Lovers Pt. 01

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They were happy.

They were fulfilled.

They were together again.

It has been more days than they could count, but their bond was such that time, distance and separation meant nothing. It seemed like years since they first met, and fallen for each other…. hard… and over that time their bond had grown only stronger. It had not been so long, but their connection, spiritually, mentally and physically was so intense that they felt as though it had.

They loved each other deeply and truly, and had what felt like a magical connection… a connection that most people would never get to experience in their lifetime, and even fewer would have that love reciprocated.

Beyond this they had a true friendship and respect for each other… they had shared intimacy and made new experiences… this is what made it far more than sexual chemistry.

She smiled coyly and tucked her dark hair behind her ear, looking up at him.

Goddamn…she was so beautiful. He adored her.

She was petite, barely five feet tall, but perfectly proportioned, not stocky like some shorter women.

She wore her black hair long, below the shoulder, and it was straight and shiny.

She was smartly dressed in business attire, a black trouser suit and white blouse from her favourite Jermyn Street tailor, which fitted her perfectly. Her man had bought it for her as a gift to replace the one she had ripped recently at work.

Although he had loved the slit that led all the way up her glorious inner thigh he wasn’t keen to share her flesh with anyone else… Besides, she deserved a new one and he loved dressing her…. although she looked good in anything, even the joke potato sack dress he had bought her for her birthday once.

A pair of four inch black heels had been kicked to one side, and her stockinged toe toyed on the floor, making small figures of eight on the wood.

“Why did you make me remove my heels,” she murmured… “Now I’m short!” She fake pouted her full, beautiful lips, mock annoyance playing over her face.

He wrapped his arms around her, smiling gently as he pulled her in to his broad chest, holding her to him.

He gave her a soft, warm squeeze, looking down at her.

“Now you are even more cute and pretty. I love that you are petite… it makes everything look… bigger.”

He chuckled, cheek dimpling, and kissed her forehead, tightening his embrace. She loved being wrapped in his strong arms, and looking up at him. She sighed happily. “I missed this, so much.”

“I got you, gorgeous girl,” he murmured, cradling her, smelling her sleek, beautiful hair, stroking it lightly with the tips of the fingers of his left hand.

“You look good enough to eat. I know most of the time I see you is through a camera, but I can’t stop looking at you. You drive me to distraction. You are so pretty. Your hair… it’s amazing. I fucking love it. “

She giggled, squeezing him back. “My hair doesn’t just do itself, you know? But I’m glad you fucking love it…. and I fucking love you.” She looked up at him, eyes shining with admiration.

“How did we get so lucky?” she whispered, burying her face in his chest, inhaling the scent of Calvin Klein, CK One, their signature scent.

“I don’t know,” he replied, hand sliding down her back, pulling her in towards him… sliding his right knee between hers… “and you make me so happy I don’t care. What I do know is we both deserve this… love, affection, attention… we are perfect for each other.”

He felt the warmth of her as she pressed against his thigh. Tilting back her head, she let out a slight moan, and he dipped his lips to place small, soft kisses on her neck, flicking at her with his tongue, nipping with his teeth.

“You’re so fucking sexy, so beautiful,” he growled as he kissed along her jawline, breath hot on her skin.

Sliding both hands down the backs of her thighs, he lifted her up and carried her through to the bedroom and tossed her on her back onto the bed.

“Asshole!” she exclaimed, leaning back on her elbows, eyes narrowing and flashing with feigned anger.

“You can’t just throw me around… don’t you know who I am? I’m important!”

He grinned. “You are. A very important person. My number one.”

She knelt up, turned and looking over her shoulder, batting her eyelashes, before throwing herself to all fours.

“I know you love this… I know you want me… like this.”

She giggled and wiggled her pert buttocks, the material of her suit tight across her gorgeous bottom.

“I know you fantasise about fucking me from behind… and that you love to masturbate over that picture… looking at my asshole and my pussy.”

It was a statement of fact, because it was the truth.

He had fantasised about her a thousand times… about them finally being together. Life had almost gotten in the way of their love, but this was their moment, finally.

She started to undulate her hips.. moving her shapely ass in time to a silent rhythm.

He blinked twice.

“Twerk eryaman rus escort for me then, gorgeous girl. Show me what you’ve got.”

This was an order, not a request.

