Love at First Sight Pt. 02

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The next few months were fairly flat out but the one thing that would never change is the sparkle Jason seen in Belle’s eyes when their eyes met as she walked through the front door. Eventually Belle decided to move into Jason’s house with it being a bigger house and having two spare rooms, it just make the more logical choice so Belle packed up all her stuff from her small two bedroom apartment and moved in with Jason.

At the four month mark Belle and Jason went along for their twenty week ultrasound to find out their baby was growing well and all looked healthy with the baby, when Jason heard the babies heart beat for the first time he looked at Belle with tears in his eyes lifted her head from the screen where Belle’s eyes were glued watching as her baby was moving on the screen.

Jason leaned into Belle and kissed her on the lips as their eyes met and Jason told her “My beautiful Belle, where have you been all my life” Smiling and continuing “Doesn’t matter because I’ve met my soul mate and you make me the happiest man in the world babe” Taking her hand and putting in over his heart wiping a tear “This here heart of mine babe it beats for you!”

Belle wiped a tear from Jason’s eyes telling him “You have no idea how happy I am that we met that day at the factory Jason” leaning up to kiss him before turning his eyes to the screen “You will make an amazing dad and I will make such an awesome mother because with us as parents our little baby will never need or want anything!”

Their eyes became fixed on each other for what seemed like eternity when the radiographer woke them both out of there trance with the words “As cute as it is the watch a couple so madly in love I am sorry but the scan is over should I book you two a hotel” laughing asking Belle “Would you like to have a photo of your baby Belle?”

Belle’s eyes lit up and she exclaimed “Oh yes please!” looking at Jason standing beside her and smiling.

The Radiographer printed Belle and Jason both a picture and watched as Jason kissed his before taking his wallet out, asking for a pair of scissors to cut the picture to size to fit.

They left the hospital climbing into Belle’s car but because Belle had a bit of a pot belly and Belle was so short she had to let Jason take over driving because of she no longer fitted behind the steering wheel. Jason was more than happy to drive knowing that if he was driving he could make sure that Belle got to all the appointments on time and safely. Jason pulled into the driveway racing around the back of the car to open Belle’s door and holding her hand as she climbed out of the car and walked her up the stairs to the door before returning to grab a bag of things from the back seat, closing and locking the car as he made his way up the stairs walking over to where Belle was now sitting on the couch, Jason sat down beside Belle giving her a plastic bag with a few things inside the bag.

Belle put her hand inside the bag to find a box of chocolates and an envelope with what looked like a card inside of it, as she slid her finger along under the back of the envelope to find inside was a card. Belle slid the card out of its envelope and opened it to find a personal message from Jason that read

‘My beautiful Belle, I wake up every morning to open my eyes. Beside me is my guardian angel who picked me up when all hope felt lost. Please know I will always be eternally grateful for the privilege to have you in my life, there isn’t a single woman on this earth who compares to you!’

Tears ran down as Belle turned to thank Jason to find Jason was kneeling beside Belle on one knee, as Belle looked down to see Jason had a ring in a box that was open, she looked up to see Jason was nervous so before he even got a chance to say a single word Belle screamed “YES I’LL MARRY YOU!”

Jason swallowed a lump from his throat and tried to talk but being so nervous all he could do was smile kneeling into my beautiful Belle for a soft passionate kiss and all the managed to say was “Thank you for making me the happiest man alive.”

Belle leaned into kiss Jason grabbing his hand before she stood up pulling Jason’s hand towards their bedroom pushing him back onto the bed and straddling his pelvis and kissed him passionately on the lips. Laying her head onto his chest as her left hand slid up his shirt running her fingers through his chest hair and then dragged her nails down Jason’s chest.

The feeling of Belle’s nails dragging down his chest combined with the beautiful smell of Belle’s perfume is such a turn on for Jason that his mind goes into overdrive. Jason raises Belle back up to sitting on his lap as his fingers run up over her baby bump, across the sides of her breasts enclosed in her bra and his hands slide across to the centre of her bra finding the clasp with his fingers. With a simple snap of his fingers the clasp comes undone.

