Mandy Pt. 05

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Mandy sighed as she looked out the window. It was raining and she was due to start her shift in half an hour. The Covid pandemic had seen her hours cut and at one point train services were stopped so that the virus wasn’t able to spread. Typical thought Mandy, she’d got used to her shifts and the various stations and regular passengers. She really couldn’t believe just how liberating the job had been, not just being employed but also having her own sexual sweet shop that she could pick from. She finished the cup of tea that she was drinking and went outside. It was a cold dark morning and she could see her breath as she exhaled. Looking round there was no other house lights on and nothing was moving. Mandy could feel the cold air as underneath her fluffy dressing gown she was naked. Her nipples were erect and she could feel them poking against her clothing, she loosened the belt around her waist and pulled her dressing gown open. Anyone who could have seen her would have seen her nude body.

She didn’t know why but she suddenly felt the need to pee, she giggled to herself that she shouldn’t have had a cup of tea before coming out into the cold. Ah well she thought, I’ll just have to pee here. Slightly spreading her legs Mandy stroked the top of her pussy, opening her lips. Then it came, a slow trickle at first and then more of a shower as she pee’d onto her patio. The feeling was one of absolute excitement for her, she was not only emptying her full bladder but she felt liberated as if no one could stop her. Which to be honest they couldn’t as she was mid-flow and wasn’t going to stop until she had finished emptying herself.

The warm pee was causing a small cloud of steam as it hit the morning air as if there was a mini bonfire between her legs. Once she had finished Mandy cheekily rubbed her fingers round her pussy lips and clit, teasing them. She would have gone further but being acutely aware of the time she tied her dressing gown up and headed back Maltepe Escort indoors.

In a well practiced routine, honed by months of early starts she had showered, dressed, applied her make up and put her hair up into its customary pony tail. As she reached the hallway, prior to leaving her house she picked up her latest accessory, a face mask. After all the Governments rules for anyone travelling on a train were that they had to wear a mask and that included train staff.

At the station Mandy parked her car and headed into the station building which was deserted. She knew that today she would be on one of the longer inter city trains and she had the dubious joy of showing a new member of staff the ropes. She’d never met them before and only knew that it was a guy called Chris. Heading on to the train she found Chris sat near the drivers compartment at the front.

Introductions done and Mandy was showing Chris round the train, advising him of what they needed to do during the trip and what issues they may have.

Neither of them really needed to have worried. The pandemic had seen passenger numbers fall off and if there were 10 people on the train that was it. It almost felt like a waste. Chris and Mandy had no issues checking the tickets of this small number of passengers and then went and sat in the first class compartment. Strangely after the first four stations the train was now empty. They sat chatting away and Mandy explained why she had decided to choose this job and she was happy to tell Chris that she liked to chat and meet people on the train. She didn’t mention any of her sexual encounters, after all she had only met him that day. Chris explained that he had been at University and that after finishing his studies he had struggled to get a job so he had, in his words, reluctantly applied to work on the trains.

Mandy laughed as Chris made it sound like a complete chore. As he spoke she looked at him, he was Cevizli Escort well turned out, clean shaven, he had short dark hair and a cheeky smile which showed his dimples off. They carried on talking and Mandy asked Chris about his home life. He explained that even though he was 25 he still lived at home with his mum and dad and that he didn’t have a girlfriend. Mandy explained her current situation and said that she was divorced and that she didn’t have a boyfriend and was currently just enjoying life.

As the train hurtled on their conversation became more personal and Chris explained that he was a virgin and had never slept with a woman and hadn’t even really seen one naked. Mandy laughed, then realised that this probably seemed cruel.

Mandy told Chris to stand up, he swayed slightly as the train carried on its journey and he stood in the aisle.

“Ok, undo your trousers.”

Chris looked both frightened and perplexed. He slowly undid his belt and then his zip and button before allowing his trousers to drop to his ankles. He was wearing black cotton boxer shorts. Mandy moved in her seat so that she could reach out and touch him. She moved her hand over his cock which was still encased in his boxers. She could feel him twitch slightly as she touched him. he clearly liked it as at no point did he protest or refuse.

Looking at him she pulled his boxer shorts down and his semi hard cock sprung out. Mandy could see that it was a good size and not thin like many she had seen but it had a nice thickness to it. Taking her left hand she started to run her fingers up and down his shaft. Using her right hand she rubbed that round the tip of his cock, feeling his pre cum on her fingers.

She could hear his breathing become shallow as she felt his eyes looking down at her. She cupped his balls with her right hand, still running her left hand up and down his shaft. She had a knack of being able to caress his cock while Atalar Escort cupping his balls. Now his cock was becoming stiffer and this excited her so much that she could feel her clit twitch.

Her movements were measured and she was enjoying playing with his cock, knowing that no one else had done it. Well, unless he had lied to her.

She then took her right hand and had it so that her fingers were over the top of his cock and she wanked him like this. Chris was moaning and made the odd grunt as Mandy pleased her new work colleague.

She started to stoke her leg while she continued wanking Chris’s cock. She wanted to see how long he could last before he shot his virginal load. This was really turning her on and she watched his face as he had his eyes closed as she stroked and teased his cock. She would alternate between moving her hands quickly to going slowly, teasing him like he certainly had never been teased before.

“Mandy I want to fuck you.”

“Really Chris, we’ve only really just met. Who know’s in time maybe but today I’, going to make you want more.”

Mandy was desperate to feel his cock deep in her now wet pussy but she knew that she didn’t want to be seen as the easy touch. So simple, plain old masturbation it was.

She carried on pulling at his cock, moving her hands harder, feeling his thick cock between her fingers. He started to open his legs a bit, but was constrained by his trousers round his ankles. Mandy knew that it would be long before his cum would be jetting out.

Mandy moved Chris round slightly so that his cock was facing the small table that had been in between them. In seconds his cock exploded and his white, hot sperm was landing in big globules on the table top. Chris then gasped having collapsed into a seat, still with his trousers round his ankles. A small drip of his cum seeping out of the end of his now limp cock.

Mandy got up and looked at him, smiling at his contentment.

“I’ll go and get some wipes Chris, you’d better make yourself presentable as we’ll be at the station soon.”

With that she disappeared down to the conductors office while Chris started to sort himself out.

Not bad for day one on his new job…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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