Innocence Lost Ch. 01

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*Note all characters, events, and places are purely fictional. Any actual relation to anything real is completely coincidence.*

Any feedback or ideas is greatly appreciated. I encourage constructive criticism! This is the first part of a mini-series.


You’re breaking up with me over the phone?” Cheryl cried angrily into her smart phone. It was her eighteenth birthday and her boyfriend of five years was dumping her suddenly. Cheryl had spent all this time waiting for Tony in the food court, and now she looked like a fool. He was allegedly going to meet up with her and take her on a romantic “adventure”. Earlier today he seemed so upbeat about the plan. Meet the mall, do a little shopping, and then finish it off with a nice dinner. She knew something wasn’t right about Tony for months now, but was blinded by love. He barely hung out with her, was irritable all the time, and just unpleasant in general. It was like he had become a different person.

“Um… Now don’t take it personally but we’ve been dating for five years and I’ve never seen you naked.” Replied Tony in a nervous tone. Cheryl blushed with frustration. She had no idea what was the big rush for him. It’s not like she didn’t want to do anything, she just was nervous and wanted it to feel right. At 5’4 and roughly one hundred and twenty five pounds, it wasn’t like Cheryl wasn’t attractive either. Shoulder length jet black hair, big hazel eyes, the pale skin of a angel, and a filled in curvy body. Her breasts were naturally solid D’s. Her buttocks was well rounded and firm. She had daring hips. Her face was round and beautiful, the features reflecting that of her mothers, who was full blooded Italian. Her nose was small and cute, and her mouth was also quite tiny, but well proportioned. Cheryl also inherited her mothers long luscious legs and fiery temper. Even though Cheryl wasn’t one for arrogance, she knew for fact she was any guys wet dream.

“I can’t believe you would do this… and on MY birthday!” She yelled at him. “You know what, fuck you Tony.” She tossed the phone onto the hard tiled floor of the shopping mall. She sat with her legs crossed in the food court, her salad untouched. The drama had drawn a couple stares from nearby onlookers. Today she wore a green spaghetti strap tank top, a blue jean mini-skirt, and cute high heeled leather boots. She recrossed her legs impatiently. She was so overflowed with emotion, part of her felt sad, but most of her felt bitter and angry. After five years he dumps her over the phone? Cheryl stood up with a huff and after retrieving her phone embarrassingly, hurried to the bathroom. After rushing into a stall and burying her pretty face into her knees, sadness overcame her. Tears flowed endlessly from her eyes as she cried.

Cheryl was completely oblivious the the inch and a half wide hole on the left side of the stalls wall. This hole almost seemed too symmetrical to be carved. It was almost as if someone had drilled it intentionally. Heavy breathing came from the stall next to her, but she continued to wail, ignorant to the world around her. All of this because of sex? What did she have to do to prove she was worth the wait? It didn’t matter anymore. Tony was gone, five years wasted. Cheryl was still a virgin but ironically, she also was considering giving Tony what he wanted tonight on her birthday. His impatience cost him dearly. More deep breaths from the other stall. Cheryl finally emerged from between her knees, sighing heavily. She was so lost, confused, and a little dizzy from all the stress. There was no way she was going to reenter the public atmosphere of the mall so flustered. She turned her head towards the right, reading some of the bathroom graffiti. One hastily scribbled note read- “I heart hot cum” and above it someone had written with an arrow, “Slut”. Cheryl chuckled, wiping a tear from her cheek with the back of her hand. Tony would of at least gotten a hand job out of her tonight. His loss. As she continued to read some of the graffiti she heard the quick zip of a fly in the stall to her left. There was a sharp clack as if something metal hit the floor. Cheryl turned her head towards her left and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Staring her dead in the eyes was a long pink rod of flesh. Instantly she recognized it as a penis, and it was throbbing for her attention, fully erect. Cheryl blushed but couldn’t look away, stunned at the sight of it. It was something foreign to her, circumcised, the tip looked like a mushroom colored dark red from the blood. At first she thought about yelling for help, but she felt her own panties beginning to soak. This was turning her on in such a weird way. The breathing from the other stall was fast paced now, rapid and unknowing. Cheryl knew what this pervert wanted, and in her vulnerable state she was about ready to explore her sexual side. The penis was a decent size, about seven inches strong, and about an inch and a quarter thick. The whole situation seemed revolting, but at the same time the mystery of it intrigued Cheryl. As if her hand had a mind of it’s own, she slowly reached out and grasped the shaft. It was hot under her fingers, convulsing with excitement. Her mind was racing. What was she thinking? And the nerve of this guy! Ataşehir Escort She began to squeeze the cock and pulled the skin forward, causing the mystery man to let out a moan. Her pussy was throbbing now. With her other hand she grasped the sensitive tip in her palm, rubbing it softly in a circular motion. A clear sticky substance dribbled out of the penis into her palm.