She giggled and increased the tempo of her movements, her ass vibrating up and down, before suddenly rolling over onto her back and spreading her knees.

“Fuck me. Now.”

She licked her full, plump lips and undid her figure hugging trousers… sliding them down over her exfoliated and moisturised thighs, revealing a pair of sexy black lacy panties and lace top stockings, with a suspender belt.

She kicked her trousers off to one side and placed one hand over crotch.

“You want me… you want to slide your thick cock into my tight little pussy, don’t you?” She bit her lower lip and pushed her lace covered twat toward him.

“Fuck, baby… you know I do. I want to be inside you, I want you to feel me cumming deep inside you.”

He unbuckled his belt, letting his trousers fall before stepping out of them. His erection strained against the material of his boxer shorts.

He climbed onto the bed, crawling towards her, siding between her knees, his broad shoulders spreading her legs.

“Oh, baby…,” she murmured, her tendons stretching, reaching out to take his head in her hands and pulling him downwards into her warm knickers.

He pressed his mouth against her, hot breath seeping through the black lace, causing her to moan as he slid a finger inside the damp material, hooking her panties to one side.

Her smooth skin was revealed… and the jewelled head of a buttplug.

“Sweet girl… I’m surprised! You HAVE been training,” he breathed.

She squirmed, fingers interlocking behind his head, gently but insistently pushing her pussy toward him, wrapping her legs behind his neck.

“Of course I have… you didn’t think I could take the huge dick of yours without some ass training, did you?” She gnawed on her lower lip and wiggled her hips.

She giggled as he flicked his tongue over the head of her plug, teasing the sensitive skin around it.

“Fuck me…. fuck me with your tongue. Please… I want you inside me. I know you love how I taste. Tongue fuck me. Suck my clit.”

He moaned and snaked his tongue out, lapping around her exposed pussy, teasing her.

He kissed around her inner thighs, stroking her skin with his lips and nose, light stubble scraping over her skin.

“Baby girl, I wanna lick, lick, lick lick, lick you from your head to your toes.” He looked up at her, grinning.

She squealed with pleasure grinding her pussy into his face, eyes wide.

“Make me cum, baby, please,” she begged, “I have been such a naughty girl… sending you those pictures and videos. You make me so fucking wet.”

She unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a matching black lacy bra.

He worked his way back to her pussy, light breaths making her shudder, rubbing his lips over her labia as he spread her open with his thumbs, leaning on his elbows, her legs draped over his shoulders as she relaxed her grip.

He started to lap at her, catlike strokes of his tongue, and her hands went to her sides, grabbing handfuls of bedsheet. She wiggled her bottom and he cupped her ass in his hands, as he slid his long, broad tongue inside her beautiful, tight, wet hole.

He moaned through his nose… fuck. He loved her, loved pleasuring her, tasting her. She was his beautiful sweet girl and he wanted her to feel so fucking good.

He knew he could make her orgasm with just his tongue, but he wanted to intensify it for her, make her cum faster and harder.

Drawing his right hand back from her ass cheek, he looked up at her as she slowly twisted and slid the tip of his right index finger into her.

Her hands grabbed the sheets tighter, twisting them as she pushed against his hand and he eased into her, up to the knuckle and started a gentle rhythmic rocking, curling his finger as he did so in a “come hither” motion.

She thrust her pelvis in time with his hand as the pad of his finger stroked the fleshy ridges inside her, fingers running over her smooth pevlic mound. He eased a second finger into her, she was so tight, but he needed her to be ready for his cock.

She clenched on his fingers as the fire inside her rose to a crescendo, and then like breaking waves she shuddered out an orgasm.

“Oh Goddddd…. that was so good… and so quick.” Her beautiful dark eyes showed surprise and she giggled again. “I forgot how amazing this feels… you drive me crazy, baby.”

“We’ve been apart for too long, baby girl… but we have time. There will be more orgasms for you, I promise.”

His digits straightened and he slowly finger-fucked her, twisting his wrist as he slid in and out of her.

She moaned, still quivering from the strong orgasm that had coursed through her. He slid his fingers out of her, and slowly and deliberately gave them a lick.

Her nose wrinkled. “I don’t know why you like that,” she said.

“Because I love you, and this is the ankara escort bayan essence of you.”

She shook her head a little, doubtful, but she knew that he meant every word and secretly loved that she turned him on so much… even though she thought it a bit gross she loved it. Loved him.