Belle is so damn horny lately that just looking into Jason’s beautiful brown eyes causes her nipples Ümraniye Escort to tingle, her pussy is wet begging to be touched just from the smell of his musky cologne. She looks down to watch Jason unclasp her bra sliding her white t-shirt, black and pink bra be raised up her chest as Belle lifts her hands up slightly above her head to allow Jason to slide her clothes off her hands throwing them towards the tall boy near their bedroom door.

Feeling a spark hit her as Jason’s fingers grabbed her nipples twisting them gently causing her to moan and lean back down into her man and kiss him passionately on the lips while her hands ran along Jason’s ribs as she lifted his grey singlet over Jason’s head throwing it towards the tallboy to join her bra and top.

Jason asks his beautiful fiancé “You have the most amazing soft lips and I never get tired of your kisses!”

Jason wraps his hand around Belle gently pulling her down into his chest, gently rolling her onto her side kissing her passionately as they both roll over until Belle is now laying on her back with Jason positioned with his hips between her thighs. He starts to kiss her neck as Belle raises her head to allow him to kiss her along the bottom of her chin towards her eats, biting her on the nipples as his hands start to trace down the inside of her thighs along her black pants along towards her clothed crutch listening to her moans intensify as Jason’s kisses start trailing down over her shoulder blades towards Belle’s breasts.

Belle closes her eyes feeling Jason’s kisses along the edge of her breasts, catching her breath as she feels Jason bite her nipple but moans as he starts to suck on her nipple circling her nipple with his tongue. Just when she thinks it can’t get any better she feels his hand rub her pussy through her pants, opening her mouth and whispering to her man “I love you so damn much Jason!”

Jason looks into Belle’s eyes telling her “I love you too baby.” As he pulls the knot open on her pants and slides his hand into her pants as his fingers slide into her panties to find Belle’s pussy is so damn wet hearing his girl moan as his finger tips make contact with her pussy lips sliding between her lips to allow his middle finger to find her clit just as he hears Belle catch her breath right at the moment he touches her clit.

Between feeling his lips on hers and her so damn horny pussy finally being touched by her sexy man Belle felt like she was in heaven as her pussy tingled while she was feeling his fingers circle around her clit slowly Belle opened her mouth slightly to feel Jason’s tongue slide between her lips making contact with her tongue as his fingers slide further between her pussy finding her soaking wet tight pussy feeling his two fingers slide inside of with ease because of how wet her pussy was.

Jason looks into Belle’s eyes watching them close stopping kissing him to bite her lip as his two fingers slide inside her love tunnel and moan as his finger slide inside her to the second knuckle as he slides them back out until just the tip is left before he slides them back in till Jason feels his hand come to rest over her pussy and his fingers are all the way inside her biting her lip again as he curls his fingers slightly towards her G-spot and rubs it gentle while watching her mouth open wide while she’s struggling to catch her breath as he strokes her magic spot with his finger tips.

Belle takes her hands from being wrapped around Jason to put them on her pants raising her knee’s to press down onto the bed allowing her to lift her ass off the bed enough to slide her pants from underneath her as she watches Jason get the hint sitting up and helping her slide her pants and matching black and pink favourite panties off her legs towards her feet as Belle legs go of the pants to allow him to slide them off her feet and throw them towards their tallboy joining the rest of the clothes, then watched him spread her pussy lips with his fingers as he leans down between her thighs running his tongue from her dripping wet pussy hold towards her clit and Belle closes her eyes moaning with ecstasy.

As Jason is starting to trace his tongue towards Belle’s clit he can feel Belle’s legs start to close around his shoulders and looks up into her beautiful eyes as his tongue circles around her clit. Jason takes his fingers, sliding them back inside her pussy to join his assault of her horny pussy sliding them back to the second knuckle rubbing along her G-spot while his tongue starts to flick her slow at first building up to a faster rhythm to match the movement of her hips gyrating as her moans get louder telling Jason she’s getting close to coming all over his face for him.