She released the head and stared down at her wet palm. It wasn’t urine, so it must of been pre cum. A lot of Cheryl’s friends who had given blow jobs before told her that cum tasted good. Poking her tongue out, she licked the inside of her free hand. It tasted salty. The breathing was quite heavy on the other side now. The taste didn’t seem bad or good to her. Her eyes widened as she watched herself stroke the imposter. What was she doing? Why hadn’t she ran or called for help yet? It almost seemed as if she was enjoying this strange encounter.

“S-suck me…” said a deep voice through gasps of pleasure. Obediently she dropped to her knees, now eye level with this mysterious penis. She brought her face so close to the head that she could feel the warmth of the penis radiating on her supple lips. First she dashed the head suspiciously with her tongue. The cock tasted of flesh. The man on the other side of the stall pushed himself tighter against the wall, which forced his member to rub up against her mouth. Cheryl was submissive, opening her mouth wide enough to accept the mushroom shaped head with her lips. She twirled her tongue around the tip and slowly brought it in her mouth deeper, but withdrew after gagging. A tendril of saliva grappled from the shaft to her mouth. She went down on it again, sucking the penis like a straw while breathing through her nose. Her friends had mentioned this trick to her before. Cheryl’s vagina continued to throb. Bobbing her head back and forth, she caressed the upper portion of the cock with her mouth. Cheryl built rhythm while she continued to slurp. Slush. Slush. Slush. The saliva was producing in her mouth rapidly now, providing more lubrication. With a pop, she withdrew her head, licking the tip wildly while stroking with her hand. More pre cum began to ooze out of the dick. Cheryl licked it up hungrily. This time when she went down, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and pushed her head forward until her nose was up against the cool plaster of the stall wall. More gagging noises broke out from her throat, but she held position while the stranger began to thrust himself in and out, fucking her mouth. The excitement was overwhelming. Cheryl’s cheeks were hot and rosy. The breathing from the stranger was uncontrollably heavy and Cheryl’s eyes grew wide with surprise. The penis had gotten especially hard, as if it were made of solid steel. Unexpectedly, hot seamen erupted like a volcano down her throat. She pulled her head back, but the cum kept exploding from the pulsing penis, splattering across her nose. After the orgasm the rod went limp and lifeless, sperm still dripping from it’s sunken head.

Logical thinking finally overcame her. Cheryl swallowed the load in the back of her throat before hurriedly wiping her face off with a piece of toilet paper. The sperm left a salty after taste in the back of her throat, with a slight numbing sensation. She didn’t want to see the face of the creep she just blew, so she practically ran out of the bathroom. Bewildered. she quickly exited the food court.

* * *

Joseph sat alone on the night of his 18th birthday, tapping away unenthusiastically at a video game in his bedroom. He had just graduated high school not even a week ago, and yet he felt no different mentally. There was huge feelings of “what now?” that had overwhelmed Joseph’s thoughts. Any other normal 18 year old would be having a huge party with lots of friends, alcohol, and drugs. Or at the very least a get together with close friends, but not Joseph. Joseph only had one close friend, and he immediately was shipped off to basic training for the U.S. Airforce after he graduated. So tonight it was just him and the television. Part of Joseph was sick of these lonely nights. Video games had lost their furor. Television shows were absolute crap these days. The one thing that kept Joseph remotely interested was masturbation, but even that got old. He hungered for something new. There was only one other person in the house and that was Joseph’s stepmother, Nina. Joseph’s father was out of town on business, and typically his trips lasted at least two weeks. His father was a very successful salesmen for a software developing company, and was constantly flying across the country on business. He had called Joseph and talked to him very briefly earlier. Sometimes Joseph felt that his father’s job was more important than his family. That was the culture these days; blind dedication to work to provide for ones family. Joseph wondered what ever happened to the family aspect of things. Everyone seemed to be in such a rush to get away from their own families. A polite knock interrupted his thoughts.

“Joey!” Called a female voice from behind his bedroom door. Nina. Nina wasn’t a bad stepmother. His father had recently married her two years ago after his mother passed away. Joseph and his sister were a Kadıköy Escort little unhappy that their father had found a new wife so quickly. Three months after his mother was six feet under, Nina had moved into their home. As disturbing as things were, Josephs father seemed to be happy. That’s what matters most, right? Joseph had unkempt jet black hair and hazel eyes, like his twin sister Cheryl. He had a somewhat homely face, but in a cute way, and a scrawny and tall body type. He stood about 6’2 and weighed a measly one hundred and fifty five pounds. Currently had sat crossed legged in front of his television. The pause screen of his video game reflected his thoughts like mirror. Was he to continue his routine or do something out of the ordinary?

