Her Bliss: Those Darn High Heels

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Please note: I explain what Her Bliss is, including its gimmick and a rough description of it, in my story Her Bliss: Quint’s Control. The beginning of that story provides context that would be extremely beneficial to this story.

Thank you, and please enjoy!



I’m in Her Bliss again. The familiar white skies, soothing arias, and endless mosaic floor are all around me. And unfortunately, I’m wobbling dangerously in a pair of stiletto heels.

I’ve worn heels before, but never anything this high or thin heeled. Quickly, I extended my arms, trying desperately to keep my balance. My thighs and calves tensed as my weight shifted slowly back under my control. Finally, I felt somewhat centered again, and I slowly lowered my arms. Looking down, I see that I’m wearing a long black dress, with white polka dots and cute little sleeves. I smiled. This was my favorite dress. I didn’t get to wear it much, but I thought it was super cute. The heels were a shiny black, close toed, and had straps around my ankles. Nothing unusual for lady’s shoes, except for the ungodly steep angle they were at because of the heel.

The shoes were almost cute. I say almost, because they were essentially trapping me. I was lucky enough that I hadn’t fallen right over; I couldn’t imagine taking a step forward without immediately crashing to the ground. Speaking of which, I was standing upon a mosaic of a nautilus, which was, as always, covered in a shallow pool of water, making the idea of not slipping seem even more remote.

“So, I can attempt to walk, probably fall over immediately and get soaked in my favorite dress,” I muttered aloud, “or I can stand here for the rest of my life. A surprisingly hard decision.”

“Need some help with it?”

Startled, I whipped around in the direction of the voice. My left heel slid across the mosaic, making a slight click click click as it ran over the stones, and promptly crashed to the floor. I cried out as I landed with a painful thud, sending a small shower of water everywhere.

“Ow!” I yelped, looking up with consternation to see Dale standing over me, looking concerned.

“Carie, are you alright?” Dale asked. He was an old friend I’d met in college. At 6’1″ he was taller than me, though now he towered over me as I laid there. A few drops of water had gotten into his wavy brown hair, and I could see his mouth grimacing in concern behind his scratchy beard.

Cheeks flushed in embarrassment, I murmured, “Um, that really hurt, to be honest.” It was true. My entire left thigh was stinging.

Dale gripped my forearm and pulled me to my feet. “Here, let me help you-“

“Dale, no!” I cried out as my ankles buckled again. I began to fall forward again, but Dale tightened his grip on me. I wrapped my arms around him without thinking and pulled myself in close for support.

“Easy there, Carie,” Dale said, looking bemused. “You always were a klutz, but, c’mon, did you forget how to stand?”

My face turned scarlet. “It’s these damn shoes!” I exclaimed. “It’d be easier to stand if I’d tapped a butter knife point down to a boot heel.” I kept my arms wrapped around him for a moment too long, then pulled back slightly, keeping a grip on his forearm for balance.

“That’s an… odd analogy.” Dale remarked.

“Would you expect anything else from me?” I asked.

“No, you’re right.” He grinned. “Your preferred method of communication always was song lyrics and incoherent metaphors. So, why are you standing in the middle of an endless void wearing laughably ineffective shoes?”

“Search me,” I said. “I don’t make the rules.”

Dale gave me a long look. “Makes sense! What say we get you out of those shoes?”

“Yes, please.” I was relieved. “Mind giving me a hand?”

He nodded, and held me steady as I shakily began to lower myself to the floor. My poor dress was already soaked, so I sat down on the mosaic without reservation. I pulled my right foot towards myself and reached for the strap around my ankle.

“Huh. That’s odd.” I twisted my ankle around to see the other side of the strap. “There’s no buckle on this shoe.”

“What?” Dale asked.

“High heels sometimes have straps that go around your ankle to help keep the shoe on, and those straps usually have a buckle to make it easier to take the shoe on and off,” I explained. “But these straps don’t have buckles.” I quickly checked my left shoe. Sure enough, that strap had no buckle either.

“Maybe I can just pull it off,” I wondered. I grabbed my right shoe and gave a tug. The strap dug into my ankle, and the shoe stayed put. “Damn,” I muttered and pulled harder. The strap dug in deeper and began to hurt. The shoe wouldn’t move.

“Quit messing around,” Dale told me. “Just pull it off already.”