Belle know what’s the intense feeling building inside her means as she looks down to see the first squirt of her pussy juice hits Jason on the chin followed by another, Belle simply closes her eyes and moans as her body starts to tremble feeling an orgasm splash over Ümraniye Escort Bayan her body. Letting go of herself to allow the intensity of her orgasm to rupture inside her, opening her eyes to see stream after stream of her juice squirting from her pussy as she just bites her lip hard feeling the last few waves crash over her and snaps her legs closed to push Jason’s head from her sensitive pussy rolling onto her side trembling and moaning loudly trying to stop herself from shaking but she’s so used to these powerful orgasms now Belle knows it’s pointless trying to control them, lays on her side looking over her shoulder at her man Jason kneeling beside her with his hand on her hip smirking.

After a few minutes Jason see’s the look in Belle’s face change and a smirk come over her face, Belle gets up on her knees and pushes Jason back onto his back just as he lands on his back she starts to unbuckle his shorts removing the belt first and folding the belt in half playfully slapping him on the leg, winking at him and then she throws it over towards the pile of their clothes. She proceeds to unbutton the first of two buttons on his shorts followed by the other while her other hand slides the zipper down slowly allowing her to open the fly to slide her hand into the top of Jason’s shorts grasping his cock in her hand and giving his member a firm squeeze as she looks up at his smile and leans down closer to his groin and kisses his clearly visible bulge, taking her hands and gripping his shorts and pulling them off his hips and over his knees, down his legs and off at his ankles and throwing them over on the floor.

Since the only item of clothing left it his pair of boxer shorts Belle figures she will have some fun, she grips one side of his boxers by the band, bites her lip looking down at Jason with a mischievous grin on her face and then rips one side of his shorts and responds with “Oops, they ripped my bad” Giggling as she turns her attention to the other side of his boxers ripping those too!

This makes Jason smirk and start to giggle before asking “Hey why did you rip them, they were my favourite pair.” Before he can finish the sentence Belle lifts his legs, pulling his boxers from between his legs, as Jason looks down to see Belle lean forward and wrap her lips around his cock and take his member half way into her mouth.

Belle can see from the look on Jason’s face that he is enjoying being teased something she has learned the last few months they have been dating. She slides him out of her mouth as her eyes are fixed on his, runs her tongue around her lips and moaning before flicking the tip of Jason’s cock with her tongue causing him to flinch but moan closing his eyes. Belle takes her hand from on the bed, placing her fingers around his balls giving them a gentle squeeze watching the look on Jason’s face to show his enjoying, massaging his balls as she circles her tongue around the tip of his throbbing cock.

All Jason can do is lay back on the bed with his hands above his head, moaning as he watches his beautiful fiancé tease him, but noting to himself ‘Damn she is such a tease, but she is a natural at this’. Watching her lips wrap around his cock again, taking him a few inches at first sliding Jason back out of her mouth till the tip is left, then sliding him further into her mouth further this time. Jason is enjoying this so much however he wants his throbbing cock inside of his girl, so Jason puts his arms around Belle, he pulls her up towards him as she moves her legs over his legs and brings them back so both her legs are now either side of his hips.

Belle raises her ass off Jason’s hips as her hand runs down between their parted bodies to grip his hard throbbing member, she rubs it along her soft pussy lips and lines it up with her tight wet pussy. Lowering her hips back down allowing Jason’s cocks to slide inside her pussy slowly at first, only stopping when she could feel almost off seven inches of his cock were inside her and she could feel the head of his member sitting right against her cervix. Slowly gyrating her hips forward till Jason’s cock was almost all the way out and then letting herself slide back down until almost all of him is back inside her, all she can do is open her mouth while she’s looking at his beautiful smile causing her to moan and close her eyes enjoying the feeling of her pussy being so full.

Jason is looking up at his beautiful woman riding him, he tells her “Damn Belle, you have no idea how damn tight your pussy feels” Tilting his head up and moaning as she drops her hips back down on him to take his throbbing member back inside her.

Belle tries to apologise “I’m sorry if I feel too tight for you Jason, you do have a nice thick cock.”

