Blood Money

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Roland is the one who suggested I write this. So for him I will. If anyone else had wanted me to tell you my story it would not be happening.

Roland owns me, in more ways than one. This is not your standard Dom/sub relationship. It is a blend of business and pleasure. It did not start with me looking for a Master.

My only child was in college. I had reunited with an old lover from my wild youth. We both enjoyed me in bondage and even enjoyed the S&M. He loved to watch my response, and I got off on the bondage and even more on the pain. He had grown to love eating me out after he fucked me. He really got off on the combined taste of my cunt and his cum.

He began to wonder if all male cum tasted the same. He wanted to watch me as some other man fucked me. I wanted one man to fuck me as another caused me pain as well. I got hot thinking about sucking a cock off as another one filled my pussy. I ached to be double fucked as they used clamps and beat me.

So by mutual consent we asked a buddy of his to join us. At first it was awkward but as our mutual lust rose, it became more and more purely lust, I didn’t care who was fucking me or whom I was sucking on. All I wanted was more, harder, faster, deeper. The rougher they were the more they made it hurt the harder I came. I seemed to have a high threshold.

We spent a couple of months luxuriating in our different kind of pleasure. They didn’t enjoy my pain just to cause pain, but because of my response to it. I enjoyed the pain as much if not more than sex.

I began to fantasize about three men fucking and abusing me and I talked to Alan about it. He and Todd talked to another of their friends, and it was agreed that we would go up to my cabin on the lake and spent the weekend in debauched sexual fun. I know it sounds perverted, but I trusted Alan to save me from myself and at the same time to enjoy my rampant sluttiness pushing me to the edge of insanity.

I wanted them to keep me sweaty and screaming. I told him I wanted a cock inside of me all the time, be it one of theirs or a toy. I wanted them to use my ass as much as my cunt. I wanted them to make me hurt, bruise me, beat me, even make me bleed a little just leave me aching for a couple of days after it all.

He wanted to see me fucked out, to see me unconscious and exhausted, but he didn’t want to have to stop and clean up after fucking my ass or to set up my next bondage or torture. I suggested that they get the cabin ready during the week. Then we could spend Friday night preparing me and making me sore enough that I would ache the whole weekend after they started. He liked the idea of seeing me screaming in pain before making me cum.

We were not master and slave, but masochist and torturer. He didn’t enjoy the hurting me part as much as he liked to watch me enjoy it.

With that as our goal we drove up Friday after work with a big bag of toys. My cunt was hot and tingling on the drive up. The only 2 good things that came out of my marriage were my child, and the cabin. Built on a wooded spit of land jutting out into the lake, my ex-had not ‘finished’ it when he decided to walk out. The lake is a big semi private fishing lake, not one of the larger reservoir and recreational lakes that you find all over the south.

It is a log cabin with bare wood walls inside and out. Wide covered porches stretch across the front and rear, both with rounded ‘log’ railings and braced uprights. Inside it opens into a ‘great room’ that has a big field stone chimney at both ends. There are two fireplaces complete with rough 12x 12 mantles, one at the north wall on the first floor the other at the south wall upstairs in the master loft-suite.

The kitchen wraps around the southeastern wall with a big country farm dinning table. The guest bathroom is in the southwest corner with a big shower, the room the only walled part of the lower floor. The northeastern corner is the setting room and the southwestern corner is the ‘guest’ room. A big iron queen sized bed sets in the corner. The front and back doors are in the middle of the building.

A wide rough wooden staircase rises up from a slightly off-center position as you enter the front door. The master ‘suite’ was to be an enclosed bedroom with bath, but he never got around to finishing off the interior wall that would have enclosed it. Instead it was open along one long side to the roof and the rooms below. A long rough wooden rail spreads the length making it a semi-private loft.

The ex had managed to finish the 2 decks that opened one each off the north and south French doors of the suite. My master bath had a big porcelain footed tub that was free standing and sat on a pedestal. It left enough room on all sides that you could walk all the way around it comfortably.

We arrived at about 7:30 the sun was just starting to sink low in the sky. Here in the sunny south it stays light until 8:30ish all summer long. I began to strip off my clothes as soon as my feet hit the soft sandy ground; by the time I had walked Pendik Olgun Escort to the front door of the cabin I was naked.

