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I sit there, looking at the morning paper. You had made me my coffee and left the financial paper on my desk. I wonder where you are, as I didn’t see you when I came into the office. I could smell you perfume, so I know that you are around. You must be in the mailroom. I just get to the sixth paper, when you knock on the door and pop your head round the door.

“Everything all right, Sir?” you ask.

“Fine thanks, Rebecca. Thanks for the coffee.” I smile at you. You beam your teeth back in a lovely smile.

“I’ve got some paperwork for you to sign” You say as you walk into the office.

My mind begins to race as you stroll in holding a clump of paperwork wearing a black lycra mini skirt, and a deep red boob tube. You look stunning with your long hair down and your luscious, shapely legs in black stockings. You see my reaction and give me a blushing smile.

“Hope you don’t mind my outfit,” you say “I’ve got a meeting with my friend later, and we are going out round town”.

“Not at all. I kind of like it” my smile broadens.

I want to reach out and touch your breasts. I want to free them from your top. I want to knead them, kiss them, suck them, and caress them…

“Mickie?” I break out of my daydream to see you looking at me. I’ve been staring at your breasts dumbly.

“Sorry, Rebecca” I say suddenly looking down at my desk. I go a puce colour as my embarrassment kicks in. I sense you stare as I finish off the signing. My cock rock hard with the thought of you. I finish the signing and hand them to you. You are smiling sweetly with your head tilted to one side. I smile back, my confidence restored. You lean forward to pick up my coffee cup from my desk.

I’m greeted by seeing your breasts fall forward, slightly brushing my left arm. I can feel my cock begin to leak in my pants. My breath is getting heavier, and I feel a slight sweat coming on. You get my cup, glance towards me and smile. With that you straighten up and begin to walk out of the office.

You walk across the floor. I can see you bottom shake as you walk. I let out a slight moan. You hear me and flick your hair across your left shoulder.

“Anything else you want me for?” you ask as you reach the door.

‘Yeah. Come here and fuck me’ I think to myself.

“No, I’m fine thanks, although another cup of coffee would be great”. You leave, closing the door behind you.

‘Fucking hell!’ I think to my self. ‘I wonder if I can cum before she gets back’

I decide to leave it, and just rub my cock through my pants. As expected, you walk in the room.

‘That was lucky’ You place my cup on my desk and place more paper work on my desk. I start to go through the paperwork.

I detect another odour from you: a more musky scent. I can’t place it, but I’ve smelt it before. I carry on regardless.

Finally I come to a dossier. It says F.Y.E.O on it. I look to you.

You are looking out of the window, moving your left leg in a grinding motion against your right leg. I can see a fine sheen on your top lip. Knowing that I must not get caught again, I tear myself away from you. I open the folder to see numerous pages turned upside down. I pick them all up and turn them over. I see colour photocopies of various close-ups of a pussy and breasts. On the last page there is a finger in an ass. I look up, slightly hot and flustered. I see you standing there, red faced, and smiling warily. I keep my lust and emotions under a scorned face.

“What is the meaning of this?” I rage to you.

Your smile fades and you look like you are about to cry.

“Sorry, Sir” you stammer. You begin to gather up the folder and take the papers out of my hand.

“What are you doing?” I say quietly.

“Sorry, Sir. I’ll leave now” You begin to move around my desk when canlı bahis I grab you right arm.

“Wait. Tell what you wanted to achieve with this?” My grip is firm.

Your breathing becomes rapid, and you face is going a deep red.

You look away from me.

“Look at me, Rebecca” I say a little softer, still holding your arm.

You turn round and look down at your feet. You slowly lift your head. You are embarrassed.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Rebecca.” I pull you near. Your eyes are filling up with tears.

I swing my chair around ad pull you onto my lap. You look at me in surprise.

“Dry those eyes, Rebecca. We need to sort this out.” You look at me quizzically.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

I smile at you pleasantly. “I want you to be mine. Mine to do with as I please.”

Your look becomes increasingly puzzled. I place my hand on your leg and begin to rub it up and down your stocking clad thigh. You look down at my hand, and your expression softens. “You mean you want me to do ANYTHING you want?” A small smile glimmers on your sweet face. My hand follows up under your lycra skirt to your soft, warm skin of your inner thighs.

“Yes, Rebecca” I smile as I spread my fingers towards your groin “My own, personal submissive”.

