Look, but Don’t Touch

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We met online. Then we met in person. They were some of the most erotic encounters of my life, although we never actually touched each other. This is the story of how it happened.

We met on Literotica. We chatted about all things sexual, gradually letting slip that we each had commitments that meant we shouldn’t really be exploring our sexuality online. For example, I was married, happily, but let it be known that my wife’s sexual appetite and sense of adventure didn’t match my own.

We traded secrets, dares, orders – turned each other on during working hours and when our partners were sleeping beside us. We came to an erotic understanding of what made the other tick through conversation, confessions and dares.

But they were all based on fantasy. The fantasy of meeting, sharing, daring. The only thing that kept us apart was a common unwillingness to cheat in ‘real life’.

Then we found a loophole, although in hindsight most people would consider it cheating, as they would our initial conversations online.

We arranged to meet in a hotel in London. We had agreed that we would be able to look, but not touch. To strip, to tease, to admire, to suggest, but never to touch. And if one person touched the other, they had to do a humiliating forfeit.

We met first for dinner near the hotel. We were both dressed to impress and I was turned on immediately when I saw her in a short, clinging dress. The conversation at dinner was playful and we were teasing each other already. Just before the waiter came over to ask us if we wanted any dessert, she leaned over the table to me and said, “My knickers bursa escort are already damp – I need to take them off soon”. So as soon as the waiter arrived, I asked for the bill.

She followed me to the hotel room where I’d showered earlier; the room still smelled of my aftershave. She inspected the room, tested the springiness of the bed and then turned to me, smiling. “Now what?” she asked. This is what happened:

I decide to take charge. I tell her to slip off her jacket. Then I walk around behind her and stand as close as I can without touching her. I inhale deeply, taking in the scent of her neck and hair – she smells delicious.

“Now unzip your dress,” I whisper to her. She obeys immediately and lets her dress slide over her shoulders and fall in a heap around her ankles. I’m desperate to kiss her smooth silky skin, to run my fingers through her hair. Already I’m wondering whether to take the forfeit. As if reading my thoughts, she turns to face me and wags her finger, warning me playfully.

“I see you approve of my choice of underwear,” she says, pointing at the bulge in my trousers.

“It looks fabulous,” I reply, “but you won’t be wearing it much for longer. Take off your bra.”

Again she obeys, then puts her arms above her head, lifting her hair, and twirls around in front of me. All I can say is, “Wow!”

She has amazing breasts and her nipples are standing erect. I sit down in the chair and watch her.

“I see you’re quite a mover, with that little twirl – pretend you’re a stripper and dance a little more”.

“That’s cruel,” she replies, but already she’s bursa escort bayan moving her hips and sliding her hands up her tight stomach. “I hope you have some crisp banknotes to pay for this”. She cups her breasts in her hands, rotating at the waist. She pinches each nipple between a thumb and forefinger, then leans forward towards me.

She whispers: “So many times I’ve imagine your lips on my nipples; I’d love you to suck them now”.

“You can’t imagine how much I want that too,” I reply.

She stands and turns around, then looks back at me over her shoulder, saying, “But there’s somewhere I want to feel your mouth even more than on my breasts.” Then with one graceful movement she bends down and pulls her knickers to her ankles and pauses, bent over, giving me a glorious view of her pussy, glistening wet.

“God I want to taste you,” I say, to which she turns around and throws me her knickers. As soon as I catch them I can feel they’re wet. I lick the crotch, fixing my eyes on hers.

“Well that confirms it,” I say, “Everything about you is delicious”.

She runs a finger between her pussy lips so it’s slickly wet, then puts it to her lips and licks seductively.

“Yum!” she smiles. “Now, isn’t it your turn to strip?”

I stand up and offer her the chair. She sits and puts her heels on the edge of the seat, her knees up and spread wide.

Before I start to strip, I pour her a glass of champagne that I’d forgotten to open earlier, in my rush to get her naked. She takes the champagne in one hand and starts to pinch a nipple with her free hand, as I unbutton my shirt. escort bursa She sips the champagne, her eyes fixed on me, and by the time my shirt is unbuttoned, her free hand is no longer playing with her breasts, but her pussy. She’s circling one finger around her clit.

I’ve undone my belt and my cock is trying to escape. It’s so hard it almost hurts and the head is glistening with precum. As soon as my boxers are off, she gets off the chair and kneels in front of me. She starts to talk to my cock, telling it how she’d love to feel it against the back of her throat. I’m so close to grabbing her hair and making it a reality, but I manage to fight myself back into control.

“Stay kneeling there,” I say, “and let me share your champagne.” I lie on the floor and slide my head between her knees, so her pussy is just above my lips. I can tell by the little gasp she gives how tempted she is to sit down on my face. It seems she wins control too, as she pours a little champagne over her stomach and pussy, from where it runs into my open mouth.

We share the rest of the glass like this, then I tell her I want to watch her cum. She pulls a vibrator out of her bag and goes to lie on the bed. I sit down on the chair again, rubbing my cock as she pushes the vibrator deep into her pussy.

Her moans and heavy breathing are making me so horny I’m in danger of losing control. She cries my name as she fucks herself with the vibrator then her body spasms in orgasm.

“I love having your eyes on me,” she pants. “That’s what made me cum; and watching you play with yourself.”

She rolls over and kneels on the floor in front of me again. “Now I want to watch you cum,” she says.

“There’s nothing in the ‘look but don’t touch’ rules about WHERE I can cum, is there?” I ask, smiling mischievously. She shakes her head and opens her mouth…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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