“Yes Nina?” He called back to his stepmother. Joseph never called Nina “Mom” or “Mother”. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t worthy of the title. Nina showed plenty of kindness towards Joseph and his sister. In fact she almost tried too hard to please them. However, to Joseph, only one woman deserved that title. That woman was stolen from him by breast cancer.

“Why don’t you come downstairs and do something fun for your birthday?” Nina coaxed. “I made a birthday cake for you and your sister!” Cake sounded pretty good to Joseph, but not enough to entice him to leave the shelter of his bedroom.

“I don’t know Nina… I’m not feeling alright.” Joseph hoped this would be enough to make her leave him alone.

“Are you sick?” Nina’s voice sounded concerned. “Let me take your temperature!”

“No I’m not sick. I just don’t feel so lively right now.” He hated when Nina tried to play the motherly role. He was too old for that shit.

“Well at least come down and keep me company for awhile!” She begged with a pleading voice. “It’s eight o’clock, your sisters nowhere to be found and I think you should at least try and be happy on your birthday.” Cheryl was probably with her asshole boyfriend, Tony. Tony was a persistent devil. For five years he acted like he cared about Joseph’s sister so much, but in reality he just wanted a piece of ass. Joseph wished Cheryl would realize this, but women could be so foolish sometimes.

“Fine.” Joseph sighed. “You’ve got me for thirty minutes.” He flipped off the T.V. before opening the door. Nina was standing before him with her hand on her hip. Nina was a taller woman, standing nearly 5’8′. She had blond hair that was up in a pony tail and bright blue eyes. She spent a lot of time tanning during the summer, so her skin color was a light caramel. Joseph had to admit, his father had good tastes in women. Nina had a rocking body. Long legs, plump C cup breasts, a tight round ass, and a smaller waist for a woman of thirty five years. She was a gym rat and kept her body in pristine condition. Her facial features reflected her Norwegian heritage, with high cheek bones and a wide mouth. On this particular night she wore a dark blue button up blouse, tight blue jeans, and cute pink socks. Despite Nina’s casual attire, Joseph still felt under-dressed to her standards in his white tee shirt and black basketball shorts. For some reason Joseph always felt inferior to attractive women. It was almost as if their sexiness commanded respect and worship. Nina greeted him with a warm smile, flashing her perfect teeth. Joseph’s eyes followed every curve of her body. He couldn’t help it.

“Good!” In a sudden movement, she grabbed his hand and pulled him roughly into the hallway. Nina always was very enthusiastic and bold. She always had to be the light of the party. “C’mon let’s watch a movie while we wait for your sister to come home!”

“Alright.” Said Joseph with a shrug. She led him down the stairs and into the living room. He followed her like a shadow. With every step they descended Nina’s rump jiggled. Joseph could feel a bulge forming in his shorts. He felt guilty and diverted his eyes toward the living room. The living room was not extremely fancy, but had everything up to date. There was a large flat screen mounted on the wall, a shelf with a blu-ray player along with a collection of movies, and a large leather couch across from the T.V. Various portraits of modern artwork littered the walls. The interior design of the house was straight out of Joseph’s mothers creative mind. Joseph sprawled out on the couch while Nina walked into the kitchen. The kitchen was located across from the living room. Once again his eyes betrayed him. Joseph couldn’t help but notice the feminine wiggle of his stepmothers buttocks as she sauntered into the kitchen. He shook his head, attempting to disregard the thought. The pop of a cork sounded from the kitchen. Moments later, Nina emerged with two wine glasses, filled almost to the brim. After walking over to the couch, she carefully handed one glass to him.

“This will cheer you up!” exclaimed Nina, sitting down across from him. “Now don’t go telling the police about this!” Her cute pink feet were inches away from his crotch. “Cheers!” She smiled cutely, raising her glass. Joseph returned the gesture. Joseph had always had a foot fetish. Nina’s feet were so delightfully petite. After the first couple glasses the night started to become a blur.