He returned his fingers inside, slowly fucking her then reached out and put his other hand over hers, pulling it lower.

“Spread your fingers… into a V… and rub either side of your clit,” he ordered her.

She bit her lip and shook her head. ” No. I don’t do that. No, no.”

His gaze met hers and his lips curled into a slight smile.

“You owe me… and you asked me to show you next time we were together…. so you will do as I tell you, OK?”

She licked her lips and nodded, spreading her fingers and placing them either side of her clitoris, fingertips touching her labia.

“Good girl… now stroke, up and down… use the tips of your fingers on your lips… yeah… mmmm…. that’s so fucking sexy.”

He reached up behind her, clicking his fingers and popping the fastener of her bra.

“Player!” she giggled. He grunted in mock annoyance and grinned cheekily at her.

His free hand dropped, adjusting his cock which was straining to escape the confines of his shorts.

He breathed onto her, over her, as she massaged her pussy lips, removing his fingers for a moment to give her a long, languorous lick from her butt-plugged ass to her clit, tapping the underside of his long tongue in her most sensitive spot, swirling the tip of his tongue on her.

“Tighten your fingers, stroke your clit for me,” he commanded as he gently slid his fingers back inside her tight pussy.

She moaned and did as she was bid, putting her index and middle fingers together, running them over her clitoral hood, her wetness acting like a lubricant.

“Good… good… slide them up and down, my beautiful girl… and put them inside you.”

He grabbed her wrist pulling her hand down, as he removed his fingers from her tight, wet slit.

“Fuck yourself, baby… with your fingers.”

She moaned and shook her head, eyes wide, but he controlled her wrist and helped guide her fingers inside her. She didn’t resist as she wanted to please him, this kind, loving, giving man who had changed her world and brought her heart to life.

His hand over hers they rocked together, as she slowly finger fucked herself, hips rising and falling, gently moaning.

She was waxed just the day before and was totally hairless, making her even more sensitive.

She gasped… “Oh, this feels… soooo good.” She shuddered as their hands moved in tandem.

“Not as good as this,” he said, sliding his fingers out, moving her hand back and giving her some long, slow licks with the flat of his tongue before plunging it deep inside her.

He continued to move her hand upwards and taking his unspoken cue she pushed up her bra and started to massage her left breast, squeezing the nipple between her wet fingers the way he loved it, gently tugging on it as he fucked her with his tongue.

He paused and looked up at her.

“Baby, you are so fucking sexy… I love watching you touch yourself. It turns me on so much… I know you think it’s naughty, but fuuuuuuck. You make me so hard.”

She licked her lips and giggled. “I want your cock inside me. I want you to cum in me like you promised. You PROMISED!”

One hand on her breast, the other reached down to continue what he had started.

“Fuck me… I want you to fuck me like your good girl, and fill me up…. and then I want your wet cock sliding between my cheeks… and into my butt…. I want you to fuck my ass so bad. I’ve been training it hard for today.”

He nodded and slid back, coming to his knees. Unbuttoning his shirt, he watched her as she continued to slide her fingers in and out.

He slid his shorts over his thighs, his erection popping free.

“Oh God…” she gasped. “Stretch me with your thick cock… please.”

He crawled towards and then over her, positioning the glistening tip of his cock at her entrance. She reached out, taking his dick in her hand, guiding him into her.

Wrapping her legs around his waist she rolled her hips, rubbing her wet slot over his glans, their juices mixing.

He nuzzled her neck, breathing hard as he controlled himself.

“Fuck me,” she begged him. “Fuck me deep, fuck me hard.”

Her eyes were wide, and she licked her lips. “I want you to fuck me like your naughty, dirty girl… because I am…. I’m yours. Use my pussy, baby.”

He murmured as he started to slowly thrust back and forth, letting just the tip of his cock enter and leave her, pre-cum stringing between cock and pussy.

“Oh baby girl… it feels so fucking gooooood without a condom.”

They had always used protection, but she wanted to feel him cumming inside her and he wanted to be skin on skin with her more than anything.

She scratched her nails lightly over the skin of elvankent escort bayan his back, sending shivers down his spine.

“Deeper, baby… please,” she begged.

He moaned as he gently pushed deeper inside, her wet glistening pussy stretching and taking him in… the foreplay having done its work.