Alan laughed watching as I preened and strutted like a cat in heat. He grabbed a hand full of my long chestnut colored hair and pinned me to the rough log wall on the front porch.

I shivered in excitement and want as he grabbed my crotch and began to knead and pull on my mons and outer labia. “Such a slut” He growled as he pressed his hard cock against me.

“I ‘m a horny slut, Make me scream,” I growled back.

He threw his head back and laughed. His voice echoed across the lake. He spun me around and using my hair he bent me over the porch rail, and with a hard quick slap across my ass he spoke, “Stay there. I want to see you in the sunlight as I work.”

I giggled like a loon as he dropped the toy bag and knelt to pull out his ‘equipment’. I stretched over the rough wooden rail and rubbed my lower belly against it. I was so hot and so horny; I couldn’t wait for him to begin manhandling me. The rougher and more violent he was the more it turned me on. I spoke in a sassy voice.

“Are you sure you can handle me alone? Hum, are you man enough?” I started to stand up and turn to face him. I caught a glimpse of the restraint cuffs in his hands as he sprang to his feet and like a wild animal pouncing on me.

I shrieked in surprise as he spun me and slammed me back against the rail kicking my feet out from under me. He quickly cuffed my wrists and then using his body to hold me still he chain first my right then my left wrist to the uprights.

I struggled with the bonds. It excited us both. He had the chain in place before I had arrived my tormentors had been busy. I was now stretched tight, my arms pulled taunt. I gasp at the pull in my back and upper torso.

He ran his hands down my body flicking my nipples as he passed over my tits, I moaned at the flash of arousal that flowed through me. He knelt at my feet and quickly cuffed my ankles before he kicked them wide. I hummed with joy as he pulled more chain from the post and threaded the 2 lengths into my cuffs.

I stumbled as he kicked my feet wider still and using the chain began to draw my right ankle even further out, happy with the stretched muscles of my leg he locked the chain and moved to my left leg to the chain he threaded through the d-ring and pull my remaining leg wide. I sobbed in joy as my muscles began to sing with the strain.

“Now my little bitch I think I will leave you to enjoy the great outdoors as I get my equipment ready to clean you up. You’ll be hairless and clean as a whistle inside and out before Todd and Ben get here.”

. He laughingly stood and grabbed my tits squeezing them as I writhed under the stimulation. He leaned out and lapped at my left nipple, I moan as it puckered up and grew hard. He move to the right one and I wiggled trying to push the sensitive nub of flesh at him, He released it and in a flash grabbed both nipples pinching hard and fast as he twisted and pulled them.

My cunt opened up and grew wet as I hissed in arousal. That was when he slid the remote control egg in and using his long fingers pushed up to lie just behind the mouth of my cervics.

He chuckled as he turned lifted the bag heading inside, leaving me spread and horny, that damn egg just barely moving. I stood on tiptoes as he took his own sweet time inside. I guess I spaced out a little. I hung there limbs spread wide, muscles beginning to sting and the strain, My eyes closed listening to the sounds of the woods and the lake as the wild life shifted from daylight to evening mode.

I was surprised and gasp out loud when I felt a hand rubbing up my ribs. Alan had returned. My eyes were wide open, my mouth a gape at his touch. He chuckled an evil low sound. It washed over me like quicksilver, reigniting my lust. I mewed as he began to stroke my lightly sweaty flesh.

He had returned with a large tub of nads. And sat on a low stool as he began to spread the warmed gel over my leg. I loved the warm honey like paste being spread over my calves, and when he pulled the cloth strip off waxing away any hair I hissed at the pleasurable pain and sting he left in his wake.

Alan was a big strapping man a construction foreman. He stands over 6’3” darkly tanned with strawberry red-blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and a red moustache and beard. The pleasure and pain grew more and more pronounced as he worked up my thighs. My gasp of surprise when he rubbed his beard up my leg brought a chuckle from him. My pussy was a wet hungry emptiness when he stood up and moved to my armpits. I hissed in disappointment. His blue eyes sparkled with mischievousness.

He had been so close to my mons. He finished my underarms and then began to tease and pluck at my nipples. I stood undulating into his touch and moaned in joy as he dropped his mouth to suck and nibble on them. I gasp out loud when he stopped and began to blow his breath across them. I felt Pendik Sarışın Escort them harden almost painfully as he teased them. Then I moaned as he pulled his favorite chained-clamps from his pocket. They’ve big wide stainless steel jaws. The clamping surface flat but scored to grasp firmly and a thumb screw to tighten them.

