Making A Queen Ch. 02

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Jack had spent his night living every man’s fantasy. Girl and girl had sucked his cock dry, both eager and desperate for his approval. He wasn’t a cruel person, but Jack seemed to have a general lack of romantic interest. For what he lacked in the desire for romance, however, he made up for tenfold with his sexual desires. He’d read about Asexuals, who’d wanted love but not the sexual aspect of a relationship. Jack related, but in a completely opposite way. He didn’t want a relationship, he wanted employees to perform a service he required to satisfy his needs. He realized that this could be tough on the women, so he paid them very, very well.

In Jack’s eyes, the woman he hired as caretakers were like a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, a hairdresser, a chiropractor, someone paid to do something to your body, to take care of a need. It wasn’t a necessity, but a luxury. And Jack Stone lived an opulent life full of anything and everything he desired. The bed he slept upon was big enough that all five of the caretakers trying to claw their way into Melissa’s vacated position could sleep there with him if he so desired, and on a rare occasion, they had. But, Jack wasn’t a big fan of sleeping with a woman. They cuddled, clung, talked, snored, and hogged the duvet. It also made them feel closer to him, and smear the professional line he tried to keep firmly in place so he didn’t end up with another stalking situation.

So, after the two beautiful women had finished their jobs, he’d sent them off on their way. He woke up alone between his silk sheets, the sunlight pouring through the window and across his face. Despite his late-night, he’d slept like a fucking rock, and woke up feeling refreshed five minutes before his alarm went off. Instead of hitting the snooze button twice and catching that precious half an hour of extra sleep, Jack got out of bed and changed into his gym clothes. He was a practical man, and he knew that keeping his body in decent physical condition was a key part of maintaining an optimal existence, especially as he grew older. He also enjoyed the rush of endorphins he got from doing physical activities, so he made a habit to go to the gym whenever he had the spare time to do so.

He, of course, had his own private in-home gym. It was equipped with all manner of high quality, high tech gym equipment. From treadmills to barbells, it didn’t lack much of anything. There was even a sauna attached to the bathroom, for when he had the desire to sit around and sweat. The gym was empty, though he’d allowed access to all of his girls. While he enjoyed his women curvy, he enjoyed seeing them in tight clothes, their bodies jiggling and bouncing while they were in movement. But, it was early, too early for them to be awake. He took pride in his ability to spoil the girls, to let them sleep in and lounge around in their downtime. It reminded him of the cat he had growing up, the pet like way he kept them around.

Without the women around, Jack lacked distraction and was able to focus on his workout. He ran two miles on the treadmill before he hit the weights, lifting, squatting, making sure to work over every muscle in his body. He was almost done, doing his last set of reps on the weight bench when the door to the gym opened. He didn’t notice, the music playing throughout the room was loud enough that he didn’t hear it, nor the footsteps that followed.

Isabella knew she was a front runner in this competition, and so did everyone else. She was flawless, the proportions of her body were what women paid for, tiny waist, big tits, wide hips and a bubble ass that people couldn’t help but stare at. It was all genetic, her mixture of Colombian and Mexican blood didn’t just give her an amazing body, her dusky coloring was another bonus. Her skin was a soft golden brown, her hair jet black and full of natural loose curls that cascaded all the way down to the curve of her lower back. Her lips were full, her dark eyes holding a mysterious edge to them were lined with thick, dark lashes. She’d been a model before Melissa had found her. However, Isabella was short. Only 5’1, so she wasn’t exactly runway material.

She’d liked modeling, it was pretty easy. Pose half-naked for a few hours. Easy. But she wasn’t passionate about the choice in career. She craved that kind of drive and devotion she’d seen in the girls around her. It only took her a week of working with Melissa for Mr. Stone before she found that. Most people wouldn’t get it. What was so fulfilling about being a walking, talking sex toy for some cold rich dude? Hell, Isabella couldn’t even explain it to herself, but she knew in the very depths of her soul that this job was her passion, her purpose. She woke up every day with a smile, happy and ready to go to work, to do her duty.

