Madison Wasn’t a Virgin

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I met Madison in one of my Psychology classes during my sophomore year in college; at the time she was a senior. I was taking a mixture of upper level and sophomore level courses. During this time I had been single for about a year after having broken up with a girl that I had spent the better of the last two years with. I wasn’t looking for much to happen anytime soon. In fact, I had decided to pour my efforts into school and less on my love life; as the break up with my last girlfriend was not good.

That is when I met Madison; a very petite, beautiful blond bombshell that grabbed my attention from the start. She’s 5 feet tall (I said petite), slender, with the biggest green-eyes I had ever seen. Her personality struck me as fun and exciting. Since we met in the winter, I had opportunity to notice her big breasts through a variety of sweaters she wore to class. Her breast size looked good on someone with such a small frame; and I found myself not concentrating in class because I was often fantasizing about her. That is not all I noticed, she wore baggy jeans to school, but that didn’t hide the fact that she had a great body; I could still tell even through her clothes. I was beginning to wonder what was on underneath and often thought about whether or not I might ever have the opportunity to investigate further. I often fantasized about lacy thongs and bras. I mean, this girl was “off the hook!” Needless to say, I was rapidly beginning to open up about the prospects of dating again.

To tell you about me; my name is Antonio, but I go by Tony. I am 5 foot, 6 inches tall which is below what is considered the average height for males. I’m of Latin descent (Spanish) and have a tan skin tone. I have been described as being very handsome, or good-looking. I consider myself average in most aspects. I’m of medium build, with a 32 inch waist with what has been described as a very nice “round ass” that fills my clothes well. But that is not the feature that most have chosen to fixate on. I have to admit, I have a pretty large penis. I have been the recipient of many comments in that department from both my ex-girlfriends and some males that have had opportunity to see me undressed [having completed a tour in the military (before returning home for college) and often showering in what the service called open community showers]. The usual comment was, “damn, you have a big dick,” and I was given an assortment of nick names by my military buddies, most of which had to do with the fact that my wrist watch fits perfectly around the circumference of my dick in the same manner as it fits around my wrist. What I am getting at is that I am most often considered the short guy with a big member. My cock hangs about 5 inches in the flaccid, and 81/2 inches in the erect state. The clincher that separates me from the biggest majority Bycasino of men is the circumference which is right at 7 inches around. An element of surprise that has served me well all of my life.

At any rate, on with the story: Our class started at 1 pm, but both of us were there every class day at noon, trying to study. That is when we started conversing; mostly about school in the beginning, then I started inquiring more about what she wanted in life, and what her likes were. I found out that she enjoyed going to the movies, as well as staying in and watching them. This was right up my alley and I thought more about trying to hook up with her. But I would wait and try to decipher whether or not she was interested in me.

I got my answer soon, as she comes in the next class day and she had put on make-up and done her hair. I thought to myself that she was interested too! So, I gave her my number and told her to call me sometime. She took the number and it wasn’t long before I got the call. And I was more than excited!

I had decided that I would be direct with her and our conversation turned to dating. We talked about what we wanted and so forth. That first day, we talked for hours about anything that came to mind. And during another conversation soon after that, I let her know that I was interested in dating. She told me that she was too, and indicated the fact that she wanted to take things slow. She told me that she had a bad experience with a guy a couple of years ago, and felt used. He was the only guy she had ever become intimate with, and she had no intentions of having sex too soon in a relationship. I told her that was good for me, to a point. I explained that I felt sex came with dating, but didn’t have to happen right away. I was being as honest as I could be. So far, so good, neither of us hung up on the other; in fact, we both were still very interested in each other.

A month later, during our talks, we both stated our concerns about STD’s and both ended up testing ourselves to help alleviate that stressor. Of course neither of us had/has any STD’s. Now things are starting to heat up during our nightly calls, and soon we’re on a date, going to the movies. The next time, I manage to talk her into coming to my place and watching a movie. That’s when it all started.

I thought that this should be a relaxing environment, so I wore a pair of old sweatpants, and shirt. I don’t think either of us was watching the movie for long, since we were busy making out and touching each other. I was right, her breasts are huge; big Melons, full feeling, and covered in creamy white skin. I still recall the look on her face when I pulled my sweat pants and underwear off and my cock hung there in front of her face; all soft, heavy and waiting. It didn’t take long, and she picked up the Bycasino giriş weight of it, and looked at it with admiration. She put the tip in her mouth, and I thought I’d come unglued. She couldn’t get much in her mouth, but not many could. I was beginning to swell; my dick was getting thicker by the moment! Both of us were nervous that night and didn’t finish anything; but we now were devoted to doing so very soon!