“I can’t!” I was beginning to feel a little panicked. “I’m pulling as hard as I can but the strap is too tight to slip off, and too tough to tear!” I looked up at Dale. “You’re stronger denizli escort than me; could you please try to tear the straps so I can take these horrible things off?”

Dale gave me a very odd look. “You seriously can’t get those shoes off?” He asked.

“No!” I panted, tugging at the shoes desperately. “This is totally bizarre; can you please help me?”

Dale didn’t say anything. He watched me struggle for another few seconds, then turned and began to walk away. A table, loaded with food and drink, shimmered into existence a few feet in front of him. He reached it, grabbed a carafe of water, and poured himself a glass. He took a long drink, then looked at me with a level glare.

“Dale! What the hell are you doing?” I demanded.

Dale finally spoke. “Earlier, when I helped you up, you hugged me,” he said. “You hugged me for a very long time indeed.”

I gaped at him. “Have you lost your mind?” I practically shrieked.

Dale kept watching me impassively. “All throughout college, we were friends,” he said. “We hung out every week, telling jokes and stories. You told me all about yourself. I found out quite a bit about you. By the time we were both juniors, I realized two important things. Firstly, that you had a massive crush on me. Secondly, that you are one kinky bitch, but you keep that all so tightly bottled up that it only ever comes out in frenzied bursts.”

I opened my mouth to retort, but no words came out. I could feel my face burning. That bastard. So he does know. Out loud, I finally managed to say, “you’re crazy, now can you please help me?”

Dale took another sip of water. “Why didn’t you ever tell me outright that you had a crush on me? Why did you drop all those bizarre hints instead? Did you really think I wouldn’t figure out how you felt?”

“Dale, listen, I don’t know what you’re talking about-“

“Carie.” His voice, with just a hint of steel in it, stopped me dead. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I looked at Dale for a long moment, frantically searching for a sarcastic remark, clever deflection, or evasive lie. Nothing came to mind. Finally, I hung my head in shame and told him the truth. “I didn’t tell you that I liked you because I’m trans.”


Finally, Dale asked, “You didn’t tell me that you had a crush on me because you’re trans?”

“Yes!” I exploded. “Yes, I didn’t tell you because I’m trans! Can you blame me? You were my best friend in college, and you meant the world to me, then and now! I didn’t want to risk that by making a move, especially a move that was so uncertain. I had no idea if you had it in you to ever be able to be attracted to a woman like me, and I erred on the side of caution!” I drew a shuddering breath. “Jesus, Dale, it’s hard to guess how guys will react to you asking them out when you’re trans; being rejected and never speaking to the person again is almost on the positive side of potential outcomes! Not that I think you would’ve killed me. But I sure as hell thought that you would be much more likely to tell me to get lost, thus ruining our friendship, than you would ever be likely to find a woman like me even viable to date, let alone desirable.”

Dale cleared his throat. “Now listen here, Carie-”

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t ever shake that nagging crush on you,” I tore on, tears in my eyes. “Do you have any idea what you do to me? I crave spending time with you so much that it hurts. You light up my world with laughter like no one else. You also drive me crazy with your smart aleck nonsense like no one else. And guess what? You driving me crazy turns me on too, because I’m a dumb bitch that doesn’t know what’s good for her! I’ve fantasized about you a thousand different times in a hundred different ways over the past few years, but I’m terrified that if we ever get that far, you’ll get one look at my girly little dick and send me packing!” I finally sputtered out.

Dale was silent for a long moment again. He took yet another sip of water. “That’s your favorite dress, right?” He said suddenly.

I stared at him. “Ummmm… Yes? How on Earth did you know that? And also… why?”

Dale paused, then nodded slightly, as if he had reached some decision. “Tell you what. I want to tell you what I think, but I’m tired of all the yelling. Why don’t you come over here so we can discuss this using a more civil tone?”

“You want me to… what?” I demanded, totally befuddled by the request. A sense of fear was clenching in my stomach like a tight fist. He hates me now, I wailed internally. I fucked it up, just like I always thought I would!

“Just come join me at this table so we can talk about this like adults,” he said simply.

Had he lost his mind? “Dale, I would love to join you so we can talk about the secret I just unleashed,” I snarled through gritted teeth, “But you seem to have forgotten that my feet are stuck in a pair of absurdly arched high heels that I can’t diyarbakır escort take off!”

“I don’t see what the problem is,” Dale said lightly. “Just join me at the table and I’ll tell you what I think about this ‘secret’.”