During her stint as one of Jack Stone’s caretakers was the best time in her life, and it wasn’t just because of the luxurious lifestyle he provided. Of course, that was a big part of canlı bahis it, but it was the passion, the drive to please him that made everything so much fun. She enjoyed her work, she enjoyed him and his cock and the way he used her. She fucking loved it. When her time was up, Isabella was devastated. She’d asked Melissa if there was any way she could stay on longer, but everyone knew about the turnaround, the renewal. It has been two years since she’d been retired, and she never thought she’d get this opportunity again. Until Melissa called her and informed her that they were looking for her replacement.

The opportunity of a fucking lifetime. Who’d of thought that the Queen herself would retire? The idea of becoming the new queen, of being treated with such awe and respect from everyone around her… And having Jack look at her the way he looked at Melissa. There was no way in hell she was going to lose this.

Isabella wasn’t just gorgeous. She was intelligent and ambitious. Some people called her a bitch, and they were kind of right. She knew her worth and wouldn’t accept anything less than what she deserved. She was a protectionist, a headstrong Latina woman who didn’t take bullshit or excuses from anyone. Those were, in her not so humble opinion, exactly the qualities that Melissa’s replacement needed. She couldn’t imagine any of the other girls being able to handle the day to day running of Jack’s household the way Melissa did. But Isabella knew she could do it.

She didn’t just aim to please Jack, she’d been studying from Melissa every chance she got. Reading Jack’s schedule, learning his habits, his food choices, his favorite brand of socks, how he drank his coffee. She followed Melissa as the woman went about her daily duties, showing serious interest in actually learning the job. Melissa wasn’t just a sex toy, she was a caretaker in every sense of the word. She bought his clothes, his food, his toothbrush. She made sure the maid and the chef were doing their jobs properly. She made sure the women were properly groomed and following the house rules. She ran the household like a well-oiled machine, and Isabella was doing everything to prove that she could fill Melissa’s five-inch stilettos better than any of the other four.

It was admirable, and she was doing a good job at it. Until she realized she was losing time with Jack. While Melissa was a big part of this, in the end, everything came down to Jack. Isabella hadn’t been able to get enough time with him, and she needed to remedy that as quickly as possible. She needed to make an impact on the man, to make him remember her name. When he fell asleep at night, she wanted him to drift off remembering the feeling of her plump lips wrapped around his cock. Which is why when she heard the music coming from the gym, she decided to take the chance and fucking go for it.

The workout clothes she’d slid into were a joke, they had to be. No woman would actually wear such a skimpy outfit to the gym unless they wanted a whole lot of attention. It worked for Isabella perfectly. The spandex shorts she wore were a deep black, they clung to every inch of her like a second skin. She couldn’t even wear a thong underneath the tight material. As she walked, it only got worse. Her pussy was completely outlined in black spandex, her little slit sandwiched between her voluptuous thighs. Her ass was eating the back of her shorts, the bottom half of her rounded ass cheeks were hanging out. Her flat stomach was bare, save for a dangling little diamond that hung from her pierced navel. The sports bra she had on was purposefully a size too small, her double D’s looked like they were about to pop out of the black material the second she took a deep enough breath.

She walked into the gym with an air of confidence about her, stopping a few feet away from Jack so she could watch him work as she pulled her thick wavy raven locks into a high and tight ponytail. The way his arms bulged every time he lifted the weights above his head was seriously hot and for a second, she found herself daydreaming about how absurdly lucky she was to have this opportunity. Jack was kind, he was hot, he was respectful and honest in a way that Isabella had rarely seen in men. She’d known a few of the girls to fall for him, but Jack wasn’t interested in romance, and he never gave anyone the illusion of that being what this was. Most people saw that as cold-hearted, but Isabella saw it as a type of practical strength that she admired.

Moving forward, Isabella stood at the head of the weight bench, her palms sprayed upwards underneath the bar as Jack heaved it up and down. She leaned over enough to look down at him, her full pink lips curving into a little grin. “It’s dangerous to lift without a spot, Mr. Stone,” Isabella informed him in her melodic Hispanic accent.