Jason wraps his hands around the back of her to pull her into him for a passionate kiss as his hands run down her back and over her nice thick ass, coming to rest either side of her hips as he pulls her forward and then rocks Escort ümraniye her back as he feels his cock sliding back inside her again. Jason is enjoying the movement so much he knows it won’t be long before he cum’s himself but Belle and Jason both agreed to resist the urge to have Jason’s cum inside her pussy as it just didn’t feel right with Belle being pregnant. Jason rolls her onto her back, sliding his hard cock back inside her to start fucking her slowly as he can sense his orgasm getting nearer and nearer, at the point he can sense his about to explode he pulls his cock out of Belle’s pussy and grips his cock pumping it back and forward a few times as he watches his cum start to stream out of his cock, some of it lands on her belly and some of it ends up all over her freshly shaved pussy mound. Jason opens his eyes to look into his beautiful Belle’s eyes as she’s smiling back up at him.

“I love you so much I honestly couldn’t see myself with anyone else but you baby!” Jason tells Belle.

Belle look up at Jason kneeling between her parted this smiles and tells her man “I love you too Jason, every day I wake up and thank my guardian angel for you.”

Jason leans over and opens his beside drawer to grab a hand towel out of there, he keeps these clean towels in there to clean up any mess they make, getting up from the bed after gently wiping his cum from all over bells belly and pussy he takes the towel and puts it into the laundry hamper. Walking back into the bedroom Jason lays on his back and motions for Belle to roll over into him, as Belle cuddles into him he strokes her hair. After a few minutes Jason can hear the breathing in Belle has changed telling him she’s gone to sleep in his arms, this was usually what happened as Jason closed his eyes and joined Belle in his dreams.

A few weeks later Belle was starting to get really bad stomach pains, Jason was worried about his beautiful Belle and their baby so they went to the doctor. The doctor said that Belle was in perfect health however sent us for a fresh ultrasound to check on the baby, so off we went to the local hospital for a fresh scan. The radiographer told us that our baby was slightly undersize but extremely mobile and she would send a report back to the doctor. We should go back and see the GP in a few days.

A few days later I returned home to my Belle on the couch with a worried look on her face, she patted the pillow beside her and motioned for me to sit. As I sat down she wrapped her arms around me, started crying uncontrollably cuddling into me tightly and just wept between struggling for breath’s saying “Oh Jason please hold me tight, I’ve had the worst day!”

I put my fingers under her eyes wiping away the tears and ask my angel “What’s wrong babe is everything okay with bub?”

She stopped crying long enough to tell me “Yeah bub is fine I ran into my ex at the supermarket and he caused a big scene in front of everyone calling me a dirty whore.”

“Oh babe he’s just jealous you finally have a real man in your life who works hard loves you till the ends of the earth and doesn’t need to put you down. Making you feel worthless, I mean look at your radiating beauty” Jason tells Belle and holds up his phone with the camera turned on facing her.

Belle smiles and kisses Jason “Thanks Jason I’m just an emotional mess with all these hormones running through me.”

Jason just smiles at his Belle and asks her about her day.

Belle’s eyes light up as she tells Jason “The Doctor called today and asked us to go see him in a few weeks but his not worried about bub. Just said as long as there is movement constantly things should be okay he will start seeing every few weeks if it eases our worries!”

Smiling Jason feels a weight lift off his shoulders as he lays back on the couch to relax and watch the news on T.V. nothing was really on but he felt a weight lift off his shoulders with hearing the news from Belle that their baby was going to be okay.

Belle puts her hand on the crutch of Jason’s shorts and starts to rub his bulge in his shorts while looking out of the corners of her eyes at Jason while she gets a mischievous look on her face and starts to unzip his fly in the shorts slowly.

Jason looks at Belle with the cheeky smirk on her face and wonders what she’s up to but it doesn’t take long to figure it out as he feels her hand slide down into his shorts and firmly grip his cock in her hands. She then uses her free hand to unbutton the buttons on Jason’s shorts and pulls his semi-hard cock still inside his briefs up to the top of his shorts. Then leans down and kisses his now rock hard member through the briefs.

Belle moans as her fingers grip the top of the briefs pulling them away from his cock, seeing its fully hardened state as she climbs on the floor between his legs. With a tug of on his shorts she watches Jason lift his ass off the couch to allow her to pull his shorts down over his knees and then as he lifts his legs up in the air takes his briefs and shorts off his legs completely and throws them towards the door of the lounge room. Belle then leans forwards looking into his eyes as she runs her tongue from under his balls up over them and traces her tongue along the length of his shaft to the tip of his cock.

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