“You little-” I rose angrily to my feet, wobbling dramatically. I reached out with one foot, trying to take a slow and deliberate step, but I lost my balance and fell back down onto the mosaic. I stubbornly got right back up, and fell right back down.

“It’s very simple,” Dale called to me. “Just walk about ten feet and join me at this table. Look,” he said, and a very faint, mocking note crept into his voice. “I’ll pour you a glass of water. Join me,” he said again, holding out the glass of water towards my sprawled form.

With tears of shame, anger, and frustration welling in my eyes, I once again rose to my feet with some difficulty. I held out my arms for balance, took a deep breath, and slowly took a step forward. My heeled right foot clicked down onto the mosaic, and did not slip. Grimly pleased, I began to raise my left foot… and immediately lost my balance, slipped, and landed right on my butt on top of the nautilus mosaic once again.

“Carie, come now,” Dale said in a sing song voice. “This is no time to be messing around. Just come over here.” His mouth quirked upwards ever so slightly into a wicked little grin.

My tears, now mostly of shame and frustration, finally spilled over. They dripped off my nose and fell into the pool of water with a gentle splish, splish, splish. My whole body felt like it was aching from all my falls, and I was shivering. My favorite dress was soaked completely through, and it clung to my modest boobs and round tummy tightly.

“Carieeeee,” Dale called. “Why the delay?”

I was ashamed. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t walk in these shoes, nor could I take them off. I only had one option. Refusing to look at Dale, I got onto all fours and began to crawl across the mosaic. Dale didn’t say anything, and I couldn’t bear to look up. I kept my head hung in shame as I crawled on my hands and knees to the table. Halfway there, my knee caught the long hem of my dress and I fell over. I waited for a wisecrack from Dale, but it didn’t come. I slowly got back on my hands and knees and finished crawling over to him.

When the dark brown edge of the table cloth came into view of my hung head, I stopped, gulped, and finally looked up at Dale. He was staring at me intently. I stared right back into his bright blue eyes. I expected to find a mocking light in them, but was shocked to find that they were instead looking at me with intense scrutiny… and… if I knew my friend, I’d swear that they held barely disguised interest. But that was impossible, right?

Dale finally spoke to me. “Well, now that you’re finally here, I can tell you what I think of your little speech.” He crouched down next to me, and leaned in close. “I found it quite enjoyable to watch you crawl on your hands and knees towards me.”

I gaped at him. Tucked away safely in my soaked panties, I felt my dick give the tiniest twitch of excitement. “You… what?” I asked weakly.

Dale gripped my chin and tilted my head so he could look at me better. “What do you want from me, Carie?” He asked me softly. “If you could have anything from me, what would it be? Be honest.”

This couldn’t be real. Was he actually attracted to me? “Dale, I want-” I broke off suddenly. I couldn’t do this! This was a trick, or something, it had to be! Dale Schroeder couldn’t truly be attracted to little old me! But how I wanted him… “Dale, I want you.” I said in a sudden rush.

Dale cocked an eyebrow at me. “You want me,” he repeated flatly.

I gave a shaky nod. “Yes,” I whispered.

“In what regard,” Dale said at length, “would you like me?”

My mouth went very dry. “Well, I think that you know what I mean,” I muttered, blushing furiously. Years of pent up desires were burning through my veins. I could feel them boiling just beneath my skin. The hard fist-like fear in my gut was slowly melting into a sexual heat.

Dale gave me a piercing look. “I want you to say it,” he pitched his voice low. “Tell me what you really mean, Carie.”

“Oh, for God’s sake Dale, I want you to fuck me silly!”

I gasped and clapped a hand over my mouth. I’d said it. After all those years of fantasizing about telling him that, I’d finally told him for real. I stared in horror at Dale, the arousal in my gut being rejoined by fear.

Dale blinked. He almost looked surprised, as if the vulgarity of my forwardness was unexpected. “How long have you wanted to say that to me?”

“Years,” I whispered, my voice strained.

Dale’s hand was still on my chin. He tightened his grip slightly. “So that must be something you really want,” he said silkily. “How much do you want it, Carie? Do you want me to fuck you so much that you’ll beg for antalya escort it?”


“That doesn’t sound like begging, Carie.” Dale tightened his grip on my chin even further, almost enough to hurt. “Beg for me.”

Carie, don’t demean yourself any further for him! A tiny voice in my head intoned. Do you want to be so shameless in front of him?