“So it is, Miss Cruz,” Jack grunted out, unable to help his own little smile even as he held the bar parallel to his chest and started to push bahis siteleri it upwards once more, Isabella’s little, manicured hands floating under the bar like she’d catch it and save his ass if he managed to slip up. He highly doubted the woman could lift the weight of it happened, but he appreciated the gesture nonetheless. He appreciated the view even more.

She was leaning over slightly, her breasts in that sports bra looked fucking amazing, the tight material shoving them together and pushing them up towards her face. She looked fucking delectable, and that made it a bit easier to focus. But, he was a man, and there was a hot woman standing inches from him, so of course, he had to show off a little. He extended his reps, doing another two more. His gaze kept darting from the outline of her pussy in those fucking shorts, so close to his face he could practically feel the heat coming from between her legs, and to her tits as they strained against her sports bra with every breath. By the time he finally set the weights back onto the rack, his cock was harder than the metal rod he’d just had his fingers wrapped around.

He heaved out a breath and sat upon the bench, stretching out his aching fingers. Before he could say much of anything, Isabella had walked her ass around and straddled the bench, that way they sat face to face, her knees sliding along the inside of his thighs as she leaned forward, a towel in hand.

“Dios Mio, Jack,” Isabella mutters, almost more to herself than to him as she dabs the towel across his sweaty forehead, wiping away the perspiration from his flushed skin. “You are very strong, but you should not push yourself too hard. What if you get injured?”

Jack laughed, the low chuckle shaking his chest as the sound bubbled from his lips. “That’s something Melissa would say.”

“Si. Which is why you should pick me to replace her,” Isabella replies without missing a beat, sliding the towel down to wipe off his neck, not shy about reaching around to his nape before sliding the towel down his chest, whipping all the sweat from him she could get too.

“We’ll see,” Jack said, his teasing little smirk curving up just the right corner of his lips.

The sight of that little grin made Isabella’s heart skip a beat, her mouth going dry as the urge to lean forward and kiss him surged through her. But Isabella knew her place. While Jack liked his women to show initiative, when it came to everything other than sliding his cock between your lips, you didn’t do shit unless Jack made the first move… right? She couldn’t stop glancing between his amused eyes and that sexy fucking smirk. She wanted to kiss him so badly it was almost torturous. The rules. She had to be good. Be perfect. But… the rules didn’t say anything about asking, did they? She decided to risk it. If he said no, he said no.

“Can I kiss you?” Isabella asked, her gaze rising to meet his with a little lift of her chin.

Jack couldn’t help but grin even wider at the bold request from the woman sitting in front of him. It was a first, after all the years he’d had caretakers, he’d never had one ask his permission to kiss him. He’d had them beg for the opportunity to suck him off, had them ambush him with kisses and demand that he fucks them for once, but never had he had one look him in the eyes and ask for a simple thing like a kiss. “You want to kiss me, Isabella?” He asked, knowing the answer but wanting to hear what she’d say.

“Si. Watching you lift weights turned me on, I am achy. Needy. And I want to know what that smirk tastes like,” Isabella said, her words open, honest, and blunt. Her dark eyes held a smolder of desire, and a glance down would show her nipples hard and pressing against the fabric of that sports bra as it struggled to hold them contained.

“Mmh, so… You’re a needy little slut,” he shot back, arching an eyebrow.

“No,” Isabella said, leaning in closer to him, close enough that the tip of her nose brushes against his. “I am your needy little slut. There is a big difference, Papi.”

Jack wasn’t a fucking saint. Far from it. Even if he was, he wouldn’t be able to resist those words so sweetly whispered close enough to his heat that he felt her breath slide across his skin.

He moved quickly, catching Isabella by surprise as his arms were suddenly encircling her, his big hands sliding down to push beneath her ass and the bench, gripping and squeezing that soft, round flesh that wouldn’t be contained by the tight spandex material. He lifts her up with one jerking movement, her ass leaving the bench and her feet leave the ground. Isabella was quick to react, legs lifting up in the air and draping across his thighs as he pulled her flush against his chest. She didn’t have time to react to the rough tug into him before his lips came crashing down against hers, pressing and demanding. His tongue parted her lips and darted inside, flicking and grinding against hers. The masculine taste bahis şirketleri of Jack flooded her senses, a little moan leaving her throat and reverberating through their kiss as she started working her tongue against his.