Next meeting, I went to her house. We were on the couch in her den, when things started heating up. While kissing, I reached under her shirt and started squeezing her large breasts. I felt her nipples harden under my touch and decided to take one in my mouth! It was GREAT!! WOW—I was getting a huge hard-on! I started rubbing my cock on her; grinding when my cock started leaking precum. I knew I wanted to go all the way, and it was apparent she did to, when she grabbed my cock through my pants. Man, did this drive both of us crazy!

We decided to retire to her bed, and I followed her to her room with a big tent in my pants. She just watched it. When we got to her room and undressed, we lay on the bed next to each other and started making out again, this time with some fervor! I indicated that I wanted her on top and we shifted so I was lined up between her thighs on bottom. I started to finger her pussy, and she was dripping wet. I could tell she was as ready as I was. She picked my cock up and aimed it to the place I wanted to be. By this time our breathing was getting pretty heavy, and my balls were filling up with cum that I felt the need to release! It was at the right moment that the head of my dick rubbed her entrance. I pushed forward and she slowly started to try and sit on it. I thought, OH! Damn this girl is tight! We struggled for quite a while when I started to doubt that things were not going to fit! But, I could tell by her heavy breathing and moans that she was as bent on getting my dick inside of her as I was. With lust in our eyes, we continued to push, stopping from time to time to allow her time to get used to my size.

After a while I was about halfway inside of her when I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pushed my hips forward and speared her with the full length and girth of my member! Both of us felt a pop inside of her and stopped to try and decide what I had done to her. I could tell she was scared, and she sighed and sat on it without moving. Man, did she have to learn to accommodate, and she was trying her best! I started grinding and making short up and down movements with my hips so my cock would help her tight confines adjust to the size of cock trying to invade her. I could tell by the awkwardness of her movements that she hadn’t lied to me, and had only been with maybe one other guy. But I could help but think that the tightness of her pussy reminded Bycasino güncel giriş me of the virginity I had taken from a couple of other girls in the past. I ignored this thought and hung on to the fact that she told me she wasn’t a virgin. I could feel that she was wet because my pubic region was becoming drenched with her pussy juices! Soon I started to move back and forth again and though she was tight, I could move in and out easier.

Soon I started taking bolder strokes and her moans indicated that she was enjoying herself. I continued my onslaught on her pussy and before I knew it, she started trembling and shaking. Madison started to try and join in on the movements and started humping on my cock. The more she shifted the weight on her legs, the tighter her already tight pussy got! I could hardly take it, when we both started losing our minds during the gyrating and humping. I could feel her tight muscles all around me, and it began to drive me mad! I told her that I loved what she was doing to my cock when she took on a new eagerness and humped my dick for all she was worth! Damn. What a fast learner! I could feel my balls tighten and fill up when her pussy muscles hugged my meat one more time and she moaned loudly. I thought to myself that this was it, she’s cumming and I want to cum with her! I started bucking my hips up like a wild man, and could feel my self swelling inside of her and my cock began hitting her cervix. She cried out, OHHH, TONY! And sank down hard on my dick! Before I knew it we were both crying out as I felt my cum traveling up my shaft, ready to shoot out and bathe her cervix! I screamed out…OHHHHH MADISON, I’m cumming!! Oh God, I’m cumming…!!! I yelled out with every squirt of cum that my cock released! I thought I would lose my mind and any contact with the world!! Wow!! I needed that! It felt so good, and I don’t recall any time that it felt so good!!

When our climaxes subsided and we settled down she pulled up released my cum soaked cock which flopped down onto my abdomen. We lay there and relished in the after glow after our hot fucking session. We held onto each other until she felt the need to go to the bathroom. Upon her return she asks me if it is normal for a girl to bleed after sex. I told her that it had happened before, but not too often. I thought I must have hurt her, when she reminded me of the pop we both felt while I entered her. It was then that we both realized that I had taken her virginity, not the other guy she was previously with! It was obvious that he didn’t do the job. WHOA! I hadn’t expected that, but was happy about our coupling! After all, since I had taken her virginity, she had nothing left to guard from me. This with her reactions during sex led me to believe that we would be doing this a lot more often! And, that is what I wanted!

Man, I am thankful that I took the chance with Madison! And I know she’s happy too, as a year and a half later, we’re still together! We both scored with this relationship… I got her cherry, and she got a guy with a big dick to learn on! No losers here!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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