Yes, I whispered back to myself vehemently. God, yes. Out loud, I panted, “Dale, I will do anything you want. I’ll do anything you ask if you fuck me. I need you so much it hurts.” A strange feeling of contentedness flooded my brain as I begged, as begging for his dick was as easy and natural as breathing. As if it was right.

Dale released his grip on my chin and began to walk away from me. “I’m sorry, that doesn’t sound too convincing to me,” he said airily.

“Dale, I swear to God, I will do anything. I’ll give you a blowjob, handjob, I’ll do whatever you want. Hell, I’ll wear whatever you want, say whatever you want…” Dale kept walking away from me. “No!” I cried out, real desperation in my voice. I began to crawl after him. Dale’s pace was even and leisurely, but I struggled to keep up without tripping over the hem of my dress again.

Dale finally stopped and turned to look at me. “If you really want me to fuck you so badly, I suppose I could do it,” he said casually. “But you have to tell me something. Why do you want this so badly?”

I knew exactly what he wanted to her, which was great, because it was also the truth. “I want your dick inside me so much because I’m a kinky, dirty bitch, just like you said.” I swallowed, and my last semblance of pride was gone. “I don’t want your dick, I need it. God, I fucking need it…” I was beginning to whine, but I couldn’t care less. All that mattered was that Dale was walking back towards me, and I could see devilish intent in his eyes.

“Crawl back to the table, Carie,” Dale ordered. “Don’t even try to walk.” He swept past me towards the long table, and began to push aside the plates of food, cups, and the carafe of water. I crawled back over as rapidly as I could. As I reached the edge of the table cloth again, Dale barked, “get up.”

I used the table to help pull myself upright as best I could. I didn’t dare try to stand unaided. I kept my hands on the edge of the table to steady myself. I glanced towards the space Dale had created in the table, and felt my stomach do a funny little turn as I noticed a bottle of lube in the center of it. Suddenly, Dale put one hand on my back and pushed me firmly against the table, putting me right into the spot he had cleared. My face landed right next to the bottle of lube.

My nerves tingled with anticipation, excitement, trepidation, and arousal. I heard a gentle clink from behind me as Dale undid his belt, and I felt rather than heard the gentle whoosh as his khakis fell to the floor. Dale leaned forward, pressing himself against me. My boobs were squashed against the table, and I groaned quietly as they bloomed in both pain and pleasure as a result. I became very aware of how his hips were pressed up against the back of mine, and with a quiet ecstasy, I realized that a hard bulge was lined up against my butt.

Dale leaned in so his face was right next to me. He bit me firmly on the neck, eliciting a husky moan from me. “You are mine,” he growled in my ear. “You want me to, what, ‘fuck you silly?'” He leaned away, grabbing the bottle of lube from the table. For a few agonizing moments, I heard him squeeze the bottle, followed by some quiet, squishy sounds. I didn’t need to be a genius to guess what he had done. I was, however, shocked when he suddenly grabbed the hem of my dress, pushed it upwards to my bra straps, and then indelicately pulled my panties down around my ankles. A sudden cool breeze hit my ass and my dick.

This was it. He was finally confronted with my dick. It was slightly stiff; years of estrogen had shrunk it dramatically, and an orchiectomy had taken both my testicles and testosterone, letting the estrogen do even more to me. I could still get slightly hard, but my dick had a permanent softness to it that a man’s dick doesn’t have. It was also much more sensitive than it had ever been before estrogen. But even as small, soft, and sensitive as my dick had become, I was still terrified that Dale was going to see it and back out at the 11th hour.

Dale said nothing about my dick. He leaned in again, and I was shocked to feel the head of his own dick pressed against my bare ass. “Am I going to hurt you?” He whispered in my ear. This was not at all what I had expected. I looked at him and saw real concern in his eyes. Well, this was a tonal shift from the dominant performance he had been putting on just a moment ago. I was touched. Even as the by far dominant partner, he cared about me. I remembered that we had been good friends for years before this emotionally charged extravaganza.

I smiled at him softly. “Probably,” I said. “Just… go slowly at first, okay? I’m going to need to…” my mouth went dry again at the thought of him pushing inside me. “…stretch, I guess, to take you.”

Dale nodded. He put one hand on my back and held me firmly down, while he put his other hand against my left hip for support. I heard him exhale, and then thrust his hips forward.

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