He slipped on the first one and tightened it to a pleasurable pain level then the second one. As I stood smiling at the electric waves of stimulation that flowed from my tits to my cunt he lifted both hands and began to tighten them more, at each half turn he stopped and watched me as I squirmed and moaned. Tighter and tighter to the point I was sobbing and panting out loud. Then with a smile to shame the devil himself he gave them one more quick vicious turn and I shrieked at the agony that ripped across my chest.

He stood hands on hips laughing as I twisted and twitched torso shuddering at the pain. But strange as it sounds my cunt grew wetter and wetter. As my body began to pump up the endorphins, I began to enjoy the pain and sobbed out, “Oh god yes…It hurts sooooooo good.”

That my readers is what I find most amazing, the more intense the pain, the longer I endure it, the more franticly and harder I beg for more. That was when he knelt back down and pulled out an electric beard trimmer and began to remove the longish hairs on my cunt.

Soon he had the hair the length he wanted, and I flushed with arousal as he spread the honey thick waxing gel over my most sensitive skin. As he stripped the hair from me, I howled with every yank of the cloth. By the time he finished I was on the razors edge of orgasm.

I was sobbing as he used a warm washcloth to rinse the residual stickiness away. “Please, oh god, please I need to cum, let me cum, fuck me please” Alan was what I then thought of then as cruel, he slipped 2 fingers inside of me and began to stroke and rub my g-spot, then just as I was trembling on the edge he gave an evil chuckle and pulled away.

I howled out in a long low voice that echoed over the water like an animal in pain. He picked up his things and moved inside I hung frustrated and aching alone in the dusky twilight for what seemed like forever until he came back out and unchained my legs Smiling as I stumbled and gasped at the flashes of pain in moving them after so long in the strained spread position. He smirked as I hissed with the fire that raced up my arms when he released my wrists.

He stepped behind me wrapping one arm around my waist and the other under my tits hooking the chain between the clamps he used it to guide me in the door and up the steps to the bathroom. Dear lord he had been a busy man. A large pulley hung over the center of the tub already threaded with a long length of chain, one end secured to a cleat on the wall, on the mat lay a spreader bar and several weights from his weight bench.

“Come here you horny bitch” He grabbed my shoulder and pushed me to my knees in front of him. “Suck me off” He grabbed my hair and yanked me face forward; I opened my mouth to gasp but instead got a mouth full of his rampant cock. I shivered as he pushed deeper, I laved his length with my tongue, and began to suck on him. He held my head immobile and basically fucked my face, I opened wide relaxing my throat as he surged deeper and harder. He turned the egg up just a notch and popped my face when I hesitated.

In just a few thrusts he was down my throat and shuddering with arousal. I sucked and laved him for all I was worth. In just seconds it seemed he came. His cock jerking and expanding as wave after wave of hot thick cum flooded my mouth and throat I swallowed desperately trying not to choke.

When he had finished he held me there “Clean me you whore” he growled and I began to lick and suck him softly as he slowly pulled his now semi hard cock back a fraction of an inch at the time.

Finally just his head rested against my swollen lips and I kissed it sighing. I knew that I would not be left unfulfilled tonight. He would make sure I had come several times and would be well fucked before he let me sleep. It seems that the more times I cum the closer I get to having a multiple orgasm, that is a series of them one on top of the other. The first time he thought I was having a seizure.

I knelt shivering I knew what was next. The oh so deliciously painful and so depraved cleaning of my ass and bowels. He hooked a short chain to my right wrist cuff and ordered me to lie down on my back in the tub. I purred in anticipation as he lifted the spreader bar and lifted my right ankle to hook the bar to it then he hooked my left one now I lay there legs spread wide and ankles resting on the top rim of the deep porcelain tub.

He pulled the chain down and bolted it securely to the center of the bar. In seconds he began to hoist my legs up and my naked body slide down the cold surface of the tub. In no time he had me hanging inverted my fingertips a good 3 inches above the bottom of the tub.

He lifted Pendik Şişman Escort the 2 circular weights threading the chain on my right wrist through the center hole and snapped the other end to my left wrist then he hoisted me another couple of inches the chain pulled taunt the 40 lbs. weights not quite touching the tub. I was stretched to my full length and swaying slightly.