Slowly, rhythmically they made love, the pair entwined on the bed, obsessed with each other.

They could feel the plug as they made love, stretching out her ass…. rubbing on the underside of his cock.

They had waited so long to be together, in union, and there was a degree of desperation about them as they knew that this was to be the only time they could be together for some time… possibly ever.

Their lives were complicated and so were their pasts… but at this moment none of it mattered… all that mattered was them… the kind, giving and loving man and the beautiful and adorable girl who had captured his heart, that he loved so deeply.

She buried her nails deeper, moaning as he leant back, the tip of his cock stroking over her g-spot “Oh… Imma cumming!” she wailed and spasmed as her cunt clenched and unclenched on his thick penis.

He grunted and suddenly came too, unable to hold it, cock twitching inside her over and over as he pumped her full of his hot spunk.

He hugged her hard, deep inside her “Oh God… Fuck… I’m sorry… I couldn’t hold on.”

She took his head in her hands and lifted, it looking into his eyes. She loved the colour of his eyes.

“Don’t apologise for keeping your promises.” She planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

She purred as she writhed under him, pussy pulsating, gripping and milking his dick.

“But you know I can only cum once,” he whispered. “I wanted to please you more…. but you feel so good… then you came on my dick… fuck. I couldn’t hold on.”

She giggled and whispered “We’ll see about once.”

She smiled and slid back, off his dick, cum spilling from her pussy, pooling on the bedsheet.

“Oh.. you made me all messy. You are such a naughty boy. Look at all that cum! You flooded me. If I was mad at you I’d make you lick it all up, but you’ve been a good boy so you can clean me instead.”

He laughed.

“If you nade me lick you clean I would still feel like a good boy… I know you aren’t into tastes or smells but to taste me on you… our mingled juices… the way I think of it, its dirty… fucking dirty… but sexy as fuck. It’s us. Our love. You know how much I love you… how you taste.”

She looked down and giggled.

“Once a night, huh?”

His cock was already swelling and hardening.

She reached down and grasped his dick, squeezing it, pulling him back in, taking him into her cum-filled cunt.

“Use our juices as lube then… get nice and hard and then… you can fuck my ass.”

He did as he was bid… I mean… what an invitation.

As he fucked her tight little hole she slid the butt plug from her ass and tossed it to one side.

“Now… my ass is ready… but please… be gentle with me.”

His eyes locked on to hers

“Of course, baby, I love you… and… you are going to sit on it. Then you can control it.”?

He knelt up, then lay back.

“Ride me…. sit on my cock.”

She licked her lips and sat upright, his eyes lingered on her caramel skin and her beautiful breasts.

She leaned forward, taking the edge of the bed sheet and wiped their juices off his cock, before giving him a long lick from the base of his shaft to his glans.

“Mmmm…” she moaned. “I fucking LOVE your dick. It’s gorgeous.”

She kissed downwards, over his dick and balls, giving little flicks with her tongue

His cock was magnificent but it scared her a little and she felt shy and timid.

“Oh, baby, that feels so fucking good,” he groaned.

His cock twitched as it refilled with blood, from her loving touch and soft lips and tongue. She was so fucking good at giving head… he was in heaven when she pampered his cock like this.

Cupping his balls in one hand, she gently took him in her mouth, sliding up and down the head, lips and tongue warm and wet on him.

“Mmmmmm….” she hummed on his cock, the vibrations stimulating him more. Bearing down on him she resisted her gag reflex, taking him deeper into her throat, still humming.

“Oh fuuuuck… that’s amazing” he growled. “I love your mouth on me.”

She looked up, sliding him out for a moment.

“You earned it for spunking me like you promised, sexy man.”

Flicking her tongue over the tip of his cock, she pulled back, a string of precum and saliva drawing off him

“You’re ready… I’m ready… its rodeo time!” she joked.

She climbed over him, and squatted over his groin, her head dipped and she placed soft kisses over his chest and nipples, licking up toward his neck and she bore down on his saliva covered dick.

She squeaked as her butt cheeks slid either side of his wet cock, as she had fantasised and promised, and she felt him twitch as she stroked him up and down.

“Do you wanna fuck me?” She asked him. “Or do you want me to wank you off with my ass cheeks?”

“You know I want to fuck you,” he replied. “I want to be balls deep in your tight, inviting asshole. You’re so fucking beautiful.”

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