Joseph wasn’t much of a drinker, so it didn’t take Bostancı Escort much to get a good buzz going for him. By the time he had reached his third, Nina had gone through six drinks already. The wine bottle had been relocated to the living room, along with a back up. They abandoned the movie idea and instead were playing cards drunkenly. They still sat facing each other on the couch, almost in identical positions as before. In his alcohol ridden mind he couldn’t stop the dirty thoughts about Nina…. and her feet were so close to his privates. He could barely maintain conversation, let alone keep himself from pitching a tent. This was so wrong. What kind of twisted individual had he become? Nina took another sip of wine. Her lips were so full and beautiful. Joseph almost felt like slapping himself, caught between lust, anger, and guilt.

“Maybe we should slow down on the drinking?” Joseph asked. The thought of another glass made his stomach churn. Nina let out a playful laugh. She was hopelessly drunk.

“Don’t be such a deadbeat!” Nina slurred back at him, pointing accusingly. Her blouse was unbuttoned at the top, and she was angled so that Joseph could see her cleavage. His heart began to race. Nina caught his glance with knowing eyes. She let out a small giggle.

“Seriously… I would hate to have to race you to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.” Remarked Joseph nervously, going red in the face. Nina tossed her head back and laughed, pushing her chest out. It was almost as if she was teasing him. After she recovered she regarded him with a mischievous look. His cock nudged his shorts. Nina’s feet were still so close to him. He wanted to just grabbed them and shove himself between the arches. The feelings of guilt were beginning to fade as sobriety took a back seat.

“Alright Joey, I’mma ask you something.” Nina hunched over lazily. Her cleavage taunted him even more now. “Are you a virgin?” Josephs eyes widened. The question caught him completely off guard.

“That’s none of your business!” Joseph replied defensively. He was too embarrassed to admit his virginity. Virginity to a man of his age was a badge of dishonor.

“Did I offend you…?” Nina’s drunken eyes lit up with recognition. “You are a virgin…. That’s so cute!” She giggled drunkenly.

“I don’t care what you think.” Said Joseph through tight lips. “I never asked for your opinion.” His pride had gone down the toilet in this moment.

“You talk as if it’s a bad thing Joe…. C’mon…. Ish good.” Nina gave him a reassuring look. “No wonder you look at me like some porn star.” She began to laugh hysterically. Joseph frowned, his face now beat red.

“I do no such thing!” His heart was pounding. What if she told his father? Would he be mad? Disowned? Thoughts were passing through his brain at the speed of light. Despite the numbing effect of the alcohol, anxiety began to kick in.

“Your eyes tell the truth there honey.” Nina looked at him doubtfully. “But it’s o-kay cause I won’t say anything… It’s only natural.” A thoughtful look came across her face. “In fact… It’s a compliment to me!”

Joseph said nothing. He had no idea where this was going. Drunk people were always so unpredictable, but maybe that could work in his favor…? He stopped himself at that thought. The guilt overcame him once more. He felt himself beginning to sweat anxiously. Nina stared at him as if she could read his mind. Her lips formed a smirk. She slowly began to unbutton her blouse. Joseph’s eyes widened in panic. “What the fuck are you doing!”

“Anything you want baby…” This wasn’t right. All of the sudden Nina had become a nymphomaniac. “I get sho lonely when your father isn’t around…” Her fingertips continued to undo her blouse. The light yellow satin of her bra was in plain sight now. “Some may say I have a sexual addiction… And I am so turned on by your…. Innocence.” The words pierced through Joseph like arrows. An erection grew instantly.

“Um… I don’t know… We’re kind of related and that’s a little weird.” This was partially a lie. The fact that Nina was his stepmother was also a turn on for Joseph.

“Not through blood… C’mon Joe, what’s holding you back?” Nina cooed seductively, her blouse now completely parted. “This can be our little secret… I can tell you like it.” Her eyes locked onto his penis. “I’ve seen the porn on your computer….” She casually reached out her foot, stroking the tip of the erection with her toes. The touch of her feet shot a rush of adrenaline throughout Joseph’s body. Nina slid closer to Joseph, and began to carress his erection with both feet. His eyes rolled back inside his skull with pleasure. He pushed her off, only to clumsily pull down his shorts. His penis was cut and around six inches hard. It was average thickness, but this didn’t seem to concern Nina. She licked her lips sexily before cupping her feet around his shaft. The material of her socks felt amazing as she jerked him off with her feet. She stroked slow and teasingly, shooting him lustful glances whenever his eyes met hers. The intensity of the pleasure increased, and Joseph could feel an orgasm building in his thighs. Nina picked up on this and began to masturbate him faster, gripping her feet tight around his rock hard penis. Joseph let out a soft moan, he could feel the sperm rushing through his main vein. Cum blasted out of his penis like a shotgun, landing all over Nina’s cute pink socks. The orgasm was so extreme that Joseph felt as if he was going to have an heart attack.

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