Her arms encircle his neck, her fingers pushing up into Jack’s hair, tugging and pushing, holding his head to hers at the perfect angle while their tongues clash together in a lustful dance that seems to grow more and more frantic with their mutual desire for each other building. Jack had his hands on her ass, his fingers digging into that soft squeezable flesh. He spreads her cheeks apart and presses her down against the hard cock threatening to break through the material of his sweatpants so it can get to her and find some fucking relief. He was so fucking hard that it hurt. It was surprising, especially after the night he’d had with not one, but two women who wanted nothing but to please him.

He traced his left index finger down the line of fabric between her cheeks, moving the digit lower until he was rubbing his finger between her pussy lips. The thin spandex didn’t do shit to disguise her need for him, her little pussy was so wet and hot, he could practically feel her cunt clenching, drooling her juices from that tight little fuck hole with just how bad she needed something big and hard buried inside of her. It was hot, the way his finger just rubbing against that sensitive skin had her making desperate little sounds into his mouth, the way those big hips of hers rolled and grind back into his touch like she was desperate for the attention.

Jack normally took his pleasure from a woman’s mouth, it was undoubtedly his favorite way to get off. But the hot slickness of Isabella’s pussy rubbing against his finger had him wondering how fucking good she’d feel around his cock. What she’d sound like as she came undone underneath her. The idea scorched his brain and his finger slid away from her pussy so he can firmly grip her ass and start pressing her down against his cock with more firm intent, grinding her down directly against that bulge in his sweatpants. The friction was tortuously good, but it only seemed to make the ache in his balls grow worse.

Isabella couldn’t believe how fucking good Jack felt underneath her. She didn’t need encouragement to grind down against his cock, all that material in the way was frustrating her, but she couldn’t stop to pull away and deal with the situation. It was a double-edged sword. She could feel her pussy throbbing, clenching with need as she rubbed herself shamelessly against Jack’s barely contained cock. She made desperate little sounds, each and everyone was devoured by their kiss. Her tongue expired every part of his mouth she could reach, tracing the roof of his mouth, the edge of his teeth, the delicate spider web of veins underneath his tongue. She memorized and savored every bit of him as he kissed her with crushing lips, demanding tongue and nipping teeth.

Suddenly, Jack’s lips left hers and she sucked in a gasping breath, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath, her fingers sliding from his hair to grip his shoulders loosely. The man beneath her trailed his hot lips down the side of her neck, sucking and nipping at her skin. His hands upon her ass squeeze, pull at her thick ass cheeks to spread them apart only to let them go so they clap back together. He forms a little seal against her skin with his lips and sucks. Hard.

“Oh, si, Papi… Fuck,” She couldn’t help but moan as Jack sucks on her flesh hard enough that when his lips finally leave the skin of her neck, there’s a red mark at the base of her throat.

His gripping, squeezing hands suddenly leave her ass, but not before he slams his palm down against her left ass cheek, spanking her hard enough to draw a surprised sound from her lips. “Move those hips, baby girl,” he demands, his voice a barely contained growl.

Isabella didn’t have to be told twice, she starts rocking her hips down against his cock in a more desperate rhythm, having to halt for a moment while jack pushes his hands between them to shove the material of his sweatpants out of the way. The feeling of his warm cock pressed up against her pussy with nothing but the thin, form-fitting material of her spandex shorts between them was fucking Divine torture. She wanted them flesh to flesh and her full lips parted to say as much, but the thought kind of died as Jack trailed his hands up her sides, his hands moving to either side of her tits.

He lets out a little growl of approval as he squeezes her breasts together even tighter than the sports bra did, lifting them up in his hands and squeezing roughly. She moaned for him, the breathy sound filling the room and mixing with the pulsing beat of whatever work out playlist Jack had turned on earlier. She ground her hips down against his cock, her pussy lips cradling the fat length of him, her wetness felt even through that spandex material. She dragged her hips along his cock from the very head of him all the way to her asshole and back again, gasping a bit louder every time the head of his cock brushed over her sensitive little clit that pulsated with the need to be touched.

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