Love is Tough Game Ch. 02

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Amanda was really confused. She was sitting in Jason’s lap in his flat and she was unsure how she got there. She knew that Jason had a row with Mike and that she tried to calm Jason down. They both went out, he kissed her and than, just like that she said yes when he asked her to come with him. She missed him and she did things that she shouldn’t do, but she loved him.

“Will you be my girlfriend again?” – Jason asked her and stopped her from thinking any further.

“I don’t know.” – She shrugged. – “I am afraid of you.”

“Do you love me?”


“You should be with me than.” – He smiled. – “I love you too. I swear.”

“I know you do. I am just confused.” – She said. – “I am afraid that you will do to me things that you have done to me before.”

“I won’t.” – He kissed her chin. – “I love you.”

“Oh, ” – she wanted to kiss him so bad that she couldn’t think. – “Okay”

She kissed him. He patted her knees, but he wasn’t satisfied. Her lips might have been touched by Mike’s. He got jealous again and he rubbed her knees harder and harder.

“Stop it.” – She said. – “You promised.”

“Did he fuck you?” – He held her strongly on his lap, not allowing her to get up. – “Did he?”

“Of course not. ” – Amanda replied. – “This is our first date. I didn’t even kiss him.”

“Liar.” – He shouted.

Not really carrying about her feelings, and just wanting to check her virginity, he threw her on the floor. She was in pain, so she couldn’t move much. Then he unzipped her shorts, easily controlling her hits. She yelled loudly, but he didn’t care. He took her shorts from her legs Ataşehir Escort and he was too impatient to slowly remove her panties, so he just ripped them.

“No, no!” – Amanda cried. – “Please!”

He stopped her hands from moving and he unzipped his pants, pulling out his hard cock. He was watching her sexy body whole night and his dick got really hard. He wanted her badly.

“Now, we will see if you are virgin.”

He pushed her cook inside of her.

Amanda felt like she was burning up. The pain was too much to bear. He was breaking his hymen, violently. He wasn’t gentle at all. He was the first time in someone’s pussy and he was unsure if he is breaking her hymen or that just was her pussy. He wasn’t sure until he didn’t feel the cherry pops. The smile was on his face when he felt that he was first man in her life. She stopped moving, because it hurt even more when she did so. Jason moved easily on her. He was very satisfied to find that she was a virgin, but he didn’t stop. He liked it. He liked being inside her tight pussy. It felt like that place was only saved for him.

He moved his cock easily, feeling the walls of vagina becoming one with his cook. He felt amazing sensation, even better than last time she sucked his dick. He enjoyed this.

Amanda felt good too. She was trying not to like this, but more he moved, more she wanted him. Slowly movement wasn’t enough anymore. She wanted much more. She wanted him to go harder. She wanted to feel orgasm. She felt that she was close, but she needed him to be faster if she wanted to get to it.

“Faster.” – She moaned.

“Are you Anadolu Yakası Escort sure?” – Jason asked. – “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You didn’t worry about that, five seconds ago.”

“I thought that you aren’t virgin anymore I don’t know, what I was…”

“Shut up and fuck me faster.” – Amanda yelled.

He did so and he started moving faster and faster. She put her legs around his wrist. It didn’t hurt her anymore. She was enjoying this. Jason needed something to squeeze while he was fucking his girl. It was like a need that he just had. He went harder on her. He ripped her bra and started squeezing her boobs without trying to be gentle. She loved it. She couldn’t stop sounds of pleasure coming out of her mouth.

“I think I am coming!” – Jason yelled.

And he did. He came inside her. She came with him. She was so happy. And not mad at all.

After they came, Jason collapsed on Amanda’s body. He didn’t have strength to get up. He was still inside of her. He felt her pussy slowly getting tighter. He loved that feeling while the walls of her pussy were squeezing his cock. He thought how amazing Amanda is.

After almost one hour, just lying. He didn’t pull out his cock from her and she didn’t want him to do so.

After one hour, he finally moved out.

They both got up. She sat on a bed, starting to put on her clothes (at least the parts that had left from it). She was so happy. This was one of the best things that she had ever experienced. She felt so good. She still had chills on her body. She waited two years because she thought that she wasn’t ready, but if she Kartal Escort knew that she would feel sensation like this, she would have done it a long time ago.

Jason sat beside her.

“Did you like it?” – He asked her. And he really cared about how she felt this time.

“It was amazing.” – Amanda said. – “I love you.”

“I love you too.” – He kissed her. He felt relief when she returned his kiss. He thought that she would hate him. But he did feel great now. He got her attached to him. They had sex. She won’t go now. – “Do you want to take shower with me?”


She let him undress her very gently this time, but instead of going to take a shower he started kissing her pussy. He couldn’t resist it. He was just drawn by it. Like it had some kind of magic power over him.

Amanda allowed him to lick her pussy and she felt amazing while she had been put in a state of ecstasy. She felt like she could fly. He put his tongue deeper inside of her and she started screaming of pleasure that she got when he done that. She moved on along side his tongue. It was the most amazing thing (after sex). When he did that for her, he put his cock inside her pussy. But this time they didn’t have rough sex, they made love. And it was even more special than the first time. This time they both came at the same time and they felt like they could touch their love.

After that they took a shower, than got back in a bed.

“Am, can I ask you something?” – Jason asked while he was cuddling with his beloved.


“Would you marry me?” – He smiled. – “Please!”

“Aren’t we a little too young? I mean, we are only 18th.”

“We aren’t. Please.”

“Would that mean to you?”

“Very much.”


And Amanda and Jason lived happily ever after. And they fucked every day for the rest of theirs lives. And believe me they never got tired of each other.

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