Your smile grows. You sniff back your tears and open your gorgeous eyes wide. My fingers find your sex between your legs. I gasp as I find you are not wearing any panties. You spread you legs over mine to open yourself to me. I suddenly realise what the second scent was as your musk drifts from between your legs to my nose. I breathe in deeply, taking in your scent.

“Gorgeous..” I say breathlessly as I run my fingertips over your pussy lips. It opens obediently to my touch. I wet my index finger with your slick, wetness. I touch your clit hood, finding your ring. I revel in your smell and presence. You start to moan as I slip my greased finger into your pussy. You are so hot not that I feel that I used an ice cube on you, it would melt in an instant. I start to hook my finger upwards towards your g-spot. I feel the soft spongy flesh and begin to massage it. You mouth opens and I can smell your sweet smelling breathe. I feel light-headed, so I start to concentrate on my breathing. I’m intoxicated with you and I start to muzzle your neck.

Your perfume is strong here, and I gently kiss you neck and chin. I can hear our heart beats as our lust grows. My finger is completely soaked in your free flowing Juices.

“I need to cum” you say under your heavy breathing, “I need to cum now”. I begin to get a steady rhythm up on your g-spot.

Rubbing it in circles as I start to rub your clit with my thumb. You body begins to tense as your impending climax builds. I stop all actions. I take my finger out of your pussy and place it into my mouth. You start to close your legs, trying to squeeze your orgasm out using your thighs. I stop you dead in your tracks by forcing your legs open with my hands.

“Not yet” I say, “remember what I said ‘Mine to do with as I please’. Not what you please”

With that I lift you up and sit you on my desk. Sitting in my chair I lift both of your feet until they are on my desk, either side of your bottom. Your skirt is now around your hips, stockings showing and pussy glistening. You begin to whine about your need for an orgasm.

“Patience, my sweet. You need to learn first.” With that I start to tease your pussy lips with my fingers, tracing a line from your clit to your pussy hole.

I let it linger there, slipping it in up to the first knuckle. You start to push forward, trying to get more of my finger in to you. I take my left hand and place it on your stomach. I push you back and I keep my hand on your stomach. I let my thumb move down till it is at the top of your bahis siteleri pussy lips. I push hard and keep the pressure on. You gasp and close your eyes murmuring to yourself. I let my other finger move from its warm, wet place in your pussy towards you anus that can be seen winking at me. I let it rest there, feeling your wincing. My finger begins to slide in, letting your juices that flow from your pussy to my finger act as lubricant. After one or two pushes, it is in up to my hand. I begin a steady rhythm, pushing in and out of your ass. I bend my head down to your clit and start to pull your clit hood ring with my tongue and teeth. You squirm under my actions. I can feel my finger slipping in easier and easier every second, so I add another finger to stretch you. I look up to see that you have pulled your breasts out of your top and are pulling on your nipple bars. Really pulling on them, making them long and puffy. Again you start to tense up, and I can feel you ass begin to clamp on my fingers. Again I stop all actions and pull your hands away from your nipples. You look at me through despairing eyes. You bottom lipsticks out and quivers, and your eyes start to fill up with tears.

“Sir, I need to cum!” You exclaim. I ignore you, and proceed to run my hands up and down your thighs. The feeling of them is electric.

By now my cock is straining in my pre-cum covered pants. I unzip my fly and stand up. I take out my cock and look at you.

“You must satisfy me before I will let you cum. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded. Take my cock and please me”.

You clamber off the desk and tell me to sit down in my chair. I do so. You delicately take my cock in your hand and being to run your fingers over it. Pulling my foreskin back, you extend your tongue and lick my entire head. You look into my eyes and ask if there is anything that you can do to make it feel better.

“Deep throat me. I want to cum in your mouth, Rebecca,” I say. Unknown to you, I have not cum for over a week, and the thought of you struggling to take my entire load excites me even more.

You nod you head and slide you gorgeous, hot, wet mouth down my rock, hard cock. You work your best on my cock, running your tongue over the underside of my cock.

I can feel you nose grazing my groin, knowing that you are truly taking my cock to the back of your throat. It’s turning me on knowing that soon, you’ll be swallowing my seed.

“Go faster, Honey. Faster. Cup my balls”. You do as you are instructed.

You grasp my cock below my balls, which make them tight against their sack. I can feel myself getting near.

I take your free hand and place it under my shirt and on my nipple.

