’re going somewhere around home Ginger will always be there. Jim Only goes to work and the around town. Do you understand what I mean?” Mary and Debbie both said they did.

Bill came out carrying our bags followed by Pam also carrying a few. Sharon came out of her room also. When she saw Mary and Debbie she said, “Oh good I tried calling your room but there was no answer.” Then turning to Jenny she said. “Would it be ok if we ride with you? Beth drove us up and were kind of stuck.”

“Sheri and I already told Mary and Debbie we’d be glad to drive you all back. We’re going to make one stop then we’ll go to my house so Sandy can show the tape she made of last night. Unless you have other plan’s.”

“No that sound great this weekend’s been to much fun. I was hoping it wasn’t going to end so soon.” Then Debbie asked

“Where are we stopping?” I told her where and what we where having done. She came over to me and asked. “Would you mind if I saw yours?”

I showed her my nipple ring she took the nipple ring between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a pull then a small twist. The electricity shot from my nipple to my pussy in an instant. My eyes glazed over and a gasp escaped my lips and my head dropped to my chest.

“I’m sorry I was trying to see if it effected you the same way it effected Pam. Obviously it does.” Then to Mary she said. “That does it I’m getting mine done too.” Mary smiled and said

“I’m with you sis.” Sharon asked

“What’s this all about?” When we told here she said. “Well I’m not going to be the only one with out them.”

Jenny called the front desk while the rest of us got all the bags on the elevator. After we made sure that we had every thing. We rode down to the parking garage. As the Door to the elevator open we where hit with a blast of humid hot air, summer had arrived. I could already feel the perspiration forming on my exposed skin. The worst part or the best part, depending on you perspective was the effect it had on my sexual awareness. In other word’s the hot humid air made me even hornier then I already was.

Bill felt the air too and looked over at me. He knew the effect it was having on me. No one else knew what it was doing to me but they will. Anyone that was a sexual partner of mine will soon find out. I asked the porter that was putting the bags in our trunk

“Did it rain today?”

“Yes ma’am about eight this morning. It rain for two hours then the sun came out it’s been driving the humidly up since.” I did the calculations. It would have hit seventy percent around noon, just when I woke up. I couldn’t feel in the air-conditioned room but my body Escort knew what had happen.

After the porter had gotten the bags in the trunk. Bill gave him a twenty, because he already had the air conditioner in the car on to cool it off. To bad it wasn’t going to cool me off. As the porter held my door for me I knew there was no way of getting into that car with out flashing him. I think he knew it too seeing the skirt I was wearing, I’m sure he thought he was going to see my panties did I have a surprise for him.

He was a tall kid about twenty. He had blond hair and blue eyes. I thought to myself, I’d fuck him given half the chance. But you can’t go by me I’d fuck a gear shifter given half the chance in the state I was in.

I sat on the seat of the car then pulled one leg into the car followed by the other. I kept my eye on the porter to see his reaction. First, his eyes bugged out of their sockets. Then a big smile came to his face. When I had both legs in the car he looked to my face. I smiled sweetly and said

“Thank you.” He smiled back, knowing that I knew what he saw and I did it on purpose. And said

“No; thank you ma’am.” He closed the door and turned to the other porter as Bill drove away. I’m sure he was telling his friend how I just flashed him with my bald pussy. I’ll tell you it excited me too.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” Bill asked bring my attention back to the present. I turned to him and said

“Bill there was no way I was getting into this car with out him seeing up my skirt.”

“Ok but did you have to give him such a big show.” I laughed and said I was sorry. “Sher your not the leased bit sorry. If I known you where going to give him a peep show I would have given him a smaller tip.” I giggled again and said

“He’s going to remember that show a lot longer then that tip.”

“I should hope so. Sheri what am I going to do with you.” I giggled again and said

“Well you could stop this car and fuck me.”

“If I stop this car and fuck you every time you wanted it we’d never get home.” I put my back to the door pulled my left leg on the seat and started flipping my skirt up and down and said

“Yea but it would be one hell of a trip.” Bill laughed at my wanton display. But I could tell I was getting to him. I looked out the window and saw a gas station up ahead. “Bill pull into that gas station.” I told him

He got Jenny’s attention and signaled to let her know then pulled into the gas station. I grabbed my purse and jumped out as he came to a stop. I picked up a six-pack of soda and three lollipops the kind with the tootsie roll center. After paying I went back out to the car. Open the door and bent over to look inside. I knew my bottom was exposed for anyone to see and said

“I got soda does anyone want anything else?”

“Sheri get you naked ass back in the car before you get arrested.” Bill yelled

“Ok jees what a grouch you’re being.” I said as I got back in the car. I sounded like a spoiled teenager, which is exactly how I felt. He quick hit the door locks as he pulled back on to the road. I figured I better calm down a little I knew he won’t hurt me but I still wanted to get laid today.

I looked over the seat at Sharon. Mary and Debbie were riding with Jenny. “Well Sharon did you enjoy your self last night?” I asked taking her by surprise

“Yes I had a wonderful time.” She stammered I don’t know what she was nervous about

“So were you right, did he make forget yourself.” I could see her eyes dart over to Bill.

“Yes he did. He’s a superb partner. She or he was better then any man I’ve been with. And I’m not talking about his size either. He was very gentile. He could have hurt me but he knew how to feed it to me so I got use to it first then when I was ready he really hammered me. There’s only one problem with him.”

I looked at Bill. I’ve never known him to have any kind of problem when it came to pleasing his partners. I had to ask, “What kind of problem did he have.”

“He ruined me for any other guy that comes along. I’ll be comparing them to Glenda. And some how I doubt they’ll come close to his ability to please me.” I laughed

“That doesn’t sound like a problem to me.”

“That’s because you’re married to him. I have to find one like him.” She said I heard a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“Your right I’m sorry I was laughing at you. It struck me funny that that could be a problem. I guess it could be.” I really was sorry I was sorry for anyone that didn’t have some one like Bill.

“Sheri I’m sorry I didn’t mean it that way. I’m happy you shared him with me. I just have to realize that every man I have after him will not be like him. I might get luck you never know.

We remain silent for the rest of the trip to Sam’s. I didn’t know what to say to her. I know I was lucky in finding Bill. That conversation was too serious for me. I was in the mood to play and nobody seemed to want to play with me.

We pulled in to Sam’s lot and I was the first one out of the car. The hot humid air assaulted my senses. Sweat formed immediately on any exposed surface on me. I walked over to Jenny and put my arms around her and kissed her on the mouth. She held me as we kissed then pulling her mouth from mine she asked

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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