He began to hum and whistle as he turned I watched in giddy silence as he removed a large enema bag and tubing from his toy bag. He palmed a large anal plug and turned to kneel beside me. I gasp when he held it up for me to see. It was one of the largest they make a good 3-½ inches in diameter. He had customized it drilling a hole thru the center and sealing a length of enema hose into the external end and a big irrigation nozzle to the internal one.

“Just to make sure you hold what I fill you with” He smiled, “Wouldn’t want you to waste any of the good stuff now would we?”

I breathed a soft sigh, “No, I need to hold it. I want to be clean for you, I want you to make it hurt. Please make it hurt, make me scream.” I begged. People in the ‘lifestyle wonder why I craze the bondage with the pain. It takes the choice out of my hands. I can relax and enjoy the agony. It would never be as enjoyable if I had to waste my emotional involvement in the pain high by having to remember to ’be still’ or to hold a position.

Being chained, roped, strapped in, up, or down gives me total freedom to ride the endorphins and the anguish.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be hoarse before long” He smacked my ass as he lifted the plug and lube behind me. I hissed as the cold gel was drizzled down my crack and he began to slide the plug up and down coating it and my puckered hole. Satisfied he began to wiggle the nozzle into me and when the plug touched my sphincter he started to twist and turn it as he forced it inside me slowly.

He would stop and pull it back out only to press forward again inserting a little more each time until he reached the widest part, he held it there pulling my now aching ass wide.

Just to make me more nervous he stopped and reached into his back pocket. I felt the first blow all the way to my head; he was driving it in with a small hammer. Every blow vibrated through me 3, 4, 5 times then the plug slide home the neck thinning so my anus closed on it. The thick base holding my cheeks spread.

He turned back to the sink. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could hear the water running and running. I hung there my back passage growing used to the huge plug filling it. My sphincter tightened back up and clutching the neck firmly. It seemed to take forever before he returned to my side.

He held a bloated fat bag down for me to see. “Oh my god” I sobbed. He really was going to fill me up. He slid a step stool over with his foot and stepped up next to me I swayed as he hooked the bag to the chain holding me and straightened the tubing.

I moaned out loud as he bled the tube the water splashing loudly against the porcelain. My ass twitched as he connected the line. His hand continued to move just out of my sight, until suddenly I felt it warm and thick liquid flowing up my colon. It was a steady flow. That slowed and stopped.

He spoke then, “ I’ll add a little at the time, until your ready for it.”

“It what IT?” I asked.

“The big flush honey, when your ready I’ll open it all the way and watch as you fill to the brim.” He smirked. In a few moments he stopped it flow. I hung there thinking this isn’t so bad and then the cramps started. My spine bowed forward my body instinctively trying to roll up.

As I began to sweat lightly and moan he flicked my nipples the clamps firing off fresh agony in my tits. That was when he opened the tubing again and more liquid flowed deeper inside, my belly began to feel tight. I glanced upward and gasp” Oh shit” as I could watch my belly pouch out a little. He stopped the flow again. Then began to torment my tits, tugging on the clamps and pulling them out, flicking them as I jerked and swayed. I began to babble and sob as my body was electrified with sensations.

“Hurt me, more please hurt me so good” I yelled. He just smiled and suddenly I was being flooded more and more liquid poured into my bowels I could hear the water gurgle and bubble inside as my belly swelled. At the height of this flood he opened the clamps and yanked them free. My body jumped and jerked the chain rattling as I thrashed in midair.

Sweat covered my body, my stomach muscles rippled and spasmed as the liquid settled deeper and deeper inside of my guts. My belly looked like I was pregnant. It was so swollen and distended. Goose flesh sprang up and I began keening and howling. Wave after wave of muscular cramps ran through me. I was in ecstasy.

Soon I was hanging limply groaning as my body shuddered and shook. I had cum from the agony. He left me hanging as he turned the egg up one more little notch. As I grew accustomed to it, that was when he began to lower me to the tub. As my arms began to fold he pulled them to the back of the tub. He lowered me another 7 or 8 inches and stopped to pull my arms further back, then he lowered me further. As my head touched the tub he stopped and pulled my arms up and over the rim of the tub at the rear.

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