“Make my nipple hurt” I say, as you start to tweak it. You start to twist and pull on it. I groan and slide down my chair as you work me hard. You begin to nip my nipple and you push me over the edge. I moan loudly as I pump your face with my cock. You start to control my humping, as gush after gush of my sticky cum floods into your mouth. There is indeed too much for you to swallow quickly, so it escapes your red lips and slides down my cock in mini rivers of white. You gulp as much of my seed down your throat as still wave after wave of the sticky goo flows from my cock.

You join my moans as you finish gulping the cream. Looking down, I see you suck my cock back into your mouth and clean the sticky white cream off my glistening cock.

After a few minutes my cock is up to full hardness, and clean from cum. I look in to your eyes and grin lustily.

“You have pleased me for now, but I want more”.

You looked resigned to the fact that this is going to be a long morning. I lift you up from your kneeling position and turn you round. I take my clothes off and start to run my hands over your bahis şirketleri ass cheeks, hips, and shoulders. I whisper sweet nothings in to your ear, as I run my hand round to you pussy and rub lightly. You push your ass into my cock and grind and I pull on your clit hood ring. You fling your arms backwards, over you head and pull my head over your shoulder. I nibble your ear as my hand becomes soaking with your juices. I push you over the desk and open the second drawer in my desk. I lift your right leg and place your foot in the drawer. You are now completely exposed to me. I run my fingers through your soaking valley and grab my cock. I push the head into your pussy as you push back.

You take me to the hilt, as I place my hands on your hips. I start the rhythm going as I proceed to pound your pussy. Every stroke makes you moan loudly.

I take your hair in my hands and make a ponytail out of it. I use my other hand to stead my thrusting by placing it on your left hip.

I pull your head back as I begin to thrust harder. I can feel your pussy becoming slick again and I remind you NOT to cum. You whimper loudly as you try to hold back your orgasm.

The feeling of my power is too much and I unleash my sperm into your pussy as you are pulled up by your hair. Spasm after spasm hits my cock as I spurt into your belly.

“Fuck!” I shout as my orgasm finishes. My cock slips from your pussy with a soggy sound and I cup my hand to your pussy. Rubbing my oozing cum into your pussy.

I slick you anus with our juices as you reach round and start to pull on my still hard cock. Greased and ready, I place my cock at you anus, and push.

You push back, wincing as you involuntarily stop it sliding inside you. Getting impatient, I smack you your right ass cheek.

“Let me fuck you there!” I hiss as you relax you anus. My cock pops into your ass quickly making you shout out in pain. I keep the pace up as you get used to me.

“Fuck me, Sir. Fuck my ass!” You hiss.

I oblige by ramming my hard cock in and out of your ass.

“Wait till I start cuming before you cum” I pound away as I grab you hair again. I pull you by your hair. You are now standing upright. Your ass sticking out with my cock pounding in and out you tight hole. I can feel myself nearly cuming as your ass starts to tighten with your impending orgasm. I say that I’m going to cum. So you start working my cock harder with your ass as I start to pump you harder. I reach round and grab both of your breasts as I start to cum in to your ass. I can just muster enough will power to say the command for you to cum. You start your orgasm by reaming your ass on my cock. I, in turn, pump harder. Unleashing my cum into you, you start screaming my name. I am completely lost in ecstasy as you ass milks my cock of cum. Our bodies are wet from sweat as we fuck each other senseless.

As we calm down, you lean forward, breaking our intimate lock. I slump on to you as you lean on the desk.

“Totally satisfied” I say as I stand up. My cock is still in your ass, so I pull it out. Cum starts to seep from your ass, and run down your legs.

I pull your lycra skirt down over your bottom and lift you up. I turn you round and sort out your top. You look all hot and flustered, but your clothes are all in place. You sort your hair out, and stand back for me to see.

“Gorgeous!” I say “Now. You must not push my cum out of you. You must leave it be”

You look at me. “But what if it starts to run down my legs?”

“Tough. Come in here, and clean yourself up under my supervision”

With that, I turn you to the door, and slap you hard on the ass.

“On your way Wench! We shall have more of these little adventures”.

You smile at me as you walk seductively out of the office with your card folder under your arm.

“Leave those, Rebecca. I need them for later” I wink at you as you walk back and hand me the folder.

You smirk and spin on your high heels. You close the door with a seductive wink at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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